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Guest Judge: Matthew Sharp Fera, CD, McGarry Bowen, Chicago

 GUEST JUDGE /BEST AD OF THE WEEK    March 19, 2018 10:28 (Edited: March 19, 2018 21:28)
Winner: BBC Three: The Perfect Day. Yes, we've heard this wonderful Lou Reed ballad from 1972. Yes, it features beautiful images of diverse individuals. However, this spot offers something much more than just a new take on a classic track. It acts as a platform for these memorable faces and voices to share their stories and on a channel that's as unique as the lyrics.

Runner-up: IKEA Make Room for Passion. While the furniture is often hard to assemble, and has the tendency to raise blood pressures and cause divorces, this piece is beautifully choreographed and offers nearly 2 minutes of whimsy. Watching the living room of an apartment transformed into an elegant ballroom is smart, fun and highlights the furniture perfectly. A copy of the commercial should come standard with every item of furniture to play before you begin to assemble.

Winner: BMW Motorad: Child Spirit. Bravo! Let's face it, we all had a race car, rocket ship or some other amazing vehicle parked in the back of our minds somewhere when we were a kid. BMW has the courage to approve a print ad that allows us to only imagine the finished project without showing it. A nice simple ad, beautifully executed in 603 pieces.

Runner-up: MacCoffee: Thomas Edison. Finding a runner up was a bit difficult this week with a few PSA style ads in the running. But the one that stood out above the others was the MacCoffee piece. A simple idea that tied the power of the product to some of the best minds in the world. I just wish they would have created a bigger idea in other mediums.

Winner: Magichome: Take A Seat For Children Suffering From Cancer. The power of four red metal legs, a hard seat and a few screws had the power to do the unthinkable. A simple chair became the tool to convince people to donate to a wonderful cause. Turns out the simple act of occupying a chair in a gallery window to raise money will open wallets everywhere... Grab the Kleenex. Wonderful!

Runner-up: Burger King: Good Samaritan Whopper. Damn you DAVID, Miami!! Even more brilliant work from the top-notch agency. While stunts like this aren't all that rare, the banter between the Good Samaritan's and the host were pretty fun. The simplicity of a fire, burgers and a stranded car was nicely done.

Winner: Reebok: #BruisesCanBeGood. Great interactive piece. To showcase how skewed our society views women and bruises, Reebok created an integrated campaign to highlight the crimson colored abrasions and how they shadow the inner strength of women. And to make it even more powerful, it was launched on International Women's Day.

Runner-up: The Uncensored Playlist. Powerful, powerful work out of DDB Berlin. It appears that "word of mouth" advertising is being heard loud and clear. The Uncensored Playlist is an initiative for sharing news stories in censored countries. Turning exiled journalists voices across borders into pop songs and onto playlists, set this idea apart from the rest. Who knew giving voices to the voiceless could create such beautiful music.
This week's guest judge is Matthew Sharp Fera, creative director, McGarry Bowen, Chicago.

Matt, or Matty Fresh as he's often called thanks to an incident where he accidentally used his wife's deodorant, is a creative director at McGarry Bowen in Chicago. Currently, he works on Western Union, Disney, Marriott brands and new business. He has worked at numerous Chicago and Detroit agencies and has helped MacGyver save the world, literally.

Growing up with no friends, young Matt befriended small toys, inanimate objects and fish. He currently lives in Chicago's northern suburbs where he spends time with his wife and 2 kids, and spends way too much time wondering why he can never tan.

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