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Seen and noted

The latest Observer TV work from Mother London.

 TV   UK    June 28, 2006 08:08 (Edited: June 27, 2006 22:08)

One of a much bigger series that uses a clever visual device.

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Mother London & Zoo Weekly's new one.

 TV   UK    June 28, 2006 08:03 (Edited: June 27, 2006 22:03)
An interesting strategy for Zoo Weekly magazine from Mother London!

Here's one of a larger series.

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JWT London & The juice doctor - viral

 TV   UK    June 28, 2006 07:50 (Edited: June 27, 2006 21:50)
You may have noticed that we're featuring quite a bit of World Cup work this week. Well ... here's another:

This time, a viral following the England v Sweden game. (If you don't follow the beautiful game, you may not follow this spot.)

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Another of the Channel 4 Idents

 TV   UK    June 21, 2006 06:18 (Edited: June 20, 2006 20:18)
Here's another in the series from 4Creative in the UK. This one .... "Tokyo"

To view the spot click ....

Fallon London's new Orange broadband TV work.

 TV   UK    June 21, 2006 05:02 (Edited: June 20, 2006 19:02)
Fallon London & Blink combine for the new Orange work.

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VW cinema idents get the Independent film treatment

 TV   UK    June 21, 2006 04:57 (Edited: June 20, 2006 18:57)
New cinema idents from DDB London, for VW's support of Independent Films.

From the creatives:
The idents were for Volkswagen’s sponsorship of Independent Cinema. They’re to be shown in the ad break before and during the movie trailers in independent cinemas. They seek to capture the understanding and commitment Volkswagen has for Independent Cinema.

The idea was to use clichéd car scenes from movies and imagine how they’d be performed in a casting session. Casting sessions capture the spirit of film making in a way independent cinema goer would appreciate it. It was a nice marriage of car and movie, but also seemed like an area where we could have some fun. Bad movies are rife and this was our moment to let rip. Our sights were set on the usual suspects - thrillers, zombie slasher movies, teen flicks, cop-buddy movies, mafia/godfather/sopranos and all the rest.

They were shot by Spyfilm’s Trevor Cornish out of Toronto. Trevor’s got a cracking reel full of great performances and great
casting. He’s great at both arty and bawdy and we needed a little of both. We chatted to him on the phone and immediately
knew we’d found our man. We expressed to Trevor that we wanted to create an independent film feel. He was totally on board
and together we had a lot of fun with the bad casting, over acting and the utter conviction of the actors.

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Channel 4 news (UK) ... for busy people

 TV   UK    June 21, 2006 04:26 (Edited: June 20, 2006 18:26)
The fast talking thing has been done before, but it's always good for a chuckle:

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More of the VW campaign from DDB London

 TV   UK    June 14, 2006 05:44 (Edited: June 13, 2006 19:44)
Following on from this week's featured VW spot "Tea", here's a few more in the campaign. Great work. We love 'em all ... and retail at that!

To view Hidden Camera click ....

To view Horses Mouth click ....


To view Test click ....


Shell "Movement" - from JWT, London

 TV   UK    May 24, 2006 13:05 (Edited: May 24, 2006 03:05)

We were going to feature this one a couple of weeks ago, but the lads have just finished this beautiful 60 sec cut & it was well worth the wait.

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New from Red Bee Media London.

 TV   UK    May 24, 2006 10:30 (Edited: May 24, 2006 00:30)

One of a series of 3 unique talking couches from Reginald Pike director Lena Beug.

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Mother's self promotion.

 WORTH A LOOK   UK    May 24, 2006 10:23 (Edited: May 24, 2006 00:23)
From Mother London:

There was chaos. Employees as well as clients and visitors needed something to put show reels and leftovers from lunch in.

After extensive research we had come to the conclusion that a carrier bag is a ’walking poster’ as much as a t-shirt and they can sometimes express a little about its owner’s personality. Many of us know what it feels like to have an embarrassing bag at a cool party, or to be seen with something like a ‘super savers’ bag in an expensive store.

And so, the Mother Uncarriable Carrier Bags were born. Bags you don’t want to be seen carrying around.

People went crazy for them. We were called up by magazines and shops, too. The fact that something so embarrassing could become so popular gave us even more confidence in the fact that some ideas go beyond common sense.

To view more of the bags click....

The other Olay work from Saatchis London.

 WORTH A LOOK   UK    May 20, 2006 05:57 (Edited: May 19, 2006 19:57)
Last week we had some featured Olay print work from Saatchis London as well as Saatchis NY. Here's some of the other Olay work in the series from Saatchis London:

Click here to view "Mrs Robinson"

Click here to view "Fingerprints"

Click here to view "Naturist"

One man's campaign to take England to victory

 TV   UK    May 18, 2006 18:37 (Edited: May 18, 2006 08:37)
More world cup fever ... this time from AMV BBDO & 2am Films

To view the spot click ....

From Devilfish London

 WORTH A LOOK   UK    May 18, 2006 18:27 (Edited: May 18, 2006 08:27)
this one is from a few months back but well worth a look.

To view the spot click ....

New Marmite Squeezy TV work from DDB London.

 TV   UK    May 18, 2006 18:08 (Edited: May 18, 2006 08:08)
Another great spot in the Love it or hate it theme for Marmite.

There's some brilliant print work for Marmite featuring in the "latest print" as well.

To view the spot click ....

New VW work from DDB London & Blue Source / Blink

 TV   UK    May 12, 2006 00:26 (Edited: May 11, 2006 14:26)
Blue Source explore a world where life is larger than life.

To view the spot click ....

Saatchis London again.

 TV   UK    May 11, 2006 06:10 (Edited: May 10, 2006 20:10)
A different look at the "Don't forget to switch off your mobile / cell before the movie".

To view click ....

More from Independent Films London.

 TV   UK    May 11, 2006 06:06 (Edited: May 10, 2006 20:06)
Created for

The film was conceived from the very loose brief of a film being ‘inspired by converse’, LIFF adding their own fascination with ancient Japanese proverbs, and fanatical trainer collecting. The film was shot entirely on a digital stills camera, then brought to life in Flame by the kind people at London’s Triangle Post house to create the fantastical, frozen-yet-moving universe.

To view the spot click ....

The world's first talking press ad

 TV   UK    May 11, 2006 02:40 (Edited: May 10, 2006 16:40)
From JWT London ....

This is featured in the "latest print". Go to that section for full credits.

to see how it works ....

Eurostar's "Quest" - from TBWA London & Independent Films.

 TV   UK    May 10, 2006 21:53 (Edited: May 10, 2006 11:53)
A bit of background from the agency:
It's a visually stunning TV and integrated campaign to leverage the partnership between Eurostar and the Da Vinci code movie.
The aim of the campaign is to create intrigue and awareness and therefore drive people to 'Join the Quest' at Eurostar's promotional website
The commercial is the first clue in a code breaking treasure hunt. Each intriguing image gives a flavour of the task ahead, directing the viewer to the start of the journey at

To view the spot click ....

Refreshingly original approach for a hair product!

 TV   UK    May 10, 2006 21:49 (Edited: May 10, 2006 11:49)
New from Saatchis London.

To view the spot click ....


UK    May 05, 2006 22:27 (Edited: February 05, 2007 15:04)

Film is the most powerful medium in the world, but only 7% of directors are women. In the luxury of the Apollo West End, Birds Eye View brings you a feast of outstanding short and feature films from women across the globe.

3 stunning programmes of short films – a showcase of the most outstanding new talent from around the globe: drama, animation, comedy,

3 feature premieres – Kiss Me Not On The Eyes (Dunia): a visually stunning and highly sensual exploration of Arab culture; Going Private (Nachbeben): the fall from grace of a Swiss banker, as a barbeque with colleagues and wives disintegrates into blackmail, infidelity and intrigue; Beau Brummell (A Charming Man): homoeroticism and sycophantism abound in this fascinating tale of the original Dandy, starring James Purefoy.

PLUS: Live comedy and film. Masterclass with Martha Fiennes. Bring a Baby & kids screenings. Women cinematographers & commercials directors. Crazy kitsch 90s erotica (!). All critiqued and discussed at Birds Eye Review with journo-broadcasters Miranda Sawyer, Natasha Walter and Bonnie Greer.

“If this is what being a bird is, I’m proud to be one” – Joanna Lumley

From McCann Erickson Dublin ....

 TV   UK    May 04, 2006 01:16 (Edited: May 03, 2006 15:16)
From NICE PEOPLE REWIND & McCanns Dublin, a new Heineken/ music festivals spot.

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More Quality work from AMV BBDO & Kleinman Productions.

 TV   UK    May 04, 2006 01:15 (Edited: May 03, 2006 15:15)
Daniel directs this new TV & cinema spot for Camelot (lottery).

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Saatchi London & some old Lions.

 TV   UK    April 27, 2006 01:37 (Edited: April 26, 2006 15:37)
Either these legendary old footballers had a great time making this or they're very good actors (or a good director i suppose).

Either way, well worth a look, even if you don't know who they are or what game they're playing.

To view the spot click ....

Another in Mother's "I can't believe it's not butter"series

 TV   UK    April 27, 2006 01:37 (Edited: April 26, 2006 15:37)
Two Ozzy Osbournes ... and a cow - gotta be worth a look:

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Mother London ... always busy

 TV   UK    April 20, 2006 07:31 (Edited: April 19, 2006 21:31)
Here's one the new SkyVegas adverts from Mother London.

good strategy too ... if you read their comments:

To view the spot click ....

Following from the print we featured last week

 TV   UK    April 20, 2006 06:36 (Edited: April 19, 2006 20:36)
Here's the TV component of the new axe campaign from BBH London.

and a few words from the creatives:
"A purely innocent product demo, shot with the production values and style we've come to expect from high end fashion/perfume advertising."

To view the spot click ....

Outdoor / ambient work with a twist

 WORTH A LOOK   UK    April 13, 2006 07:48 (Edited: April 12, 2006 21:48)
Here's a very interesting one-off treatment from Saatchis London for Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week

From the creatives:
Multiple Sclerosis is a crippling disease that interferes with messages between the brain and the body, causing body parts to suddenly shut down without any warning. Here we used a malfunctioning cinema curtain to get the message across. The commercial is the first of the ad break before the movie. The lights dim and the curtain begins to open. It suddenly stops halfway. A title appears, ‘You never know what will shut down next.’ This fades and is replaced by the MS society logo, web address and ‘MS awareness week 10th – 17th April 2005’

To view this work ....

and a malfunctioning scrolling poster!
To view this work ....

New VW Golf work from DDB London

 TV   UK    April 13, 2006 06:44 (Edited: April 12, 2006 20:44)
Clever little advert this.

From DDB London & RSA director Brett Foraker.

To view the spot click ....

New BBC work from UK agency RedBee

 TV   UK    April 06, 2006 04:18 (Edited: April 05, 2006 18:18)
Directing duo Zac & Dan from Stink achieve a stylish look for the new BBC spot.

To view the spot click ....

More balls ...

 TV   UK    April 06, 2006 03:56 (Edited: April 05, 2006 17:56)
A bit of a laugh from WCRS London.

To view the spot click ....

inside the head of an animation company head .. huh?

 INSIDE THEIR HEADS   UK    April 06, 2006 03:42 (Edited: April 05, 2006 17:42)
A chat with Chris O’Reilly - joint MD/co-founder of Nexus Productions.

bestads: You started in London & have since opened in Paris. Is this the road the world domination? What’s the history of nexus & where do you see it going?
Chris O’Reilly: Charlotte Bavasso and I started Nexus eight years ago. Originally we were a division of a Japanese company, but then we bought them out and separated off.

Opening in Paris was a natural evolution for us. Charlotte is French and we’ve always had French directors on our reel. The talent in France is excellent and there are interesting projects coming from there too. Not sure about the road to world domination! We’re enjoying the winding back routes.

bestads: Any plans to move into non-animated areas?
Chris O’Reilly: Our company plan was to focus on the new generation of filmmakers and artists who had embraced digital film making techniques, with a strong focus on animation. However we always had broader filmmaking interests. Live-action and animation hybrid work has been a massive part of our repertoire, and quite a lot of live-action only work too. Right now we’re involved in three totally live-action projects. Ultimately our interest is in talent not techniques.

bestads: We’ve featured 8 Nexus spots on bestads. That’s got to be a record for an animation company for our site. Any interesting work in the pipeline (that you’d be allowed tell us about)?
Chris O’Reilly: We’ve got quite a few projects going through that I’m excited about. Hopefully some will surprise and delight enough to make it on again!

bestads: So ‘Grrr’ is being submitted to the Guinness book of records! What’s the thinking there?
Chris O’Reilly: We’ve been told this... It has won a lot of awards - pretty much everything it entered. It’s been at a disadvantage being animated as it can’t win quite so many craft awards (editing, art direction, cinematography etc) so I don’t know whether it will get that honour.

bestads: Smith & Foulkes, Smith & Foulkes, Smith & Foulkes ... Do the other directors get a bit peeved at all of the attention these guys have been getting?
Chris O’Reilly: They have been pretty hard to avoid of late, but the other directors here all hold their own against them pretty well! I think we have a diverse roster, and I think the directors all have similarly diverse ambitions.

bestads: Maybe now’s a good time to mention the feature film title sequences you’ve done. I remember sitting in the cinema being mightily impressed by these!
Chris O’Reilly: These have been great fun projects to work on. Feature titles get a global exposure that commercials rarely get. Kuntzel + Deygas’s work for Catch Me If You Can was even parodied on The Simpsons. Now that is an accolade Grrr! never had!

bestads: Where do you see animation ( & advertising for that matter!) heading from here?
Chris O’Reilly: We’re in a time of exciting change. I think its important for companies like ours to be flexible and recognise which strengths are universal and enduring. Where ever there is excellent design with strong storytelling, we want to be there. That’s what I’m backing for the future.

bestads: Any tips for creatives ... if they’re thinking about writing for an animated treatment?

Chris O’Reilly: I think it’s always good when a creative team get the animation company in early to develop the project. With animation you have to create a whole coherent universe and working with the directors who understand their techniques and styles inside out, can make the script work better. Almost all our good work comes from these co-operative trusting relationships.

(see all of the work at

New virals for Goodyear through Leagas Delaney

 TV   UK    March 23, 2006 06:25 (Edited: March 22, 2006 19:25)

Goodyear’s new viral marketing campaign for RunOnFlat, its innovative safety tyre, uses black humour to draw attention to the perils of changing a flat by the roadside.

To view the spot "Flyover" click ....
Instead of using the conventions of the category that employ ‘torture-test’ imagery – such as winding roads and high performance situations – the films focus on the absolute worst case scenario faced by motorists trying to change a flat – and coming to an untimely end in the process.

To view the spot "hard shoulder" click ....

Abbott Mead Vickers - new Guinness work.

 TV   UK    March 23, 2006 05:04 (Edited: March 22, 2006 18:04)
Fridge dwelling pint sized barman prepares the perfect pint!

Guinness .... in a can.

To view the spot click ....

Fancy dress ... just a bit over the top.

 TV   UK    March 23, 2006 04:29 (Edited: March 22, 2006 17:29)
New Tetley's work from Saatchis London

Just your typical occasion at your typical local pub

To view the spot click ....

Post / FX /3D .. a few words from Golden Square

 POST PRODUCTION   UK    March 22, 2006 18:51 (Edited: March 22, 2006 07:51)
A chat with Ewan MacLeod, the founder of one of London's leading post production facilities, Golden Square Post Production

(Now's a good time to remind everyone that NOTHING on bestads is paid for i.e. no advertorials. If it's on the site it's because we like it or it's interesting. Always happy to hear from the best people).

bestads:We get mainly creatives visiting bestads. Do you think they look on Post & 3D in particular as sexy ... or a bit like watching the grass grow?

Ewan MacLeod: Clients fall into many different camps with view on Post Production. From understanding the process and fully appreciating the skill of the individual artist (whether it be flame, fire or after effects) to just expecting it to be done, regardless of what is involved.. A very busy well known director asked me the other day if we can do titles which shows how disinterested people can be.

A handful of creatives understand the process and appreciate the talent of individual artists, but I think, the majority see it as the final, unavoidable stage before their commercial goes on air.

bestads: Where’s it all heading? I seems like FX programs are getting smarter & smaller. Will the agency TV departments end up doing all of the spectacular FX on their laptops at the airport lounge?

Ewan MacLeod: No, because it will always require experience and skill that few people posses. The technology is only a tool, if you don’t know how to use it, it’s useless.

bestads: It seems that you MUST have the latest burning device ... Flame, Inferno, Furnace, Volcano ... Or the right name ... Harry, Henry, Percy ... Is the equipment the focus or the people?

Ewan MacLeod: In order to compete with other facilities, we must have the latest software update whether its useful or not and it helps to speed up the process. Because everyone has the same kit/software, what separates the companies are the people. It is the service and skill of the producers and artists that make the difference.

bestads: Awards must be tricky. When you’ve done an absolutely BRILLIANT job, judges end up saying FX? What FX? I didn’t notice any FX.

Ewan MacLeod: That’s why bestads and other web sites/trade magazines to show and explain how things were done are so important to us so that we can go through how things were done. Six years ago the trend was to make effects in commercials as obvious and as in your face as possible, now if you can spot the effects, you haven’t done your job properly.

bestads: I’ve seen quite a few totally 3D car ads out of the USA recently. Is it just a trend or the way of the future? I can see how the clients would be happy ... “Can we see that shot from a different angle so we feature the headlights more?” ... No re-shoot.

Ewan MacLeod:Because of the advances in 3D, the creative briefs are becoming more imaginative, there are no limitations. Invariably it is more cost effective to build the car in 3D than it is to shoot the car live (if indeed in it even possible with the script). However where possible, we would always suggest that they shoot as much in camera.

bestads: Tell us a bit about your Nike “Chain Reaction” advert. What was Golden Square’s role in this?
To view "Chain Reaction" click ....

Ewan MacLeod: Having built up a relationship with the directing Duo Danny and Ezra from Hanrahan on previous projects, we know how they work and they understand the 3D process being ex animators themselves. On a project of this scale it is essential that there is continuous dialogue and trust between the client and the animators as it is truly a team effort.

bestads: And finally ... Any tips for creatives when they’re writing scripts that may have 3D work?

Ewan MacLeod:Come and talk to us at the earliest possible opportunity!

Things that were impractical and too costly/time consuming may now be feasible with the advances in technology. (eg 3D fluid dynamics). If we are involved at the development stage, we can advise which route to go that is realistic with the time and budget of the project. With our regular clients we will give talks on the latest developments so they are aware of what is feasible or not.

bestads awards 2006 - Judges - Phil Cockrell and Tony Hardcastle

 AWARD NEWS   UK    March 16, 2006 17:44 (Edited: March 16, 2006 06:44)
Phil Cockrell - AMV BBDO London
Tony Hardcastle - AMV BBDO London

Phil joined AMV in July 04 after spending 7 years at Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe, where he worked (with his partner of 21 years, Graham Storey) as Creative Director on several accounts, including The Times, Virgin, Powergen, Royal Marines and the Energy Saving Trust.

He has collected awards while working at a cross-section of the industry’s top agencies, including Cogent, Lowe Howard Spink and Simons Palmer Denton Clemmow and Johnson.
Tony has worked at many of London’s top agencies including F.C.O., Still Price Lintas and WCRS as well as a stint as Head of Art at Y&R Adelaide in Australia.

He is at present a senior Art Director at AMVBBDO, working on Mars, Pepsi, BBC and RSPCA.

Prior to that he worked at WCRS on the much awarded and Campaign of the year 118-118 campaign.

(AMV BBDO don't have creative titles ... CD/ ECD etc)

bestads awards 2006 - Judges - Al Young

 AWARD NEWS   UK    March 15, 2006 18:51 (Edited: March 15, 2006 07:51)
Al Young – CD St Luke’s London

After college, Alan spent three years as a commercial writer whilst creating comedy and stage-plays in his spare-time. In 1990, he enrolled in the British Design and Art Direction Workshop and was bitten by the advertising bug. He went on to write a number of famous advertising campaigns for Boots 17, IKEA, Fox’s Biscuits, COI,
Mothercare and BT. Alan is a founding member of St. Luke’s and after his first year as Creative Director, the agency was voted Campaign’s agency of the year. In January 2001 and 2002, Campaign magazine listed Alan as one of the UK’s ten “hottest” Creative Directors. In 2004 Al was elected to the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising Creative forum and in 2005 he was voted onto D&AD’s Executive Committee. In 2005 he also Chaired both the Newspaper Society’s Creative Juice awards and Radio Advertising Bureau’s Aerial Awards.

His approach to advertising attracts considerable media attention, and he is interviewed regularly by the national press, television and interviews with him have been broadcast on the Today Programme and Pick of the Week on Radio 4.

Alan is now active on the lecture circuit , runs D&AD workshops, delivered talks to MA students at St. Martin’s School of Art and at the National Film Theatre.

bestads awards 2006 - Judges - Sam Walker

 AWARD NEWS   UK    March 15, 2006 08:00 (Edited: May 18, 2006 22:00)
Sam Walker – Mother London

Sam Walker has worked for Mother London for over six years and has been responsible for, amongst other things, campaigns for Egg, Orange, Typhoo, Observer, and Hoegaarden.

We thought it was important to get a judge from Mother London ... the agency currently leading the world in our rankings. Sam has kindly offered to fill that role.

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