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Guest Judge: Aaron Nielsen, CD, thjnk, Hamburg

 GUEST JUDGE /BEST AD OF THE WEEK   WORLDWIDE    April 23, 2018 12:44 (Edited: April 23, 2018 22:44)
Winner: DDB New Zealand SKY TV 'Poisoned Chalice'. Entertaining way to tell the viewer exactly what they can expect from a great drama by turning your commercial into one. I was drawn right in and wanted to watch more so I'm sure this idea will have the desired effect. Everything about the film had me hooked. The execution, the music and the direction.

Runner up: Mother, London 'Ikea Repeater'. No. You're not watching a new Ok Go music video. Fun, colourful, diverse and entertaining to watch with a catchy tune to go along with it. You really can do a lot inside a small space. Perfect idea to showcase all that Ikea can do for your home. Music videos it seems are making great television ads these days.

Winner: Ogilvy & Mather Hong Kong for KFC 'Hot & Spicy'. Just when you thought that everything had been done in this category for a spicy product, this comes along and burns a smile in your mind. Such a simple and beautifully executed idea that stood out from the others.

Runner up: Difficult to choose as nothing else was really that good in my opinion. I understand that Fake News is mainly considered to be spread on the internet especially on social networks so I get the concept in the 'Telkomsel Fake News' piece from Hakuhodo Indonesia. The real problem with Fake News is that you don't know if it is real or not so how does a member of the public know what they're sharing? The responsibility shouldn't simply rest with the individual but with other larger players such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Winner: Grabarz & Partner for Burger King: 'The Whopper Dog'. Not your standard outdoor campaign but pretty hard to beat in my opinion. How hard can it be for a dog to sniff out food? I'm skeptical if the idea really came from Nathan or the agency but still, having a dog trained to find your favourite food is a pretty cool idea.

Runner up: DDB Colombia, 'Play-Doh Robot'. More of your standard approach to an OOH idea but a good one. Simple and effective and easy to get in an outdoor environment.

Winner: BWM/Dentsu for the ALS Association / MND Australia: 'Project Revoice'. What could be more compelling then giving someone their voice back? Such a powerful idea to return some dignity to a powerful young man. Great work.

Runner up: adam&eveDDB London for The Cybersmile Foundation: 'Trolling Is Ugly'. It was a really hard to choose between these two amazing pieces of work. Both dealing with important issues but for me, the solution provided in Project Revoice was very strong and didn't necessarily have to end on a negative.
This week's guest judge is Aaron Nielsen, creative director at thjnk in Hamburg.

Aaron's career in creativity began over 18 years ago in Australia. Told he wasn't good enough to study fine art and then told he should consider animation, he instead became a graphic designer and then he graduated from AWARD School.

A native of Brisbane, he never lost the urge to travel and work overseas, so after a Christmas holiday in Moscow that left him with a love of shashlik and vodka, he joined Russia's largest ad agency, BBDO. Within 3 years, he became a creative group head developing award-winning work for their large international brands.

Many hangovers later, his passion shifted towards Weisswurst and Hefeweizen and a move to Germany to join Jung von Matt seemed like the logical choice. For nearly another 3 years, he developed and worked on concepts for major international accounts including Mercedes-Benz, Vodafone, Grundig and KIA Motors.

Not wanting the journey to end there, he is now aiming to drive a quattro on the moon but, not while under the influence of alcohol.

Beginning of 2018, he joined thjnk Hamburg as creative director art on Audi International, where he helps the award-winning team to produce innovative and creatively inspiring work across all media for one of the world's most creative brands.

With international experience and a list of international awards to go with it, Aaron is a hands-on creative but not in the Weinstein kind of way. He believes that you should never trust a Mac to do your leading and kerning for you, always keep an open mind, never be afraid to try and/or experience new things and to never behave like an asshole as there just isn't any room for that within the industry. Leave that for politics.

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