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Guest Judge: Geoffrey Hantson, CCO, Happiness, Brussels

 GUEST JUDGE /BEST AD OF THE WEEK   WORLDWIDE    October 02, 2017 10:11 (Edited: October 02, 2017 21:11)
Winner: Audi Clowns. Quite often the most difficult and the most bumpy creative road is the one that leads to simplicity. But when you really get there, you get to see how beautiful the destination actually is. Because when you're able to reduce all those long meetings, with too many smart people around the table, to simplicity (Audi Technology. Clowns proof) you're actually able to put all the effort and energy into the execution. Great idea. Great craft. And great timing.

Choosing the winner was a piece of cake. It's more complicated when it comes to the runner up. Chicken Licken and the Anti-Millenial both run for this mention. But if I really have to choose... mmm... In that case I might just disappoint my friends in Buenos Aires (perdoname!) and go for the Chicken Licken. Even though it's good, old, weird storytelling that Belgian director Lionel Goldstein handled so well years ago, it still is really surprising towards the end. And great casting. Must have been fun producing.

Not sure what to think about the print to be honest. It feels very, how shall I put this... Pro Bono? I think our industry needs to be hungry for great work that is a very true to a brand. And I kind of missed that in the print selection this week. Don't think there's a winner in there. Sorry.

Longer is not necessarily better. It's true for any kind of film, and so it also goes for ambient films explaining the idea. Mostly it's clear after 30 seconds. Anyway, the most interesting one only took a pic.

Winner: Allen the Peregrine. Ikea builds a giant falcon out of allen keys for the opening of its new shop in Sheffield. I was intrigued. And curious. I guess that's worth a lot in the age where shares are the most valuable currency.

There's no clear runner up, but I can imagine that 'before you go, know' must have been efficient.

I know that there are a lot of 'advertising is dead' conversations everywhere. And maybe I'm too much of an optimist, but I really don't share that feeling. On the contrary, I think that our job is getting more interesting everyday. I mean, there literally are no limitations to what we can do. Or wait, there is one: our imagination. But apart from that, anything is possible. Even a test drive on Mars.

Winner: BMW. I can imagine that for any BMW lover it must have been a great immersive experience to drive - even though virtually - in Mars. Because hey, by the time Musk will actually really get us there we will all be long death. I think.

Runner up. Mmmm. Not really convinced.

This week's guest judge is Geoffrey Hantson, chief creative officer, Happiness - an FCB Alliance in Brussels.

Geoffrey took his first steps as a creative director at Duval Guillaume in 2006. In 2010 he was named 'creative of the year' and both in 2012, 2013 and 2014 Duval Guillaume was named 'creative agency of the year' in Belgium. Geoffrey won 35 Cannes Lions, of which 13 gold. Also at Eurobest he won an astonishing 76 awards, including 3 Grand Prix and 14 gold. In 2012 Business Insider named Geoffrey 'one of the 25 most creative people in advertising' (globally). In 2013 he even made it to the top of that list, calling his work 'amongst the best advertising ever seen'. Geoffrey believes in the power of creativity and humanity. And in Happiness, that fuels both.

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