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Guest Judge: Susan Credle, global chief creative officer, FCB

 GUEST JUDGE /BEST AD OF THE WEEK   WORLDWIDE    May 21, 2018 09:10 (Edited: May 21, 2018 19:10)
Winner: SickKids vs Nothing. SickKids continues to create provocative work that defies category conventions. When the African American woman says, "I want none of it!" I found myself asking, what could cause these women to be so angry, so obstinate? Are they exhausted from trying to find a work life balance? Are they tired of doing the thankless job of Mom? Do they just want a normal family life? And right when I'm thinking that her family really isn't making it very easy for her, the narrative flips. The anger is replaced with love and compassion, as these parents give everything they have to their sick children. Anger vs compassion, both born out of love for a child.

Runner up: Bacardi Dance Floor. I saw this film last week, and it made me feel like I had just had a Bacardi and soda. Relaxed, happy, social. Major Lazer's "Jump" sounds like Bacardi tastes. And I just want more of it. The filming and editing feel effortless, a sign of incredible craft. And it doesn't hurt that it works in a :60 and a :30. My only niggle would be with the line before the tagline: "If it's a floor, it's a dance floor." "Bacardi - Do What Moves You" seems to sum it all up perfectly.

I couldn't pick a winner this week. I was confused by the messages.

Winner: Sao Paulo City Hall "Being Visible to Invisibles". Turning the undersides of bridges and overpasses into billboards for homeless people is a beautiful direct piece of creative. While the message is meant to let homeless people with pets know there are now shelters that allow pets, too, the bigger message is that these people matter. As one seeks the shelter of an overpass, feeling alone and forgotten, receiving a personal message through art must be powerful.

Runner up: Sioo:X "World's Most Boring Billboard" or Mizuno: "WaveKnit String Ads". A rational demo versus a beautiful piece of art. As the deadline is looming, my decision is "WaveKnit String Ads". When we put stunning works of art into spaces meant for ads, and these works of art celebrate the product, people will welcome this kind of communication into their world. And at the same time, brands will be built and products will be sold. A win/win for the industry.

Winner: Editora Carambaia "The Prison Reviews". I have always believed education can solve a lot of the world's problems. And a big part of education is reading. Books teach us so much about ourselves and the world. By encouraging prisoners to write reviews of books they are reading, Carambaia is giving a voice to the disenfranchised. Potentially turning a place of punishment into a place of rehabilitation.

Runner up: Cup Noodles "Cup Band". My first thought was, who has time to create music with six cups of Cup Noodles? It appears that people and bands at Rock in Rio do. If you can get someone to say, "The shrimp flavor is the guitar," it's a pretty compelling creative idea for advertising the varieties. Approved Photo[3] (1).jpg
This week's guest judge is Susan Credle, global chief creative officer at FCB.

As FCB's flobal chief creative officer, Susan Credle heads up the agency's creative product and reputation.

In 2017, Susan was named a Matrix honoree by New York Women in Communications - for being a remarkable leader who is helping to connect the world - and was celebrated as one of the 4A's "100 People Who Make Advertising Great". Selected as one of Adweek's "Women Who Are Disrupting the Status Quo and Championing Gender Diversity in Advertising and Tech".

Susan helped launch Free Bid, a program designed to impact and grow the number of female directors in the advertising industry. In 2015, she was honored with the MAIP/4A's Pantheon Award, which is given to a transformational leader who is highly regarded as a cultivator, supporter and champion of multicultural talent.

Susan believes in brand purpose and platform ideas. In 1996, she began transforming M&M'S from a chocolate brand to an entertainment brand by creating a comedic ensemble through the characters. Today, these characters are famous around the world. She also guided "Mayhem," a summer campaign for Allstate, into a platform idea that has been running since 2010. Launched in 2010, "Mean Stinks," an anti-bullying campaign for Secret deodorant, ran for five years successfully promoting "nice" in schools through social media, tool kits and events.

Currently, Susan serves on the boards of The University of North Carolina's School of Media and Journalism, The VCU Brandcenter, The One Club, The 4A's and The Foundation for Exxcellence in Women's Health. In 2014, she was inducted into The North Carolina Media and Journalism Hall of Fame.

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