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Seen and noted

New Mercedes-Benz work from Lobedu Leo Burnett South Africa.

 TV   SOUTH AFRICA    September 13, 2006 11:53 (Edited: September 13, 2006 01:53)

New Launch spot for the new B-Class Mercedes from Frieze Films & Lobedu Leo Burnett, SA.

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New medical procedures from O&M New York.

 TV   USA    September 13, 2006 11:41 (Edited: September 13, 2006 01:41)

New spots for SportsNet New York through Hungry Man & Ogilvy New York.

SportsNet New York (SNY) came on the air in April 2006. A highly successful ad campaign using a mysterious character with a TV for a head that plays SportsNet New York accompanied it. Now, in this follow-up campaign, the TV head theme continues, albeit in a completely different incarnation.

A new series of three ads, designed to look and feel like a local
plastic surgeon’s ads, break in September. The ads are brought to you by Dr. Joshua Rosen, an ethically challenged plastic surgeon who has begun offering a bizarre new procedure: The Head Enhancement Procedure. Because New York men love watching SNY, Dr. Rosen has begun replacing women’s normal heads with TV heads that play SNY, so that they can get the male
attention they deserve.
The series of spots drive to Dr. Rosen’s website,, where people can get more information on the procedure. The spots also drive to a phone number where people can get a free pre-consultation and hear from satisfied customers. In addition to TV, Web and phone, business cards for Dr. Rosen are being placed in New York city subways and apartment mailboxes, as this is a customary shady small business practice.

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... and here's the other one in the current series:

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New work from McCann-Erickson, Paris

 TV   EUROPE    September 13, 2006 11:34 (Edited: September 13, 2006 01:34)

Quite an unusual communications device ...

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It's impolite to stare ...

 TV   CANADA    September 13, 2006 11:31 (Edited: September 13, 2006 01:31)

New From Reginald Pike Director Mark Gilbert & BBDO, Toronto.

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New Vodafone work from JWT Frankfurt

 TV   EUROPE    September 13, 2006 10:38 (Edited: September 13, 2006 00:38)

JAM (from Another Film Company, UK) directs this new Vodafone spot for Vodafone.

From the agency:
One of three films, this one tells the story of a girl waiting for a bus who finds herself alone with a passionate if musically challenged busker ...
The strategy from JWT was crystal clear – why put up with bad entertainment when you can be assured of good entertainment on your phone?
The agency gave the directors the creative leeway to recommend how the protagonist disposed of the bad entertainment as long as the phone instigated it.
The bad music was written by Lotown and was then made even badder by street casting the very worst buskers money could buy.
He was found in the UK and the girl was street cast in Berlin.

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The new McDonald's work polarises opinion.

 TV    September 13, 2006 10:31 (Edited: September 13, 2006 00:31)

It seems that you either love it ... or hate it ... but the new McDonald's work out of Leo Burnett Chicago is hard to ignore, and quite a departure for McDonald's.

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Some people would rather stay at home than venture out.

 WORTH A LOOK   UK    September 13, 2006 10:27 (Edited: September 13, 2006 00:27)

I think these started life as spec spots a few months back ... but have found their rightful place in the world.

These spots are showing at each screening of the Time Out London on Screen film festival (Sept 1 - Sept 30)

Click here to view "Nails"

And the other one in the series ....

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New Mercedes work from Springer & Jacoby Hamburg

 TV   EUROPE    September 13, 2006 10:21 (Edited: September 13, 2006 00:21)

Tarsem directs the new "positive / negative" spot for Mercedes.

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Why do traditional advertising when you can build a spa.

 LATEST NEWS   CANADA    September 12, 2006 14:59 (Edited: September 12, 2006 04:59)

Sharpe Blackmore Euro RSCG has built & launched the Evian Purity Spa in Toronto's Yorkville — but it's only open for one month, until September 30th, and the treatments are free.

Why do traditional advertising when you can build a spa.

What's interesting about this project is that it was designed and built by an advertising agency — Sharpe Blackmore Euro RSCG, Toronto.

Sharpe Blackmore says they didn't build a spa, they built a brand. The spa is simply a non-traditional creative idea that helped solve the client's business challenges. It's becoming increasingly difficult to cut through the clutter with traditional print, outdoor and television. Like any great idea, the spa was different, unique, and represented the Evian brand better than any print ad ever could.

But how does an agency suddenly become an expert in construction? They didn't. An agency doesn't actually produce a TV spot, either. There aren't teams of directors, editors, and animators on the agency payroll. The agency simply creates an idea, sources the best professionals to help them execute the idea and protects the creative integrity through the process. That's what Sharpe Blackmore Euro RSCG did with the spa, they developed the idea, brought in talented people who could execute it and managed the process to ensure that the original idea was protected.

View the creation/construction of the spa here
View the spa launch party here:
Pictures of the launch are here:

Evian Purity Spa Toronto Credits:
Agency: Sharpe Blackmore Euro RSCG
Creative Director: Paul McClimond
Art Direction: Paul McClimond, Stacey Hill
Copy Writer: Brent Turnbull
Studio Production: Ian Galloway
Senior Account Director: Etelka Gavaller
Account Director: Elizabeth McGroarty
Account Executive: Leslie Uy
Design and Construction: Holman Exhibits Ltd.

St Lukes founding director joins W+K Amsterdam

 LATEST NEWS   EUROPE    September 07, 2006 11:15 (Edited: September 07, 2006 01:15)

St Lukes founding director joins Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam

06 September 2006, Amsterdam - Neil Thomson, a founding director of St Lukes, has been hired to the management team of Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam as Finance and Operations Director.

Neil Thomson takes on the mantel from long-standing Wieden+Kennedy staffer Ted Nelson, who has moved to the US to become Financial Director of the Portland office.

In his role since 1995 as Chief Operating Officer at St Lukes Group, Neil Thomson was a member of the Executive Board with responsibility for all aspects of finance and infrastructure. Most recently, Thomson negotiated the buy-out from Chiat Day and devised St Lukes’ innovative share scheme. St Lukes itself was a leader in introducing transparency, brand rooms and new work processes to the sector in the UK; for the first five years of the agency it was known as the best regarded agency in the UK.

Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam’s managing director, Tim O’Kennedy, says: “Ted Nelson’s shoes are hard to fill but in Neil we’ve found a perfect fit. His track record is impressive, second to none. If his achievements at St Lukes are anything to go by, we’re in for some outstanding times together.”

Neil Thomson says of his move to Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam: “It isn’t easy to leave an agency of the calibre of St Lukes. But if I’m going to move on, where better than to a creative power-house like Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam? I’m looking forward to getting my teeth into the management role and playing my part in helping build some of the most innovative brands in the world.”

Creative rankings .... who's leading the world this awards year?

 FROM BESTADSONTV    September 07, 2006 11:04 (Edited: September 07, 2006 01:04)
Currently ranked number one in the world .....

for TV work:

Adrian Rossi - BBH London
Alex Grieve - BBH London
Pablo Minces - Santo
Sheena Brady - W+K Portland

For TV + Print / outdoor

Bill Bruce - BBDO New York
David Lubars - BBDO New York

New interactive work from GPY&R Melbourne Australia

 LATEST ONLINE   AUSTRALIA    September 07, 2006 10:32 (Edited: September 07, 2006 00:32)

Boags Draught calling for recruits.

... from the agency:

Although each batch of their beer is tested up to 30 times, beer can never be tested too much. Hence, calling for volunteers to the Tester Reserve.

1 Night a week. 52 Weeks a year... You get the drift.

It has a recruitment site as its hub, with outdoor, radio and online banner support. The site is:

Click here to view this interactive work

Of particular interest is Drill Sergeant (directed by Sean Byrne at Renegade and starring veteran theatre and feature film actor Ken Radley) located at:

Click here for the drill sergeant.


Agency: GPY&R Melbourne
Creatives: Hilary Badger & Rob Beamish
Creative Director: James McGrath
Agency Producers: Amber Benjafield & Simon Thomas
Interactive Designer: Marty Hungerford
Director: Sean Byrne
Production Co: Renegade Films

So how are the rankings going so far?

 FROM BESTADSONTV    September 07, 2006 10:17 (Edited: September 07, 2006 00:17)

Agency rankings for the current awards year ... from June:


In First position with 3 spots featured:
JWT London 3
M&C Saatchi London 3
Mother London 3

In second position with 2 spots featured:

BBH London 2
Cummins & Partners, Melbourne 2
Delaney Lund Knox Warren 2
Fallon Minneapolis 2
George Patterson Y&R Melbourne 2
Goodby, Silverstein & Partners 2
lowe bull 2
Santo 2
Vegaolmosponce 2
Wieden & Kennedy Portland 2
Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam 2

Print / outdoor only:

In first position with 4 works featured

DDB Paris 4

In second position with 3 works featured

Grey Wordwide South Africa 3
Lowe Bull South Africa 3

In third position with 2 works featured

Ad Planet Group 2
BBDO New York 2
BBH London 2
Black River Football Club 2
creativejuiceG1 bangkok 2
DDB London 2
Saatchi & Saatchi New York 2


In first position with 6 ads featured:

Lowe Bull South Africa 6

In second position with 4 ads featured:

BBH London 4
DDB Paris 4
Grey Wordwide South Africa 4

In second position with 3 ads featured:

DDB London 3
Goodby, Silverstein & Partners 3
JWT London 3
M&C Saatchi London 3
Mother London 3
Saatchi & Saatchi New York 3

(looks like South Africa is dominating the print!)

We don't know who did this, but it's amusing.

UK    September 06, 2006 15:19 (Edited: February 05, 2007 16:05)

Any ideas as to who might have done this one?

It was sent in by one of the bestads devotees. Mattessons Sausage.

"just you, me ... and the sausage"

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From The Jupiter Drawing Room, Cape Town ...

 TV   SOUTH AFRICA    September 06, 2006 15:14 (Edited: September 06, 2006 05:14)

New work from South Africa. Nice simple idea.

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New interactive work from HRP

 LATEST ONLINE   USA    September 06, 2006 15:10 (Edited: September 06, 2006 05:10)

New interactive work from HRP.

To help increase ticket sales to Penn & Teller’s show in Las Vegas, the team created a banner that would give viewers a sneak peak of their unique brand of madness. We used the same unexpected, shocking humor that the bad boys of magic are famous for.

Click here to view this interactive work

Credits for “Slots”

Production: Struck Design

Copywriter: Adam Kopell

Art Director: Mark Grundland

Designer(s): Yo Umeda/Tim Saputo

Producer: Cathleen Kisich

Creative Director: Dominic Goldman

Executive Creative Director(s): Jon Soto and Jae Goodman

...and here's some of the new British Airways print.

 TV   UK    September 06, 2006 14:49 (Edited: September 06, 2006 04:49)

Some of the print that goes along with our featured BA spot.

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From Marketforce, Australia.

 TV   AUSTRALIA    September 06, 2006 14:47 (Edited: September 06, 2006 04:47) Darwin.jpg

The Bad boys of & are in town living it large and creating havoc as only & stars know how.

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Guest comments for the featured spot "Zoom Longhaul"

 GUEST COMMENTS    September 06, 2006 14:37 (Edited: September 06, 2006 04:37)

Some background from Adrian Rossi & Alex Grieve, BBH London, creatives on the featured BA spot.

Fred & Ginger, Holmes and Watson, Keith Harris & Orville (OK, scratch that one) and now, British Airways and Google.  Some things just work brilliantly together.

At BBH our understanding of  BA and Google meant we were able to bring them together to create a unique campaign.

The idea of using Google Earth as a platform for BA's World Offers Sale manages to ingeniously provide a solution for both client's needs.
For BA it allowed them to drive home a sale message whilst at the same time bringing to life the destinations and excitement of travel.  
For Google it provided a primetime opportunity to bring to people's attention their innovative product.

The result - breakthrough creative that works completely through the line and two very happy clients.

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Guest comments for the featured Axe spot "Fish"

 GUEST COMMENTS    September 06, 2006 14:27 (Edited: September 06, 2006 04:27)

A few words from Traktor:

The making of ...

We were attacked by trillions of tiny black, terrorist bugs. Their strategy was to simply die, rot, and spread a stench that panicked the crew. But our mission was for love so we re-conquered the beaches.

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Guest comments for "The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly"

 GUEST COMMENTS    September 06, 2006 14:22 (Edited: September 06, 2006 04:22)

Some background from the director, Lee Edwards.

It was all shot in Rome in one day. The strangest part of the day for me was shooting the man climaxing. I had to tell him through an interpreter to pump harder and scream longer while the theme tune to 'The Good, the Bad and The Ugly' played in the background. We shot it with the girl on top too, but it looked too realistic and lost the humour element. I didn't realise during the take but her mother was watching on a monitor outside. When i found out i spent the rest of the day hiding from her.

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Guest comments for the featured spot "Seat Search"

 GUEST COMMENTS    September 06, 2006 14:18 (Edited: September 06, 2006 04:18)

Some background from the director, Steve Reeves, Another Film Company.

The kronenbourg commercial was shot entirely on location in Prague.

Kronenbourg sees itself a relatively up-market beer that is mainly
enjoyed by older more sophisticated drinkers that would prefer to sit rather than stand at the bar to enjoy their drink. The commercial
illustrates this by showing a guy traipsing all over the city looking
for somewhere to sit. He eventually finds a seat in an art college
where he has to pose naked as a life model before he can finally savour his Kronenbourg.
The creative team Tom Drew and Uche Ezugwu were brilliant to
work with, as they gave me loads of freedom to come up with different executions of this clever core idea.
I wanted the commercial to have a cool laid back feel to it. I wanted to avoid the 'laddishness' of most beer ads and felt that the Pastsy Kline track helped add to this mood and I was really pleased when Graham Fink convinced the client decided to cough up the extra money to get it. It was a great shoot for me as I love simple story telling and getting interesting performances from the cast.
The commercial was lit by Alex Melman, he used uncoated lenses to
create the flares and softness that give the commercial its look. The
film was edited by Scot Crane at The Quarry.
The lead guy was cast in the UK, all the other talent were cast in

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New Wendy's work from McCanns New York

 TV   USA    September 06, 2006 10:01 (Edited: September 06, 2006 00:01)

Biscuit Filmworks & McCanns NY combine for this new Wendy's spot.

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More from M&C London

 TV   UK    September 06, 2006 09:55 (Edited: September 05, 2006 23:55)

In a laid back Australian beach bar people are drinking a new laid back lager whilst nonchalantly hanging out in a gravity defying laid back position.

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 GUEST JUDGE /BEST AD OF THE WEEK   UK    September 06, 2006 08:43 (Edited: September 05, 2006 22:43)

Ben Priest, Creative Director Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe / Y&R London, will be this week's guest judge. Ben will be choosing the "bestad of the week" from last week's featured TV & print /outdoor.

The ever wonderful Ivan Zacharias does it again with this spot for Nike featuring Maria Sharipova. (Now that's a tough opening sentence, spelling wise.) The ad captures the weird contradiction at the heart of this super star - she looks like a supermodel but hits the ball like a grizzly bear on steroids. The sugary track is given a great twist by the jealous, hooded eyed peformers. It's left field, memorable, well shot and captures the essence of her. Game, set and match.

Click here to view this spot

My print choice is the 'Korea' ad for Alteco super glue. It's so simple and uses a highly sensitive subject in just the right way to make its point. Sure, you should be able to do great ads for super glue but they have.

Click here to view this ad

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