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Guest Judge: Neil Walker-Wells, Group CD, Juniper Park\TBWA

 GUEST JUDGE /BEST AD OF THE WEEK   WORLDWIDE    May 31, 2021 18:00 (Edited: June 01, 2021 04:00)
Honestly, I've had my fill of lockdown ads. We're all craving something fresh, work that doesn't remind us of the brutal time we've been through. So, while the John Lewis spot is beautifully crafted and shot, I just can't help but feel a bit exhausted. I definitely much prefer and appreciate a message that's future-focused as we emerge from the pandemic, and definitely gravitate to a brand that offers us a little hope.

Winner: Heineken 'Home Gatherings'. A cool reminder that we're looking forward to better times. To hanging out with friends again. But yet it's rooted in a human truth that we're not going back to the old casual normal, that drinking responsibly isn't just about quantity any more . A nicely shot and cast ad with feel-good vibes which I'm sure will result in a few more people picking up a Heineken on the way to their next house party.

Runner up: iPhone 'Tracked'. We're all getting a bit paranoid about our data. As digital and social ads get more sophisticated and effective at targeting us with precision it's pretty clear that we're sharing more info every moment we engage. This spot does a great job of prodding that discomfort we feel and assuring us that Apple has our back.

Winner: Burger King 'Toy'. The best of a not very good bunch I suppose. Direct. Restaurants are opening up again. A bit of a smile. That being said Burger King have set the bar high and I'm not sure this is even close.

Runner up: Curtice Brothers Ketchup 'Before Ketchup - Old Woman Eating Porridge'.

Winner: AB InBev / Ambev 'Responsible Billboards'. Great to see brands flex and join forces for good. A good tactical take on a relentless issue. It's attention grabbing and puts the message right on the very roads that so many drunk drivers risk our lives on.

Runner up: Project Honor / GoFundMe 'Project Honor'. Beautifully done, appreciate someone putting some budget behind this message. Lovely art direction and placements for a vital cause.

Winner: Mastercard Poland 'Safe Waze 2 Shop'. Everything you want from a brand in a pandemic. Drives me to a safer experience and incentivizes it with savings. Turns Mastercard from a transactional brand into an ally. Clever and well executed.

Runner up: Samsung 'iTest'. Turns an Apple into a Samsung. Smart way to give folks a test drive and see what they could be missing. Walker-Wells.jpg
This week's guest judge is Neil Walker-Wells, group creative director at Juniper ParkTBWA, Toronto.

Neil is a copywriter with over 17 years of experience across the globe.

Starting at King James in Cape Town, Neil has worked his way to multiple awards at Cannes, The One Show, D&AD, Lynx, Loeries, New York Festivals, and more.

Some of the brands Neil has worked on over the years include BP, Volkswagen, Ford, Jaguar, Cadbury's, Old Mutual Bank, Bells, Castle Lager, WWF, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, McDonald's, Coca-Cola, Virgin Airlines, Sony, Proctor and Gamble, Virgin Mobile, CIBC, Del Monte, Pfizer and more.

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