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Vinda Deluxe Facial Tissues: Vinda Jukeboxes

 INTERACTIVE   MALAYSIA    November 30, 2020 11:27 transforms a tissue holder into a music amplifier for Vinda Deluxe Facial Tissues.


Elimination Of Violence Against Women; ShortcutForHelp

 INTERACTIVE   USA    November 29, 2020 07:49 CHIAT Los Angeles has released this #ShortcutForHelp campaign on International Day for Elimination of Violence against Women.


Jollibee: JolliEverAfter

 INTERACTIVE   SINGAPORE    November 27, 2020 12:54 (Edited: November 27, 2020 23:54) has launched an interactive storytelling experience #JolliEverAfter that invites the TikTok community in the Philippines to star in their own romantic comedy on the social media platform. The campaign launched on 24th November has garnered over 8 million views in under 48 hours. The campaign, created by BBH Singapore, taps into the TikTok challenges format to tell stories. By launching 9 sub-challenges – each representing a crucial moment in a rom-com story arc – the campaign invites anyone to do any challenge to fill in the gaps in the story. The result is an infinite number of possible storylines that span the creators’ own imaginations. Each challenge invites people to take on the role of one of our two protagonists, to tell that part of the story. Whether it’s the Call Your Crush challenge, that gets TikTokers to confess their crush to someone they like in real life; or the First Date challenge, where they act out their perfect dates – sometimes with the help of Jollibee chicken; or the 10 Years Later challenge, where they break out of the typical rom-com endings to create their own weird and wonderful conclusions to the story.


FOX: The Walker Social Media

 INTERACTIVE   PORTUGAL    November 27, 2020 06:52 (Edited: November 27, 2020 17:52) was a famous Portuguese social network in the 2000s. Today, it's like a graveyard full of forgotten profiles.


Sasa: Eat. Stay. Love.

 INTERACTIVE   INDONESIA    November 26, 2020 11:31 Covid-19 outbreak, FINCH Agency in Jakarta initiated an initiative that wants to bring hope and happiness to Indonesian people in the midst of the global pandemic of COVID-19. The economic sectors hit hard across the world, and in Indonesia, it especially hit harder on minimum wage citizens and small business stalls that are practically losing their source of income to buy their bread and butter. Sasa is a leading seasoning company, so the agency wanted to help them with something they know best, food. To encourage people to reduce the spread of covid-19 by eating good food, staying at home, while at the same time giving love to the small business owner and minimum wage citizen. The EAT STAY LOVE package was created.


PE Nation: Sustainable In Snow

 INTERACTIVE   AUSTRALIA    November 26, 2020 07:04 (Edited: November 26, 2020 18:04) agency Andpeople has teamed up with active-streetwear label P.E Nation to create a custom-built augmented reality (AR) dressing room ahead of the label’s latest launch. The digital dressing room was unveiled to coincide with the launch of P.E Nation's 'Sustainable in Snow'collection. In partnership with Andpeople and the globally recognised team behind the Institute of Digital Fashion, the Instagram AR filter allows customers to step into an international snow environment where they can 'try on' selected garments from this original collection. that operate within the space have been forced to re-examine customer communication and engagement.


Tourism New Zealand: Play NZ

 INTERACTIVE   AUSTRALIA    November 26, 2020 07:00 international borders closed, Tourism New Zealand invited the world to come and "PLAY NZ". Teaming up with one of YouTube's top gaming content creators, Loserfruit, PLAY NZ brought the country to life as an immersive, open-world gaming experience that lets people explore some of New Zealand's greatest attractions in a completely new way effectively marketing the entire country as a game. Smashing ad watch time records, the campaign showed that good creative can overcome short attention spans. Created alongside TBWASydney, PLAY NZ was a brand building campaign aimed at increasing the number of Australians considering a New Zealand holiday, targeting a millennial audience 25 to 39 years, renowned for seeking new experiences and likely ‘first to fly’ when a travel bubble opens.


Happyluja: She Drew Boobolution

 INTERACTIVE   UK    November 24, 2020 15:58 (Edited: November 25, 2020 02:58) by publisher Happyluja, the bold and uplifting film is part of a kickstarter campaign to support the launch of 'Boobs', an art book to honour all women and all boobs with 100% of profits going to breast cancer charities. Breast cancer is still the most common cancer among women worldwide, claiming the lives of hundreds of thousands of women each year.


Running Stories

 INTERACTIVE   SINGAPORE    November 24, 2020 15:54 Singapore has created a new fitness and audio entertainment platform specifically designed for runners. The Running Stories app casts you as the protagonist in a story and uses real-time data to build an augmented reality audio narrative that integrates with your surroundings and keeps you 'enter-trained' on runs. The thrilling storylines are triggered as runners pass GPS markers and landmarks.


Buy Irish Online: Co Clare

 INTERACTIVE   IRELAND    November 24, 2020 15:51 campaign is to encourage people to think nationally not internationally first this Christmas. Ireland's economy is struggling like the rest of the world and it's businesses need help. We are simply reminding Irish people that they have supported global brands in the past so now please their our own.


Wildbytes: Ko Campaign

 INTERACTIVE   USA    November 23, 2020 13:21 agency Wildbytes has brought to life this darkly comedic mobile game, entitled 'KO Campaign', that gives mobile gamers the chance to box against Donald Trump and Joe Biden with tongue in cheek fight items like a COVID mask, holy book, and literal dog whistle. Along with a cartoonish aesthetic reminiscent of claymation, the dialogue and headlines are updated in real-time to reflect current events. More importantly, after delivering stylized punch outs to the candidate of choice, data suggesting the political leanings of the player as well as users worldwide appears, data that actually predicted the winner of the election.

Download the app here -


Ikea: Life At Home

 INTERACTIVE   AUSTRALIA    November 22, 2020 18:04 (Edited: November 23, 2020 05:04) by IKEA is the brand platform in Australia that solves life's problems through design. During the world's strictest lockdown, which lasted over 100 days in Melbourne, IKEA added an extra assembly instruction to their most popular products. Products almost all Australians have in the home, or could invest in to help with 'normal life'. Each of the illustrated instructions helped people find clever ways to deal with everything from cancelled holidays to haircuts, workouts to WFH, live sport to living with kids who couldn't go to school. Released in context to what was happening in the world, we provided a solution to anything and everything life at home threw at us (yes, even Trump's Tweets.hide!).


Jose Cuervo: The Cuervo Doppeldrinker

 INTERACTIVE   USA    November 20, 2020 17:00 Cuervo are sending hundreds of people home for the holidays, as Doppeldrinkers.


CALM : Finding The Words

 INTERACTIVE   UK    November 20, 2020 16:58 (Edited: November 21, 2020 03:58) can be hard to tell someone you're struggling. Sometimes what you mean gets lost in between the lines. No matter who you are, CALM can help you find the words. Here's England international rugby player Joe Marler with an important message that might need a second look. If you're struggling and feel like you need to talk, CALM's helpline is here every day, 5pm-midnight, on the phone or online. They offer offer free, confidential expert advice. No matter what.


TAC: Left Unfinished

 INTERACTIVE   AUSTRALIA    November 18, 2020 12:27 (Edited: November 18, 2020 23:27) and Road Trauma Support Services Victoria (RTSSV) have launched an interactive exhibition called 'Left Unfinished' via TABOO, to deliver a powerful road safety message by showcasing everyday items belonging to Victorians whose lives were suddenly lost or forever changed on Victorian roads. The exhibition is part of RTSSV’s 'Shine a Light on Road Safety Week' and will run from 15th November to 22nd November at the Melbourne Museum Plaza, and will then be on display within the TAC's Road to Zero complex inside the Melbourne Museum until January 2021.


Oppo: Make Something Beautiful

 INTERACTIVE   SOUTH AFRICA    November 18, 2020 12:22 (Edited: November 18, 2020 23:22) is beautiful.And ask Spitfire's new director Katlego Baaitse who, together with the agency, worked closely with influencers Bee Diamond Head, Young Stilo and African Ginger to make something beautiful to launch the new Oppo A72 cellphone.


Subway: Sink A Sub

 INTERACTIVE   AUSTRALIA    November 17, 2020 08:27 (Edited: November 17, 2020 19:27) ye, the high seas are calling as Subway launches its first-ever ‘instant win’ gaming experience. Sink a Sub is a virtual at-sea battleground that transforms the way customers engage with the brand's most iconic product the Sub.
Guests who purchase from Subway menu's at participating Australian and New Zealand restaurant's during November will receive a code to play the high-sea gaming experience. The gaming mechanism allows every player to 'sink a sub' on the gameboard to win a treasure chest of major prizes worth millions of dollars; from Subs and bikes to an Isuzu M-UX and $10k every week. Even players who 'miss a sub' will still win instant swag, including Subway cookies, drinks and meal upgrades.


Call of Duty: What if

 INTERACTIVE   SWEDEN    November 15, 2020 22:05 gamers are a massive audience yet extremely difficult to reach with traditional advertising. These are predominantly male, generation x and y's are cable cutters, 75% subscribing to a non-advertising service and a nearly 60% utilizing ad-blockers (source: Orvesto 2020). So how then do you advertise a console game such as the new "Call of Duty - Cold War" that launches today?


Klarna: The Following is K-Rated

 INTERACTIVE   AUSTRALIA    November 15, 2020 22:02 K-Rated campaign from Klarna allows the audience to unlock deals, price drops, wish lists and more if they uncensor the sexy products in each ad. From TV to outdoor and social, every ad was an opportunity to remove the pixels and unlock the offers beneath.


André Gola: Quarantine Mind Stories

 INTERACTIVE   BRASIL    November 15, 2020 22:00 (Edited: November 16, 2020 09:00) and Facebook's augmented reality presents 'Quarantine Mind Stories' by artist and creative director Andre Gola. The exhibition gathers artworks by AlmapBBDO's ECD featuring character Suadinho. Created during quarantine, the aim is to show how art can be an aid to mental health during challenging times. Online visitors will click on the filter button and use the camera on their smartphones or use their fingers to navigate. Exploring built-in tools of virtual and augmented reality, the exhibition intends to show art as an aid to overcome daily problems - clearly made worse by social isolation - and nurture good mental health. All 11 works and the stories behind them, along with the artist's own history, can be found on his Instagram profile. According to Andre, the exhibition is an invitation to the mind of Suadinho, his own character, so named because of his fast-paced, stressful daily routine but which took on a new meaning in André's life after he was diagnosed with hydrocephalus.


NRMA Insurance: HELP! The Game

 INTERACTIVE   AUSTRALIA    November 13, 2020 14:50 is becoming increasingly more dangerous. With more volatile seasons causing higher risks of bushfires, storms and floods. To make risk a more approachable conversation, NRMA Insurance and CHE Proximity created Help! The Game - an engaging way to start the conversation with families and help Aussies understand the importance of insurance. HELP! The Game teaches players about the value of protecting their assets as they risk them all to Australia's uniquely dangerous landscape. The Game launches via a series of films, OOH, social, digital and PR, with 30,000 games available at and stocked in every Kmart store across NSW and QLD.


Volkswagen: World's Smallest Dealership

 INTERACTIVE   AUSTRALIA    November 13, 2020 13:47 (Edited: November 14, 2020 00:47) and DDB Sydney continue their legacy of 'thinking small' together with a dealership you can visit from the comfort of your own phone. The World's Smallest Dealership was opened to promote the automotive's new small SUV range and subsequent AR offering, letting consumers 'try on' and buy a car wherever they are. The 28cm tall interactive activation is an exact 3D replica of a real dealership, and even features screens running Volkswagen TV ads. It is also fitted with QR codes for customers to scan, leading them to an immersive augmented reality tour, complete with audio guide walkthrough. The dealership has since been touring iconic Australian landmarks.


Movember: Most Important Mo's

 INTERACTIVE   USA    November 13, 2020 08:39 AR filter 'Most Important Mos' is a game filter that opens with the important question: Which mo will you grow?When launching, it randomises between a bunch of peculiar-looking mo's and eventually lands on one with a little smoke effect.Each hair on the moustaches was digitally crafted to replicate real-looking moustaches.


Oreo : Say It With Oreo

 INTERACTIVE   INDONESIA    November 10, 2020 15:23 provides the best opportunity for families to express themselves meaningfully to each other in a playful way. We came up with an idea: Go Beyond Words, Say It With OREO.


Lifebuoy: Hackwashing

 INTERACTIVE   INDIA    November 09, 2020 21:43 60% of Indians wash their hands only with water and no soap at all. This behavior causes spread of fatal diseases. Now, imagine this unhealthy habit during the world's largest human gathering: Kumbh Mela. Instead od trying to educate millions on using soap, we hijacked what they're already doing:


Pizza Hut + KFC: Pizza Hut x KFC Kitchen

 INTERACTIVE   HONG KONG    November 09, 2020 13:30 Hut in Hong Kong has teamed with KFC to launch a limited-edition pizza that combines Pizza Hut's crispy crust with KFC's Chicken Popcorn pieces, gravy, plus a serving of cheese, sweetcorn, and mushrooms. To celebrate this tasty partnership, Ogilvy Hong Kong and the two brands launched the 'Pizza Hut x KFC Kitchen', a mobile game that connects two phones and challenges two players to craft a 'Pizza Hut x KFC Chicken Popcorn Pizza' against the clock together, playing as the Pizzatainer and Colonel Sanders. Teamwork is the name of the game as players have to knead the dough, fry the chicken popcorn, and bake the pizza too. Complete the tasks in the time given to win Pizza Hut and KFC coupons.


Netflix Korea: The Massacre Of The Kingdom

 INTERACTIVE   JAPAN    November 07, 2020 14:14 celebrate the continued success of the Netflix Original Series 'Kingdom', The Glue Society and Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo have created a three-story museum of historical artifacts bringing to life the rich imagined history of ‘Kingdom’ at the Song Won Art Center in Seoul, Korea. In the exhibit titled, The Massacre of Kingdom


Uniqlo: Making of ThermoArt

 INTERACTIVE   JAPAN    November 07, 2020 14:09 has launched a new global campaign for its flagship model HEATTECH functional underwear. Inspired by HEATTECH's moisture and heat-absorbing technology, the campaign uses 'ThermoArt,' the world’s first real-time digital art that transforms thermography to a new form of dynamic expression. With body temperature being an early detection measure for COVID-19, thermographic images now universally evoke negative and bleak sentiment. Using this insight, the team decided to use human body temperature in real-time to create content that warms the mind and body, while showcasing the core appeal of HEATTECH, keeping you warm from your own heat


Burger King : Scream

 INTERACTIVE   CHILE    October 30, 2020 15:17 someone else it's a hard task, we value the effort that requires to make someone scream, so this Halloween, we have changed the value of our Whoppers and you can get one for free, if you send us a video scaring someone else. The more you scare, the more you can eat.


Spotify: Sam Smith Diamonds

 INTERACTIVE   UK    October 28, 2020 12:42, an award-winning interactive creative studio/production company for over 150 movie distributors, in collaboration with the world’s largest music company Universal Music Group, music industry-leading label Capitol Records UK, and Grammy-Award winning artist Sam Smith, join forces for the launch of a web-based AR activation for Smith's new single 'Diamonds', only available on Spotify.


Fifth Third Bank:BuyNowBlocker

 INTERACTIVE   USA    October 28, 2020 12:38 BuyNow Blocker" promotes financial education, encouraging people to think twice before purchasing unnecessary items, and instead save for essentials. With that cute bag on Instagram just a click away from your closet, hyper-targeted social media advertising has made us more vulnerable to impulse buying than ever. So Fifth Third Bank partnered with bi-coastal creative agency Pereira O’Dell, to create a campaign that turns advertising on its head


Humanaut: The Brand Roast

 INTERACTIVE   USA    October 27, 2020 07:28 is known for creating humorous campaigns for clients that lampoon the serious tone of classic ad tropes such as public-service announcements. Its latest spot is a direct appeal to brands in which founder / chief creative director David Littlejohn uses this parody approach to announce the agency’s latest service offering: brand roasts. But it is no joke - it’s an actual service designed as a win-win for brands seeking brutally honest consumer insights and comedians who are suffering greatly as live venues have closed because of the Covid-19 pandemic.


Johnson & Johnson: Let's Take Care

 INTERACTIVE   BRASIL    October 27, 2020 07:25 & Johnson Consumer Health, the consumer goods division from the world’s largest healthcare company, has made available on Instagram a special filter that helps with breast self-care as a way to help on the diagnosis of the type of cancer most common in women worldwide. With this technology, the mobile display becomes a mirror where a projected animation guides the right movements on the right spots of the breast. The filter can be accessed on the profile @jnjbrasil or via the link, which must be opened on the mobile phone. The action is part of the campaign #VamosCuidar (Let's Take Care), by Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health,


MeToo: Act Too

 INTERACTIVE   CANADA    October 24, 2020 14:58 (Edited: October 25, 2020 01:58) the heels of the 3-year anniversary of the #MeToo viral movement, FCB/SIX worked with #metoo founder Tarana Burke to launch Act Too, a crowd-sourced blockchain-powered platform that encourages people to take action to end sexual violence. It's the first time blockchain has been used to drive activism and will be the centerpiece for the movement to launch the next stage of its evolution. The interactive platform is being promoted via paid media, a social influencers program featuring activists such as Alyssa Milano, and digital billboards in Times Square.


Teenage Cancer Trust : Unseen

 INTERACTIVE   UK    October 24, 2020 14:56 (Edited: October 25, 2020 01:56) the last 20 years, Roger Daltrey and Teenage Cancer Trust have put on concerts at the Royal Albert Hall which have generated millions of pounds for the charity. This year, Covid 19 made those gigs impossible. However, while the shows stopped, the urgent care for teenagers with cancer did not. The charity needed to find a way to generate the usual amount of money, by other means. Leo Burnett creative directors Mark Franklin and Rob Tenconi, collaborated with director Chris Rule from Academy Films, Teenage Cancer Trust's Des Murphy, and 5Fifteen Productions to create 'Unseen’ an online music festival streaming never-before-seen


JC Decaux : We Keep Going

 INTERACTIVE   USA    October 24, 2020 14:54, known for its unique and innovative OOH media, has partnered with the global creative boutique FRED & FARID to develop a campaign using its Digital Street Furniture programs in four major U.S cities: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Boston. The campaign will be displayed across JCDecaux’s Digital Network of 500 displays, as well as on static inventory in Los Angeles (Outfront/JCDecaux). Instead of taking a traditional B2B approach to reach new advertisers, FRED & FARID Los Angeles proposed an alternative initiative to address the emotional weight many Americans were collectively feeling, using Decaux’s inventory to display positive and encouraging messaging, reinforcing the feeling of belonging to these great cities.


Volvo Cars: Marathon Sound

 INTERACTIVE   USA    October 24, 2020 14:52 Cars and its longtime agency partner, Grey New York, have recreated the entire New York City Marathon experience in an audio poem to the city and its iconic sports event for runners worldwide. The TCS New York City Marathon won’t be run in person this year, due to the pandemic, meaning thousands of runners from around the globe will not have the opportunity to participate in this challenge. Instead, runners will carry on the tradition, virtually training and racing in their hometowns and countries. So, Volvo Cars created a custom playlist using real audio from the streets of the city. The playlist allows runners a to immerse themselves in the sounds of 13 neighborhoods along the NYC Marathon route, from Staten Island to Central Park.


Escape: Live Streaming Streams

 INTERACTIVE   AUSTRALIA    October 23, 2020 08:45 is launching a series of live streams to transport you to a real-life stream. Be soothed as you stream an Aussie bubbling brook trickling by complete with the sound effects of nature. Think of it as an hour of escape to find some mindfulness and calm, while getting a front-row seat to Australian nature at its best. Each Wednesday at midday we’ll be live streaming a different stream.


Fender: Play Free

 INTERACTIVE   USA    October 23, 2020 08:43 stands to report the brand’s highest-ever year for sales in 2020 with individuals turning to music to occupy their time during quarantine and stay-at-home orders, as reported in The New York Times. In March 2020, Fender gave away three months of free guitar, bass, and ukulele lessons via Fender Play as an act of goodwill during the pandemic. Within a month, Fender Play’s user base grew nearly 500% to approximately 930,000 aspiring players learning on the app. Recognising this growing community of players, Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC) is bringing back this goodwill offer – three months of free Fender Play


Banco de Bogota: The River Apartments

 INTERACTIVE   COLOMBIA    October 23, 2020 08:41 Bogota river passes through 47 Colombian municipalities and among them is the capital, Bogota, that has a population of over 9 million people. Its path has 380 km long and 97% of it is contaminated due to the 270 tons of solid waste collected monthly. All kinds of garbage gets thrown to the river: microwaves, sofas, decoration objects, toys, beds, home appliances, are just some examples of what can be found. With the support of McCann Worldgroup Colombia, Banco de Bogota in alliance with #GrupoRíoBogota launched "The River Apartments:" a space furnished entirely with the trash found in the river that seeks to educate the community about the water source’s pollution and how to properly dispose solid waste.

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