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Guest Judge: Graham Lang, CCO, Y&R South Africa + Africa

 GUEST JUDGE /BEST AD OF THE WEEK   WORLDWIDE    July 31, 2017 13:03 (Edited: July 31, 2017 23:03)
Winner: Procter & Gamble: The Talk. When a brave client wants to promote a relevant cause, things can easily and quickly go wrong. Like a rouge match in a gas station. All the good intentions in the world can't soften the blow of a poorly conceived and executed idea when broaching the subject of race discrimination. And the bigger the client, the bigger the pressure is to make everything stick just right. This script demanded composed story telling with all the right nuances in perfect harmony. BBDO and their production partners nailed it.

Runner up: Amarula Trust: Ivory Tracker. A subject that's very close to home. Good work Amarula!

Winner: Smart fortwo: Smart Needle - London. There has been so much great work for Smart over the years. A test of a brand's proposition and benefit is being able to tell the same story again and again, and still remain relevant. To be honest, I like the art direction and the layout more than the idea. But it all still works beautifully. I'm a bit of a sucker for illustration in advertising and I really like the way the team has blended a few different styles in the layout. The temptation could have been to go for one look. The needle is complicated and detailed. The road is simple and graphic. The car is a photograph. It all makes for a visually striking ad that delivers on why it's smart to drive a Smart.

No runner up.

Winner: Jose Cuervo: Jose Cuervo Fountain. How is this legal? How did client approve this? How do I get one? An audacious idea that makes you think about why it's never been done before. Turning the boring old water fountain into a "Tequila Oasis" is something that will definitely not push humanity forward but it's an idea that's definitely worth the hangover. In a sea of Goodvertising this is a much needed tidal wave of fun. There was no case film submitted with this idea for the judging. All I had was one jpg. It's all I needed. A wicked bit of outdoor by CP+B LA.

Runner up: Quilted Northern: Crafted For Greatness. A wedding dress fabricated out of bog roll. Marvellous. Well played.

Winner: Chat with your Ads. There are some people who get really excited about selling second hand stuff online. For the rest of us it's a bit of a chore. Let's face it there hasn't been much innovation in this space for ages. Register, create a profile, take a photo, write a message then post it. I think the idea of using Chat to break the routine of how you'd usually sell second hand stuff online is a very relevant move. Transforming your car pic into a sticker that you can then send as a message is not only a great idea, it's a brilliant commercial solution to a business model that needed a kick in the pants. Boom!

Runner up: Save the Children: Real Problems. It's not about a big stunt or dramatic film that sheds light on the issue at hand. The subtlety and targeted nature of this initiative is what makes it so good. Africa PR.jpg
This week's guest judge is Graham Lang, chief creative officer, Y&R South Africa and Africa.

Graham has won every major industry award across traditional and non-traditional categories. Amongst other shows, he has been selected to serve on The One Show, Cannes Lions and D&AD judging panels. This year, he led Y&R to be the most awarded network in Africa at Cannes Lions 2017 with a total of 8 Lions across the region.

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