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Guest Judge: Nick Worthington, creative chairman, Colenso BBDO

 GUEST JUDGE /BEST AD OF THE WEEK   WORLDWIDE    April 03, 2018 10:35 (Edited: April 03, 2018 20:35)
Pick of the bunch for me is another flawless piece of work for Apple. Hard not to like this, and hard not to think that somehow the digital world can enhance the get-out-there-and-get-dirty analogue world you want your kids to be immersed in. If every parent's nightmare is that their children get lost in a digital screen, become pale, anaemic, introverted and isolated, then this is a pretty sweet counter point. Along the lines of what we have come to expect from Apple. Nicely done none the less.

Runner up in my humble opinion is the Conservation Council. It's at the opposite end of the spectrum from Apple, which is probably what makes it good. Getting lost in the middle ground is easily done. Cheap, clever and thought affirming. Yep, it's time we listened to mother.

Winner. Whatever happened to long copy? I like a read. I guess that's why Penguin books come out top this time. Nice and simple and at least there is a good read at the end of it.

Back to the visual nature of the print this week, runner up and prize for the best visual idea would be Adventure Hammocks. Kind of puts the whole wilderness dream/experience into a very memorable, maybe even indelible, image.

Just seen the guys standing on top of the buildings in London by Adam & Eve for suicide awareness, it has already etched itself on my retinas. Brilliant outdoor is hard. But I digress, on top from the six we have today would be another class production from consistent medal winner Nike. I would want to be part of that, not that I've ever wanted to run the world. And if I was part of it I don't think I'd ever forget it.

Classic piece of KitKat work comes in at No.2 on the podium, I have no idea how long "Have a break, have a KitKat" has been going, but longevity in this ephemeral world should be chased and applauded in my opinion. Building great brand platforms is a marathon, not a sprint. Nice work.

OK, so I should have looked ahead. The guys standing on buildings in London I mentioned have a name: Campaign Against Living Miserably. And here it is. Just as good as I remembered it. Great outdoor and great integrated too, I guess. An easy winner. I hope it goes on to win an Effie.

Runner up - Touching Masterpieces. Anything that makes the world a better place for anyone should be applauded, and dare I say it, I was touched by this effort to help the blind see.

OK, so I have been told to avoid puns, in fact I even think I have told other people to avoid puns, but I eat my words and kind of find myself feeling just a little bit hungry when I hear the Chicken Wrap song for McDonald's.

Runner up would be the Drink Driving ad from Perth. Very, very simple, very, very cheap, very, very memorable. I could see myself (and a friend perhaps) trying to replicate the police/ambulance siren after I'd had a few. week's guest judge is Nick Worthington, creative chairman at Colenso BBDO, Auckland.

Nick studied graphic design in the early 80's at St Martin's School of Art in London. He joined BBH London in 1986 under the watchful eye of Sir John Hegarty.

After 10 years at BBH, Nick joined AMV BBDO under David Abbott. In 2003 Nick joined Dave Droga on the Publicis worldwide creative board and moved to New Zealand, first as ECD at Publicis Mojo, and later as ECD at Colenso BBDO in Auckland, where Nick remains as creative chairman.

In 2013 Colenso BBDO was recognised as the "Best Agency in the World" by the Big Won Report, and "Agency of the Decade" by both YoungGuns and Campaign Brief.

Nick has been personally recognised by D&AD as one of the Top 10 copywriters of all time, and No.1 ECD in the world by the Big Won Report.

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