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Guest Judge: Rua Perston, associate CD, Arnold Boston

 GUEST JUDGE /BEST AD OF THE WEEK   WORLDWIDE    December 05, 2016 08:33 (Edited: December 05, 2016 19:33)
Curiously, all the TV this week felt like it was longer than it needed to be, just like the US election.

There was one exception however: the "Wes Andersen H&M spot". Shot with his unique visual language, it is beautiful and charming; more of an epic short film than an ad really. So even though it's completely void of an idea, it's still my pick of the week.

Also worth a mention is the Allegro: "English for Beginners" this is a fresh take on a language school (yeah we've seen a few) with some funny beats in there, a cute narrative and an emotional ending you don't see coming until the end. Probably spec work, but well worth the effort.

Agence de la biomedecine: "Deja vu 2" is a pretty interesting spoof of the summer camp movie genre. Beautifully shot and directed but I can't help feel that there are "ideas on top of ideas" going on here. While this wacky spot doesn't quite land the seriousness of organ donation, it would've been fun to make.

Print this week is really a pick of a bad bunch, so I'm going with "JEITO". It's brave for a client to show competitor brands, but as "it's for the greater good" and that's the idea.

Most of this week's outdoor left a bad taste in my mouth. Having said that, PETA stunt "Could You Stomach This?" gave some great business startup ideas: anyone for a "Cattachino"?

Interactive had it all this week; from a Trump beat-up to yet another drone idea. That said, I'm going with Direct Line: "Fleetlights". It's a cool invention but utterly unrealistic at this point - unless someone has recently developed a nuclear-powered drone that can fly indefinitely. Until then, I'll be using a boring "old school" torch.

Best Radio goes to - ALDI Australia:
"Nothing Beats the Perfect Aussie Christmas". Seriously, have you seen the low, low prices of their Christmas turkeys?
This week's guest judge is Rua Perston, associate creative director, Arnold Boston.

Rua moved to Boston from Innocean Sydney where he was involved in some of their biggest and most successful campaigns, most notably "The Road Less Travelled," featuring fellow Kiwi - Bruce Spence and the Cerato "Never an Uncomfortable Moment" campaign.

Originally from New Zealand, he has mostly worked in the Australian market, not because he thinks the work is any better but believes the beaches are.

Rua's work has been awarded at various shows including Cannes, Caples, AdFest, Spikes, AWARD, New York Festivals and lots and lots of shows no one has ever heard of.

An obsessive traveller in his younger years, Rua worked in Johannesburg and once bought a murdered drug lord's mansion and turned into a successful backpacker business.

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