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Guest Judge: Nicholas Hulley, ECD, AMV BBDO, London

 GUEST JUDGE /BEST AD OF THE WEEK   WORLDWIDE    July 12, 2021 19:48 (Edited: July 13, 2021 05:48)
July. The month after Cannes and the beginning of the awards calendar year. So, is anybody setting the early pace? Are there any early contenders?

In TV the first runner to take the lead in the marathon is Heineken's "The Night is Young". It's a lovely and fun demonstration that the people who will be having all the fun are the vaccinated. And they happen to be people of a certain age. It made me smile (while also giving me anxiety that soon I'll have to get out of my tracksuit trousers and do socialising again).

The runner up is "Let's be clear" from Sprite. The message is polemical- this is the first generation educating the older one - however, the execution is light and amusing. It wears its politics well.

In press McDonald's continues to show the power of their branding with another logo-less, unbranded advert. Playing with brand icons is a rich seam.

If dogs have historians, I wonder how they will write about the pandemic:
"'twas a golden age, much walkies, much togetherness." So the subversion of Land of Strays from social distancing to social approaching amused me.

In outdoor the adidas liquid billboard cuts through the clutter and grabs your attention.

As runner up, the sand sculptures in memory of the drowned on the Zeebrugge beach is very stark and moving.

Magnum is nothing if not indulgent, so I love the write up for their painting by Roberto Ferri which finally gives Dante a kiss with his muse Beatrice: "In Ferri's 'Kiss' the powerful drama of Caravaggio's chiaroscuro meets the aesthetic plasticity of Antonio Canova's 'Psyche Revived by Cupid's Kiss' and the heart-breaking narration of Hayez's famous 'Bacio'." A worthy indulgence and my interactive best of.

Boston Pizza comes in as the runner-up with something a little more timely than eternal unrequited love, with their funny training videos of how to correctly enjoy their restaurant patios.

That's it. Will any last the distance? Time will tell. Hulley.jpeg
This week's guest judge is Nicholas Hulley, ECD at AMV BBDO in London.

Nicholas Hulley and his partner Nadja Lossgott are the executive creative directors of AMV BBDO, London.

Nick and Nadja have created genre-bending, culture-shaping work that has won multiple Cannes Grand Prix's, a Titanium Grand Prix, Titaniums, Black Pencils, a One Show Best of Show and have their work displayed in the permanent collections of the British Museum and The Design Museum.

In their first 18 months as ECDs they led AMV BBDO to the number 1 ranked agency in the world at Cannes, D&AD and The One Show.

They are the team behind #Wombstories and #Bloodnormal, for Bodyform/Libresse.

From writing the influential Guinness Sapeurs film and documentary they now run the account globally, recently rebranding boring old tap water into a sexy new product, "Guinness Clear", for the brand's responsible drinking initiative.

Whether they're part of the team turning worthless Zimbabwean dollars into billboards, creating a new country out of ocean rubbish, writing documentaries and podcasts, turning uteruses into rich wombworlds, defying broadcasters, or leading a creative department, N&N strive for visually and emotionally striking work that has cultural impact.

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