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Guest Judge: Frederico Roberto, ECD, Interweave Agency, London

 GUEST JUDGE /BEST AD OF THE WEEK   WORLDWIDE    February 15, 2021 12:26 (Edited: February 15, 2021 23:26)
Winner: Audi Norway 'Globe'. It's the second ad I see 'answering' back to the General Motors' one with Will Ferrell at the Super Bowl and its stab at Norway's clean energy vehicles philosophy. Point being, to pull something like this, with Kristofer Hivju, in less than a week, is a great testament of creative prowess. Oh, and great messaging too: "Don't hate. Imitate". Relevant. Timely. All you need.

Runner Up: Virgin Media 'Faster brings us closer'. As a hardcore gamer myself, this resonates. And it's totally true. Over the years, better online experiences, through games and other entertainment vehicles, brought people to my life that I wouldn't have met otherwise. A wink to "Ready Player One" to package it up with nice craft and storytelling. Classic Adam&Eve.

Winner: IKEA Home & Storage 'Bedroom'. This one is a beauty. It has all the ingredients of a great ad: stopping power and then layers and layers of little stories that you just keeping uncovering. If at first it seems like a simple "before and after mechanic", because of the colours, quickly you understand that there's a whole life journey throughout the bedrooms. Just lovely.

Runner Up: Land Rover 'Standard Since Day 1'. I looked at this ad and I've learnt a lot of stuff with little more than 10 words and an image. It shows me legacy, authenticity, ownership and even a bit story in that historical picture. A great ad, through and through. I hope they do more "Standard since day 1" ads for Land Rover.

Winner: Marmite Dynamite 'Makes a Crash'. Yes, it's a one-off. Yes, it's meant to just hit the web and become viral in a PR stunt-y kind of way. So what? It's a great execution of a product promise done in a funny, impactful way. Those it have an idea? No, not really. Not in the way you expect "an idea" to run a deeper message. Not everything needs to be a peace treaty.

Runner Up: Billy Boy 'Love Crossings'. A topic little piece playing with the street names crossings for condom brand Billy Boy. Fortunate, but the best ideas also come from seizing an opportunity when it's there for the taking. It's clever and surely will become a reference.

Winner: Verizon's 5G Ultra WideBand 'Verizon 5G Stadium'. Here comes my gamer heart again. Topical, relevant, unique, grandiose, on culture. Product demos will always be one the best ways of advertising. And sometimes, all you got to do is to give power to the people and get the hell out of the year. 5G will change our world through people's sheer power to create whatever they want. This is just a great example of that.

Runner Up: Habito 'The Road to Completion'. Honest insight, brave client. To do something like this that at first might not seem fully aligned with your core offering as a company, might seem silly at best (and a waste of time and money at worst), but the best companies know being in contact with their customer base in every moment possible even if it's just to make them giggle for 5 sec, it's worth every investment. After all, #emotionisthepotion.

Winner: KFC 'Barbie Girl'. Ha! A blast from the past. I heard the whole thing. I sang the whole frigging song in my head. That's when you know you're onto something. When you play in people's minds. That's our turf, we the creatives. The ending is just like a soothing balm to bring it home. Super cool.

Runner Up: IKEA 'Life (at home) by IKEA - Sleepy Rug'. It might seem easy to pull a straightforward radio ad like this one. But it's not. Pace, tempo, script, acting, SFX, delivery. Everything plays a part. This is Radio 101 and a great - albeit simple - example that radio still lives. Roberto.jpg
This week's guest judge is Frederico Roberto, executive creative director at Interweave Agency in London and Athens.

There isn't a single day that passes by that Frederico isn't touched by the creative spirit of artists, photographers, writers, painters, musicians, etc. And he tries his very best to add up to this "global soul of inspiration" as he calls it, by bringing his own ideas to life.

A quest that began almost 20 years ago, working for commercial and social causes advertising for the different global markets like EMEA, LATAM and APAC. Samsung, HP, Fox International Channels, Nestle, Bentley Motors, Xbox, Colgate, Virgin Active, Bentley Motors, DIAGEO and BP are some of the clients he has worked for, as well as the Amnesty International, RSPC and the Spitalfields Crypt Trust.

Until recently he was the global creative director at the U-Studios, OLIVER Agency inhouse agency at Unilever, working for all of its 400+ brands. He's now the executive creative director at Interweave Agency in London & Athens.

Frederico has won more than 50 international awards including Cannes Lions, the South American El Ojo, the Lovie Awards and the UK's DADIs and BIMAs Awards and has been judging various prestigious international festivals such as Cannes Lions, Dubai Lynx, D&AD, the New York Festival and the WINA Festival amongst others.

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