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Top 6: January 27th 2010

Government of Delhi: Car Pool

Top 6: January 27th 2010
In October 2010, the nation's capital will play host to athletes from 71 nations who will compete across 17 sports disciplines at the 2010 Commonwealth Games. These billboards from Citizen Dentsu New Delhi deliver a civility message to the population to be nice to visitors Translation: Whether you are going to office, college or school, using car pool is super cool!
Hosting a sporting event at a scale such as the Commonwealth Games is a matter of international prestige for the country. Delhi as the host city gets the opportunity to exhibit a new image for itself – that of a world class city with international standards. Improved infrastructure and appearance of the host city with global media exposure will serve to transform the image of the city.
Delhi already has many international features of a modern and well-planned city. However, to get ready for the huge influx of guests and tourists visiting Delhi during the Games, the Delhi Government has taken many steps to improve the city. This includes city beautification, transportation and power production development, introduction of new public conveniences, restoration of monuments and heritage structures, tourist security, additional medical facilities among several other initiatives.
While the Government has been bringing in world-class infrastructure and facilities for citizens and visiting guests, it is also critical that Delhi’s people come together for this occasion as gracious hosts.
To instill a sense of hospitality, pride and belonging for Delhi, the Delhi Government decided to undertake a public communication exercise – the ‘Civility Campaign’ targeted at the people of Delhi. As we get closer to the Commonwealth Games, the campaign will encourage Delhiites to be at their best behaviour, be good hosts, have care and concern for the city and for their guests.
Objective of the campaign Targeted at the residents of Delhi, the objective of Delhi Government’s Civility Campaign is to enhance the peoples’ civic sense. It is a never before effort by the Delhi Government to address certain deep rooted behaviour patterns typical to Delhi’s civic mindset. At the same time, it also addresses citizens of Delhi to do their bit for the city.
Campaign structure
In response to the brief, a 3 phased campaign ‘Come on Delhi’ was created. This will run from mid-December 2009 till the Commonwealth Games in October 2010. The campaign has started with the ‘Inform and Inspire’ phase and will be followed by the ‘Involve’ phase. The campaign would then conclude with ‘Hospitality’ – the third and final phase. Across its 3 phases, the campaign addresses the people of Delhi to convey as follows;
1. It draws attention to certain civic concerns affecting Delhi city – traffic sense, environment and pollution, women’s safety, good maintenance of public services, infrastructure and heritage structures
2. It imbibes civic sense, good behavior and manners to make Delhi an enviable city
3. It reminds the people that while Delhi is a lovely city, it is also their responsibility to maintain it with care
4. It informs and reminds people of Delhi’s diversity and its heritage achievements
5. It works to instill a sense of pride and belongingness in each and every Delhiite About ‘Delhi ki Beti’
To successfully achieve the above, a campaign mascot called ‘Delhi ki Beti’ was created.
‘Delhi ki Beti’ is a very sweet and innocent little 7-year old girl who lives in Delhi. She was born and brought up in Delhi and she loves her home city. ‘Delhi ki Beti’ goes to school and she loves learning her nursery rhymes. ‘Delhi ki Beti’ loves animals and has many friends. She is a very lively, friendly and talkative little child. She loves to travel around Delhi, visit its monuments and landmarks. ‘Delhi ki Beti’ is also very observant. As she travels across Delhi, she notices her friends doing things which are not good for her beloved city. Many of these things harm her home city and ‘Delhi ki Beti’ tries to help them take care of her Delhi city. She has many small, simple messages to share with her friends which she says through her favourite nursery rhymes. ‘Delhi ki Beti’ wants to see everyone come together and look after her home, her Delhi city with love and care. Everyone loves her and is charmed by her. She is ‘Delhi ki Beti’.
Credits Other credits

Campaign: 360 degree, multimedia ‘Civility Campaign’

Campaign elements: Currently OOH in Delhi. Subsequently, radio, print and TV

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