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Guest Judge: Ben Tollett, group ECD, adam&eveDDB, London

 GUEST JUDGE /BEST AD OF THE WEEK   WORLDWIDE    July 06, 2020 15:22 (Edited: July 07, 2020 01:22)
Winner: Libresse 'Wombstories'. As a womb-less guy who goes faint at the sight of blood and red at the thought of discussing sex, I feel particularly ill-equipped to review this spot. But here goes. The thing that struck me most was just how amazingly awkward this ad made me feel. It's packed with stuff nobody has dared talk about in advertising before and offers insights into some incredibly intimate experiences. It's breaking new ground for sure. And not just in its subject matter, but in its craft. This film waves goodbye to linear story-telling and says hello to multi-media, multiple stories and a multitude of brilliantly colliding emotions. A worthy follow-up to Viva la Vulva which proves that ads for sanitary towels can be radically different. More than that, it shows that film advertising can be a whole different beast too.

Runner-up: ME by TMB 'My Goal'. I love the dream-like simplicity of this spot. Simple idea, simple story-telling. Made me chuckle. I really didn't see the fly swatter moment coming. But now you will. Sorry.

Winner: Starwax 'You're not alone if this ad disturbs you'. This ad spoke extremely strongly to obsessive compulsive me. Fortunately, creative me got really heavily into the idea too. Which is why risky gambler me is willing to bet it will shift a shit ton of cleaning product.

Runner-up: Rimax Ecoline '100% Recyclable'. 99% of this ad is a picture of toxic land fill. Which makes me feel 100% sick. Not an emotion I'd especially associate with foldaway plastic chairs, but hey, this is advertising. The world is going to hell in a handbasket and what we all need to do in response is upgrade our home furnishings.

Winner: Liga Contra el cancer: 'Prevention Murals'. Bold idea to help prevent cancer by painting murals in memory of the recently deceased, with inscriptions encouraging people to go for check-ups. It looks like it actually worked too. What's not to like about ads that save lives?

Runner-up: Burger King Finland 'Sometimes You Just Want A Whopper'. Yes I know it's Whopper Detour rebooted for OOH, but stealing customers from right under your competitors' noses is always gonna be a great idea. I'd be loving it even more if it ran for more than a couple of days in a couple of locations.

Winner: Ali Forney Center 'The Queer Brick'. I love this campaign for its tough-minded tonality. The expertly crafted copy. The pithy bon mots. The simple instructions that make me believe genuine change is within reaching distance. Words this powerful lift you up and carry you along with them. That and I'm a sucker for a nicely painted brick.

Runner-up: Corona 'Match of Ages'. The year of corona virus must have been a pretty crappy year for Corona beer. Plundering the best bits from the previous 70 years seems like a really great way of getting over it.
This week's guest judge is Ben Tollett, group ECD at adam&eveDDB, London.

One of the UK's most awarded and effective creative leaders. Co-creator of the iconic John Lewis advertising campaign. Winner of five Cannes grand prixes and two IPA effectiveness grand prixes. Proud mentor to young creatives. Currently group ECD of adam&eveDDB, Campaign magazine's Agency of the Decade and Cannes European Agency of the Decade. Formerly creative partner and joint ECD of adam&eve, one of the UK's most successful start-ups. Zero noteworthy achievements outside advertising. Really needs to improve on that last one.

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