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New Coke work from W+K Portland.

 TV   USA    April 06, 2006 07:11 (Edited: April 05, 2006 21:11)
Good new Coca-Cola work from W+K & director Dante Ariola.

(the quality's not great on this one ... if we get a better file we'll replace it ASAP.)

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"Ode to testosterone" - from Kessels Kramer, Amsterdam

 TV   EUROPE    April 06, 2006 07:06 (Edited: April 05, 2006 21:06)
Men just have to be men in this anonymous content @ Independent production. Must be one hell of a beer.

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Another one from Grey Germany.

 TV   EUROPE    April 06, 2006 06:59 (Edited: April 05, 2006 20:59)
A nice simple product demonstration.

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New from George Patterson Y&R & Independent Films (Sydney)

 TV   AUSTRALIA    April 06, 2006 05:29 (Edited: April 05, 2006 19:29)
An intro to radio station Triple M's Breakfast Show, The Cage.

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New Peugeot work from BETC EuroRSCG, Paris

 TV   EUROPE    April 06, 2006 05:22 (Edited: April 05, 2006 19:22)
Be good to nature, and .....

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New BBC work from UK agency RedBee

 TV   UK    April 06, 2006 05:18 (Edited: April 05, 2006 19:18)
Directing duo Zac & Dan from Stink achieve a stylish look for the new BBC spot.

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New from Y&R Chicago and Miller Lite

 TV   USA    April 06, 2006 05:12 (Edited: April 05, 2006 19:12)
Amusing stuff from Y&R Chicago.

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We don't get much work from Japan, but ....

 TV   ASIA    April 06, 2006 05:00 (Edited: April 05, 2006 19:00)
Don't try this at home.

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More balls ...

 TV   UK    April 06, 2006 04:56 (Edited: April 05, 2006 18:56)
A bit of a laugh from WCRS London.

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inside the head of an animation company head .. huh?

 INSIDE THEIR HEADS   UK    April 06, 2006 04:42 (Edited: April 05, 2006 18:42)
A chat with Chris O’Reilly - joint MD/co-founder of Nexus Productions.

bestads: You started in London & have since opened in Paris. Is this the road the world domination? What’s the history of nexus & where do you see it going?
Chris O’Reilly: Charlotte Bavasso and I started Nexus eight years ago. Originally we were a division of a Japanese company, but then we bought them out and separated off.

Opening in Paris was a natural evolution for us. Charlotte is French and we’ve always had French directors on our reel. The talent in France is excellent and there are interesting projects coming from there too. Not sure about the road to world domination! We’re enjoying the winding back routes.

bestads: Any plans to move into non-animated areas?
Chris O’Reilly: Our company plan was to focus on the new generation of filmmakers and artists who had embraced digital film making techniques, with a strong focus on animation. However we always had broader filmmaking interests. Live-action and animation hybrid work has been a massive part of our repertoire, and quite a lot of live-action only work too. Right now we’re involved in three totally live-action projects. Ultimately our interest is in talent not techniques.

bestads: We’ve featured 8 Nexus spots on bestads. That’s got to be a record for an animation company for our site. Any interesting work in the pipeline (that you’d be allowed tell us about)?
Chris O’Reilly: We’ve got quite a few projects going through that I’m excited about. Hopefully some will surprise and delight enough to make it on again!

bestads: So ‘Grrr’ is being submitted to the Guinness book of records! What’s the thinking there?
Chris O’Reilly: We’ve been told this... It has won a lot of awards - pretty much everything it entered. It’s been at a disadvantage being animated as it can’t win quite so many craft awards (editing, art direction, cinematography etc) so I don’t know whether it will get that honour.

bestads: Smith & Foulkes, Smith & Foulkes, Smith & Foulkes ... Do the other directors get a bit peeved at all of the attention these guys have been getting?
Chris O’Reilly: They have been pretty hard to avoid of late, but the other directors here all hold their own against them pretty well! I think we have a diverse roster, and I think the directors all have similarly diverse ambitions.

bestads: Maybe now’s a good time to mention the feature film title sequences you’ve done. I remember sitting in the cinema being mightily impressed by these!
Chris O’Reilly: These have been great fun projects to work on. Feature titles get a global exposure that commercials rarely get. Kuntzel + Deygas’s work for Catch Me If You Can was even parodied on The Simpsons. Now that is an accolade Grrr! never had!

bestads: Where do you see animation ( & advertising for that matter!) heading from here?
Chris O’Reilly: We’re in a time of exciting change. I think its important for companies like ours to be flexible and recognise which strengths are universal and enduring. Where ever there is excellent design with strong storytelling, we want to be there. That’s what I’m backing for the future.

bestads: Any tips for creatives ... if they’re thinking about writing for an animated treatment?

Chris O’Reilly: I think it’s always good when a creative team get the animation company in early to develop the project. With animation you have to create a whole coherent universe and working with the directors who understand their techniques and styles inside out, can make the script work better. Almost all our good work comes from these co-operative trusting relationships.

(see all of the work at

Guest comments for featured spot "Big Win"

 GUEST COMMENTS    April 06, 2006 04:26 (Edited: April 05, 2006 18:26)
A few words from Peter Souter, Graham Storey and Phil Cockeral, AMV BBDO Lodon, creators on the National Lottery "Big Win" advert.

“A tip for all lazy but ambitious creatives. Scribble out a half decent script and then e-mail it to Mark Craste at Studio AKA in London. Leave him alone for five months while he spins layer after layer of beautiful drawings onto a bank of thirty computers, broadcast the results and then claim all the credit.”

Guest comments for featured spot "Organ transport"

 GUEST COMMENTS    April 06, 2006 04:15 (Edited: April 05, 2006 18:15)
A few words from the Florian Meimberg, CD Grey Düsseldorf, & one of the directing duo on the "Organ Transport" spot.

I directed the ad together with my copywriting partner Torsten. We work as a creative director team for grey worldwide in Düsseldorf. A couple of years ago, we also started directing some of the commercials we create for the agency. That's also what we did with the Toppits ad. One night of shooting and one day of post production, and we were done!

As directors, we call ourselves FLOTO.

Greetings from germany!


Guest comments for the feature spot "Reconstruction"

 GUEST COMMENTS    April 06, 2006 04:08 (Edited: April 05, 2006 18:08)
Some background to this week's featured spot "reconstruction" from Nigel Dawson, CD, Grey Melbourne.

Sgt Peter Bellion has attended over 1000 fatal and serious crashes. This was the first time he had watched the crash happen. Nobody was hurt, though director Bruce Hunt’s brain was severely knocked about while trying to come to grips with filming a slow motion car hitting a pedestrian in reverse at 32 km/h while in the same frame Peter Bellion was walking forwards in real time.

And it all looked so simple on paper. We wanted to revisit the “Slo-Mo” spot of two years ago, in which a crash expert compared cars travelling at two different speeds, but his time showing the trauma suffered by an innocent pedestrian.

Three days on a quiet street in Williamstown turned into four when the weather Gods turned on such a blow that an army of grips couldn’t stabilise the massive green screen.

Five cameras covered the crash, with dummy, stuntie and a very game young actress. After a weekend of assembling, the chosen footage was fed into a motion control camera on the Monday to incorporate the walking policeman.

Then things got really difficult. We wanted a spot that was so seamless that nobody could see where the dummy stopped and the live actress began. FIN spent two weeks working on Drew Thompson’s edit, boldly CGIing into places they’d never CGIed before. It took Richard Lambert a week working to complete one shot of the girl falling back (or was it forward?) from the bonnet of the car.

The reaction from the average punter has been outstanding. ‘Compelling’ is the most commonly used descriptor and many have said that it’s the best of the 112 TAC ads made by Grey thus far.

Guest comments for featured LAFA spots from Sweden.

 GUEST COMMENTS    April 06, 2006 04:03 (Edited: April 05, 2006 18:03)
Some background from ESTER Stockholm ... the creators of the LAFA condom spots.

About The Trilogy

The Trilogy is the third film in the very successful campaign "Condom. Still the
easiest way to avoid anxiety.", which earlier have won Sweden’s highest advertising
awards the Golden Egg and 100-wattaren.

Today young people are less afraid of getting sexually transmitted diseases.
According to that fact, that young people don´t care much if they get infected
or not, we decided to focus on the hard and "anxiety causing" things that occour
surrounding an infection. We want young people to consider the consequnces of
the disease rather than the disease itself, and with this tactic get the young
people to use condoms. The campaign illustrates in a humorous way the dangers
of unsafe sex.

The Trilogy is the third film in an long-term campaign with two earlier films made. All three
films communicate at the same theme and with the same pay-off "Condom. Still the
easiest way to avoid anxiety." The idéa and pay off permeates all communication.
The earlier films showed how unpleasant and "anxiety causing" it can be, to be forced
to call up all your former sex partners, telling them that you have been infected with an
sexually transmitted disease.

In the Trilogy we want to illustrate that there's always someone else's version of the
same occurrence and that things never are as they seem. Things are connected in the most
unpleasant and unexpected ways, situations that are guaranteed to cause you anxiety.

The idea to illustrate one and the same story from different persons point of view
we got from the film Pulp Fiction and it was interesting to test if it could work
as a commercial. It was exciting to brake up the stories in time so the first
film starts where the last film ends. The Trilogy format became a natural result
of these ideas. In addition to that, it felt like a new way to make a film in three
parts - in one and the same commercial break.

art director seeking senior writer

 PEOPLE    April 05, 2006 22:03 (Edited: April 05, 2006 04:41)
We don't often run employment ads, but this one's interesting.

To view ....

make sure you click on "Click here for the campaign file" when you get there - the single page jpeg is too small to read.

Guest comments for featured spot "Hands"

 GUEST COMMENTS   EUROPE    March 30, 2006 08:29 (Edited: March 29, 2006 21:29)
A few words from Leon Sverdlin, Creative Director, Mark BBDO, Czech Republic, and copywriter on this spot.

Finding a pair of hands that had the looks as well as the acting ability wasn’t easy. The winning hands belong to an actress in a puppet theatre. After spending all day and most of the night “walking the streets”, she almost regretted getting the role…

New spec spot from Group 101 & A BAND APART

 TV   USA    March 30, 2006 05:09 (Edited: March 29, 2006 18:09)
Prepare for the biting taste of Altoids!

Production company A Band Apart has put together this spec spot with LA agency Group 101.

To view the spot click ....

From DDB Paris

 TV   EUROPE    March 30, 2006 04:53 (Edited: March 29, 2006 17:53)
There's been a LOT of great work coming out of France lately ... & here's a new one from DDB Paris.

To view the spot click ....

... more from France!

 TV   EUROPE    March 30, 2006 04:48 (Edited: March 29, 2006 17:48)
One of the new Pepsi Max spots from CLM BBDO, Paris, with the fimiliar line "don't worry ... there's no sugar".

To view the spot click ....

And from Canadian agency bleublancrouge

 TV   CANADA    March 30, 2006 04:37 (Edited: March 29, 2006 17:37)
This new Burger King work from blueblancrouge isn't exactly mainstream corporate burgers.

Once again proving you don't have to have a million dollar budget to get on bestads.

To view the spot click ....

Serious SFX from Saatchis Sydney

 TV   AUSTRALIA    March 30, 2006 04:31 (Edited: March 29, 2006 17:31)
The new Toyota Yaris spot out of Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney gives the SFX departments (pics & sound) a bit of a workout.

To view the spot click ....

and from Egg Films & Ogilvy Johannesburg

 TV   SOUTH AFRICA    March 30, 2006 04:25 (Edited: March 29, 2006 17:25)
The latest from South Africa ....

To view the spot click ....

Publicis Mojo NZ & Curios Film.

 TV   NEW ZEALAND    March 30, 2006 02:36 (Edited: March 29, 2006 15:36)
A new feelgood Glassons spot for the Breast Cancer Research Trust ... from Curious Film & Publicis Mojo New Zealand

To view the spot click ....

Independent Films with Saatchi & Saatchi Simko, Zurich

 TV   EUROPE    March 30, 2006 02:29 (Edited: March 29, 2006 15:29)
Director Laurent Bourdoiseau from Independent films London, creates a chocolate city in this new film for Cailler chocolate.

To view the spot click ....

New Wonderbra work from Leo Burnett, Sydney

 TV   AUSTRALIA    March 30, 2006 02:22 (Edited: March 29, 2006 15:22)
With 2 Wonderbra print ads featuring in "latest print" this week, we thought this new TV work for Wonderbra would be well worth a look.

To view the spot click ....

A unique strategy for a supermarket.

 TV   EUROPE    March 30, 2006 02:07 (Edited: March 29, 2006 15:07)
Another unusual spot from Fakta, shot by Godman for Uncle, Denmark

The lengths these guys will go to to keep you in the store just a little longer.

To view the spot click ....

guest comments for featured spot Slim vs Slim

 GUEST COMMENTS    March 30, 2006 01:47 (Edited: March 29, 2006 14:47)
Some background from the creative team, Senthil Kumar, Hital Pandya & Karan Amin, JWT India.

We were staring at stick figures for so long that we started believing that they existed in a parallel universe, between the lines of the obsessive compulsive human doodler. Do they fall in love, do they flirt with each other, do they indulge in raw sex, do they die? These and a thousand other quizzing explorations resulted in a story that was lapped up by E Suresh, the animation director, who put his team to the stick treatment for over 30 days at famous house of animation and we had fights, debates, and even pulled out a few daggers before we got done with the visual content. We finally fell in love with the sticks that we once drew on a dirty graffiti wall, somewhere in an Indian toilet.
Then came the sound and heck, we wanted to make a music video now.
So there were fights again and three different music directors were given the task of creating a sound that would rock the charts, create a billion downloads on the world wide web and most importantly not be bombed by Bruce, our Chief Creative Officer. We got there finally and it was a good 60 days of sticking to the idea. As slim as a stick figure.

(bestads: we featured the print for this campaign a little while back ..

To view the print click ....

Guest comments for featured spot "the funeral"

 GUEST COMMENTS    March 30, 2006 01:37 (Edited: March 29, 2006 14:37)
Some behind the scenes info from the creatives, Jean-Marc Tramoni
& Marc Rosier, Publicis Conseil, Paris

If you look carefully, you can just make out an old lady falling down the stairs, like a pancake falling to the ground. It's not a stuntman wearing an ugly dress and a wig.
It was actually a seventy year old lady having an accident on set.
She said she felt fine. She told us she does yoga.

And from the creative director, Herve Plumet:
With this film we learn two things: first, we're all going to die, secondly, you can keep on pissing everybody off if you have a good product ... even beyond the grave.

 GUEST COMMENTS    March 30, 2006 01:27 (Edited: March 29, 2006 14:27)
A few about the new Honda Jazz spot from Scott Lambert, CD, FCB Melbourne , Australia.

Production of the spot was put into the exceptional hands of Michael Cusack and Richard Chataway of Anifex. Their Adelaide studio was transformed into a beautiful English Village by a team of 22 dedicated model makers, over a period of four months. One of the sets used for the spot, was 30m2 and came complete with specially crafted water-wheel, houses, shop-fronts, cobbled streets and tiny one centimeter high tulips.

To give the spot a truly international feel, Tony Robinson (Best known as Baldrick from the “Black Adder” series) was chosen as the narrator. His brilliant sense of timing really makes the spot.
(the spot is due to air this weekend).

guest comments for featured spot "Moonbathing"

 GUEST COMMENTS    March 24, 2006 01:25 (Edited: March 23, 2006 14:25)
... and a few words from the creatives on the new Levis Moonbathing film:
A Moonbather prepares for a night on the tiles, climbing as high as he possibly can to get into the moonlight. When he gets there he finds a little minx has beaten him to it- a modern day, sexy, nightime version of the phenomenon known only as 'German Towelling'!

This and two other films 'Billboard' and 'Ledge', were shot over very long days up the very tallest buildings Buenos Aires has to offer.

Guest comments for featured spot "Stickman"

 GUEST COMMENTS    March 24, 2006 01:20 (Edited: March 23, 2006 14:20)
A few words from Nick Kidney & Kevin Stark, BBH London, about their Murphy's spot.

The ad was shot and finished in 2 days (and 26 seconds) on a very tight budget. Directed by young Nexus animator Sam Morrison the ad sets out to demonstrate that you don't have to wait a long time for Draught Irish Stout.

Writer Nick Kidney
Art Director Kevin Stark
Agency Producer Sam Robinson
Director Sam Morrison
Production Company Nexus
Agency BBH London

A closer look at Rethink, Canada

 TV   CANADA    March 23, 2006 07:49 (Edited: March 22, 2006 20:49)
Rethink, Canada, has been turning out some excellent work in recent weeks & we thought we should have a bit of a look ....

First, for the Cost Capital Savings bank (catchy name). This one is called "marketing meeting":

To view the spot click ....
Next, for the junk removal service "1.800.GOT-JUNK?" comes an ingenious marketing technique:

To view the spot click ....

And for "Science world" museum, some interesting facts:
(Last week we featured another in the series ... in our news section)

To view the spot click ....

New virals for Goodyear through Leagas Delaney

 TV   UK    March 23, 2006 07:25 (Edited: March 22, 2006 20:25)

Goodyear’s new viral marketing campaign for RunOnFlat, its innovative safety tyre, uses black humour to draw attention to the perils of changing a flat by the roadside.

To view the spot "Flyover" click ....
Instead of using the conventions of the category that employ ‘torture-test’ imagery – such as winding roads and high performance situations – the films focus on the absolute worst case scenario faced by motorists trying to change a flat – and coming to an untimely end in the process.

To view the spot "hard shoulder" click ....

More from Publicis Conseil, Paris .... & QUAD.

 TV   EUROPE    March 23, 2006 07:13 (Edited: March 22, 2006 20:13)
To celebrate the launch of the New Megane, Renault have made a short viral to accompany their TV, Press and Poster campaign. The viral particularly emphasizes the new exclusive benefit of the product: the hands-free Renault card.

To view the spot click ....

BBDO Ontario & therapy Films borrow from "Balls"

 TV   CANADA    March 23, 2006 07:04 (Edited: March 22, 2006 20:04)
A small nod in the direction of the award winning Sony spot, tumbling cheeses accidentally released on an unsuspecting street.

To view the spot click ....

Guest comments for featured spot "What's your Donkey?"

 GUEST COMMENTS    March 23, 2006 06:54 (Edited: March 22, 2006 19:54)
Some background from Ben Birchall & Shane Dawson, The Campaign Palace Red Cell, Melbourne Australia, creatives on this week's featured spot "What's your Donkey?".

The Jeans West ‘Donkey’ spot is a rare thing. It’s a beautiful, pristine patch of snow, completely untrampled by client changes, without the ugly, brown stains of pack shots or excessive supers. It’s exactly how we imagined it when one of us casually mentioned that donkeys are funny.

Some Donkey facts:

The donkey’s name is ‘Platero’ and he could only shoot on the condition that his friend ‘Sancho’ could hang out with him between takes. Really.

The part of the pony-tailed roadie was played by Craig, the producer.

The smoking barbecue in the first shot really freaked the donkey out.

The ad was shot in the exotic, Latino location of Hopper’s Crossing, Victoria.

... and the pic ... Ben (left) and Shane (Right) with the star.

Guest comments for featured Suzuki spot "Tribes"

 GUEST COMMENTS    March 23, 2006 06:44 (Edited: March 22, 2006 19:44)
A bit of background to the Suzuki "Tribes" spot, from Marion Bryan & Asheen Naidu, NetworkBBDO, South Africa - creatives on the featured "Tribes" spot.

When roaming the rugged terrain of a foreign rainforest (do-able only in a Suzuki Grand Vitara 4X4) it’s always handy to have a local show you around. We were fortunate to find several such friendly locals at a nice place called the Stock Footage Company. By a stroke of good fortune these guys just happened to be saying exactly what we had on our script pages. Except for the dude with the thing in front of his mouth. Nobody understands him. Even his wife has difficulty. So “Ngu`ce tbumina nkeche groovy tibesmen” , which means a big thank you to all the groovy tribesmen featured.

(The accompanying print work is also featured this week in the "latest print" page)

Energy BBDO ... new work for Winterfresh Gum

 TV   USA    March 23, 2006 06:09 (Edited: March 22, 2006 19:09)

The new animated campaign for Winterfresh Gum uses technology synonymous with the web (flash animation) and teens, and places it in a traditional medium (TV). There's also a website that viewers can share and pass along to their friends

To view the spot click ....

Abbott Mead Vickers - new Guinness work.

 TV   UK    March 23, 2006 06:04 (Edited: March 22, 2006 19:04)
Fridge dwelling pint sized barman prepares the perfect pint!

Guinness .... in a can.

To view the spot click ....

Bill Bruce, CCO BBDO New York ... 10 years of Mountain Dew

 TV   USA    March 23, 2006 06:00 (Edited: March 22, 2006 19:00)
Traktor & BBDO New York do the Dew.

The commercial retains the “Do the Dew” tag line which is currently the longest running campaign in the category (debuted in 1993).

To view the spot click ....

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