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Guest Judge: Bobby Pearce, CCO, David&Goliath, LA

 GUEST JUDGE /BEST AD OF THE WEEK   WORLDWIDE    January 08, 2018 14:20 (Edited: January 09, 2018 01:20)
Winner: Centrepoint, Unleash Greed. Michael Douglas' "Greed is Good" speech in Wall Street has held the title for several decades. But this beautifully crafted, poignantly written spot for a shopping center, is giving it a run for its money. The words were as beautiful and compelling as the visuals themselves. It's not easy to talk about a selfish emotion that is usually considered a negative in a way that brings a smile to everyone's face and has them nodding along thinking, "you know what, he's got a point." Besides, the voiceover has an English accent and I believe and instantly love anything with an English accent. Well done guys. I wish I'd thought of it.

Runner up: IHOP Pancakes. I love the simplicity of this spot and how it romanticizes something everyone loves, pancakes, without ever showing one single pancake in the body of the spot. They make up for it, though, in the end with a nice shot of a giant stack of about 20 of them. Pancakes to everyone who worked on it.

Winner: Ford Ranger: How to Break Up with Your Ford Ranger. The idea of this piece is simple, emotional and very human. I love how they brought the human emotion of having to let go of an old love to welcome a new one to life with what looks like a product manual, and uses simple line art to tell the story and offer some advice. The idea is simple and the execution is absurdly simple as well. But it's more than a simple print piece. Because it breaks out of the norm, it's something that will be covered in the news and online. Our job is to make our client's dollar work harder with ideas that generate interest and buzz. And this very simple piece, in my semi-professional opinion, does that.

Runner up: La Artesanal, Big Kids. There is a child in all of us. I'm reminded that's not true every time I pass a mirror, but I still like to think that's true. And this piece is a nice, sentimental reminder that the joys of youth aren't lost on the young. It's done simply, cleanly and elegantly, which raises the level of the brand without having to mention ingredients or how it's produced.

Winner: Football Federation Australia / Hyundai A-League, You've Gotta Have A Team. All I know is whatever increase in profits that results from this wonderful initiative, a certain percentage should go to Yoshi, the young man who experienced it all. It took a simple idea of getting people to stop being wishy washy about who they support and pick a team already. After all, any game is more fun to watch for everyone (players included) who has a dog in the fight. And they did a great job of calling people out on not having a team in a way that was very human and approachable way by using a charming, loveable kid, Yoshi. I still don't have a team yet though.

Runner up: KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Connecting Seats. First of all, thanks a bunch for making me tear up in the middle of the day at my office. Dust, yeah that's it, it's pretty dusty in here. Anyway, one of the things I love about this piece is not only that it makes a hugely relevant point given current events, but that they took a chance doing an execution that would be viewed by some as a small stunt that would only be seen by the few people who experienced it at the airport, knowing that the true goal was to film the whole event in order to show its impact to a much broader audience online. That is where the true impact lies. So I applaud the work and it's compelling message but also the client for embracing that the idea was bigger than the execution.

Winner: Audi, Safety Code. There are quite a few "don't text and drive" messages out there but this one stood out to me for a couple of reasons. The execution was delightfully primitive and simple as was the idea for the app itself. Audi could have spent a lot of money on producing something big and cinematic but they kept it simple. Which, to me, really helps it stand out.

Runner up: Gift Card, Wunder. What a great way to turn something as formulaic as a holiday card into something fun and inventive while helping to reinforce the relationship of the client and the agency. Nice work guys. How much for the stapler? copy (1).jpg
This week's guest judge is Bobby Pearce, chief creative officer at David&Goliath, Los Angeles.

Bobby is responsible for the creative department at LA-based David&Goliath, ensuring that the agency consistently produces innovative, award-winning work across all media.

Prior to joining D&G, Bobby had the pleasure of working at several of the world's most creative shops, including Fallon Worldwide, Goodby Silverstein & Partners, and Carmichael Lynch.

Bobby has been responsible for a variety of well-known campaigns on iconic national brands, including AT&T, Citibank, Holiday Inn, BMW, Budweiser and Lee Jeans. His work has been recognized in every major international awards show, including Cannes, One Show (winning Best of Show), Comm Arts, D&AD, Mercury Awards, ANDYs, and the Kelly Awards.

Perhaps the only thing greater than Bobby's passion for creating inspiring work is his passion for creating strong personal relationships with his clients. Relationships built on trust, respect, and, most importantly, a willingness to listen. Because as Bobby has come to realize in his 20+ years in the business, accolades are great, but there is really only one true measure of advertising excellence - business growth.

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