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 SPONSOR NEWS   AUSTRALIA    June 20, 2007 07:03 (Edited: February 17, 2023 05:19) Party_Just Juice Bubbles.jpg

Once again, thanks to our sponsors - the good people who are helping to keep bestads FREEEEEEEE. Here's a look at some recent work from PRODIGY:

JUST JUICE BUBBLES GONE A LITTLE FRUITY… with the launch of two 15 second TVCs promoting Just Juice Bubbles.

Shot against highly illustrative novelty facades like those found at fairgrounds, the talent only expose their two heads, hands and bottles of Just Juice Bubbles. 'Costume Party' is reminiscent of a Victorian-era freak show or curiosities act, featuring the leads, a wooly mammoth and an enormous, naked, wrinkly woman chatting absurdly about their fancy dress outfits.

“The spots were directed with a restrained, naturalistic style punctuated with moments of absolute absurdity,” says Donovan. “It’s a combination of the slightly surreal with dry, deadpan delivery - it’s very pythonesque.”

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 SPONSOR NEWS   AUSTRALIA    May 16, 2007 20:23 (Edited: February 17, 2023 05:19)

Here's some news & work from one of our lovely lovely sponsors ... the people who keep this site FREE.

Warning! Contains (relevant) nudity. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Elave has exposed its controversial new viral campaign which parodies every cosmetics and personal hygiene ad that uses a laboratory setting with one revealing twist - everyone from the presenter to the lab technicians to the research subjects are completely naked. Elave states its products are chemical-free; therefore they have nothing to hide!

The audience is first welcomed to the Elave Institute, and then taken on a tour of its sophisticated and clinical surroundings. As we’re led through the highly stylised laboratory, we’re instructed on the chemical-free nature of the Elave range. Diagrams are drawn, water is tested, slides are inspected – all by a completely nude research staff. A staff who - along with the presenter and the product range – have no qualms at all in showing that they have “nothing to

The risqué campaign directed by Brendan Donovan of Prodigy strongly reinforces the message that Elave’s products contain no worrying irritants or chemicals that may be linked to serious skin conditions.

Brendan Donovan of Prodigy says, “Elave is a high-grade parody with some great dead-pan performances, a few very shapely breasts, and a couple of mighty large wangers. Thanks to our very brave cast, and a dedicated crew who managed to perform the entire job with their eyes shut”.

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 SPONSOR NEWS   AUSTRALIA    March 26, 2007 06:02 (Edited: February 17, 2023 05:19)

From time to time we'll be including an item on "Sponsor News" - a roundup of what our sponsors have been doing. These are the good people who keep bestads alive.

here's a nice one from Emerald City:

Click here to view "Collette Dinnigan"

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