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Guest judge: Graeme Hall, Senior Copywriter, Y&R New York

 GUEST JUDGE /BEST AD OF THE WEEK   USA    June 30, 2010 07:22 (Edited: April 12, 2011 08:29) week's guest judge is Graeme Hall, Senior Copywriter at Y&R New York - the second most awarded agency at Cannes last week.

Graeme has been part of the Y&R New York creative department since last September, working for clients such as LG and Land Rover. Prior to Y&R, he worked at DDB London for 5 years, creating campaigns for Volkswagen, Harvey Nichols, and Marmite.

In 2008 he was selected as one of the top young creatives in the world by the Art Directors Club of New York. In 2009 he helped DDB become the Gunn Report's most awarded advertising agency in the world, with his Marmite and VW Golf work being in the Top 20 most awarded ads of the year. His Marmite campaign was also voted one of the UK Press Ads of the Decade by Campaign Magazine, as well as winning the Grand Prix at the Epica Awards.

This year Y&R New York was the second most awarded agency at Cannes, and Y&R the third most awarded network.

I'm guessing there'll be a few sore heads out there after the rose-fuelled advertising orgy that is Cannes. With that in mind, I'll keep this simple. Maybe not gentle, but certainly simple.

Overall: Doesn't really matter what I say here: the real winners were the guys on the shoot for Euromillions. You bastards.

1st place: BIC. In a fairly average crop, this came out top. A good insight, but the execution let it down.

2nd place: Met Police. This is an interactive web film, and as such isn't given full space to shine here. That said, the interactivity does seem slightly cheap, in that it's been done a million times before. But the bold direction and the different way of addressing domestic violence draws you in. An ad that really needs to be out there.

Overall: Nothing gobsmackingly good. And one or two real howlers.

1st Place: Famous Speeches Collection. Great craft. Okay idea. Random client.

2nd Place: Viagra. The creative idea is the media buy. A valuable lesson. Sure, it's not saying anything we didn't know, but it's saying it in a way we haven't seen it said before.

Merit: Organic Town Baby Food. Talking about poop when you're selling food is normally creative suicide, but very apt in this circumstance. Shame about the craft.

Overall: Not bad, not bad.

1st Place: LG. Traditional outdoor triumphs. Simple, elegant, quick, and amusing. Job done.

2nd Place: Lotus Charity Society. A large part of me wanted to make this outdoor pick of the week. But the other part of me questioned whether people would really take notice of ads on their umbrella bag. They're still arguing...

Overall: On the surface, you could be forgiven for liking all of them. But peel back a few layers, and only two really shone out.

1st Place: Anne Frank House. Awesome. Truly awesome. Work of the week by a long way. A site that more than delivers exactly what something so historically important demands.

2nd Place: Louis Vuitton. Designer clothes and football? Natural fit really (boom boom). From start to finish, this is a beautifully crafted and insightful experience. And a welcome respite from the seething cesspit of stereotypical World Cup advertising.

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