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Seen and noted

Guest comments for featured spot "Kissing"

 GUEST COMMENTS   USA    October 27, 2005 05:23 (Edited: October 26, 2005 19:23)
Fom Mark Puchala & Michael Clowater, Zig Inc Canada.

New Brunswick is a province on the East Coast of Canada. And even
though it’s roughly the size of England only about 700,000 people live there. The main industries are fishing and logging. However, there’s a group of people who live there that make films and somehow put on a film festival every year. We wanted to help them do that - and also brag about the balls-out dedication they must have to get it done.
We also wanted to have a laugh.
We thought there’s something romantic about a guy with no budget who just needs to make movies. These people live on the fringe of society and are scorned by the people behind the counter at their local donut store. But they don’t care and that’s pretty cool.
Making these ads was kind of like life imitating art. We had no money - just a bunch of favours from people more talented than us and a script that worked with shooting on video. We wanted to switch up between what the director saw in his mind (the movie) and the behind the scenes footage in making the movie. Then show the contrast between them. We also wanted to play it very simple with the audio. Keep it as real as possible when it was real and as flashy as possible when it was the movie.
The director was James Spence who, luckily, is even more warped than we are.

Guest comments for featured spot "Mechanic"

 GUEST COMMENTS   USA    October 27, 2005 05:17 (Edited: October 26, 2005 19:17)
From Dave Brady, Art diector, FCB New Zealand ...

Depression can range in severity from being a bit down and not being able to come out of it, to persistent dark thoughts and low self esteem, to suicidal thoughts in the worst cases. The longer it is left without treatment, the worse it can get. The problem is that depression isn’t something that guys talk about a lot, or admit to having. But if they don’t talk about depression, how can other guys learn what it is, and how it can affect people?
So here’s some guys talking about how depression affected them, and where to go for help - without having to talk to anyone about it.
Thanks to all involved. Check the credits for the names, but the ads got better at each step of the process.

Introducing the new "It"

 TV   EUROPE    October 27, 2005 00:57 (Edited: October 26, 2005 14:57)

The new "It" sweeps takes the world by storm

... in new work for eBay, from BBDO New York. And the good news is you can get "It" on eBay. Nicely intergrated into the website as well:

Ford falcon - a disappointing slot car.

 TV   AUSTRALIA    October 27, 2005 00:20 (Edited: October 26, 2005 14:20)

JWT Melbourne & Falcon

Normally it's all too easy to crash the slot cars, but not so with the Falcon. Sticks to the track like glue, leading to major disappoinment for the car-wrecking kid though.

Agency Producer: Tim Marxsen
Art Director: Nick Weller, Phil Van Bruchem, Keith Nicolas
Copywriter: Nick Weller, Phil Van Bruchem, Keith Nicolas
Creative Director: Jeremy Wynne
Director: Matt Murphy

Aero film ... keeping busy

 TV   EUROPE    October 27, 2005 00:11 (Edited: October 26, 2005 14:11)
New work from Aero Film

Aero have been keeping themselves busy with some very stylish new car spots ... Honda "cages" for Rubin Postaer & Associates as well as Suzuki "Base Jump" for Colby & Partners

Framestore CFC news

 POST PRODUCTION   CANADA    October 25, 2005 22:00 (Edited: October 25, 2005 12:00)
It's with great pleasure that Framestore CFC can announce that one of our Inferno Artists, Ben Cronin, has been chosen as the winner in the 'Special Effects/Post-Production' category in Creative Review's 'Creative Futures' awards scheme.

pics: frames from Ben's work for Renault Espace, Chemical Brothers & Audi

Patts Y&R exodus

 PEOPLE    October 24, 2005 23:05 (Edited: October 24, 2005 13:05)

SYDNEY: Tim Castree is the latest senior George Patterson figure to leave the merged agency of George Patterson Y&R.

Castree was Sydney managing director of Patts at the time of WPP's takeover of The Communications Group in August. His departure follows that of TCG heavyweights Ian Smith, John Fawcett, Mark Bayliss and Jane Neale, and the more recent exit of creatives Mark Dove and Andy Flemming.

It is estimated that up to 30 Patts staff have left the agency since the merger.

Story courtesy of Australian CREATIVE magazine.


 AWARD NEWS   UK    October 24, 2005 22:24 (Edited: October 24, 2005 12:24)

Recipe for Success: Just add Egg

(Cape Town, South Africa – 20 October 2005) At the recent Loerie Awards the team at Egg Films won two of the five Golds, 12 Silvers and eight Bronzes. This year’s total of 22 awards for seven different ads makes it the sixth consecutive year that Egg has shown its mettle.

With only four directors, work produced by Egg won more Loerie awards this year than any other South Africa production company. Exit the strength lying in numbers adage and enter the small company that continues to command dominance in the market.

Egg’s executive producer, Colin Howard, explains that their strategy is simple: “We keep a small and creatively-driven shop. We hand-pick our projects and director-producer teams rather than following a blanket approach.”

Nice moves.

 TV   EUROPE    October 24, 2005 21:51 (Edited: October 24, 2005 11:51)

“Security Cameras” from agency Vitrorobertson captures people dancing unawares in everyday circumstances

PORTLAND, Ore., (October 10, 2005) – An atmospheric hum opens Vitrorobertson’s latest spot for Kyocera which captures people on “security cameras” spontaneously breaking into dance in the most mundane situations, from bank to ATM to valet parking lot. The reason for their sudden inspiration? Kyocera’s new Slider Remix MP3 phone. Staying conceptually true, Food Chain director Vance Malone, with DP Joe Meade, opted to shoot entirely on video mostly with existing light. Utilizing up to four cameras on set gave Malone the chance to capture the dancers from multiple angles, ensuring the spontaneity of the dancing was fully covered. Meade supplemented his camera package with actual security cameras to capture some of the footage.

Kyocera “Slider Remix” CREDITS

Agency: Vitrorobertson
Creative Director – John Vitro
Creative Director – John Robertson
Assoc. CD/Copywriter – Kent Thayer
Art Director – Barry Brothers

Production Co: Food Chain
Director – Vance Malone
Producer – Brad Goldthwaite
Exec. Producer – David Cress
DP – Joe Meade
Editorial - Radium

Inside the director's head.

 INSIDE THEIR HEADS   USA    October 24, 2005 06:46 (Edited: October 23, 2005 20:46)

bestads: I used to play in rock and roll bands. I was hitch-hiking to a gig one time (!) and the guy who gave me a ride said “... Unbelievable man ... You’re doing exaclty what you want, getting paid a fecking fortune and picking up the babes afterwards!!!”  So I guess directing is just like that .... but more so??????????

from Backyard Director, Tim Abshire:
Oh yeah, moreso.  Especially If you like to fly across the country to have scripted slow motion oral sex with Mrs. Butterworth for cash until video village gives you the thumbs up... yes.  Directing is just like that.


First of all, I'd say it's more aspirational for you to be an ex-soccer dad instead of playing in the rock and roll band, and you definitely weren't hitchhiking, because Jane in legal said "no"... and I'm thinking we'll get you an average, real-looking, non-actor-ish wife to pick you up in this story, and you can't be getting paid a fortune because you can only be making enough money to be in middle to upper-middle class so we can hit our biggest U.S. demographic, and your wife, well, she's driving a non-descript four door blue car, and those chicks you're picking up are your kids from preschool named Brittany and Tyler who look nothing like you or your wife, but heck, aren't they just the cutest?  Everybody needs to smile to camera now.  Let's collaberate on another job really soon.

from Bruce Van Dusen of Celsius Films in New York:
Directing has benefits. You can cut to the front of the lunch line. You get the chair closest to the monitor. Lots of people ask your opinion and seem to care. You can point at walls and have them moved. Or repainted. People change their clothes just because you ask them to.

On the flipside, directing has drawbacks. You don’t do it every day, so those benefts are periodic. And on those off days, you come to the realization that the only other thing you’re semi-qualified for is toll collection. Which with the advent of E-Z Pass is kind of dying field of employment.

from Gaysorn Thavat, Exile Films, New Zealand
If I wasn’t a director, I could transfer my skills to being a marriage counselor.  In making commercials I am often dealing with a demanding insecure client who has identity issues, and an anxious hen pecked agency, bound together in a marriage wrought with financial pressure and mistrust. The agency is always worried that the client will have an affair with another agency. And the client is always worried that the agency doesn’t understand or really listen to their needs

Unofficially, it is my job to negotiate between them and make a spot that rebuilds the trust, rekindles the spark of when they first met and make them both feel good about themselves. Oh yeah…. And make something that I like as well (but that’s beside the point really)

from Michael Williams, director at The Mob Film Company, London

You obviously didn't mention those two magic little words, 'client changes'.

Scott Walker Joins Caravan Pictures

 PEOPLE   AUSTRALIA    October 21, 2005 05:45 (Edited: October 20, 2005 19:45)
Scott Walker joins Caravan

New director Scott Walker has teamed up with producer Sarah Nichols
and joined Sydney's Caravan Pictures. A former agency creative
partner to Clemenger BBDO's Danny Searle, Scott's background gives
him a wealth of experience and an understanding of comedic timing
within a 30 second time frame. Having already completed campaigns
for Rogaine, Mitsubishi and HBA Insurance, Scott's work shows huge
potential, clarity and talent. Caravan is very excited to have Scott
& Sarah as part of the team.

bestads: We've got a pic of Scott & another from a recent spot that he directed. You can figure out which is which though.

Mad World, good look.

 WORTH A LOOK   AUSTRALIA    October 19, 2005 17:08 (Edited: October 20, 2005 11:08)

Strong images from Exit

Love this song ... even if it was was used by a direct competitor first ...on an ABC news promo.

To view the spot click ....

Invisible bikes present a few obstacles

 WORTH A LOOK   EUROPE    October 19, 2005 16:48 (Edited: October 19, 2005 20:48)

Publicis Toronto's work for courier company Purolator blends an interesting idea & seemless SFX

To view the spot click ....

Shot in Australia ... for the bleak look!

 GUEST COMMENTS   USA    October 19, 2005 15:25 (Edited: October 19, 2005 05:25)

From Michael Kaplan and Tim Charlesworth, the creatives on "the hint"

Now that the 'cows want it back' idea is well established, we had licence to have a bit of fun with it. The ad was shot in July, but we wanted a cold, bleak look. There can't be many shoots that have gone to Australia for winter light. As with the previous ads, we wanted to do as much as possible in camera, so we had 10 cows to direct around the streets of Melbourne.

Guest Comments from Mother London (for Orange "Dance")

 GUEST COMMENTS   USA    October 19, 2005 15:16 (Edited: October 19, 2005 05:16)
From Mother ...

We chose to articulate this new spot by focusing on a human relationship. There's something aspirational about a successful marriage...when couples grow old together. Often times, the familiarity between an elderly couple is most evident in the way they talk - finishing each other sentences...knowing what the other is thinking - but we felt that if we used something more visually stunning (like a dance) to reflect this intimacy, it would be all the more powerful.

We knew from very early on that using only one shot of the dance would make it much more powerful as a piece of film. It was important to capture the honesty of two old people dancing but still somehow making it captivating. We played around with different cuts, but none of them achieved the mesmerising quality of the one-take version. We feel that the sound also plays a large part in the feeling that the final film gives people. The silences within the Brian Eno are as important to the film as the music itself.

The director of photgraphy on Dance was the DP from Gladiator...John Matheson...who lit it beautifully.

Guest Comments from Colin Jeffery, Arnold boston - featured spot

 GUEST COMMENTS   USA    October 19, 2005 14:35 (Edited: October 19, 2005 04:35)

New Beetle "Force of Good" Campaign

The world needs a hero and the New Beetle is ready to slip on the tights. In this campaign the Beetle goes head to head with sucky everyday objects. We wanted to reflect the fun-loving spirit of the car and the joy it spreads wherever it goes.

We spent weeks going through classic fights scenes and film techniques. We took three popular genres, Kung fu, Western and Gladiator, then worked out which style would suit which spot best. Each genre has a certain look, feel and camera techniques that make it what it is. We wanted the finished products to clearly belong to specific genres, but also have a common theatrical feel. Using a sound stage helped us achieve this, control the light and get more done in the three days we had available to us.

We worked closely with Brand New School to produce these. They, along with their design team, built amazing life size sets on a giant sound stage at Fox Studios in LA. We then proceeded to shoot the spots, blowing up a bunch of alarm clocks and destroying a port-a-potty in the process. The "Alarm Clock" and "Port-a-Potty" spots were pretty much shot in camera. The "Sardines" spot was a little different and involved a bunch of green screen and stop frame animation.

In the end goodness always prevails. Our only regret is not producing a forth ad. It would have taken place in space and involved some bad-ass brussel sprouts.

Brandless product-less teasers

 WORTH A LOOK   EUROPE    October 19, 2005 11:34 (Edited: October 20, 2005 05:34)

Uncle Yaris ... from Europe

This series started with :15 sec teasers that aired without any product placement or knowledge of what the spots were for. Along with major print media of Uncle Yaris doing his thing across Canada on Billboards, and numerous other huge media print exposure again without the product being revealed. This got the entire country buzzing with Who's Uncle Yaris??
Then a few weeks later the :30sec spots with the product placement aired and are still running on air and soon in cinema.

To view the complete 30 sec "Born in Europe" spot click (& credits)....

Following on from last week ...

 WORTH A LOOK   AUSTRALIA    October 19, 2005 11:07 (Edited: October 19, 2005 01:07)

From creative Chris Kelly...

This one wrote itself. The brief was something to really scrub your turnips for!

Love is such a personal thing, so many people have commented on what was so great about the movie for them and they've all been different. That's Tony - he talks to everyone in a different way - he's a male that's cross-generational and cross-cultural. And women love him - even though he has a thing for visualizing “rooting rabbits”.

It has 4 stories in one; Tony's love of Edna; Tony's strange 'scrapbook' like view of the world and what his world means to him; good love versus bad love; and erotic love versus heart felt love.

Scott Otto Anderson from Independant Films directed this spot. On the bottom of his report card, I tick the box beside "FIGHT TO GET".

Give me more brave clients (like Roses Only) that understand humour and it's power to move people. I think many clients believe creatives sit around unshaven coming up with wacky ideas. But the nature of this project couldn't be any further from that perception. We agonised over every little detail - right down to the very last pixel of the website interface - all with the consumer's next action in mind - buying roses and flowers

To view the spot click (plus full credits) ....

Interesting idea for integrated media

 TV   EUROPE    October 19, 2005 08:27 (Edited: October 19, 2005 12:27)

Foreign language swearing motivates

Goodgoll Vendramin (Canada) has created a series of spots for Alpine Lager's Gold medal win in the beer world cup (there's a world cup for beer?!). It shows provocative girls speaking in their native Italian / German with expletives bleeped out. To see what they're REALLY saying you have to go to the website. Clever.

Agency: Goodgoll Vendramin Inc.
Creatives: Benjamin Vendramin (CD/AD), Robert McDougall (CW)
Director: Gary McKendry
Prod. Co.: Cirle Production

More good stuff from BBH London

 TV   CANADA    October 17, 2005 20:14 (Edited: October 19, 2005 15:58)

Man sprays hatstand with Lynx. Girl can't resist. Instant pole dancer. Nice.

A whole new meaning to "shoot"

 TV   EUROPE    October 17, 2005 17:34 (Edited: October 18, 2005 11:34)

In new work from director James Spence & Zig Canada, limited budgets call for extra dedication ... couldn't afford fake bullets!

Client: Silver Wave Film Festival
Title: Gunshot
Creative team. Mark Puchala & Michael Clowater
Agency: Zig Inc.
Director: James Spence
Production Co: Brown Entertainment (
Editor: Marco Pazzano @ Panic & Bob
Music & Sound Design: RMW

Regional agency employs time lord

 TV   AUSTRALIA    October 17, 2005 17:21 (Edited: October 18, 2005 11:21)

This stylish series of ads features an enigmatic "Time Lord" who can manipulate time in order to demonstrate the benefits of TransACT's High-Tec.

Agency: ZOO
Creatives: Ken Buchan (Copywriter/Art Director) Roger McAuliffe (Copywriter)
Creative Director: Ken Buchan
Director: Serge Ou
Production Company: Bearcage Productions
Account Management: Fiona Boughton, Peter Ring.
Producer: Doug Merriman
Agency in house Producer: Paula Garner
Editor: Chris Bamford
Special Effects: Heather Cocquio & Luke Bicevskis

Therapy session falls flat

 TV   EUROPE    October 17, 2005 17:16 (Edited: October 17, 2005 21:16)

If he'd taken the toll road, he'd be there for her!

Production Co: Area 51 Films, SM
Director: Theodore Melfi
DP: Mateo Londono
EP: Phyllis Koenig & Preston Lee
Producer: Jolie Chitwood
Agency: Marshall Advertising & Design/ Costa Mesa
Executive Creative Director: Diana Marshall
Creative Director: Roger Feldman
Art Director: Mike Voornas
Copywriter: Roger Feldman
Agency Producer: Nancy Skenderian

Spec Spot for

 UNDER EXPOSED   EUROPE    October 17, 2005 16:59 (Edited: October 18, 2005 10:59)

A spec spot (with a bit of a twist) that shows how rough it is out there in the dating circuit

Copywriter: Andy Beach
Copywriter: Jason Moore
Director: Jason Moore
Producer: Alex Naufel
Director of Photography: Leo Veras
Editor: Tim Fender

Quiet Storm, London ... virally motivating

 TV   CANADA    October 17, 2005 16:54 (Edited: October 17, 2005 20:54)

Quiet Storm makes motivational video to sell lunch

In 80 seconds of convincing motivational video we don't get one McDonalds logo ... or tune. Just an in situ mention. This guy's good.

Fallon & United Airlines

 TV   EUROPE    October 17, 2005 16:41 (Edited: October 17, 2005 20:41)

Fallon continues the United series featuring Gershwin's American in Paris

The flexibility of line animation

 TV   CANADA    October 17, 2005 15:55 (Edited: October 18, 2005 09:55)

New work from Studio Aka, London

How do you represent 50,000 doctors in 30 seconds? and jam loads of ingredients into a pack of muesli? ... line animation

Comedy Central - they HAVE to be funny

 TV   EUROPE    October 15, 2005 00:43 (Edited: October 15, 2005 18:43)

Putting words into her mouth

Renault Clio- Britain v France

 TV   CANADA    October 14, 2005 22:55 (Edited: October 15, 2005 02:55)
The Eiffel Tower or the ..... ummm

In this new Renault work from Publicis UK, comparisons are made between Britain & France to get across he point "twice the va va voom". All done with a light & cheeky tone.

Trading places

 TV   AUSTRALIA    October 14, 2005 01:31 (Edited: October 14, 2005 19:31)

In new spots from Love Communications, people trade places according to their investment skills ... or lack of

Client: Genesys Wealth Advisors
Agency: Love Communications
Agency Producer: David Steindl
Art Director: Paul Hoyne
Copywriter: Siimon Reynolds
Creative Director: Siimon Reynolds
Director: Darren Ashton
Producer: Michael Carlton

Bad news is easier to take when it's sung.

 TV   AUSTRALIA    October 14, 2005 01:24 (Edited: October 14, 2005 19:24)

a series of amusing spots from McDonalds for their sponship of Australian Idol

Art Director: Andrew Crocker, Charlie Cook, Misha McDonald
Copywriter: Andrew Crocker, Charlie Cook, Misha McDonald
Creative Director: Richard Selbourne
Executive Creative Director: Garry Horner
Agency Producer: Carlin Smith
Director: Barney Catchlove
Production compnay: Red Herring

Virals ... well worth catching

 CREATIVE VIEWOINT   AUSTRALIA    October 13, 2005 22:17 (Edited: October 14, 2005 02:17)

Are viral agencies underrated?

Sydney viral agency, LAVA communications, has completed a couple of good spots for Xbox that have had worldwide exposure, yet we've heard a few of the bigger agencies describe viral agencies as .... 'the viruses of ad agencies'.

From inside the world of virals Steven Hirst, CD LAVA Communications, comments ... :

"Some truth in that. Your mind has to work in some sick ways to succeed virally. Ultimately, however, we are creating what consumers actually want to see via branded entertainment, so are doing the best by the client and consumer. Communication mediums have evolved and so to must the message to achieve cut-through. The art of viral has become a proven science and one of the most cost effective marketing mediums ever. Virals are healthy and well worth catching!"
Agency: LAVA communications
Production Company: LAVA communications
Creatives: Darren Arbib, Steven Hirst
Directors: Darren Arbib, Steven Hirst

Talk to Frank

 TV   CANADA    October 13, 2005 02:40 (Edited: October 13, 2005 06:40)

A couple of very nice new adverts from Mother London

Go to the main page to see "Inquisitive Kid"
The other in the series is "Gameshow" ... equally good.
(Isn't that 3 weeks running for Mother London on the main page?)

Not often you hear a good radio spot!

 TV   AUSTRALIA    October 13, 2005 00:50 (Edited: October 13, 2005 04:50)

Don't use the wrong pen during exams!

One of a series of nicely written radio ads for Bic pens.
Agency: SMART Melbourne
Writers: John Mescall, Rebecca Newman, Malcolm Chambers

To listen to the spot click

Not your usual streaker ...

 TV   EUROPE    October 13, 2005 00:04 (Edited: October 13, 2005 04:04)

Using the unexpected to get the message across. Nice.

Product: Canadian Paraplegic Association (Charity)
Title: Streaker
Agency: Goodgoll Vendramin Inc.
Creatives: Benjamin Vendramin (Creative Director / Art Director)
Robert McDougall (Creative Director / Writer)
Agency Producer: Angela Carroll
Director: Jamie Way
Prod. Co.: Millenium
Country: Canada

If you don't think the edit is important ....

 UNDER EXPOSED   EUROPE    October 12, 2005 17:41 (Edited: October 12, 2005 21:41)

It's all in the edit!

"The Shining" - from a slightly different perspective.
To view the spot click ....

 TV   CANADA    October 12, 2005 16:56 (Edited: October 12, 2005 20:56)

A new Sheilas’ Wheels campaign is set in an Aussie ‘Outback’ style ... except for the shielas that is.
Director: Graham Rose
Producer: Michael MacMillan
Production Co: The Pink Film Company
Client: esure
Title: Sheilas’ Wheels
Client Producer: Serena Freeman
Creatives: Chris Wilkins/Sian Vickers

The bestads "Choice" Award

 FROM BESTADSONTV   AUSTRALIA    October 12, 2005 16:39 (Edited: October 12, 2005 20:39)
Old news ... but a beautiful photo

At the bestads awards a few months back in June, we awarded 6 international gold, 6 silver, plus a select few best Australasian Awards. All great work needless to say. However the one spot that seemed to slip though without enough recognition (although it has since done pretty well) was the L&P "Stubbies" TVC. Sadly it didn't transcend language & cultural gulfs but it was always a favourite of ours here at bestads. So we sent the very special "choooooiiiiice" award through to the lads at MT Group.

Soul Bar - Try one on

 TV   AUSTRALIA    October 12, 2005 04:26 (Edited: October 12, 2005 08:26)

With such an extensive selection of men to choose from, this is the place to try them on for size.

Agency: WRC New Zealand
Creative: Bobbie Mckay
Creative Director: Nigel Corbett
Director: Brian Challis / REPUBLIC

Tea Tree Oil Anti Dandruff Shampoo - Indonesian style

 TV   INDONESIA    October 12, 2005 04:21 (Edited: October 11, 2005 18:21)

A golf buggy drives across a grassy frame, collecting golf balls. As it passes through frame for the last time, it wipes on the Tea Tree Oil pack, followed by the Anti Dandruff Shampoo super. Simple!

Client: Martha Tilaar
Product: Tea Tree Oil
Title: 'Golf Buggy'
Agency: David Indonesia
Production House: RT Films
Director: Jeff Jaffers
CD: Gary Caufield
Writer: Gary Caufield
Post: G1

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