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The Humane League: The Party’s Over

 INTERACTIVE   UK    June 21, 2019 19:02's is one of the biggest restaurant chains in the world with a net income of $5.877B (for the twelve months ending March 31, 2019) Yet, as companies like Burger King, Subway, and Pret A Manger are making concrete, meaningful changes to chicken welfare McDonald's is lagging behind, releasing policies that won't make the desperately needed improvements for animals. Since McDonald's continues to "ghost" their responsibilities to animal welfare, today, The Humane League is launching a global brand-jacking campaign that brings their commitment-phobia to light. Created by independent creative agency Don't Panic, #McGhoster aims to attract public attention towards McDonald's failure to commit to meaningful improvements for chickens, creating a pressure group that's impossible for them to ignore: their own consumers.


Roadshow: Raid the Tomb

 INTERACTIVE   AUSTRALIA    June 21, 2019 18:50 have launched an interactive puzzle campaign 'Raid the Tomb' which asks Australians to solve puzzles and uncover hidden tombs with the chance to win a trip to Cape Town. Fans are invited to uncover puzzles and mysteries by clues given on outdoor, print and digital mediums with the aim of eventually finding the location of the hidden tomb. Agency: Isobar, Australia


KFC: Christmas Pocket Store

 INTERACTIVE   CHINA    June 21, 2019 05:46 one store for every 240,000 people how could KFC China open more stores to sell to more Chinese consumers?


7-11: Tap of War

 INTERACTIVE   AUSTRALIA    June 20, 2019 20:47 (Edited: June 21, 2019 06:47) of War is the first competitive InstaStory - a high-intensity game of skill using the left and right functionality. The objective? Tap to pull the Slurpee onto your side for sweet victory. The prize? Well, that's up to you. Agency: Isobar, Australia


Kmart: Stick & Style

 INTERACTIVE   AUSTRALIA    June 20, 2019 20:46 (Edited: June 21, 2019 06:46) Australia have created a sticker pack that uses iMessage functionality to turn conversations into catalogues. With over 40 decor items to choose from, the sticker pack allows you to browse the range and visualise how items will look in your home by placing the stickers over a photo-all within a conversation. Friends can then give real-time feedback and recommendations, and even add their own stickers to the photo.


Free The Work

 INTERACTIVE   USA    June 18, 2019 21:47 Har'el, director of this year’s Sundance winner Honey Boy - written by and starring Shia LaBeouf - is launching FREE THE WORK to increase the number of women, trans identifying, non-binary and underrepresented creators involved in all aspects of film making. The launch is accompanied by a hard-hitting film, from creative agency Wieden+Kennedy Portland and directed by Amber Grace Johnson through Object & Animal, which takes viewers on a 200-year journey, imploring us to open our eyes to often-overlooked creative voices.


Disney: The Bot Office

 INTERACTIVE   SINGAPORE    June 17, 2019 20:19 Disney studios, the key challenge is being a box office-driven business but remains a step removed from ticket sales, as that usually lies with exhibitors. To close this gap, we brought the box office into our digital placements. The idea was to combine Facebook Messenger API's with Popcorn's Movie Ticketing API's into a single chatbot interface, to create seamless experience through audiences to be able to engage with content and purchase tickets. Using a single hashtag, people could engage with Disney content on social with pre-set hashtag (e.g. #AvengersSG) in the comments to trigger Messenger, to guide them through the ticket booking process without ever leaving the Facebook platform. This trigger activated tickets purchase without leaving Disney's ecosystem, connecting content directly to box office results and raising overall media efficiency through greater engagement. Agency: dentsu X Singapore


Nissan: The Reborn Light

 INTERACTIVE   JAPAN    June 14, 2019 14:29’s been almost 10 years since the launch of Nissan LEAF, the world's first mass-produced electric vehicle. But now, as many of these early vehicles are reaching the end of their useful lives, Nissan wanted to showcase the longevity of one of the most important components - the battery - finding a way to re-use the growing number that were destined for the scrapheap. Nissan teamed up with TBWAHAKUHODO and 4R Energy Corporation to design, develop and install new streetlights that are powered by a combination of solar panels and used batteries from the Nissan LEAF. "The Reborn Light," launched in Namie-machi, Fukushima - an area still recovering from the 2011 earthquake and tsunami - providing a new type of outdoor lighting that operates completely off the main power grid, requiring no electric cables or outlets.


SENKO: Kimono Wearing The Fire

 INTERACTIVE   JAPAN    June 14, 2019 11:44 Hanabi is a traditional hand-held Japanese firework. The flames evolve in ever-changing expressions of beauty through five different phases. The flames portray the fleeting life of a flower, from bud and blossom to petals withering away in the final throes of life. TBWAHAKUHODO photographed and used these flames to create beautifully crafted patterns for Takashimaya’s latest Yukata (traditional Japanese garment) collection.


The Marty’s Range: Allergy-Friendly Snacks for Little Explorer

 INTERACTIVE   UK    June 13, 2019 19:07 food company Danone has launched a digital push to support its allergy-friendly children's product range, Marty's. The work was created in collaboration with LAB, the independent digital agency that uses a blend of consumer neuroscience, psychology and behavioural economics to design, build and market digital brands and experiences.


Coalition for Gun Control: Dodge The Bullet

 INTERACTIVE   USA    June 13, 2019 19:05 Coalition for Gun Control has launched a new project to show how gun violence touches every corner of Toronto, the fourth largest city in North America. And one that has seen a major rise in gun violence over the past year. The project, titled Dodge the Bullet, uses geo-location technology to show how many meters away residents of the city of Toronto were from an actual shooting. Created by Toronto agency Zulu Alpha Kilo, the digital experience is the most recent activation in the Trigger Change campaign, an effort by the Coalition for Gun Control to pass a national handgun and military assault-style weapon ban.


Metro News: Captcha

 INTERACTIVE   BRAZIL    June 13, 2019 18:57 (Edited: June 14, 2019 04:57) Newspaper turns captcha into an anti-fake news tool. Fake news has become a major issue worldwide. It's capable of driving nations' political paths and influencing elections. And to help fight this phenomenon, Brazilian agency Artplan and Metro Newspaper turned to technology.


Colgate: Sign Language Tales

 INTERACTIVE   FRANCE    June 12, 2019 15:29 Sign Language Tales is an inclusive platform that helps hearing-impaired children build the habit of brushing their teeth every day. In this platform parents and children relate to the brand in a positive way, because the brand makes brushing more fun for children (including deaf children) and helps parents in the daily battle to brush their teeth.


The Gulag History State Museum: Survivors

 INTERACTIVE   RUSSIA    June 10, 2019 16:14 (Edited: June 11, 2019 02:14) (acronym of Main Administration of Camps) is a system of camps in which convicts were serving sentences for domestic and criminal offences and also for political reasons in USSR. This horrible mass repressions started in USSR in the 1930s. It sounds horrifying, because over the 27 years of the Gulag's existence twenty million people have passed through the camps and every tenth never came back from Gulag.
Agency: BBDO, Moscow


Oreo: Oreo Yo'self

 INTERACTIVE   AUSTRALIA    June 03, 2019 19:47 (Edited: June 04, 2019 05:47) Oreo is offering consumers the chance to create an avatar of themselves, watch it printed live on a super-sized Oreo and get sent to them for free as part of a new campaign via Traffik Group. Oreo will release 2,000 'Oreo Yo'Self' cookies for Aussies to create at Through the website, Australian consumers will be able to create an avatar of own face in Oreo creme and send it to themselves while stocks last. Oreo lovers will have the chance to select from a range of features to Oreo-fy themselves including; hair style and colour, eye style and colour and accessories, to get playful and personalise their cookie.


Philippine Department of Tourism: Be part of the font

 INTERACTIVE   PHILIPPINES    June 03, 2019 12:43 the successful launch of the award-winning "It's More Fun in the Philippines" campaign's next phase, the Philippine Department of Tourism and BBDO Guerrero unveiled a refreshed sense of 'fun' that empowers sustainable tourism. Not an easy feat considering the production of a typical commercial yields tons of carbon emissions. With a view of minimizing their carbon footprint, a crowdsourced campaign was launched. This kicked off with an invitation to "Be Part of the Fun" or more accurately "Be Part of the Font," with a custom-made typeface that turned everyone's content into a tourism ad. The font encouraged travellers to share photos around the Philippines while completing the missing letters in words.


Facebook, Inc.: Thrillist x MGM’s “Roll the Dice”

 INTERACTIVE   USA    May 31, 2019 19:53 game show set on the strip that showcases all of the OMG that MGM has to offer, Roll the Dice allowed Vegas visitors to answer trivia for big prizes and a shot at rolling the dice for an only-in-Vegas, only-at-MGM experience.
Agency: Facebook Creative Shop


Tramontina: What Does Music Taste Like?

 INTERACTIVE   BRAZIL    May 31, 2019 19:50 wondered what music tastes like? J. Walter Thompson Brazil and Spotify are exploring this question by launching a new campaign called the Flavor of Songs' for Brazilian cookware brand Tramontina. The project is driven by an algorithm that can turn any song from the Spotify platform into a different recipe - and which is capable of generating 44 million possible gastronomic combinations.


BP: The Great Aussie BP Run

 INTERACTIVE   AUSTRALIA    May 30, 2019 09:33 celebrate its 100th year in Australia, BP has launched a fully integrated campaign called 'The Great Aussie BP Run', created by WPP's Team Energy. WPP's Team Energy, a dedicated unit created specifically for BP, combined the talent and expertise from agencies such as Ogilvy, Geometry, Millipede and Mindshare to create 'The Great Aussie BP Run'. The centrepiece of the campaign is a uniquely Australian arcade-style app, where customers can win prizes in game and redeem them at BP stores nationwide. The 'BP Run' game was launched nationally, supported by a TVC, plus Outdoor, Radio, Social and POS. 'BP Run' celebrates the fun and excitement of BP's 100th year celebration by rewarding customers with the chance to share in over 250,000 prizes, including instant snack wins, a daily $1000 cash draw and a major prize of a brand-new Mazda CX5. Customers simply make a fuel or shop purchase, receive a game card and enter a code to unlock up to eight levels and five different characters to 'Play to Win'.


wwf: Detox Hour

 INTERACTIVE   RUSSIA    May 29, 2019 19:51 Hour is a global event, attracting millions of people around the globe to ecological problems. How can we disconnect peoplzse from the web and reconnect them with nature? Introducing Detox Website by WWF. First ever branded web site that works ONLY offline. This year we made official Earth Hour page in Russia visible only when you disconnect the internet. See hidden content, that explains simple steps each can do in 60 minutes to change the situation. Agency: 24ttl


Guaraná Antartica: Women's Soccer

 INTERACTIVE   BRAZIL    May 29, 2019 19:43 (Edited: May 30, 2019 05:43) big sports event requires convocation. After all, it's through these big competitions that we find the best athletes from the all around the world. And in the year of the main women's soccer tournament on the planet, Guarana Antartica wears the Brazil Women's National Soccer Team shirt and calls upon other brands to join a movement in support of women's soccer in the country. Since this is the modality by most loved Brazilians, there's no better moment to show that the female team is also a pride of our nation, or better:"It's Our Thing" #ECoisaNossa)
Agency: AlmapBBDO, Sao Paulo


Signal: Signal: Little Brush Big Brush

 INTERACTIVE   UK    May 29, 2019 19:38 cleaned and gleamed up Signal's toothbrushing companion with an AR overhaul. Elevating the existing Little Brush Big Brush webseries, the Facebook Messenger experience expands the story with an encouraging chatbot offering 5 fun-filled animal masks that teach kids how to care for their teeth. The experience keeps kids brushing for 21 days through daily reminders, AR interactions and reward stickers - helping them form a positive habit in a playful way. As one of the first Messenger extensions to use augmented reality for learning, the experience shows there's so much more to AR than puking rainbows. Agency: MediaMonks


Jeep: High Performance Banners

 INTERACTIVE   AUSTRALIA    May 23, 2019 18:21 (Edited: May 24, 2019 04:21) Jeep Trackhawk is the world's most powerful V8 SUV. It's so powerful that its closest competitors aren't SUV's at all - they’re legendary supercars. To demonstrate this surprising fact to car lovers, we hijacked the online car listings of the world's fastest cars, pitting their official factory stats against the Trackhawk. Our programmatic banner campaign turned thousands of competitors' ads into live performance tests, proving the Trackhawk's racing chops to petrolheads at the exact moment they were looking to purchase.


Meuhedet Health Fund: Little Superheroes

 INTERACTIVE   ISRAEL    May 23, 2019 15:05 Health Fund and BBR Saatchi & Saatchi have launched a new and unique Augmented Reality experience: Little Superheroes. Starting today, all doctors treating kids for broken arms can apply a special band onto the cast which, when scanned through the health fund's app, turns their arm into a bionic arm. Just like their favourite superheroes, these arms are complete with laser beams, spikes and other superpowers. It's a sure way to make children's tears stop almost instantly and ensure that instead of sitting at school in a corner of the playground while their friends play - they are able to take part and become the heroes of the playground.


Artplan: Instagram - Stickers Decór

 INTERACTIVE   BRAZIL    May 22, 2019 20:51 the first time, Instagram Stories is used as a decoration tool. Etna is one of the biggest home and decor brands in Brazil. In the beginning of 2019, Sao Paulo-based agency Artplan launched a campaign with the concept "Design ao seu alcance" [Design within your reach]. Online and TV spots showed how Etna can help you to renew your home. Now, Etna and Artplan have just created an innovative way of testing new decorations: using Instagram Stories.


Kakao: Redceipt

 INTERACTIVE   SOUTH KOREA    May 20, 2019 19:40 heavy episodic drinking rate of Korea stays twice as high as the OECD average, and the average of 400 drinking under the influence(DUI) cases are reported daily. As such, drunk driving remains as one of the gravest social issues in Korea. Cheil Worldwide Seoul came up with the idea of red receipt signaling the danger of drunk driving.


Skyn Condoms: Baby Blocker

 INTERACTIVE   AUSTRALIA    May 17, 2019 22:29 those out there copping an unwanted influx of baby content (think Royal baby spam or even friends posting their little ones on the regular), we wanted to share this new tongue-in-cheek social media filter from leading condom company SKYN. Introducing the "Baby Blocker" - a Google Chrome plug-in that automatically hides baby photos from Instagram and Facebook feeds and replaces it with the content users want to see. The "Baby Blocker" was inspired by the recent hype around the arrival of the Royal baby, Archie Harrison, which is bombarding social media user's feeds.


The One Club for Creativity: Pencil Pong

 INTERACTIVE   CANADA    May 17, 2019 22:27 One Club for Creativity ended off Creative Week with the One Show Awards last Friday night. Over the course of the year, Zulu Alpha Kilo created assets for the 2019 call for entries. Last Friday, the agency concluded the 'Win Pencil, Draw Respect' campaign at the show by revealing a few surprise pieces, including the online game Pencil Pong which launched globally today. By using their mobile devices as the pong paddle controls, attendees on the gala night were able to use their pong skills to help propel them up the creative ranks to win One Show gold.


TUR4all Portugal: Wheelchange Tours

 INTERACTIVE   PORTUGAL    May 17, 2019 22:19 are many ways to make tourism more inclusive. This could be one of them: a system that allows you to couple a wheelchair with a bicycle. With it, a person with reduced mobility can become a tourist guide. The prototype - created with a piece made in Spain that allows wheelchairs to be attached to bicycles - was presented in March by the Portuguese Secretary of State for Tourism, as part of the Bolsa de Turismo de Lisboa investment programme. Ana Mendes Godinho considers this idea - born from an FCB Lisboa insight - as "meeting all the requirements to be materialized."


Samsung Galaxy: Galaxy Studio Ikseon Dong

 INTERACTIVE   KOREA    May 17, 2019 13:49 turned the every alley, store and place of Ikseon-dong, one of the most well-preserved traditional Korean villages with many popular photo spots for millennials, into the Galaxy S10 pop-up store. By allowing them to take the Galaxy S10 out in the streets and stores, people could capture every moment they spend in Ikseon-dong with the device and naturally experience its functions. It brought more than 40,000 social buzzes in 30 days, while total of 324,000 people visited the Galaxy Studio Ikseon-dong.


Havaianas: TAP TAP TAP

 INTERACTIVE   BRAZIL    May 16, 2019 20:42 (Edited: May 17, 2019 06:42) the growth of Instagram Stories, tapping the screen to flip through content has become habit. And it was that very habit that inspired Havaianas to explore the format in a new way, to tell stories like never before. Called "TAP TAP TAP," the short uses users' contact with the screen to speed up the animation. The project is made up of more than 90 illustrations. As users "skip" through them, they interact with the next image, creating the illusion of movement. TAP TAP TAP was developed by AlmapBBDO with illustrations by LOBO/Vetor Zero.


A1 Hrvatska: A1 Lappsus

 INTERACTIVE   CROATIA    May 15, 2019 20:31 would ever think a telco would teach spelling With A1 Lappsus you tap the correct spelling of the word to unlock your cell phone and for every good answer you win extra MBs in data usage. Cell phone users view their screens as many as 150 times a day on average. On the flip side, finding the best way to reduce grammar and spelling mistakes in everyday life is always challenging. 75% of High Schoolers have a problem with spelling. That is why A1 Hrvatska, partnered with Bruketa&Zinic&Grey Agency, has launched a new mobile app A1 Lappsus to turn the habit of constant phone checking into a learning opportunity for correct spelling in the Croatian language.


Beck's: Heroes Of The Night

 INTERACTIVE   GERMANY    May 15, 2019 20:25 the "Heroes of the Night" app, Beck's is launching a new initiative in keeping with its brand claim "You make it legendary". From now on, WhatsApp users can simply transform their chat history into a comic and therefore recreate their epic night out with friends in the most unique way. In cooperation with comic illustrator Matthias Schardt, more than 300 frames were created exclusively for the app. Each individual comic can be saved and shared. The "Heroes of the Night" app, which is available now from the App Store, transforms every member of the group chat into a comic character. Agency:Serviceplan Campaign International / Plan.Net Campaign


Samsung: #IndiaReadyAction

 INTERACTIVE   INDIA    May 14, 2019 20:30 and Cheil India has today launched a nationwide digital campaign, #IndiaReadyAction, empowering Gen Z and millennials to break stereotypes about India by capturing and sharing videos of 'Real India' through their smartphones. Starting today, the month-long campaign will urge Gen Z and young millennials in India to share up to 60-second videos of their vision of real India that will break any stereotypes that may exist about the country.


The Hong Kong Stroke Association: Fatal Recognition

 INTERACTIVE   HONG KONG    May 14, 2019 20:28 (Edited: May 15, 2019 06:28) mobile app offering early warning detection of potentially fatal strokes has been developed by Cheil Hong Kong. According to WHO figures, someone has a stroke every two seconds. It claims the lives of more than 6 million people die each year. Meanwhile, two thirds of those who survive are left with brain damage or permanent disability. The key to safety is spotting the early warning signs - with the most common warning sign of a stroke being face-drooping. But since some strokes are less severe than others, it's incredibly hard for the human eye to detect.


Extra Gum: Pep Talks

 INTERACTIVE   NEW ZEALAND    May 14, 2019 20:26 Gum, via Colenso BBDO, releases Extra Pep Talks, a voice-assistant-based conversation tool that is designed to build confidence. Aimed at generations who have become more comfortable conversing via text than in person, the platform compliments EXTRA Gum's "Time to Shine" brand positioning by letting people practice hard-to-have conversations. Every conversation housed within the tech is inspired by commonly searched topics - asking for a raise, asking someone


Peruvian Cancer Foundation: Lifestreams

 INTERACTIVE   PERU    May 14, 2019 20:25 International Day Against Cancer goes unnoticed every year in Peru. Due to this, cancer patients don't have the opportunity or the means to make themselves be heard and make people get involved with their struggle. So, we gave a voice to child cancer patients from the Peruvian Cancer Foundation, making everyone understand their condition and motivating them to donate by splitting the screen through a double streaming on Instagram combining two faces simultaneously with the new function Go live with a friend. Agency: Wunderman Thompson


United Nations: Bullet Proof Voices

 INTERACTIVE   COLOMBIA    May 11, 2019 20:36 Colombia more than 300 human rights defenders had been murdered to silence their ideas. Sancho BBDO Bogota solution was to take the ideas of 11 threatened social right defenders and put them in national trending topic, spotify, unexpected places, outdoor places and billboards.


The Marine Corps Recruiting Command: USMC Squad Bay

 INTERACTIVE   USA    May 07, 2019 20:01 Atlanta and the Marine Corps Recruiting Command have launched a new mobile phone app, designed to help people who have recently committed to becoming Marines get ready for the rigors of recruit training and officer candidates school. The 'USMC Squad Bay' is available to individuals who have already signed up to become a Marine but have not yet left for their entry-level training. The app features physical training plans, Marine Corps history and trivia, study guides, a resource library and more.


VOO: Raging Banners

 INTERACTIVE   BELGIUM    May 07, 2019 20:00 the internet has become an integrated part of our daily lives, connection speed has become a main battleground. It's one of the main reasons to switch provider. VOO, one of the main telecom providers in Belgium, has invested in technology allowing to offer its customers a connection speed up to four times faster than its competitors. Agency: Happiness FCB.

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