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 TV   IRELAND    February 28, 2007 12:11 (Edited: February 28, 2007 01:11)

For the Dublin Film Festival, TBWA Ireland tell punters, only the best film will make it.


Unusual TV idents from Channel 4 (UK)

 TV   UK    February 28, 2007 12:05 (Edited: February 28, 2007 01:05)

E4 takes a pot shot at cheap loan ads that are flooding daytime television.

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and from Danish agency Small but Global ...

 TV   EUROPE    February 28, 2007 11:56 (Edited: February 28, 2007 00:56)

An unusual approach for The Danish Road Safety Council:

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New John West spot from Grey Melbourne

 TV   AUSTRALIA    February 28, 2007 11:50 (Edited: February 28, 2007 00:50)

In the tradition of JohnWest ....

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TBWA/PHS Helsinki .... Let's take a look

 WORTH A LOOK   EUROPE    February 28, 2007 11:47 (Edited: February 28, 2007 00:47)

For those of you who haven't heard much about TBWA/PHS Helsinki, here's some of their work from the last 6 months or so .... mighty impressive too.

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Click here to view Eisenstein

Click here to view Rodeo

Click here to view Fish

Click here to view Alzheimer's Day

New Australia Post work from Singleton Ogilvy & Mather Melbourne

 TV   AUSTRALIA    February 28, 2007 11:31 (Edited: February 28, 2007 00:31)

Creative Commentary
Campaign created to illustrate the role Australia Post plays every day. An ad for every day of the week with a media strategy that plays them that way.

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New Energizer work from Grupo Gallegos

 TV   USA    February 28, 2007 11:24 (Edited: February 28, 2007 00:24)

Flip Films, Mexico City & Grupo Gallegos ... new work for Energizer;

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From Contrapunto, Spain, for the WWF

 TV   EUROPE    February 28, 2007 08:28 (Edited: February 27, 2007 21:28)

From McCanns Spain

 TV   EUROPE    February 28, 2007 07:59 (Edited: February 27, 2007 20:59)

"Future Professions" for ING Insurance.

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for the Sitges film Festival

 TV   EUROPE    February 28, 2007 07:47 (Edited: February 27, 2007 20:47)

From Vitrubio & Gotfilm. "Expect the unexpected"

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From ACLC, Toronto & the Partners Film Company

 TV   CANADA    February 28, 2007 07:41 (Edited: February 27, 2007 20:41)

"Stuck" ... new spot for ABC CANADA Literacy Foundation

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Guest Comments for featured spot "Follow the Light"

 GUEST COMMENTS   NEW ZEALAND    February 28, 2007 06:59 (Edited: February 27, 2007 19:59)

Nokia 6288 Follow The Light

Some background from Steve McCabe, Deputy Creative Director, Y&R Auckland.

Bringing this script to life was easy. We got Darryl Ward to shoot it.

Having a director make it look simple (when it clearly isnt) is of course what we all hope for. Darryls photographic eye combined with his great technical knowledge made him the perfect choice for this script.

A certain amount of post-production was always going to be needed, but the plan was to get as much in camera as possible. A great location was crucial too, and there arent too many old mansions in New Zealand.

All that was needed then was an interesting collection of beautiful shiny objects, some fantastic art direction and a way of controlling the sun (a big light on a crane.)

Fortunately this all came together on the day and it only took one (very long) day of special effects at Fin Design in Sydney to complete the magic. Of course, not content with merely being director and DOP Darryl also produced the music with a muso mate. And all on an incredibly tight budget, even by New Zealand standards. Easy.

... and from the director, Darryl Ward:

Due to time constraints, lack of cents & some common sense it was
pretty clear from the outset that we would need to work very quickly & embellish the light flares in post to assist the story telling
& fortunately Fin design were really, really accommodating.

I had a great location in mind but it was not available so we ended
up at this guest house where Keith Richards had recuperated after his recent fall & brain surgery, it is normally full to the brim,
cluttered with all sorts of furniture & the walls are plastered with
'interesting' art, i dont know why anyone with a sore head would go
there. But we emptied a room did a quick re-dress & pushed the button.

It was a nice open brief & it all happened so fast, but I
think it worked out Ok & I appreciate the agency trusting me from the outset when i said it would make more sense in the online.

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New Print Work

 LATEST PRINT / OUTDOOR / AMBIENT   NEW ZEALAND    February 27, 2007 23:40 (Edited: February 27, 2007 12:40)

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New Print Work

 LATEST PRINT / OUTDOOR / AMBIENT   EUROPE    February 27, 2007 13:45 (Edited: February 27, 2007 02:45)

In regular newspapers, old articles ware placed. As if taped in the newspaper. The articles weren't really old, they just appeared old. The copy is about Medicins du Monde, who help people in area's were there is no newsy attention. Because the disaster happend some time ago, for instance.

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New Print Work

 LATEST PRINT / OUTDOOR / AMBIENT   AUSTRALIA    February 26, 2007 15:42 (Edited: February 26, 2007 04:42) operated scientist_bestads.jpg

This was a live ambient stunt for the Multiple Sclerosis Society, to help raise money and awareness for research.

We built a mini research laboratory, with a coin slot in the front. Inside a real scientist sat slumped and motionless. When people made donations he would sit upright and conduct science experiments until he felt the money had run out.

The words, 'Without your donation, research will stop' were clearly printed on the front of the box.

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Guest comments for featured spot "Human Skateboard"

 GUEST COMMENTS   USA    February 25, 2007 01:16 (Edited: February 24, 2007 14:16)

A few words from the Luca Grelli, Creative Director, MFP New York, one of the creators of the featured spot "Human Skateboard".

I wanted to work with PES since I first saw his work on and this Sneaux project was the perfect occasion to work together. Not only because he’s the master of stop motion animation, but also because the script and the idea were different from anything he’s done before so when I sent him the script (a paragraph, actually) I was really hoping that the project would excite him. And it did, big time.

There is something inherently hypnotic about any highly entertaining stop motion piece: you just can’t stop watching it, over and over, frame by frame, to discover the tiniest detail (have you noticed how the lens flare moves in stop motion during the 360?). Which is what people are doing right now on youtube or on Pes’ site with this Human skateboard video. And really, there is nothing better that a brand could ask for. Another reason this is happening is that it doesn’t look or feel like an ad. Despite being 30 sec long like a traditional commercial, Human skateboard is actually a piece of branded content and that’s how people online rightly perceive it.

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New Print Work

 LATEST PRINT / OUTDOOR / AMBIENT   EUROPE    February 23, 2007 12:09 (Edited: February 23, 2007 01:09)

creative target: to point out the meaning of beautiful hair for the individual overall impression

target group: women who are interested in the latest fashion trends and who love to illuminate their personality through a selected styling

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New Print Work

 LATEST PRINT / OUTDOOR / AMBIENT   NEW ZEALAND    February 23, 2007 11:39 (Edited: February 23, 2007 00:39) belt BW A3 2.jpg

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 PRINT   SOUTH AFRICA    February 23, 2007 11:33 (Edited: February 23, 2007 00:33)

Top of the Times is a weekend entertainment supplement for the Cape Times newspaper.

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New Print Work

 LATEST PRINT / OUTDOOR / AMBIENT   EUROPE    February 23, 2007 07:32 (Edited: February 22, 2007 20:32)

Closing Line: Kills leaving no evidence.

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New Print Work

 LATEST PRINT / OUTDOOR / AMBIENT   UK    February 23, 2007 03:11 (Edited: February 22, 2007 16:11) 1.jpg

These two books, boys and girls and true or false, have been produced for NHS trusts in Glasgow, Lanarkshire and Ayrshire. The books have been conceived to pastiche the classic "Ladybird" titles of the 50s and 60s, juxtaposing the innocence of the originals with sexual content and West-of-Scotland dialect.

Our brief was to create material to stimulate discussion and consideration of sexual issues amongst kids aged around 12-16. The books will be distributed through youth groups and individual youth workers, and focus on issues like peer pressure, bullying, boasting and lying where they relate to sexual matters.

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Guest Comments for featured spot "Dress For it"

 GUEST COMMENTS   AUSTRALIA    February 21, 2007 11:17 (Edited: February 21, 2007 00:17)

Some background from Scott Lambert, Creative Director, Draftfcb ... one of the creaives on the featured spot "Dress for it":

The idea was simple.
A guy walks out of a building wearing a suit.
As he walks down the street, he changes clothes from a suit to a casual outfit, then a tuxedo, and finally into beachwear. Each outfit represents a part of the guy’s varied life, and, ultimately, the flexibility of the new CR-V.

The challenge was, “How the fuck are we going to do that?”

Enter Patrick Hughes from @Radical along with the talented team from Animal Logic and one incredible steady-cam operator.

After a gruelling month of tests and rehearsals, we were ready to go. A cast of 80 extras joined us for two long days in downtown Melbourne. The shoot went without a hitch, with a great result from the exceptionally talented (and non-too ugly) actor. The final imagery is something truly special. The guys at Level Two supplied us with a number of great tracks for the spot which made our final choice very difficult. After hours of repeat viewing, we all agreed that the sexy “Le Disco” by Shiny Toy Guns was the winner.

We are all thrilled with the spot. It rocks.

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And for the print work ....

Click here.

Guest Comments for featured Touran spot

 GUEST COMMENTS   EUROPE    February 21, 2007 11:07 (Edited: February 21, 2007 00:07)

A few words from Faustin Claverie, Agence.V./DDB, and art director on this spot.

When you are 30 and single, being a father looks like a nightmare. That's why we were very involved in this project.

We thought that building a kind of "ghost train roller coster" was the funniest way to express all our fears.

Let's forget the Volkswagen real life tone and imagine the scariest attraction ever (for us)!

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you can see "the makin of" here:

Guest Comments for featured Snickers spot "Stop and Go"

 GUEST COMMENTS   MIDDLE EAST    February 21, 2007 11:02 (Edited: February 21, 2007 00:02)

Some bakground from Jennie Morris, Group CD, Impact BBDO, United Arab Emirates.

The ad is the ultimate battle between stop and go. It is the new regional spot for Snickers in the Middle east where the positioning is “Don’t Stop”

We made the spot in Amsterdam through a great post company called Valkeiser Capitol Images. Our director was Joeri Holsheimer and Porducer Soren Schmidt. They were a great team and spending a few weeks in Amsterdam wasn’t half bad either!

It was very important to me that the red and green men seem totally real. So the ad was created with the use of motion capture. Joeri had five chinese martial artists who performed over 500 moves.

The live action was all shot in Jeddha Saudi Arabia. I was not permitted to attend the shoot by the Saudi government who refused to give me a visa (Wrong sex and religion). It was shot on 35mm hand held and the Amsterdam guys faced many hurdles while shooting including a camera assistant who had never used 35 mm and Joeri getting arrested by Saudi police for taking a stills picture of his own shoot!

The music is a local hip hop act from Kuwait.

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Quality work from CLM BBDO France

 TV   EUROPE    February 21, 2007 10:54 (Edited: February 20, 2007 23:54)

France has been turning out some great work this week, with 2 TV spots featured on the main page & another very nice film here:

Click here to view "Snow"

From M&C Saatchi London for the Royal Bank of Scotland

 TV   UK    February 21, 2007 10:48 (Edited: February 20, 2007 23:48)

Nice work .... "Cable car"

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A big week for Partizan London

 TV   UK    February 21, 2007 10:44 (Edited: February 20, 2007 23:44)

Here's the first of a number of spots from Partizan London. This one's called "Roller Boy" - for Miller, via Traktor & Mother London.

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New work for Shell from JWT London

 TV   UK    February 21, 2007 10:41 (Edited: February 20, 2007 23:41)


Shell's new commercial follows the story of Jaap Van Ballegooijen, a Shell employee and how he came up with the first ever snakewell in Brunei.

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New from Goodby, Silverstein & Partners

 TV   USA    February 21, 2007 10:35 (Edited: February 20, 2007 23:35) LEGEND.jpg

An Urban Legend debunked.

Goodby, Silverstein & Partners are currently ranked bestads number one for TV work in the USA for this awards year.

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A lot of great work coming out of Partizan London this week.

 TV   UK    February 21, 2007 10:30 (Edited: February 20, 2007 23:30)

This one ... "Block Party" from german agency Aimaq Rapp Stolle Berlin

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 TV   IRELAND    February 21, 2007 10:25 (Edited: February 20, 2007 23:25)

Publicis QMP Ireland creates more chaos for the Halifax bank.


New from TBWA\Paris

 TV   EUROPE    February 21, 2007 10:22 (Edited: February 20, 2007 23:22)

The magnetic power of Hollywood gum.

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New VW golf work from DDB London & Partizan

 TV   UK    February 21, 2007 10:17 (Edited: February 20, 2007 23:17) --The Great Pretender--.jpg

"The Great Pretender"

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New Channel 4 work in the UK, from 4 creative

 TV   UK    February 21, 2007 10:12 (Edited: February 20, 2007 23:12) 7.jpg

Promoting Channel 4's ON DEMAND service.

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From Clemenger BBDO New Zealand

 TV   NEW ZEALAND    February 21, 2007 10:04 (Edited: February 20, 2007 23:04)

New Zealand's school principals give their views on road safety in this spot for Land Transport New Zealand

Creative Commentary
We see a common thread throughout all schools in New Zealand....

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Another nice Yaris spot in the latest batch from CHI, London.

 TV   UK    February 21, 2007 09:59 (Edited: February 20, 2007 22:59)

More of the CHI & Partizan Yaris work - "Treat it with respect". this one ... "Tag".

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BBDO New York have been BUSY!

 TV   USA    February 21, 2007 09:54 (Edited: February 20, 2007 22:54)

Firstly there's the new Pepsi work. This one's called "Pinball"

Click here to view this spot

Then there's this Pepsi spot .... "Beachball"

Click here to view this spot

... and the new Mountain Dew work ... "Chuck"

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New interactive work from MAKE

 LATEST ONLINE   AUSTRALIA    February 21, 2007 08:30 (Edited: February 20, 2007 21:30)

Streakers Love story viral.

Australian Agency "Make" has done some interesting new interactive work for Rare|wear. The viral has apparently now clocked up over 2 million views.

see it here:

And some strategy background from the CD, Rem Bruijn:

The strategy behind Believe In Destiny was to create relevant, targeted content for our client - rare|wear. The client sells limited edition clothing which means that there's not enough clothes to go around - the creative tag of rare|wear limited edition clothing is nudity. More than that, though, the idea was to craft a story that everyone would want to see, and have the hook of it send people to our client's website - people don't want their content interrupted by ads, so we made the content the ad. The viral video was released as 'Streakers Love Story' just prior to Valentines Day and has received over two million views in the first week of release.

If we can create engaging content that people actively and intentionally consume, then we have so much more influence over their purchasing decisions and their brand perceptions than could ever be possible interrupting the content that they want to watch.

The Believe in Destiny campaign also comes clean about being a hoax on the front page of the website ( and actually asks people to vote on the ethics of viral advertising - where does entertainment stop and manipulation begin? The whole campaign has been designed to truly interact with the audience, providing a hub for people to share stories of fated love as well as a forum for discussion on the website in addition to the downloadable videos and the ethics poll.

Agency: Make
Client: Rare|wear
Client Service: Taryn Thomas
Planning Director Murray Berghan
Creative Director: Rem Bruijn
Creatives: Jesse Richardson, Bree McDonald
Director: Charlie Ferguson, Brendan Williams [Brendan Williams Films]
Producer: Krista Stewart [Brendan Williams Films]
Post: Steve Thomas, Antony Newton, Pete Walmsley, Pete Christie [Cutting Edge]
Compositing: Jeff Gaunt, Tim Jones, Matt Chance [Cutting Edge]
Sound: Ross Batten [Cutting Edge]
Music: Pete Jones Music
Banner concepts: Trent Penfold, Jesse Richardson, Bree McDonald, Kelly Denning
Flash designer: Daniel Button [Muse interactive]
Web programming: Raeleen Robertson, Alistair Cook, Lachlan Nuttall [Mettro]

From Bureau.FJM Germany

 WORTH A LOOK   EUROPE    February 21, 2007 07:03 (Edited: February 20, 2007 20:03) trophy.jpg

From a little while back but well worth a look.

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New Aids work from Lowe Nairobi

 TV   KENYA    February 21, 2007 06:57 (Edited: February 20, 2007 19:57)

Shot in kenya, a hard hitting spot on the lack of awareness towards the Aids epidemic.

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