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Guest Judge: Harsh Kapadia, group CD, VML, New York

 GUEST JUDGE /BEST AD OF THE WEEK   WORLDWIDE    August 28, 2017 16:02 (Edited: August 29, 2017 02:02)
Winner: Tsuruya 'Sticking Together, No Matter What'. This is a great example of advertising not taking itself too seriously, specially for a product like roof tiles. Having grown men bunched together screaming through the thick of weather and being extremely dramatic added an emotion to something we don't normally think about.

Runner up: 4 Hands Scriptwriting Festival 'Kitchen'. The importance of script writing was nailed by using one scene of a sweet grandma who was cooking up a meal for her family to suddenly a dark spirited one who was busy cooking her family with just a change of a few words. Made me smile...

Winner: Close To Nature Flowers 'Hurricane Jessica'. How often have we all used a bouquet of flowers to calm down our significant other. I surely have had to do it many times. A great human insight and beautifully executed print ad to make that point.

Runner up: Honda Genuine Parts 'Facebook'. An online ad placed in a newspaper was just the perfect media buy to prove the point for the need of genuine spare parts.

This week I really struggled to love something in Outdoor. The ideas just didn't feel strong enough.

Winner: The Washington Post @Trump_Feed. With how the current president runs the country, it is a simple idea giving people an insight into what his next move could be, or what influences his decision. Washington Post didn't need go through an elaborate effort of tech to show they know news better than anyone.

Runner up: GS Caltex 'Kind Words Ringback Tone'. It is a universal truth that most people calling a call center are probably calling with a complaint and are in no mood to be nice to the person who is about to help them. What I liked about this idea was it humanised the people on the other side of the phone and made people think twice before they erupted at them without even hearing them out.

Winner: Panado Paediatric 'Dose of Thrones'. The simplicity of the idea was very clear from the start of the spot. I like how they took scenarios or stories we are used to hearing as adults and making their point for a children's medicine in a fun and entertaining way.

Runner up: SA Planetarium 'It's a Big Universe'. We have all heard how far stars and galaxies are from us, what I liked about this idea was they used the medium really well. Being radio, the spot tells us how long before someone on the other side will hear this ad. Some fun facts leaving me wanting to learn more. kapadia  bw (1).jpg
This week's guest judge is Harsh Kapadia, group creative director, VML, New York.

Harsh has been an ad guy for over ten years. But he fell in love with it when he was 5 years old. According to his folks, mealtime, playtime or just about any time came to a standstill when the commercial breaks came on. He was transfixed. And has been since. With a career that's spanned over three continents, the best agencies and the most exciting brands, Harsh continues to be smitten to this day. Maybe that's what drives him so hard to keep on creating. He has been fortunate enough to have his work recognized at some of the biggest shows in the business. And lucky enough to build and lead teams of some of the most passionate people.

Harsh started out as an art director at JWT Mumbai before moving across the Indian Ocean to JWT Melbourne. He worked on brands such as Ford, Kraft, and the Government of Australia. His work for VicRoads and IFAW put JWT under the spotlight making it the most awarded work in the agency. Apart from creating the world's first social media platform for stories for the Melbourne Writer's festival, he also led and won several pitches for major accounts.

His stint in Melbourne paved the way for him to move to JWT New York where he worked on brands like Kleenex, Smirnoff, Rolex and Nestle. After winning successive pitches for the agency, it was time for the next leg.

He joined VML New York in 2012. His work for Drink Up saw him taking front and center stage at Cannes where he presented to a packed room. It also earned him a letter of recognition from the First Lady- Michelle Obama. He has also worked on and helped win several pitches for the agency- notable amongst them being New Balance, Legoland and The United Nations. With a short period of time at VML his work has consistently been recognized on the international stage year after year and also winning VML NY its first pride of Cannes lions.

In his current role as group creative director he has been overseeing the global creative mandate for New Balance, Legoland, Lonely Whale and United Nations while serving on the Global Creative Council for VML. Apart from creating noteworthy work and campaigns, he also has had the privilege of working with some of the most talented minds in the industry. From traditional campaigns to ever expanding digital frontiers, his love for craft and compelling ideas has given him the confidence to keep on creating. His latest work includes an attempt at reinventing the GPS for children- an innovative idea created for Legoland in partnership with Google and the introduction of Facebook's Live augmented reality tool to tell the stories of civilians in conflict for the United Nations.

When he's not at work, you'll find him walking Comet- an Instagram star in the making. That's if he'll pose long enough!

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