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Guest Judge: Jo Sellars, freelance CD, Sydney

 GUEST JUDGE /BEST AD OF THE WEEK   WORLDWIDE    January 29, 2018 11:09 (Edited: January 29, 2018 22:09)
Winner: Skittles. Cant wait to see what Superbowl has in store for us this year... especially a Dundee movie!
If the Skittles Superbowl "Taste Exclusive" teasers are anything to go by, it should be fun.
I love the bigger idea of creating the Superbowls most exclusive ad - an ad that only one person (a teenager called Marcos Menendez) will ever get to see, and showing his reaction. It had better be good! In the meantime, the teasers are ridiculous, random and funny - what's not to love about David Schwimmer feeding his sandwich a lolly, or being cuddled by a massive creepy puppet.

Runner up: Greenpeace. It was a close call between this one and CBS Sports which I liked... mainly because of John Malkovich. But Greenpeace wins out for me - the personification of a problem isn't particularly new, but I liked the way they brought the attitude and actions of the big corporations to life via a sleazy asshole character who got the message across loud and clear. They could have made him even more repulsive - I wanted to hate him more.

Winner: Primo. Good on the guys at Ogilvy for making the most of an International Day opportunity. It's a sweet, simple, relevant piece and it made me want to eat bacon.

Runner up: Oxfam Pencil. It's always easier to do nice work for charities - I liked this one because of its simplicity in both message and design. The bold colours in an almost child-like graphic, to me, add a context of innocence reminding me that these young girls are really just kids.

I really wanted to love the beautifully crafted "Stay in the Shadows" piece from Bleublancrouge, but I couldn't for the life of me work out what it was about. I asked others. They didn't know either.

Winner: Scent By Downy. How many times have you wanted to send someone a smell! There are a few steps to go through to get there, but I love the thinking behind this, i.e.: using scent to add some emotion to an otherwise short, sharp text message. China is a place that does most of it's communicating by text message, and they love a diffuser, so this is a clever, insightful way to launch the scents of a new brand into the market. It would have taken a lot of work to sell this idea, so well done to the agency and congrats to P&G for wanting to stand out from the rest in a different way.

Runner up: Google Pixel 2. Having graduated the Google Squared university course last year, I like this mainly because it's good to see all the data driven Google capabilities I learned about come to life in a contextual way for their own product. Would I have noticed it if I'd seen only one or two of the actual executions on the street?
Possibly not.

Winner: Pedigree Selfie Stix App. Everything Colenso does for the Pedigree brand stands out like the proverbial. Maybe it's because their "Child Replacement Program" was my favourite campaign last year, or maybe it's because every thing they do is based upon a brutally simple insight into pet owners, and made awesome by the ideas they wrap around them... but this is the winner for me.
I know it's small, easy, seen before kinda thing... but I also know every one of my crazy dog loving mates will be downloading this app and posting pics of their pups, and isn't that what it's all about?

Runner up: Busan Metropolitan Police Agency - Stop Download Kill. I hope I'm not being naive in taking this case study at its word. I really, really hope this campaign had the effect it claims it did. Because if so, I like it because it's based on a real social issue that has disastrous results, and changes that. The ghost girls at the end of the films are truly scary enough to be effective.

Notable Mention: I'd like the Trump candle better if the melted Trump wasn't just a candle. (1).jpg
This week's guest judge is Jo Sellars, freelance creative director, based in Sydney.

Jo has recently returned to Australia, after completing a contract in Hong Kong at Y&R Red Fuse, where she was regional creative director on the Colgate Palmolive portfolio of brands across the Asian region and China, gaining some valuable experience in the booming Asian market.

Hailing from Brisbane, Jo's lived and worked in Sydney for almost 20 years, but still identifies as a Queenslander. Starting her career at Mojo Brisbane and Sydney, she's gone on to CD/writer roles at Ogilvy, Droga5 and Publicis, amassing a number of local and International Awards along the way. She's created campaigns across most categories for the likes of Qantas, Toyota, Dove, Coke, Nestle, Tourism NSW Telstra, Tourism NSW, Myer, OPSM to name a few. Loving being home, Jo's currently working freelance as a CD/copywriter in Sydney.

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