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Guest Judges: Matthew Pullen + Jon Murray, ACDs, RPA, LA

 GUEST JUDGE /BEST AD OF THE WEEK   WORLDWIDE    April 08, 2019 17:42 (Edited: April 09, 2019 03:42)
Winner: French Road Safety Organization: The Road of My Life. A powerful piece of film from start to finish that's built off a strong insight. Beautifully executed. A nice touch that the narrator ends up being the paramedic. And it's a nice use of the ol' single take.

Winner: Marmite. People have strong feelings about Brexit. Just like people have strong feelings about Marmite.

Runner-up: Elanco. A dog that looks like an airplane is certainly attention grabbing. And it makes a simple point. Beautiful visual execution that's 'Archive worthy.'

Winner: #Unravel Hate. We're going to assume that the agency came up with the idea for this product. It's a great way to embody the company's ethos. We like that it takes a widely known object that represents hate and division and turns it into an object of love and acceptance.

Runner-up: Boysen Paint - this is a tree. A nice simple way of telling people about the benefit of the paint while also putting that benefit to use where it's needed, in a space saving and efficient way. A great tactical execution to bring the message to life.

Winner: IKEA. We've seen animals tweeting and whatnot before but we still like this. It's a bold move to do it for a few days before revealing the joke and why they did it. And it's silly. Right now the world needs a little more silly.

Runner-up: WWF. We like this idea. Not as crazy about the execution as it leaves us with too many questions. But it's still an interesting idea, and a great way to drive home the fact that it takes so long for plastic to decompose. Hopefully when the robots take over, live-streaming is still a thing. (1).jpg
This week's guest judges are Matthew Pullen and Jon Murray, associate creative directors at RPA, Los Angeles.

Matthew and Jon were both lured to Los Angeles with the promise of the "best fish tacos in the world" and constant sunshine, although one of them shouldn't be anywhere near the sun considering his (day-walker) complexion.

The team currently works at RPA. Between the two of them they've created campaigns like "R vs R" and "The Magic Snowglobe" for Honda, as well as a Superbowl ad featuring sheep belting out Queen's "Somebody to Love".

Pre-sunshine, Matthew was an art director at one of South Africa's most prestigious ad agencies, Ogilvy Cape Town. While he was there he made all sorts of things on a range of accounts, from automotive to beer to tourism. He picked up a few international awards, and received the Loeries Young Creative Award (recognizing South Africa's best creative under 27).

Pre-fish tacos, Jon was a copywriter in San Francisco at Pereira & O'Dell and AKQA. And before that, he worked in Canada at TBWA and BBDO, picked up a few international awards, and represented the country two years in a row at the Young Lions Competition in Cannes.

Outside of work, you can find Matthew hanging out in the shade and/or playing music with his buddies, and starting more side projects while neglecting the ones he's already started. And you can find Jon devouring movies, cheering for and cursing at the Toronto Raptors, and plugging away at side projects. His most recent one was Windows of San Francisco, an interactive documentary.

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