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The Salvation Army: The Wait

 TV   FINLAND    November 27, 2023 12:50 should be worth the wait for everyone. This is the message of the latest Christmas Kettle campaign. Context: In Finland, Santa Claus personally visits homes to hand out gifts on Christmas Eve.


Big Save Furniture : Bitcoin Or Bed

 RADIO   NEW ZEALAND    November 27, 2023 12:47 (Edited: November 27, 2023 23:47) Save Furniture is New Zealand's largest stockist of furniture and beds. To prove to their customers that they have 'Prices That Make Sense' the campaign explores the endless possibilities of a price tag; comparing sensibly priced Big Save furniture to things that are similarly priced and far less sensible.


Guest Judges: Amy Cheng + Oliver Davis, CDs, Edelman, Hong Kong

 GUEST JUDGE /BEST AD OF THE WEEK   WORLDWIDE    November 27, 2023 12:32 (Edited: November 27, 2023 23:32) amy joint shot.jpg
This week's guest judges are Amy Cheng and Oliver Davis, creative directors at Edelman, Hong Kong.

Overall Winner: Garnacho's 'Overhead Kick'. I need a job number for this. It isn't part of the "Best Six" ads we are judging, but today we have collectively watched it at least 73 times (Oliver watched it 73 times, Amy doesn't care) and it's 10 seconds of TV which will add millions to the Garnacho brand - well done to whoever scripted that.


KFC: Tasty Tunes

 RADIO   NEW ZEALAND    November 27, 2023 07:47 tunes ft:The Colonel. Get ready to spice up your Christmas tunes this year with 'Tasty Tunes', featuring the one and only Colonel from KFC. Agency: Stanley St.


Monti Trentini: Merry Cheesemas

 PRINT   ITALY    November 26, 2023 10:29 as a Christmas Tree from Monti Trentini Italy


Associao Salvador: The Way To Infinity

 OUTDOOR   PORTUGAL    November 25, 2023 06:26 campaign shows the impossible scenario of inaccessibility that thousands of disabled Portuguese workers face everyday when they go to work. Even if Portuguese companies are obliged by law to have at least 1% disabled workers, it helps, but with no access to public transportation, public services and commerce and even inside the workplace, it is not enough. To work, we need a law that works.


Everyday English Academy: Little Tom Cruise

 PRINT   NICARAGUA    November 25, 2023 06:17 (Edited: April 06, 2024 18:10) English Academy's courses are extremely accelerated, making it possible for children up to adults to pronounce the English language fluently and correctly. This campaign manages to capture the essence of the academy through very powerful visuals for the target. Entre na diversão do jogo do bicho brasileiro em e experimente a emoção de apostar online. Não perca mais tempo, junte-se a nós agora e comece a ganhar!


Government Savings Bank: Right Spending, Saving

 TV   THAILAND    November 25, 2023 06:05 Films x Scrum BKK x ADK have released a new bank commercial to convey the concept of New Gen money saving, which is valued by GSB.The Government Savings Bank, also known as the National Savings Bank, has encouraged people to save for many decades.The economy evolves in tandem with the passage of time.


Gage Roads: Beige Or Gage Eww Yeww

 INTEGRATED   AUSTRALIA    November 25, 2023 05:56 (Edited: November 25, 2023 16:56) asked Western Australian's - do you really want to drink another "brewed in a boardroom" beige beer, or open the flavourful, refreshing and proudly independent, Gage Roads? We created Beige Roads Brew Co and its flagship brew Single Bin, a tongue-in-cheek tribute to all the mainstream watery beers owned by giant corporations. What better way to highlight the coastal summer vibes and fierce independence of Gage Roads than creating something they are not.


Protecto: Skin Cancer Walls

 OUTDOOR   COSTA RICA    November 24, 2023 10:28 Costa Rica has partnered with Protecto to create this "Skin Cancer Walls" campaign, demonstrating how the sun damages walls the same way it damages peoples skin.


TUI: Chief Good List Officer

 INTERACTIVE   UK    November 24, 2023 10:25 (Edited: November 24, 2023 21:25) new national study has revealed November is where the festive magic truly begins for little ones, with more than a third (35%) of children aged between three- and 11-years old taking time to carefully craft and submit their Christmas wish list. This also explains why over half of parents (55%) notice a switch in their behaviour in October, as kids across the nation set out to impress. The research, conducted by TUI, revealed the heart-warming and often comical lengths children will go to, to firmly qualify for the jolly man's 'good list' and achieve their Christmas dreams;


Fundacion Ser: Tears

 PRINT   NICARAGUA    November 24, 2023 07:43 violence attacks women both physically and psychologically, the psychological damage often leaves marks on women that are difficult to erase, damaging their self-esteem. Fundacion Ser works with support groups to give women self-esteem and often denounce the perpetrators.


CO2 Bioclean: A New Mission

 PRINT   ITALY    November 24, 2023 07:42, companies are rediscovering a new sense of mission linked to new production opportunities, thanks to CO2BioClean, the revolutionary patented process that captures the CO2 released into the air, transforming it into biopolymers destined for the production of 100% biodegradable products.


Gala Bingo: All The Calls

 OUTDOOR   UK    November 24, 2023 07:33 (Edited: November 24, 2023 18:33) Bingo has created the ultimate challenge for bingo fans by cryptically hiding all 90 bingo calls into their latest campaign: "All The Calls", helping inject joy and drive community into the much-loved game. To help punters complete the challenge, Gala Bingo has been putting out clues on their social channels, and now have unveiled a larger-than-life OOH bus stop shelter that has received a major makeover in Manchester Picadilly Square


Kraft Peanut Butter: Looking For An Empty Jar

 INTERACTIVE   CANADA    November 24, 2023 07:29 are some things you just never want to be without, and as an iconic household staple for nearly 20MM Canadians, there's an all-too-common woe of running out of your favourite spread Kraft Peanut Butter. But now, to the more than half of Canadians who feel sad when they run out of their beloved spread, Kraft Peanut Butter is saying 'never again.'


Coopers Brewery: Big Ales

 INTERACTIVE & OUTDOOR   AUSTRALIA    November 24, 2023 07:27 (Edited: November 24, 2023 18:27) is ushering in a celebration of 'locality', with the launch of a new multi-touchpoint campaign from independent creative, design and PR agency Special Australia. Coopers, the last locally owned and operated big-beer brand in the country, announced the findings to celebrate 'Local, Everywhere', a campaign set to mark the brand's place as the local beer of Australia.


Cabots: The Unstoppable UV

 RADIO   AUSTRALIA    November 24, 2023 07:23 unstoppable UV ray takes an epic journey from the sun's molten core to the surface of the earth, penetrating everything in its path. Except Cabot's Aquadeck.


PWD: More Leads

 RADIO   AUSTRALIA    November 24, 2023 07:22 modern twist on a traditional client testimonial feat. DJ Phetsta


Di Fly Extra: Strike First Strike Fast

 TV   AUSTRALIA    November 24, 2023 07:17 Health Lab launched their new product Di Fly Extra with a new integrated TV and Digital campaign. Strike First, Strike Fast promotes diflys unique 29 day protection for sheep against flys just in time for the summer months


Protergia: It's Ok To Be A Chionophile

 TV   GREECE    November 24, 2023 07:14 (Edited: November 24, 2023 18:14) isn't a winter destination for a reason. The country has one of the mildest climates in Europe, and although Christmas is on the horizon, the country experiences fairly warm temperatures. Therefore, it's in the DNA of Greeks to favour warmer temperatures. Still, there are a few that oppose this. A silent minority that dares to prefer winter to summer.


Scania: New Energy

 TV   SWEDEN    November 24, 2023 07:11 2022 Swedish truck manufacturer Scania picked Agency Akestam Holst as a new partner. Now the first collaboration is rolling out, highlighting Scania's new urban and regional electric trucks.


PSA: Consent Conversation

 TV   IRELAND    November 24, 2023 07:08 (Edited: November 24, 2023 18:08) in September, Javelin buddies Clayton Homer and Des Kavanagh were faced with a difficult task presenting the issue of consent in sexual relationships to the Irish public. Their solution to this sensitive and debated subject was to normalise simple, everyday conversations around consent


Chevrolet: A Holiday To Remember

 TV   USA    November 24, 2023 07:05 and its agency Commonwealth//McCann have partnered with Tom Hooper to again kick off this holiday season with a new long form TV spot. As families gather for the holiday season, "A Holiday to Remember," tells a moving story that many families experience.


Frank Energy: Energy Buzzed

 TV   NEW ZEALAND    November 24, 2023 07:01 (Edited: November 24, 2023 18:01)'You get what you pay for'. Often true for haircuts, not so much for the electricity that runs the clippers. When it comes down to it, a 'premium' energy provider won't shave your back any differently to a cheap, no frills power company. Same electrons, wrapped up in a different package with a different price tag.


Tencent Sustainable Social Value Organization: Answer Me

 TV   CHINA    November 23, 2023 14:44 (Edited: November 24, 2023 01:44) Balloon, Shenzhen has created this brand entertainment long film for the Tencent Sustainable Social Value Organization. The video was based on a true story and was shot on location at Mingtian Elementary in Lijiang, Yunnan. Left-behind children are a widespread social pain point in rural China. Due to parents having to migrate to cities for work, they have no choice but to leave their children in hometowns to be taken care of by elders. Remote mountainous areas also have education problems, and government-dispatched urban teachers going to rural areas to teach is time-limited. Most children see these city teachers as parents, so accompaniment is an urgent issue needing to be solved for left-behind children. Tencent Sustainable Social Value Organization aims to practice Tencent's mission of "Tech for Good."


SVP Annual Appeal: Wonder

 TV   IRELAND    November 23, 2023 07:12 Vincent de Paul (SVP) is Ireland's largest charity and receives around 200,000 calls for help every year. It is unique in that it supports those facing poverty through home visitations by its volunteers. To do this, SVP calls to homes within communities to understand the exact needs of families and individuals. For one family it may be food, for another rent. For others still it might be help with transport costs to get children to school.


Royal Navy: A Celebration Of Duty

 TV   UK    November 23, 2023 07:09 creative agency Hijinks Collective has worked with the Royal Navy to create 'A Celebration of Duty' a new campaign to honour Royal Navy personnel and veterans who, through their sense of duty, give back to their local community every single day.


Peugeot 208: Unleash Your Power

 TV   FRANCE    November 23, 2023 07:07 presents the 208 Turbo model, in a campaign that aims to reflect on the contrast between the expectations that people have for themselves and what they really want. With the concept 'Unleash your power', the commercial, created by BETC Havas, shows a woman meditating. When asked to "imagine herself in her place of peace", she finds herself behind the wheel of a turbocharged car.


Rockshore : The Most Refreshing Time For A Beer

 TV   UK    November 23, 2023 07:04, the Diageo-owned Irish lager and cider brand, has today unveiled its new Christmas campaign, "The most refreshing time for a beer:. The multichannel push, which stars Ronan Keating, was developed in partnership with M&C Saatchi London. To build on the success of this summer's brand campaign launch, Rockshore tasked M&C Saatchi London with creating a fame-driving piece of work offering a 'Refreshingly Irish" take on the festive season


Purpose Distruptors: The Good Advert

 TV   UK    November 23, 2023 06:59 (Edited: November 23, 2023 17:59) reformer Purpose Disruptors is launching a provocative TV spot subverting the purpose of advertising in the latest iteration of its 'Reclaiming the Commercial Break' campaign as part of its Good Life 2030 project, developed in partnership with Iris, the global creative network. The 30-second film features comedian and writer Simon Amstell playing the part of 'the advert' with his trademark wit and irreverence. The ad begins with a glitching test card followed by a blacked-out screen. Filling the blank void we hear the conscience of 'the ad' reflect awkwardly on how adverts usually encourage people to spend more


Solo Stove: Give Up Smoke

 TV   USA    November 23, 2023 06:56 this: legendary cannabis-smoking icon the one, the only Snoop Dogg, the lyrical genius behind 'Smoke Weed Every Day,' after 52 years on earth and endless blunt over-consumption rumours, is making a declaration to the world (aka his social media following) that after consulting with his friends and family, he's going smokeless.While his social followers spiral and speculate as to why he would announce such a thing, we're offering you a sneak peek.


Melbourne Market: Stronger Together

 PRINT   AUSTRALIA    November 23, 2023 06:52 Melbourne Market is among Australia's largest wholesale fruit & vegetable markets, with stallholders representing a range of diverse nationalities, cultures and generations. But with this diversity, came a varying understanding of acceptable behaviours. Combined with intense competition between stallholders, incidents of aggression and racism were rising.
To educate stallholders about appropriate behaviour inside the markets, we used a series of heroes from outside it. Knowing a deep reverence for family united our audience, these familial symbols became an ever present moral compass, providing well needed perspective.


Heineken Silver: Ice Cooler Sphere

 OUTDOOR   USA    November 23, 2023 06:39 to set Heineken Silver on the global stage like never before, Heineken Silver will be taking over OOH moments throughout Las Vegas during the inaugural Formula One Las Vegas Grand Prix, and as the first beer brand to grace the iconic Sphere. In a digital OOH buy that rivals the impact of NYC's Times Square, the brand will light up the skies of Vegas to an estimated 300,000 race attendees. A colossal disco ball will radiate the electric energy of Vegas and transform into an icy spectacle, unveiling giant Heineken Silvers hidden within. With the disco ball's scale, movement, and prime location on the Vegas Strip, it promises to captivate the hundreds of thousands of spectators and even reach millions more through the television broadcast of the Las Vegas Grand Prix.


Delivereasy vs Uber

 OUTDOOR   NEW ZEALAND    November 23, 2023 06:35 (Edited: November 23, 2023 17:35) Uber billboard.jpg&width=200We turned a big billboard into a huge statemen then, half way through, we turned a huge statement into a big apology.


Datapinata NZ: Armada

 INTERACTIVE   NEW ZEALAND    November 23, 2023 06:30 do you turn something as simple as a mobile data giveaway into an experience that keeps people coming back every day over summer? Naturally, you put the data in an armada of AR pinatas, then encourage the country to find them and whack them for free data. Both 2degrees customers and non-customers could go to, where they could hunt and collect different type pinatas depending on things like location, weather, and time of day. But only one pinata per person could be found a day, meaning if you wanted to collect them all, you’d have to keep coming back.


wwf: Conservation Collection

 TV   ITALY    November 22, 2023 16:06 Song and C41 proudly announce the release of the campaign for the WWF Conservation Collection. Rather than the ordinary Christmas jumpers we are all used to, the WWF Conservation Collection invites us to gift one of the four designs from the collection, made of 100% recycled and sustainable wool, to support the conservation efforts for four endangered species. Directed by Alice Fassi and produced by C41, the video campaign opens with a nod to classic fashion films, where models often walk aimlessly, striking static and senseless poses.


Salvos Stores: Electronics

 TV   AUSTRALIA    November 22, 2023 16:04 Salvos Stores, 100 per cent of profits support programs that transform the lives of Australians in need, such as those experiencing hunger and homelessness. And through its support of the circular economy and numerous sustainability initiatives,


Sephora: Let There Be Sparks

 TV   FRANCE    November 22, 2023 16:01 (Edited: November 23, 2023 03:01) Holiday season, Sephora, in collaboration with BETC Etoile Rouge and BETC Fullsix, invites us to rediscover the magic of the season through a poetic 360 degrees communication campaign. This is a new opportunity for Sephora, a name synonymous with beauty leadership, to remind the world of the unlimited power of beauty. It's the power of bringing people together, beauty as the starting point for unforgettable experiences that celebrate the uniqueness that lies within each of us. The campaign features an enchanting film and print series, both directed by Jonas Lindstroem (ICONOCLAST), and an inspiring musical edit of "Your Own Hands" by Joe Bel.


Valentin Hauy:A Job For Me

 TV   FRANCE    November 22, 2023 15:58 (Edited: April 11, 2024 17:10) creative agency, We Are Social France, has launched 'A Job for Me' campaign for the Valentin Hauy Association to expose the challenges faced in the workplace by blind or visually impaired individuals. The film is aired during European Disability Employment Week (November 20-26, 2023) which takes place this week. The 'A Job for Me' film created by We Are Social France uses humour to highlight the difficulties faced by visually impaired individuals when searching for work covering everything from non-adapted job advertisements to companies' reluctance to hire them.

UNICEF Malaysia: #AShotAtLife

 OUTDOOR   MALAYSIA    November 22, 2023 13:15 (Edited: November 23, 2023 00:15) virtual exhibition gallery1.jpg&width=200Mediabrands Content Studio (MBCS), the media-fuelled creative content practice within the IPG Mediabrands network, has launched a special campaign together with UNICEF Malaysia to commemorate World Children’s Day on 20 November 2023. Voices of Children was launched with an event at the Parliament of Malaysia, with a special proclamation by the Speaker, speeches by children, and a unique exhibition on children’s rights as captured by the Picture My Rights photo competition which ran from July 2023. Concurrently on World Children’s Day, 21 digital billboards were activated over a three-day period, to feature the competition's winning entries and finalists across selected digital billboards across the Klang Valley, sponsored by IPG Mediabrands, Laguna Media & iCandy Ads. The Picture My Rights competition invited young people to express their views about children’s rights and issues that matter to them through the medium of a photo. Over 300 photos were received from children and young people across Malaysia, with photos of the finalists open to view on the #AShotAtLife virtual exhibition gallery.


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