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Guest Judge: Justine Armour, CD, W+K Portland

 GUEST JUDGE /BEST AD OF THE WEEK   WORLDWIDE    March 29, 2016 09:39 (Edited: March 29, 2016 20:39)
Foxtel was my account at Saatchi Sydney, and I still sometimes think about ads that could've been. That account always had so much potential, so it's great to see the team at Whybin TBWA keeping the dream alive. They made a funny, charming, well-acted spot that keeps you watching while making great use of a long list of mandatories, and totally nails the devastating emotional journey of every GoT fan. The Date wins easily for me this week.

For runner-up, I'm going with Hornbach "You're Alive", mainly because I physically winced through the whole thing, which I guess is the intention. I am alive! I do remember! Something about home improvement! Anyway, I liked it.

Two clear standouts of this bunch. Top place for me is the Volkswagen Ostrich, which is just beautifully executed, classic, single-minded print. With, wait for it, an actual creative idea in place of a maximum-sized rendering of a car and nothing else. And the car looks great! I might even go check out a GTS if your client wasn't kind of a dick to the environment.

Second, again an easy pick, is Antimo Smooth Travel: Ship. I wish the pack itself wasn't so complicated because the execution is so clean, but still this is lovely print. Perfectly executes what the product is going to do for me while I'm crushing the dessert buffet on the Carnival Princess Lady Fun Star or whatever.

I'm going with Make Them Visible Foundation, but only if this is a real foundation that is doing actual good for homeless people. If this is something you made up to just win awards, then I hate it. Leveraging homeless people for your personal gain is the worst. But let's assume intentions are good. It's a powerful truth that *sometimes* we do care more about fictional stories than about the tragic ones all around us, and this is very emotionally told, and it got me. But still. I am a bit skeptical, and after looking at the site it kinda feels like the team put it together to promote their creative. I hope not. Please advertising gods, tell me there is good in us after all.

For runner up, I'm going to do like a good fake American and plead the fifth.

As a pedant from way back, I completely fell for the Auschwitz Museum: Remember idea. This is a smart, pure way to correct the wrongs in language that can end up confusing the way we remember history. Loved it.

Next, I like the Oxfam Donation Icons even though it makes me see the future, and a future desktop filling my eyes and mind with brands brands brands is terrifying. But if you don't work in advertising and already think about brands 100% of your time, then I imagine this is a simple and innovative way to send some money Oxfam's way. (1).jpg
This week's guest judge is Justine Armour, creative director at Wieden Kennedy, Portland.

She joined the agency in 2011 from her hometown of Sydney, Australia. She fondly remembers sunshine, and sometimes weeps when exposed to direct sunlight.

In her time at W+K she has led the Chrysler/Dodge, Secret, and Herbal Essences accounts. Prior to becoming a Creative Director she was a copywriter for 15 years, co-creating such ad things as Old Spice "Momsong", Hahn SuperDry "Pioneering Beering", and a personal project called Smile Makers, which is a range of actually-not-very-kinky-at-all vibrators -- all of which won accolades at AWARD, Clio, Cannes, D&AD, OneShow and some of the others.

In her almost two decades in the industry she has worked across tons of global and regional brands, such as PepsiCo, Frito-Lay, Virgin Active, Boag's beer, Qantas, Emirates, Toyota, PayPal, Nestle, and Visa, to name a few. For two years she was also Head Lecturer of Award School.

Probably her career highlight so far was collecting one of those giant novelty checks for a Radio ad, and then carrying it around New York. She is an Australian citizen, Portland resident, dog person, and future radical feminist.

Twitter @jusarmour
Instagram @jus________

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