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Guest Judges: Tom Martin + Julian Schreiber, Cummins&Partners

 GUEST JUDGE /BEST AD OF THE WEEK   WORLDWIDE    April 21, 2015 03:43 (Edited: April 20, 2015 17:43)
Winner: Volkswagen Das Welt Auto. This was the stand out for us. Forget big budgets and special effects, this ad wins simply for its keen universal insight about the parents and the millions of innocent (and frankly obvious) white lies they tell their kids throughout childhood. It then beautifully uses that truth to make an unexpected point about those same parents selling their second hand car to those kids. Both of us remember the oh-so-shady dealings our own parents did. For shame.

Runner Up: Tribeca Film Festival The Tourist. Sure Jason Sudeikis is good talent, but it's not his comedy that makes this commercial work, he's the straight man. It's the entertaining fact that this is not only selling the Tribeca Film Festival, but it's perhaps a terrifying and telling glimpse into all our futures becoming directors as our video phones get better and better.

Winner: IKEA Unbox#1. Incredibly simple. Visually striking with colour against a dab surround. And it makes a precise point exactly about what IKEA offers and has always offered - A house less boring or in this case, a balcony less boring.

Runner Up: Innocence en Danger: Teddy Bears. Now we can't even trust Teddy Bears anymore. It's a striking image, and a very uncomfortable one - that delivers its message by twisting the thing a child trusts most. But isn't that the point really.

Winner: Quatro Patinhas NGO: Priceless Pets. What better way to demonstrate that its emotional connection, not where a pet comes from that makes it worthy of being taken home. We're big fans of this work and how it gets to the heart of the challenge pound pets face. This is a great example of tackling the problem head on and making an extremely powerful point in the process.

Runner Up: UKTV: Benedict Chocobatch. You have to give points for effort and PR-ability here. A life-size chocolate Benedict Cumberbatch to announce who's the dishiest dramatic actor in the UK. It just might be crazy enough to work, and because it's the UK, there's little fear of it melting when it goes outside.

Winner: Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America: World's Longest Receipt. People voting with their wallets is a powerful thing. This work makes that happen. It incites action in people who've had enough of guns, inviting them to participate and make a statement with their spending. And it'll also incite action in the supermarket chain as well (soon we're guessing), by scaring and humiliating them through simply showing the growing sum of money they're losing by not changing their policy.

Runner Up: Hyundai: A Message To Space. Is it interactive? Is it outdoor? Is it branded content? Who knows, but like a great piece of creative, it's a jaw dropping achievement to create the world's largest tyre track and more importantly a message of love that can be seen from 300 miles up in space.
This week's guest judges are Tom Martin and Julian Schreiber, executive creative directors and partners at Cummins&Partners, Sydney.

They are responsible for the recently SXSW awarded Remote Control Tourist as well such projects as the multi-Cannes Gold lion winning Four'N Twenty Magic Salad Plate and Guide Dogs Support Scent. It was in 2011 however, that they turned the banking world on its head as co-creators of the NAB 'Break Up' campaign. It is now used as a case study around the world on how the public's perception of a brand can be utterly transformed - in a single day.

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