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Guest Judge: Dave Monk, ECD, Publicis•Poke, London

 GUEST JUDGE /BEST AD OF THE WEEK    November 02, 2020 10:46 (Edited: November 02, 2020 21:46)
Winner: Old Spice. So many Old Spice ads are the stuff of adland folklore. How do Weiden's do it year year after year year? Brilliant VO from some guy I've never heard of playing a sport I don't understand, but who gives a shit, this is hilarious. The words and pictures had me howling. The slightly shoddy computer game animation makes it even better, but my favourite part; to just have 'football man' still running on a treadmill and shouting for fifteen seconds after the packshot and endline. Please make more.

Runner up: iPhone. Apple on its usual cracking form in this ad that shows us how the scenes were shot before it actually shows you the scenes. Like a 'making of' that comes before the actual ad. It then got me wondering if they used an iPhone to shoot it all on. I really hope there's a making of the making of the making of. Great work. Here's to it inspiring the next generation of Kim Gehrigs and Linus Sandgrens.

Winner: While most of the entries obeyed the traditional rules of print. Burger King 'Beware of places that never flame grilled' pushed people beyond the page with this interactive print promo. It pulls you in with its haunting image and when too many ads are choosing to crank up the saturation and contrast to retina destroying levels. Burger King as usual does the direct opposite. Whisper and people will want to listen. Confident work from a confident brand.

Runner up: Quito takes the runners up spot. Clear thought and a striking execution on a hugely important subject matter that will tragically be very very real the world over right now. Harsh and coldblooded use of colour in the art direction and a strong simple pay off line. I hope this provokes the important conversations that the issue deserves.

Winner: BK Cancelled Clown. It's Halloween, plenty of scary stuff out in the world, but Burger King up to its usual naughty McDonalds baiting antics. Excellent work from the good people of INGO Stockholm. Minimal explanation of the idea made me want to seek it out and it seems a few online reports even applauded the perfectly timed #cancelledclown hashtag around the US election. Punchy stuff.

Runner up: Corona. This brand must have a had a pretty complex year. Memes coming out of its ears and its poor old marketing team going though all kinds of ups and downs, so thought I'd give it some love. Of the work on display, this is a good old fashioned punchy visual despite save the whales being a topic President of Earth, David Attenborough has been howling at the world since he was a grown man in shorts.

Winner. A strong batch this week, but Johnson & Johnson Brazil just about pipped BK to the prize purely for the reason that it made me remove half my clothes and give their Instagram Breast Check Filter a bash. Yes I'm a bloke, but I proudly stood fondling my man tits and learning exactly how to examine myself as if I was a woman. Now that's properly Interactive. I recommend everyone gives it a go. Simple, clever stuff.

Runner up. Yet another great piece to slot into the impressive BK archive. Time will tell how many people actually took Burger King up on their haunting 'Beware of places that never flame grilled' promotion. This deserves a particular salute because it's yet another inventive twist on the brands product attribute. Mainly disappointed that I couldn't fully interact with it given I'm sat 4,782 miles away from the nearest terrifying location.

Humanaut also deserves a highly commended mention. Good honest daftness. I hope a herd of brands took them up on this.
This week's guest judge is Dave Monk, executive creative director at Publicis Poke, London.

Dave started his career at BBH in 1904 as a workhouse child. He spent his early years working on Lynx, Levi's, Audi and Johnnie Walker and after ninety years worked his way up to polished shoes and became a board director. He then upped sticks and moved to Grey London, spending several years helping build the agency into one of the UK's best creative agencies, and picked up one of D&AD's agency of the year titles for work on the Times and Sunday Times. Dave then bought a posh jacket and picked up the Executive Creative Director reins at Publicis London leading the agency to fill its shelves with a few shiny bits, most notably Tourism Ireland. After a merger with a digital hotshop Poke in 2018, Dave was asked to lead this newly formed Publicis Poke outfit. Which he is doing right now. Mostly from his kitchen. He is also currently enjoying walking around his house barefoot reminding him of those early days as a workhouse scoundrel.

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