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Guest Judge: Juan Pablo Valencia, regional creative advisor, FCB

 GUEST JUDGE /BEST AD OF THE WEEK   WORLDWIDE    November 18, 2019 12:39 (Edited: November 18, 2019 23:39)
There is very little time left to celebrate Christmas. I truly believe this is an excellent opportunity and occasion for brands to change their discourse and conversation with their consumers: be more human, emotional, authentic and, above all, closer to people and families, identifying with their values and celebrate those moments that make this holiday so unique and unforgettable for everyone. As a creative, I always expect something different, a little surprise from brands, especially from those that always have the capability to stand out by doing something exceptional for these dates, since although the celebration is repeated every year, it should not be so for creativity and ideas, knowing that there are endless stories to tell as a gift to the audiences.

Therefore and although the selection was very strong and competitive, and 5 of the 6 commercials in competition focused on Christmas, I chose the following two:

Winner: NZ Post 'NZ Post Christmas'. The winner no doubt! The story seems to me to have everything a Christmas story should have, based on a real insight for all families. Not only important is the choice of a gift, but keeping it secret until the end, and for that, you obviously count on the unconditional support of the brand to keep it and make it happen. This story obviously reinforces the value of the service and the staff working for the advertised brand and connects in a strong and emotional way, the service with the users.

It is positive, authentic, and told with humor, and overall unexpected, which means that you don't want to it to end. The tension is kept until the last frame, that ends up reinforced by words of the worker, highlighting the role of the brand and their efforts and passion to make people happy, especially on Christmas.

Runner up: Twitter 'Roommates'. I liked it because nothing at all makes you guess the end, and less the product or which brand will sign the ad. At the beginning you feel that it is kind of a horror film and you expect the worst, but then, at the end you realize it is completely different and unexpected. I love the way it reflects how today we are more alert to what is happening out of what we are doing in each moment, instead of being involved on the present time and now, and in this way the analogy is very well executed. And, all of this due to the dependence of social media as the words mentioned at the end.

Winner: McDonald's 'McDonald's Trolls Alexander Wang'. More than the idea itself and execution, I appreciate the speed of reaction to a contingent and real situation shared in social media, that finally transforms into a Print ad. This is a creative job as well - we need to be aware of what is going on around every minute.

I would call this format of work the PRINTSTAGRAM category ;) because I truly believe that nowadays a layout created for Instagram should have same characteristics and attributes of a Print format: simplicity, clarity, one message, and obviously a good execution. Considering this each post can be transformed into a print layout, and thanks to Instagram, PRINT is not dead!

The only difference could be the platform: online vs offline.

In this case we see that one visual and one idea works perfect for both platforms. Double strong!

No runner up.

Winner: Burger King 'Report It's Absence, 1'. A very clever ad, that perhaps for any person, it could go unnoticed when he drives often along the same road (as it has all the elements from a typical informational ad).

Nevertheless, with the new twist on the message and wording, it definitely attracts the attention delivering not only the food delivery as it says, but delivering a nice smile to the viewer, sharing the benefit and role of the brand/product in a very simple and clear way.

Beside and considering that its main competitor has more restaurants than anyone in the city, this is a very smart way of playing with the feelings of the consumers and encourage them to perceive the totally opposite effect.

Runner up: MINI Australia 'Looking Good Betsy'. I loved the human touch added to this interactive outdoor. While in the street you seem to be one more among the big car crowd, this OOH makes the customers feel special and unique. The ad demonstrates MINI showing recognition and gratefulness for its customers. The strategic approach is established from the beginning, prior to the OOH campaign, as we realize that drivers could choose a name for their car upon purchase.

I value the good job from the brand and agency. They understand clearly the feelings and what is important for MINI drivers in Australia.

Winner: The Cultural Heirs (kulturellen Erben) 'Voice of The Wall'. Based on a crucial and relevant moment of the world’s history this idea that commemorates the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, has an impressive but very simple execution, which makes it really easy to follow.

Besides it can be adapted and easily executed in many media / channels that makes it very integrated and therefore stronger. What I liked most was that without any image usage, they rebuilt the feelings of the people during the fallen of the Berlin wall, bringing back the entire atmosphere of that moment. Well done!

Runner up: SporTV 'The Epic Match Point'. An endless point as a message, simply made by a good edition!

Simple and effective and right to the point!

It really invites you to take part in the game and take action.
This week's guest judge is Juan Pablo Valencia, regional creative advisor, FCB ARTGROUP, (TICCA).

Juan Pablo Valencia, is originally from Chile, with art direction, copywriting and strategic skills. 

He has been working approximately 15 years as an art director, creative group head, creative director, ECD, and regional creative director and sdvisor, in Chile (BBDO and other agencies), Russia (BBDO and Contrapunto) and in the Central Asia and Caucasus region (TBWA, CHEIL and currently FCB).

He has earned more than 200 awards and honors at different international festivals like Epica Awards, Clio Healthcare, Golden Drum, AD Stars, Creativity Awards, PIAF, Red Apple, Golden Hammer, Kiev, AD Black Sea, White Square, IDEA, Popok, ADCR and Best of Central Asia & Caucasus, becoming the most awarded creative director in the whole region, and in addition of been during several times in a row "agency of the year" throughout the Central Asia region.

His works has been published in numerous advertising magazines and books. Besides he is currently at the top #10 as Copywriter and #17 as Art Director in the world at the prestigious magazine Luerzer's Archive during the last 10 years.

He has been jury several times at many local, regional and international advertising festivals like: New York, AD Stars, Golden Drum, Creativity Awards, Lisbon, White Square, Kiev, Red Jolbors, Young Lions, Popok, and others from his region.

Last year (2018) he reached the top #1 in the world from as a Creative (Copywriter/Art Director).

He is currently the regional creative advisor for FCB Artgroup (for the TICCA region) (Turkey, Iran, Caucasus and Central Asia region).

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