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Seen and noted

New From Saatchi Canada.

 TV   CANADA    July 12, 2006 14:14 (Edited: July 12, 2006 04:14)

Two new spots from Saatchi Canada's Simon & Simon for the United Nations.

From the agency:
The United Nations in Canada believes sport is a powerful tool for teaching youth tolerance, teamwork and a sense of self. These commercials have been created to build awareness of their new Sport In A Box program, which allows young people from different communities to share their unique perspectives on sport. The commercials feature unique world vocal music including Indian “Table Bols” in Zebra and Aboriginal “Throat Singing” in Spider.

Click here to view "Zebra"

And the other one in the series:

Click here to view "Fly"

Interesting how it happens.

 TV    July 12, 2006 14:09 (Edited: July 12, 2006 04:09)

It's interesting how a similar theme can come out of different parts of the world at the same time.

Firstly there's our featured Sears spot from Y&R Chicago:
Click here to view this spot Found.jpg

Then there's this great spot from Mother London:

Click here to view this spot

As well as this one from CP+B:

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New McDonald's work from Cossette & Untitled, Toronto.

 TV   CANADA    July 12, 2006 14:00 (Edited: July 12, 2006 04:00)

Director James Haworth, from Untitled, gets some great performances in this amusing retail spot.

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New Ribena work through M&C Saatchi London.

 TV   UK    July 12, 2006 13:54 (Edited: July 12, 2006 03:54) CURRANT.jpg

"Currant Affairs" ... the new one from M&C and Tandem Films.

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JWT London doing good stuff for Kellogg's.

 July 12, 2006 13:50 (Edited: July 12, 2006 03:50)

Things are looking up when breakfast cereal ads are amusing! The Perlorian Brothers are at it again.

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Conduit's new work for Telekom South Africa

 July 12, 2006 13:46 (Edited: July 12, 2006 03:46)

Interesting techniique:

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New Land Rover work through RKCR/Y&R

 TV   UK    July 12, 2006 13:43 (Edited: July 12, 2006 03:43) ROVER GO BEYOND.jpg
Rainey Kelly Campbell Rolfe/Y&R - new Land rover work via MJZ.

Land Rover and RKCR/Y&R – with a helping hand from director, Nicolai Fugslig – inspire us to seize the day in this epic new cinema spot.

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New work from Scottish agency Newhaven

 TV   UK    July 12, 2006 13:38 (Edited: July 12, 2006 03:38) Scotland- final.jpg
Newhaven's new work for radio staion XFM Scotland:

A James Blunt-loving girl pays the price for her bland taste in music.

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New ... from the Dew

 TV   USA    July 12, 2006 13:36 (Edited: July 12, 2006 03:36)
New Mountain dew work from BBDO New York.

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Guest comments for featured spot "Frisbee"

 GUEST COMMENTS    July 12, 2006 13:24 (Edited: July 12, 2006 03:24)
A bit of background from Ezra Burke, Notorious:

In the spot, a city plays frisbee together as a metaphor for the many ways that Cell C connects people.  This is a concept we've seen done well many times before by the likes of Frank Budgen, Jake Scott and Kevin Thomas.  Yet the agency turned to Notorious director Adam Stevens to deliver a fresh, stylish twist resulting in a playful, groovy vibe that gives a nod to the genre films of the late 60s and early seventies.  The spot came together in an unexpected way with the agency being in Johannesburg, Notorious 24:7 in Santa Monica and Adam Stevens based in Auckland, New Zealand.  Professional frisbee players were imported into South Africa from France, stuntmen in from Russia and a bunch of frisbees from Irvine, California.  The spot is 99% in-camera and a good deal of the talent were cast right off the streets of Johannesburg.

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Guest Comments for featured Vodafone spot "Network"

 GUEST COMMENTS    July 12, 2006 13:17 (Edited: July 12, 2006 03:17)

A few words from Jonathan Budds & Anita Davis, CDs JWT London & creatives on the featured Vodafone spot "Network":

Weellll, let's see...the brief was to dramatise the importance of a reliable mobile we just wrote lists of messages you would never, ever want to miss. The ad was shot in a studio over 2 days (great set design/lighting).We filmed 6 scenarios, but only used the 4. The music is from the Michel Gondry film, 'Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind' and sourced by Pete Raeburn. The ad is cinema only at the moment, but might run tv later in the year.

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More of the VW print campaign from DDB Paris

 WORTH A LOOK   EUROPE    July 12, 2006 13:10 (Edited: July 12, 2006 03:10)
Following on from this week's featured VW print work, here's some more from the same guys. As well as the TV:

Click here to view this print work

Click here to view the TV work.

Guest comments for featured spot "Crouch vs Lewsey"

 GUEST COMMENTS    July 12, 2006 12:56 (Edited: July 12, 2006 02:56)

A few words from Matt Hollis, producer, Cattleprods:

The premise of this campaign is an existing world cup winner giving training tips to a prospective world cup winner. Josh Lewsey was part of the English rugby world cup winning team of 2003, and Peter Crouch was part of the English football team for the 2006 Fifa world cup.

I have to admit to having a few butterflies before the shoot as it was so close to the world cup. We had just shot a spot for Coca cola with Wayne Rooney. That was pre-metatarsal, now we were post metatarsal and I was planning to push and pull one of our few remaining strikers around on a skateboard, whilst dangling a camera 30ft over his head. In fact it was the very day that Pete was to be officially named in the squad. In the end everything went to plan and we had a great laugh shooting this. And I have to say both Josh and Pete were really good sports, especially as it rained on them for most of the shoot.

Click here to view this spot

Guest comments for featured spot "Delivery Trouble"

 GUEST COMMENTS    July 12, 2006 12:51 (Edited: July 12, 2006 02:51)
... a few words from Kirk Gainsford & Alistair Morgan, Lowe Bull, South Africa, creatives on "Delivery trouble":

The commercial was made for flighting during the 2006 FIFA World Cup. While other commercials on at this time showed famous footballers and crowded stadiums, we decided to do something without any footballers, balls or crowds.

and from the director, Hylton Tannenbaum, Bioscope Films:

Scripts like this don’t come around very often. What I admire most about the concept is that although its for a sports drink, you never actually see a football match or a player – you only see the extreme consequence of their Powerade-induced match. I really enjoyed working on something that required a greater degree of subtlety in performance and story telling.

The ad is made to look like it is set in Germany and was shot in Cape Town whereby Athlone Stadium doubled up for “Any Stadium, Germany”. The commercial features an all South African, yet German speaking cast.

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Guest Comments for featured Playstation viral "Ape Escape"

 GUEST COMMENTS    July 05, 2006 11:38 (Edited: July 05, 2006 01:38)
A few words from Stine Hole and Marie Ronn, the creative team at TBWALondon:

In PlayStation's latest title 'Ape Escape', hundreds of cheeky monkeys have come from space to take over the world. Their plan is to infiltrate society by taking over from the inside.

And who could be better to manipulate than the (supposedly) most powerful man in the world? All those fuck-ups we've seen from George Bush have simply been a result of the monkeys' action-plan to conquer the world.

We wanted to show how cheeky and sneaky the little buggers are, and thought this Texan would be a great target.

We looked through hours of stories and speeches from various news-channels, to find the best President-blunders to mix with our new footage. Not all broadcasters were willing to sell it to us, so it has been a long process to get where we wanted. (A big thank you here to our lovely, and very patient producer, Lucy). Then, two special-built monkey-suits were shipped over from Japan, and we were ready to go. On a minimal budget, the viral was shot over one day at a North London school. And after a dramatic fight with a bunch of lawyers, we managed to send it out in the end. (Actually, we did one more, but we will both be executed if we send it out to anyone).

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Guest Comments for featured viral "Balls"

 GUEST COMMENTS    July 05, 2006 10:14 (Edited: July 05, 2006 00:14)
A few words from the Director, Ben Gregor:

I had some fears about how we would be recieved in Barking with big balls, but then the locals were cool and thought it was funny enough to not stone us.

We had a long mad day and all dreamt about huge balls that night.

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Guest Comments for featured spot "Little Bit Rude"

 GUEST COMMENTS    July 05, 2006 10:08 (Edited: July 05, 2006 00:08)
A few words from the director, Stephen Pipe.

I'm 36 years old & my Mum still refers to a Ladies front bottom as a ‘Mary’ so what a joy when a script like this turns up, the chance to delve into societies inability to talk about pooh-pooh and wee-wee. It plays on our obsession with using euphemisms to describe our bodies and there functions, I too now find myself asking my two-year-old son to stop playing with his doodle.

Finding that balance between fun and filth was a delicate line to walk. While knitting a brown sweater and shaking a lettuce seemed okay chocolate bombs and a mudslide seemed a little too graphic, and when someone suggested dropping the one legged dog off at sea, well, that was just bizarre.

Hopefully the viral as I intended it works best because some euphemisms you have heard of, some you haven’t and some you might miss so you watch it a couple of times. Which leaves a happy Client and a very happy Director.

(bestads: This is apparently P&G's first ever viral! The ever-changing world.)

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Guest Comments for featured spot "New Friend"

 GUEST COMMENTS    July 05, 2006 10:01 (Edited: July 05, 2006 00:01)
A few words from the writer/ art director Tony Banks, M&C Saatchi Australia.

The commercial was shot in and around Sydney over two and a half days. The ATM was a life sized model rather than CGI and was built by Studio Kite. Two of the model makers, the two shortest, took turns inside. They are recovering well. The campaign launched with the 60 second spot and includes a 30 and 3x15s.

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New from Picture Tree & South African agency Morris Jones

 TV   SOUTH AFRICA    July 05, 2006 09:57 (Edited: July 04, 2006 23:57)
New Virgin Mobile work from director Brett Wild.

... from the production company:

It was the most difficult shoot ever, says Picture Trees Brett Wild, absolute torture.

A production featuring one of UKs most loved comedians and a veritable whos who of local babes, and you can understand the mans pain. Launching Virgin Mobile into the country for agency, Morris Jones, was such a blast for Brett that weeks later, he has yet to wipe the smile off his face.

Of course this commercial is less about the girls and more about the poor bloke that gets sent back from heaven cos he still has a cellphone contract, says Brett, and we had to be careful to get this across, because of course it is the human truth of this story that makes it so funny and fresh.

Viewers may find it amusing that girly agency, Morris Jones, were the ones to come up with our heros concept of heaven, so no accusations of sexism here! As for mega UK comedian Lenny Henry (The Chef), well, He was a bit scary at first, admits Brett, And he certainly didnt want his wife to see any outtakes of who he was surrounded with on set!

Click here to view this spot

Coca Cola via Santo, Argentina.

 WORTH A LOOK   SOUTH AMERICA    July 05, 2006 09:46 (Edited: July 04, 2006 23:46)
More brilliant coke work. This one's from a little while back, but well worth a look.

and a few details from the press release:

The commercial’s enormous popularity began in South America, and has since been duplicated around the world. Devised by the Argentine agency SANTO, Rivalries features natural adversaries (a timber-logger and a tree, a balloon and a cactus, a chicken and a knife-wielding chef, an unfaithful wife, her lover and her husband) who forget their differences and joyously celebrate after their teams win a World Cup game.

Created and animated by LAIKA/house, the Rivalries characters have now been reproduced by Coca-Cola regional divisions around the world (including China, Korea, Trinidad, France, Great Britain, Dubai, Poland, Egypt, China and Hungary, amongst others). Slight adaptations have been made to the spot to better reflect the respective cultures of different countries.

In the British version, titled “Postie”, Coca-Cola’s UK advertising agency Mother replaced an original scene with a new vignette of a postman celebrating with an angry-looking Rottweiler. These two characters have transcended the screen and made the leap into tangible life-size mascots - Postie and Titch - a visible presence among the crowds during England’s matches. Their adventures are recorded on video and appear online daily at their own blog, created by Coke interactive agency AKQA. “We are currently getting 5000 visitors a day to the Postie and Titch site. We hope this will improve as it becomes more viral. It is only two weeks old,” said Sophie Dobson from AKQA

Click here to view this spot

What's going on with Coca Cola? So much good work!

 TV   EUROPE    July 05, 2006 09:41 (Edited: July 04, 2006 23:41) Films, Inspirat.jpg
Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam and Transistor Studios team up for this one:

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New work from Lowe Roche for the Toronto.

 TV   CANADA    July 05, 2006 09:14 (Edited: July 04, 2006 23:14)
One of a series of "jealous animals" spots from Lowe Roche, Toronto. This one .... "pigeons".

The campaign also includes print, tiny anti-zoo animal protest signs (apparently made by bitter ordinary animals), t-shirts and an interactive website,

Click here to view this spot

New from Starbucks & Goodby Silverstein, SF.

 TV   USA    July 05, 2006 09:00 (Edited: July 04, 2006 23:00) Flie2.jpg
Starbucks continues the musical theme, but this time with some serious SFX from hy*drau"lx.

Click here to view this spot


 TV   MIDDLE EAST    July 05, 2006 08:53 (Edited: July 04, 2006 22:53)
Leo Burnett, Dubai has created a spot for GMC via Spy Films, Toronto.[/b]


Raindance trailer ... from a little while back.

 WORTH A LOOK   UK    July 05, 2006 08:46 (Edited: July 04, 2006 22:46)
We missed this one when it first came out, but it's well worth a look.

and some info from the Raindance Film Festival:

Kosai Sekine - director of this year's festival trailer - took home 3 awards at the CFP-E/Shots Young Directors Awards in Cannes yesterday. 2 for this year's trailer and 1 for "Right Place" which won the Diesel film of the festival last year. The awards are:
- Best broadcast film (Non-EU) for trailer
- Special Jury Award 2006 for trailer
- Best short film for "Right Place"
The Jury Award for the Raindance Film Festival trailer was the only
unanimous decision at the awards

Click here to view the trailer.

New prius work from Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi & Curious Pictures

 July 05, 2006 08:09 (Edited: July 04, 2006 22:09)

A hybrid of live-action and DaVinci-esque animation.

Click here to view this spot

Eurostar - from the French perspective

 TV   EUROPE    July 05, 2006 07:25 (Edited: July 04, 2006 21:25)
From Joyrider Films & Leg, Paris.

We showed you the Eurostar spot from TBWA London several weeks back, so it's only fair to show the one from the fench perspective.

Click here to view this spot

The quicktime for the pedigree outdoor ad featured on "latest pr

 TV    July 05, 2006 04:36 (Edited: July 04, 2006 18:36)

Here's the quicktime for the pedigree outdoor ad featured on "latest print"

The pedigree ad shows just a bowl of dog food and a can, but it emitted an ultrasonic dog whistle sound which attracted the attention of dogs, so it looked like they were interested in the food.

Click here to see it action.

Nice work from Scher Lafarge France.

 TV   EUROPE    June 28, 2006 14:05 (Edited: June 28, 2006 04:05)
"Free Toilets" ... Well worth a look:

Click here to view this spot


 FROM BESTADSONTV    June 28, 2006 13:44 (Edited: June 28, 2006 03:44)
Having trouble seeing the films / quicktimes?

We've just upgraded our quicktime to a version that's a bit more recent .... about a year old, or thereabouts. So if you can't see the ads, chances are you may need to upgrade to Quicktime 7. You'll have to do it eventually, so why not now.

Why do it? Because for the same size files (& download time) everything looks muuuuuch better.

If everyone complains like mad we'll revert to the older technology. It's not a personal crusade for us. Just a mild preference.

thanks. bestads.

Following on from featured print "defend yourself"

 TV   EUROPE    June 28, 2006 12:24 (Edited: June 28, 2006 02:24)
More of the "Defend Yourself" campaign:

Click here to view this ad

More of BBC WORLD campaign from BBDO New York.

 TV   USA    June 28, 2006 09:54 (Edited: June 27, 2006 23:54)
Following on from the BBC WORLD work featured on the "latest print" page:

Click here to view this ad

The BBC WORLD outdoor work, from BBDO New York

 TV   USA    June 28, 2006 09:52 (Edited: June 27, 2006 23:52)
More of the BBC WORLD launch from BBDO New York. This time, interactive billboards:

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CP+B's new work for the VW "Rabbit"

 TV   USA    June 28, 2006 09:21 (Edited: June 27, 2006 23:21)
Crispin Porter + Bogusky & MJZ team up on the new VW spot "multiply".

Click here to view this spot

The latest Observer TV work from Mother London.

 TV   UK    June 28, 2006 09:08 (Edited: June 27, 2006 23:08)

One of a much bigger series that uses a clever visual device.

Click here to view this spot

Mother London & Zoo Weekly's new one.

 TV   UK    June 28, 2006 09:03 (Edited: June 27, 2006 23:03)
An interesting strategy for Zoo Weekly magazine from Mother London!

Here's one of a larger series.

Click here to view this spot

New from Energy BBDO Chicago & Orbit

 TV   USA    June 28, 2006 08:59 (Edited: June 27, 2006 22:59)
Orbit's ultimate cleanup ... with the iconic Orbit Girl, Vanessa and rapper/actor Snoop Dogg.

The TV is also supported by an online campaign at

Click here to view this spot

New integrated Nestea work from Lowe Roche Toronto

 TV   CANADA    June 28, 2006 08:54 (Edited: June 27, 2006 22:54)
The new Nestea "Snowballs" spot & website.

Lowe Roche Toronto has just launched a campaign for Nestea consisting of a TV commercial, “Snowballs”, and a website with a game. Play the game by going here & clicking “Take the Plunge”.

In the game, the player "plunges" for bottles of Nestea. Depending on how well you do in the game, different live action scenes come up at the end. That's the best part, so be sure to play to the end.

Click here to view this spot

JWT London & The juice doctor - viral

 TV   UK    June 28, 2006 08:50 (Edited: June 27, 2006 22:50)
You may have noticed that we're featuring quite a bit of World Cup work this week. Well ... here's another:

This time, a viral following the England v Sweden game. (If you don't follow the beautiful game, you may not follow this spot.)

Click here to view this spot

guest comments for featured LYNX spot "Billions"

 GUEST COMMENTS    June 28, 2006 08:44 (Edited: June 27, 2006 22:44)

Comments from the Creative team: Alex Grieve & Adrian Rossi:

When we first got into advertising we thought all commercials were like this.  We were wrong.  14 long years later, the God of Advertising looked down on two of his humble disciples and said, "OK, you've done your share of ads for fridges, cat-food and 3 for 2 offers on pickled onions - go forth and shoot babes in bikinis."

So, we had a really simple, bold idea - every woman in the world running towards one guy on a beach spraying himself in gallons of Lynx - Spray more, Get more.
The guys at Lynx (by the way, there's a very simple reason why the Lynx work is so good - good, brave, trusting clients - and they're nice to boot) had not only said yes, but found more money.
Now we needed a great director.  We needed Bond, Fredrik Bond.

Together, we pushed the idea.  What we wanted was epic: David Lean does bikinis.  What we didn't want was the ad to become yet another 'Lord of the Rings' CGI fest.  We wanted to give it drama and build.  So, instead of one giant mass of running women, we broke them down into the three sexiest armies on earth.  Three armies travelling from different parts of the earth - from forest, plain and sea - competing with single-minded determination and purpose, to see who will claim the ultimate prize (in this case, a guy called Corey from Iowa)

The shoot took place over three days in and around Los Angeles.  We won't bore you with what it was like being surrounded by 300 of the most beautiful women on earth.  Take it from us it was hell, pure hell.

8 weeks later, after work above and beyond by The Mill, and accompanied by a track called 'Dies Irae' (The day of wrath) by the composer Karl Jenkins, the ad was ready and being played around Europe.

In true Oscar style we'd like to finish with a few thank-yous.  To Rosie Arnold, our brilliant Creative Director & the Lynx team.  To Olly Chapman, our producer - Legend.  And finally the girls, all 307 of them: Heather, Mary-Sue, Jayne, Simona, Rachael, Rachel, Lorna, Katie, Kate, Kat, Kitten, Peaches, Pam, Angelina, Rosita, Jade, Erica, Juanita, Carmel, Lisa, Lucy, Daisy, Vera, Veronica, Chloe, Abby, Anne-Marie, Sinead, Zoe, Sonai, Sonja, Sophie, Sophia, Anne, Veronique, Jo, Joanna, Jospehine, Jasmine, Cathy, Emma, Esme, Gemma, Carol, Caroline, Sara, Nicky, Sarah, Vicky.......

Click here to view this spot

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