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Guest Judges: Vince Osmond + Jade Manning, CDs, DDB Sydney

 GUEST JUDGE /BEST AD OF THE WEEK   WORLDWIDE    March 04, 2019 09:02 (Edited: March 04, 2019 20:02)
It may seem like an obvious criteria for great work, particularly in film, but ultimately we want our audience to feel something. Ask anyone who has found themselves staring at an unanswered text, or scanning a finalists list only to find their work absent, and they'll tell you that being ignored is far worse than any insult. At least a punch in the gut has feeling. Indifference is unbearable.

Fortunately there was deluge of feeling in the film category. Medmen and Nordstrom (runner up) spots left us feeling awestruck, and with their effortless sense of craft maybe even a touch inadequate. Equal Pay Day made us feel like we needed to question everything; equal pay, horse insemination, plumber's working conditions in the Netherlands. Everything. But Nike (winner), as they so often do, made us feel like we needed to do something, and maybe more importantly, to do less of some things too.

Winner - Belted Survivors. Call us old school, but there's just something so lovely about a simple, powerful press ad - the type that makes you go 'Jeez'. Belted Survivors made us go 'Jeez', and for that it gets first place.

In a distant second place we have Terrawash 'Boxers'. While not quite in the same league as Belted Survivors, we enjoyed the light-hearted take on sustainability.

This was probably the easiest of the categories to judge. From the get-go the winner felt like it was in a league of its own as it stood heads above the other candidates. Winner - Mothercare 'Kesia' is simplicity at its best, more of what we need right now, insightful and yes, beautiful.

While we enjoyed the McDonald's work, there have been a few similar pieces in this vein over the years, so there's no runner up.

Winner - Fonts for Freedom. Over time, news publications manage to etch their visual identities into our brains. And the really good ones do it without us realising it. That's why we think Fonts for Freedom is a stand-out idea in this category. We love the way they've used the insight to turn simple typefaces into symbols for press freedom.

Runner up: FireVase. The jealousy gauge was at full tilt after seeing this one. Such an elegant solution to a very real problem. We'd be surprised if this innovation doesn't roll out worldwide in the future. Shot 2019-03-04 at 7.57.53 am.jpg
This week's guest judges are Vince Osmond (left) and Jade Manning (right), creative director team at DDB Sydney.

Vince and Jade, Vade or Jince. Either way, they're a creative director team at DDB Sydney. The bromance ignited in 2009 at DDB Johannesburg before spending time at TBWAHuntLascaris.

The duo joined DDB Sydney in 2014 where they currently head up the Volkswagen business. During their tenure at DDB, they've produced influential and award winning work, like the Naked Ute campaign and more recently, the much talked about 'Too Powerful for TV' campaign for the Volkswagen Amarok.

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