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Seen and noted

New From Saatchi Canada.

 TV   CANADA    July 12, 2006 14:14 (Edited: July 12, 2006 04:14)

Two new spots from Saatchi Canada's Simon & Simon for the United Nations.

From the agency:
The United Nations in Canada believes sport is a powerful tool for teaching youth tolerance, teamwork and a sense of self. These commercials have been created to build awareness of their new Sport In A Box program, which allows young people from different communities to share their unique perspectives on sport. The commercials feature unique world vocal music including Indian “Table Bols” in Zebra and Aboriginal “Throat Singing” in Spider.

Click here to view "Zebra"

And the other one in the series:

Click here to view "Fly"

New McDonald's work from Cossette & Untitled, Toronto.

 TV   CANADA    July 12, 2006 14:00 (Edited: July 12, 2006 04:00)

Director James Haworth, from Untitled, gets some great performances in this amusing retail spot.

Click here to view this spot

New work from Lowe Roche for the Toronto.

 TV   CANADA    July 05, 2006 09:14 (Edited: July 04, 2006 23:14)
One of a series of "jealous animals" spots from Lowe Roche, Toronto. This one .... "pigeons".

The campaign also includes print, tiny anti-zoo animal protest signs (apparently made by bitter ordinary animals), t-shirts and an interactive website,

Click here to view this spot

New integrated Nestea work from Lowe Roche Toronto

 TV   CANADA    June 28, 2006 08:54 (Edited: June 27, 2006 22:54)
The new Nestea "Snowballs" spot & website.

Lowe Roche Toronto has just launched a campaign for Nestea consisting of a TV commercial, “Snowballs”, and a website with a game. Play the game by going here & clicking “Take the Plunge”.

In the game, the player "plunges" for bottles of Nestea. Depending on how well you do in the game, different live action scenes come up at the end. That's the best part, so be sure to play to the end.

Click here to view this spot

New from Ruckus Films & BBDO Canada

 TV   CANADA    June 14, 2006 07:12 (Edited: June 13, 2006 21:12)
Canada's been a bit quiet lately, but here's a nice one from Director David McNally of Ruckus Films:

To view the spot click ....

Bos Toronto & Reginald Pike

 TV   CANADA    May 11, 2006 10:26 (Edited: May 11, 2006 00:26)

Toronto, ON, May 8, 2006 – Mac’s Convenience Stores are encouraging teens to have a whack.

Reginald Pike’s Brian Lee Hughes & Bos Toronto team up for this late night infomercial style spot.

To view click ....

A 2 minute tale of "wants & needs" from Saatchi Canada.

 TV   CANADA    May 04, 2006 02:13 (Edited: May 03, 2006 16:13)
Toyota & Saatchi Canada goes long form ... 120 seconds to launch the new Camry

To view the spot click ....

"New Canadians" learn English from "The Score" sports channel.

 TV   CANADA    April 13, 2006 07:16 (Edited: April 12, 2006 21:16)
new from Leo Burnett Canada & production company Brown Entertainment.

... and a unique presenter style!

To view the spot click ....

And from Canadian agency bleublancrouge

 TV   CANADA    March 30, 2006 04:37 (Edited: March 29, 2006 17:37)
This new Burger King work from blueblancrouge isn't exactly mainstream corporate burgers.

Once again proving you don't have to have a million dollar budget to get on bestads.

To view the spot click ....

A closer look at Rethink, Canada

 TV   CANADA    March 23, 2006 07:49 (Edited: March 22, 2006 20:49)
Rethink, Canada, has been turning out some excellent work in recent weeks & we thought we should have a bit of a look ....

First, for the Cost Capital Savings bank (catchy name). This one is called "marketing meeting":

To view the spot click ....
Next, for the junk removal service "1.800.GOT-JUNK?" comes an ingenious marketing technique:

To view the spot click ....

And for "Science world" museum, some interesting facts:
(Last week we featured another in the series ... in our news section)

To view the spot click ....

BBDO Ontario & therapy Films borrow from "Balls"

 TV   CANADA    March 23, 2006 07:04 (Edited: March 22, 2006 20:04)
A small nod in the direction of the award winning Sony spot, tumbling cheeses accidentally released on an unsuspecting street.

To view the spot click ....

More from Canada!

 TV   CANADA    March 16, 2006 07:38 (Edited: March 15, 2006 20:38)
Epic Snickers work from BBDO Toronto

Here's a bit of background from an article about the spot issued in Marketing Daily National News:

Snickers runs first made-in-Canada spot in 10 years
A new Canadian-made spot for Snickers chocolate bars suggests anger might be cured with a simple snack.
The 30-second spot for the Effem Foods brand, entitled “King,” takes place
in a courtyard in medieval Europe, (shot in Budapest) where angry peasants gather to witness
the beheading of their greedy king. But before the axe falls, the mob is
distracted by a modern-day teenager eating a Snickers bar. “Is this really
about Eddie here using all your tax money to build a hot tub?” he asks. “Or
is everyone just feeling a little down ’cause they’re hungry?”
The mob shrugs in agreement, before being pointed to a Snickers machine.
“Packed with peanuts...Snickers really satisfies,” says a voiceover.
Created by BBDO Canada’s Toronto office, the drama-heavy spot, which was
shot in Hungary and included over 150 extras to play the mob, marks the
first time in a decade that Effem has tapped a Canadian agency for original
TV creative.
“It was a question of looking at the global creative pool for the Snickers
brand,” says Rankin Carroll, director of confectionery business at the
Bolton, Ont.-based company, “And saying, we’re not finding something we
think will work for the direction we want to take.”
That direction, he says, was to bring Snickers “back to its roots,” as a
snack that satisfies hunger. “That’s ultimately what we think is a strong
suit for the brand.”
“King” is playing nationally, in both English and French.
Carroll says Effem’s Canadian operations wants to make a strong push for
Snickers, which, while being a top 10 brand in the chocolate bar category in
Canada, still doesn’t enjoy the #1 rank it has in the U.S.
Effem’s other chocolate confectionery brands include Mars, M&Ms, Twix, Dove
and Bounty.
–Paul-Mark Rendon

To view the spot click ....

So what's been happening in Canada?

 TV   CANADA    February 25, 2006 07:32 (Edited: February 24, 2006 20:32)
Well .... it looks like Ruckus films have been keeping busy.

Firstly, a new RAV4 spot for Dentsu Canada.
To view the spot click ....

Then there's the new Rogers communications spot for Publicis Canada.
To view the spot click ....

New work from Reginald Pike

 TV   CANADA    February 09, 2006 09:33 (Edited: February 08, 2006 22:33)
Mark Gilbert & DDB Canada team up for Hockey Canada.

To view the spot click ....

Blink Pictures Welcomes Christian Charles

 PEOPLE   CANADA    February 02, 2006 22:03 (Edited: February 02, 2006 11:03)
Toronto ˆ February 1, 2006.
Blink Pictures Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of Christian Charles to their roster for representation in Canada. Charles states that his love for comedy and filmmaking dictates his projects, which include humorous campaigns for The History, Discovery and WE Channels, as well as Tilex, Sheetz and McDonald's. His career began as a writer/art director at Ogilvy London/New York with clients such as Pepsi, Lucas Films and American Express for whom he co-created the Jerry Seinfeld campaign. His efforts have been rewarded with multiple Cleos, Cannes Bronze, Silver, and Gold Lions. But asked his highest compliment: "Clerks at Kim's Video have 'SOUND BOOTH' (COMEDIAN's movie trailer) on replay ... and actually laugh."

 WORTH A LOOK   CANADA    January 18, 2006 22:42 (Edited: January 18, 2006 11:42)
New Ikea work from Reginald Pike & Zig, Toronto
The usual high standard from director Mark Gilbert and Zig Inc.

To view the spot click ....

New Best Buy work from Zig Inc Canada

 TV   CANADA    December 15, 2005 07:21 (Edited: December 14, 2005 20:21)
Amusing new work from Zig Inc

Executive Creative Director: Lorraine Tao, Elspeth Lynn
Assoc Creative Director: Jonathon Careless
Art Director: Mark Puchala
Copywriter: Michael Clowater
Agency Producer: Sharon Nelson
Director: David Hicks
Prodn Co: Partners Film Co.

New work for Bell throlugh ReThink

 TV   CANADA    December 15, 2005 07:12 (Edited: December 14, 2005 20:12)
Just your typical night at the reindeer bar

Agency: Rethink Canada
Executive Creative Director: Chris Staples and Ian Grais
Creative Director: Rob Tarry
Creative Director: Tony Hird
Agency Producer: Laura Rioux
Director: Nathaniel Akin
Prodn Co: Global Mechanic

another in the series of SFR spots from Publicis Conseil

 WORTH A LOOK   CANADA    December 01, 2005 08:49 (Edited: November 30, 2005 21:49)
Following on from previously featured SFR work, our heroes are now on the loose with new generation mobile phones

To view the spot click ....

We're having a bit of a week for PSA/ Charity work

 WORTH A LOOK   CANADA    December 01, 2005 08:32 (Edited: November 30, 2005 21:32)
From Grey Brussels & LOVO FILMS

To view the spot click ....

Marks & Spencer's Christmas spectacular (UK)

 WORTH A LOOK   CANADA    November 24, 2005 03:04 (Edited: November 23, 2005 16:04)
Another Christmas Extravaganza for M&S by RKCR/Y&R London.

To view the spot & credits click ....

Atmospheric new work for the Sony Walkman

 WORTH A LOOK   CANADA    November 24, 2005 02:02 (Edited: November 23, 2005 15:02)
Directed by Brett Foraker, Channel 4’s network creative director, through RSA, for Fallon London, this new campaign for the Sony Walkman works on the premise that music is addictive and its Walkman is the best way to feed the habit.

To view the spot click ....

Saucy ....

 WORTH A LOOK   CANADA    November 23, 2005 22:17 (Edited: November 23, 2005 11:17)
Last week we mentioned this one & now we've got a quicktime for you. Warning .... it's a bit boys only.

To view the spot click ....

New work from Picasso Pictures

 TV   CANADA    November 23, 2005 21:51 (Edited: November 23, 2005 10:51)
Animated plugs deliver speeches in this new spot from Picasso

Agency: Golley Slater
Art Director: Martin Bush & Phil Hickes
Copywriter: Martin Bush & Phil Hickes
Agency Producer: Amanda Lowitt
Production Company: Picasso Pictures

 TV   CANADA    November 17, 2005 03:28 (Edited: November 16, 2005 16:28)
Choreographed forks star in this advert for Supernoodles – the irreverent snack of choice for students and bachelors

Agency: Delaney Lund Knox Warren
Creatives: James Hodge & Richard Fox
Producer: Christian Lobo
Production Company: Therapy
Director: Guy Manwaring
Producer: Dickie Jeffares

Film Editors: Peepshow
Editor: Mark Edinoff
Post Producer: Jo Trainis

The follow up for EGG ... from Mother London

 WORTH A LOOK   CANADA    November 17, 2005 01:25 (Edited: November 16, 2005 14:25)
Using the card ... the follow up from "the experiment begins" featured a couple of weeks ago.

To view the spot click ....

TBWA London .... Eye Toy

 TV   CANADA    November 16, 2005 02:10 (Edited: November 16, 2005 01:20)
Nexus help launch PlayStation's Play 3 Software for Eye Toy

Creative agency - TBWALondon
Copywriter - Chris Bovill and John Allison
Art director - Chris Bovill and John Allison
Production company - Nexus Productions
Director - Tom and Mark Parrett @ Nexus Productions

Nexus Productions directors, Tom & Mark Perrett, have created a sci-fi, animated TV campaign to launch the 'Play 3 'software for PlayStation's Eye Toy.

The campaign focuses on an animated intergalactic tournament parodying the high speed and energy of American sports channels like ESPN. They feature a cast of highly-original aliens, playing party games in the tournament. Nexus Productions created over 20 individual alien characters, among the many animations, each of which were pencil drawn before being rendered in 3D.

The directors, Tom & Mark Perrett, commented, “We worked closely with the creatives at TBWA from the outset and developed the scenarios in the script together. We had loads of fun coming up with all the ideas but we gave ourselves a huge amount of work to do."

More Barclays Bank / BBH London work

 WORTH A LOOK   CANADA    November 10, 2005 03:22 (Edited: November 09, 2005 16:22)
The new Barclays bank adverts .... Currently the best work for a bank anywhere. Happy to be proven wrong.

Here's anothery:
To view the spot click ....

New Johnnie Walker work.

 WORTH A LOOK   CANADA    November 10, 2005 03:08 (Edited: November 09, 2005 16:08)
Quite an amazing looking piece of work from BBH London.

Gotta be worth a look.

Click ....

It's war in the Czech Republic

 TV   CANADA    November 09, 2005 22:04 (Edited: November 09, 2005 11:04)
Becherovka brings truce

"In this world a war rages on. It´s the war between men and women. But sometimes the fighting stops. Truce." Time for a drink. (liquere Becherovka of course).

Agency: Mark BBDO Czech Republic
Creative Director: Leon Sverdlin
Creative Director: Martin Charvat
Art Director: Andrej Stuk
Copywriter: Lukas Dlabaja
Agency Producer: Jiri Mika
Director: Olivier Venturini
Production Company: Filmservice Productions

 TV   CANADA    November 09, 2005 07:29 (Edited: November 08, 2005 20:29)
Injecting some glamour into the branding of the channel’s annual jungle-fest

Studio aka Director Grant Orchard and team have given Aussie bugs the full drag queen makeover as they shimmy in time to the disco hit ‘I Will Survive’.

Client: ITV Networks
ITV Producer: Sam Kracmar & Simon Mitchell
ITV Art Director: Crawford Wilson
Director: Grant Orchard
Studio Aka Producer: Nikki Kefford
Animators: Dave Antrobus, Yoris VanHulzen, Ben Boquelet

Renault Evolution from Publicis Conseil, Paris

 TV   CANADA    November 09, 2005 07:24 (Edited: November 08, 2005 20:24)
In just 30 seconds a baby grows, grows, & evolves into a .... car?

Sounds a bit crazy, but it works well.

Agency: Publicis Conseil - Paris
Executive Creative Director: Marco Calant
Associate Creative Director: Marcel Ceuppens
Production Company: Smuggler
Director: Stylewar

W+K Amsterdam & EA

 TV   CANADA    November 09, 2005 07:11 (Edited: November 08, 2005 09:13)
Amazing FX in the new W+K spot for EA's "Harry Potter"

In the Spot, Michael Gambon (Dumbledore) invites the young viewer to practise the water spell. He shows the viewer how to execute the spell and, while he is doing that, a huge dragon escapes from the spell book and rampages around Dumbledore’s office setting light to papers and knocking things over. Dumbledore captures him and returns him to the spell book. The spot concludes with Dumbledore addressing the student (viewer) and saying, “ Never mind, I’m sure you’ll soon Master the Magic”.

Creative Directors Don Shelford + Joe de Souza
Art Director Sezay Altinok
Copywriter Joe de Souza
Account team Jill Ervine + Anna Blank
Producer Annabelle Meyer

Production company Paranoid Projects, Paris
Director Sam Tourneux
Producer Astrid Serafini

Convincing FX in the new spot for Lemsip

 POST PRODUCTION   CANADA    November 02, 2005 22:09 (Edited: November 02, 2005 11:09)
Love & Glassworks bring the Lemsip pack to life.

'The three commercials feature a cute animated Lemsip box, literally administering relief to its ailing cold-sufferer.The clever little chap even tracks down his charge’s car keys, administers a head massage and flags a cab. How very handy!'

Advertising Agency: CHEETHAM BELL JWT
Agency Producer: ANNELISE SMITH
Production Co: LOVE

News from Rushes

 PEOPLE   CANADA    November 02, 2005 21:55 (Edited: November 02, 2005 10:55)

Rushes Postproduction Ltd is delighted to announce the appointment of highly experienced and talented visual effects artist, Dave Kiddie. (that's him there there)

Dave has built up an astonishing list of credits over the last seven years gaining extensive experience on high-end commercials for the likes of Coca-Cola and Barclays as well as working on music videos for some of the world’s biggest artists including Kylie’s ‘Can’t get you out of my Head’ and The Streets ‘Blinded by the Lights’. He has also worked on slick and stylised feature films such as Mean Machine and broadcast work for the BBC amongst others.

Electronic Arts Battlefield 2 Modern Combat through W+K

 TV   CANADA    November 02, 2005 04:18 (Edited: November 01, 2005 17:18)
From W+K Amsterdam ...

In our fully integrated campaign (online digital basecamp, TV, print, outdoor, POS, PR) we take a fictional journalist and put him into the middle of the digital battlefield to find out what's new in 'today's war'.

Ken Chappel has amazing white teeth, a stitched-on smile and is a ‘real life’ war correspondent with a difference – he is reporting from within a video game. In these two spots, ‘Hotswap’ and ‘Multiplayer’, Ken is green-screened into the game and the heat of the action, giving us the low-down, in his own particular fashion, on the greatest war on earth.

Creative Directors: Don Shelford, Joe de Souza
Art Director: Anders Stake
Copywriter: Mike Farr
Producer: Neil Henry
Production company: Exposure Films UK
Director: Jake & Jim

"You have the qualities to be an Army officer" says Publicis

 TV   CANADA    November 02, 2005 03:24 (Edited: November 01, 2005 16:24)

Army experiences intercut nicely with life experiences

Agency: Publicis UK
Art Director: Alistair Ross
Copywriter: Robin Garton.
The new ads feature real officers. They are initially shown in civilian situations using one of the qualities required by Army Officers. We then cut to an Army situation where they are using the same quality in a different environment. One execution, entitled ‘Peace Maker’, shows a civilian nightclub owner diffusing a confrontation outside his club. The ad then cuts to show the same man as an Army officer calming down a potentially hostile situation at a checkpoint. The two worlds are juxtaposed throughout the ad. The voice over says ‘Diplomacy is just one of the qualities you need for a career as an army officer. Explore your potential at’.


 TV   CANADA    October 31, 2005 23:37 (Edited: October 31, 2005 12:37)
The parallel is drawn between arthritis & the wearing down of a mechanical typwriter in this new spot from Eskwad/ Bonangle, France

Agency: Bonangle, France
Creative Director: Thierry mallet
Director: Nicholas Charneau
Prodn Co: Eskwad, France

The Mob Film Company opens office in Leeds

 LATEST NEWS   CANADA    October 29, 2005 01:24 (Edited: October 28, 2005 15:24)
The Mob Film Company adds Mob North.

The Mob Film Company was co-founded seven years ago by John Brocklehurst, Vadim Jean and Ian Sharples and has established itself as one of London’s leading production companies. Mob North will offer their clients the same experience and quality production that the London office currently provides.

John Brocklehurst, commented, “Leeds is the coolest city outside of London and is also one of the fastest growing cities in Europe. There are some great agencies and clients in Leeds and we are the first high-end production company in terms of TV and advertising to cater for them. The work we are doing up there is a pleasure to produce.”

French and Rossiter, join Euro RSCG Fuel Worldwide

 PEOPLE   CANADA    October 28, 2005 22:26 (Edited: October 28, 2005 12:26)

Creative duo, French and Rossiter, join Euro RSCG Fuel Worldwide

Euro RSCG Fuel Worldwide are pleased to announce the recent hiring of senior creative partnership, Mick French and Henry Rossiter.

French and Rossiter, who were previously Creative Directors and Board Directors at WCRS, will be working on high-profile Euro RSCG Fuel accounts, Jaguar and Reckitt Benckiser, based in London.

Henry Rossiter ... “We originally came here for a weekend and just ended up staying. The moment we walked through the door, we knew this was our kind of agency. There is a real buzz about the place and the opportunities here are really exciting.”

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