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Guest judge: Matt Ryan, Goodby Silverstein, San Francisco

 GUEST JUDGE /BEST AD OF THE WEEK   USA    September 16, 2009 16:50 (Edited: April 12, 2011 07:29) week's guest judge is Matt Ryan, hybrid creative at Goodby, Silverstein & Partners in San Francisco.
Matt has been bouncing across the globe for a number of years and has been fortunate enough to learn his craft at some off the hottest shops in the industry. Starting out at Leo Burnett in Sydney to Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand, AMV BBDO London to Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco.
Throughout his travels Matt has sunk his teeth into many brands from worldwide global product launches for Wrigleys, reshaping McDonald's brand image in Australia to Helwett-Packard and has recently been getting down and dirty with NBA stars on the NBA Finals series campaign.
Matt has picked up bling from all the major international award shows and been featured in the Gunn Report.


Some really well crafted spots this week. Vince Squibb has shot a beautiful piece of film for the BBC, Fred & Farid have extended the 'We are animals' campaign for Wrangler that I loved from Cannes this year, but for me the pick has to go to the 'Jigga Man' himself, Jay-Z...

Ok I have to be honest with you. I'm currently in Los Angeles at the moment so the current batch of work has a lot of competition. Stunning weather, beautiful girls on the promenade and a nice line up of waves currently forming at the County Line in Malibu I have been trying my best to get amongst the past few days...

Before you dive into my review I wanted to give a quick shout out to Jeff Goodby's poem house. If you have not checked out his side project at St Helena in California do yourself a favor and visit it's well worth a peek.

Some really well crafted spots this week. Vince Squibb has shot a beautiful piece of film for the BBC, Fred & Farid have extended the 'We are animals' campaign for Wrangler that I loved from Cannes this year, but for me the pick has to go to the 'Jigga Man' himself, Jay-Z.
This film has already been through the acid test. I first spotted it a few weeks ago on TV, it instantly captured my attention. At first viewing I thought it was the latest clip off his new album I had been wanting to check out. It was not until the end frame rolled in, that the commercial nature became clear. This film is definitely going to resonate very closely with all his fans. No gimmicks, no value adding, just a simplistic showcase and celebration of Jay's past that remains true to his brand image. The boys from Droga 5 have created a fantastic film that has a touch of class, the world of gangsta rap is muddied with lots of similar acts. Jay Z definitely stands out from the pack and this film will help further separate him from all the other rappers fighting each other for air time.
"Jay Z fans get it". They sure do and with a bit of luck this film will end with sales at Rhapsody as I'm keen for them to keep making spots like this.
Runner up this week is Wrangler. I love the insight and thinking behind the 'We Are Animals' campaign and this execution is a good addition to all the great work previously produced.

The best of the print this week is for Capital magazine. This is a nice, big campaignable idea I can see living well beyond the printed page. I know I am being asked to judge simply in the related categories, in this case Print but I can't help but think of the possibilities that exist in alternative media outlets. Online will open a can of worms with the potential to catch people off guard in a very confrontational way. It could spark huge debate and discussions in online forums. Simply planting a few little seeds in lots of different media channels and letting the campaign take on a life of its own... all whilst relating back to Capital magazine. That's the sort thing I would like to see.
Runner up is a bit tougher as its quite a gap between Capital and the rest. If I do have to pick one its VW. This may not be the best traditional execution I have seen created for the brand but I do have an affinity for well designed german cars.

One standout. I am going to cheat again as I am looking well beyond an outdoor billboard. I'm not looking for an adaption of a print ad or a scammy idea simply for award shows. I am looking for big brand ideas, the Coopers 62 campaign is by far the biggest idea of the bunch. Getting your audience involved is absolutely key, the scope and potential of audience brand participation in this campaign is exciting. An idea that transcends all media and cultural boundaries and gets the public involved is where true advertising begins... well for me anyway.
I can only imagine where this will go as I cannot see all the elements and stretch of the campaign from the US but I am very excited at its potential. Well done to the crew at CRC Sydney. Beer advertising is tough and this is a great example of how it should be done. I can already see the nice two-way conversation sparking between the brand and its consumers.
Runner up this week for sheer shock value is Foundation Abbe Pierre. It's a traditional execution for a charity client and contradictory to my previous comments I do like the way the confronting visual grabs you and forces you to digest the simple message.

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