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La hija del Pollero: Pica Pollo for Democracy

 EXPERIENTAL   DOMINICAN REPUBLIC    May 10, 2021 14:27 Dominican Republic is known for its beaches, its music and its people. But there is another side of Dominican Republic unknown to the world that lives in isolation from the glamor of resorts, receiving little to no help because of corrupt politicians who come to power by buying votes in exchange for Fried Chicken (pica pollo), you heard that right, they buy votes with Fried Chicken. What could a local restaurant possibly do to change this? We decided to fight fire with fire: if a Fried Chicken can buy a vote, it can also make Dominicans vote consciously.


Vegemite: Vegeknife

 EXPERIENTAL   AUSTRALIA    December 19, 2020 15:13 surveys found that butter is making its way into 58 percent of Australians’ Vegemite jars. So, we created the Vegeknife…one end for butter, one end for Vegemite. It's the best thing since sliced bread! People could WIN their very own Vegeknife by sharing a picture of them using Vegemite on Instagram.


HBO Max: The Fight Attendant

 EXPERIENTAL   USA    November 20, 2020 15:54 of North America has launched 'The Flight Attendant Experience' for HBO Max's new series starring Kaley Cuoco.


Call Of Duty :Viking Helmet

 EXPERIENTAL   SWEDEN    November 12, 2020 06:50 (Edited: November 12, 2020 17:50)älm-Eng.jpg&width=200During the Cold War, a Soviet invasion of the Nordic countries 
was never far away. Most young people of today are not well-informed of what the Cold War meant to the Nordics and what was at stake. These memes will lay the foundation for what the Cold War was a conflict between the West and the East and what the upcoming launch of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War 2020 will bring.


Hanbel: Virus Vs. Virus

 EXPERIENTAL   BOLIVIA    August 18, 2020 16:28 BBDO have created this campaign for Hanbel


PEPSI CO: Eat This Playlist

 EXPERIENTAL   UKRAINE    August 05, 2020 12:07 summer Spotify finally launched in Ukraine. We welcomed it with delicious playlists from Pepsi. You could get a recipe of traditional Ukrainian cuisine by reading each track-by-track listing. This approach combined Pepsi's music background and their strategy of getting the food territory. Series of posters include musical dumplings, galushki, and famous Kyiv cutlet so while quarantine has made it difficult to taste Ukrainian cuisine, you can still listen to it.
Agency: Twiga Digital, Ukraine


The “Masterskaya” Theater: Tragedy in Comments

 EXPERIENTAL   RUSSIA    July 23, 2020 21:32 to quarantine, all theaters in Russia were forced to close and cancel all their plays and premieres. Actors and spectators ended up locked at home.
Instead of canceling the play, the "Masterskaya" theater decided to play it, no matter what. For this purpose, we created a special account in Instagram, and published the poster for the canceled premiere there. And then the actors and characters of the play started a conversation right in the comments under the poster. They all posted the lines of their characters in turns. And as a result, we played the entire Shakespeare's play, so that everyone could read it by simply scrolling the comments on Instagram.
Agency: Jekyll&Hyde


Apple: A Climate Change Promise From Apple

 EXPERIENTAL   USA    July 23, 2020 15:59 (Edited: July 24, 2020 01:59) is carbon neutral. But that's not enough. Apple reached that goal in April 2020, and we're certainly proud that our facilities, corporate emissions, and corporate travel don't contribute carbon to the planet. We use 100 percent renewable electricity, and we've invested in the restoration of forests, wetlands, and grasslands to remove carbon naturally. However, all of this is just a starting point. We have an entirely different goal in mind. It's kind of an audacious plan. By 2030 our whole carbon footprint - from manufacturing to transportation to end-of-life material recovery - will be nonexistent.


Parkinson’s NSW: No Escape Room

 EXPERIENTAL   AUSTRALIA    July 13, 2020 20:33 (Edited: July 14, 2020 06:33) five Australians under 40 diagnosed with Parkinson's every day , Parkinson's NSW has launched the first-ever 'No Escape Room' to simulate what life is like for people living with the disease. The one-of-a-kind experience, created by Wunderman Thompson Australia and Airbag, started with a callout via Facebook to Australia's biggest escape room enthusiasts, with the opportunity to be the first people to trial a new escape room. What the participants didn't know was that they were taking part in an experiment to dramatise the everyday challenges of people living with Parkinson's.


Medpeople: The Soap Ad

 EXPERIENTAL   SWEDEN    June 26, 2020 21:16 Bureau Stockholm and Medpeople teamed up to change how people wash their hands. Introducing 'The Soap Ad' an print ad made on soap paper which showed you how to was your hands properly that you could also wash your hands with.


Drowning Prevention Week: Be A Lifesaver

 EXPERIENTAL   IRELAND    June 17, 2020 11:12 launch Drowning Prevention Week, a joint initiative of Swim Ireland and the Royal Life Saving Society. A campaign that takes on greater significance this summer, as more people than ever are visiting Irish beaches due to the fact that Covid-19 has caused the closure of supervised swimming pools and has restricted international travel. The 60-second ad, created by Boys+Girls, Dublin, takes a simple phrase that all Irish parents are used to hearing on a daily basis, and imbues it with new meaning.


The International Tiger Project: The Empathy Experiment

 EXPERIENTAL   AUSTRALIA    April 29, 2020 11:32 (Edited: April 29, 2020 21:32) International Tiger Project and Leo Burnett Sydney have launched The Empathy Experiment to drive awareness of the critical status of one of the world’s most revered animals. Although the number of tigers has been dwindling across the globe, the cause has slipped from public view as people find it increasingly difficult to connect with the tiger’s plight. Drawing on the insight that people donate more when they feel empathy towards a cause led to the creation of the film at the centre of the campaign. It asks both its stars and its viewers to put themselves in the position of the tigers. To achieve this, International Tiger Project and Leo Burnett employed an unorthodox technique; an approach they knew would divide opinion but also spark debate – hypnosis. Working with a street casting company and Australia's leading hypnotist, Peter Powers, they placed volunteers into a hypnotic state and led them to believe they were a family of tigers. The playful nature of the experiment soon takes a twist, as the family believe they're being hunted, culminating in the mother tiger being caught in a trap, leaving her young cubs alone to fend for themselves. Whether you believe the distress and empathy you witness the volunteer mother tiger exhibit, completely depends on your view of whether you believe in hypnosis or not. Either way, this purposefully provocative campaign aims to get people talking.


Mumbai Police: #MainBhiMumbaiPolice

 EXPERIENTAL   INDIA    April 07, 2020 16:28 distancing and staying home are the need of the hour and it's highly impressive how most citizens abide by the government’s advisory to fight Covid-19. For the city that never sleeps, Mumbai Police have been doing exceptionally great work towards ensuring the safety of every citizen. However, in a city that houses close to two million people, it can get daunting to physically ensure every citizen stays put inside their homes. To strengthen its fight against Covid-19, Mumbai Police - along with Lowe Lintas and Mogae Media - got Mumbaikars to shoulder this huge responsibility with the force.


Soho Lockdown

 EXPERIENTAL   UK    April 06, 2020 18:24 (Edited: April 07, 2020 04:24) Lockdown shows the once busy streets empty, reflecting the reality of the world being hit with the coronavirus pandemic. It was shot by Pablo Behrens, director of the film 'Adrift in Soho' on March 24th at 5pm the day after the Covid-19 lockdown of London was imposed. "When I heard of the lockdown I took the opportunity to do some exercise complying with the lockdown rules but I also attached my GoPro camera to the handlebar and let it run. It was an eerie experience".


Not on the High Street: #theresmoretomum

 EXPERIENTAL   UK    March 24, 2020 20:39 campaign reminds us that #theresmoretomum. The light-hearted hero film, highlights the beautiful bond between mother and 'child', as they reveal how well they know each other. Sharing comical memories and 'challenging' questions, they laugh their way through the questions and we can't help but laugh along with them. A second film goes deeper into each Mother's journey, as they discuss challenging times in their life. Something that feels particularly poignant at the moment.
Agency: Little Hawk, UK


Naked Heart Foundation: Born Inclusive

 EXPERIENTAL   RUSSIA    March 23, 2020 20:10, Russia has launched this #BornInclusive campaign for the Naked Heart Foundation.


Self Promotion: #IStayHomeFor

 EXPERIENTAL   USA    March 23, 2020 20:07 launches #IStayHomeFor, asking people to post an image or video to their social channels of themselves at home holding up the name of a person they want to keep safe. And they reached out to the actor Kevin Bacon - the man famous for being "six degrees of separation" from everyone in America - for the launch and promote sheltering in place. Join in an tell the world who you are staying home for on your social channels and tag six friends to participate!


Nescafé: The Message

 EXPERIENTAL   ITALY    March 20, 2020 20:46 life, it's impossible to achieve a goal without the support of our closest people every day. But do these people really know how much they count for us? A cup of Nescafe is the best way to tell them, making a moment more intense. To show them, we've realized The Message, during an international ice-skating competition.
Agency: Publicis Milan


Ikea: Ikea Heart Scanner

 EXPERIENTAL   BELGIUM    March 18, 2020 21:09 Social Lab have created these ads for Ikea


People Opposing Women Abuse: RSA

 EXPERIENTAL   SOUTH AFRICA    March 16, 2020 19:40 Africa is a proud nation. We are proud of our people, proud of our traditions and proud of our achievements. But the country we live in, is nothing to be proud of. We live in a country where a woman is killed every 4 hours. 114 women raped and 360 physically and sexually abused, every day. The country we live in is not the Republic of South Africa. The country we live in is the Republic of Sexual Abuse.
Agency: Black River FC (Pty) Ltd


Fanta: Dark Orange

 EXPERIENTAL   BELGIUM    March 06, 2020 21:18 (Edited: March 07, 2020 08:18) Social Lab have created this ambient piece for Fanta, Belgium


PROCURE: Give a Sit to Fight Cancer

 EXPERIENTAL   CANADA    February 06, 2020 20:03 down to take a stand against prostate cancer. For World Cancer Day, PROCURE created a connected chair that lets men donate to research without even taking out their wallet.
Agency: Rethink


Hyundai: Vive

 EXPERIENTAL   SPAIN    January 24, 2020 19:33 (Edited: January 25, 2020 06:33) is a village with the cleanest air within Spain and the 3rd of the world. We create VIVe, the first 100% rural and 100% electric carsharing by Hyundai. We provided free electric cars for the residents to use during one year through a mobile app and we installed electric charging stations. All in the hopes of becoming the first village with the cleanest air in the world.
Agency: Havas PR


Vodafone 5G: Lewis Hamilton

 EXPERIENTAL   UK    January 20, 2020 17:11 out with Lewis Hamilton how is #5G going to revolutionize the gaming world and change the game for drones in Vodafones #5Gamechanger video series!
Agency: We Are Social.


LIFULL Table: Earth Cuisine "Bamboo Sweets"

 EXPERIENTAL   JAPAN    January 13, 2020 21:26 and help the earth discover new ingredients to protect the world - Earth Cuisine. In the second round of this project, LIFULL are featuring abandoned bamboo forests. Bamboo used to be an important material for Japanese people. However, the declining demand in recent years has created many abandoned forests which are developing into bamboo-related harms such as landslide damages. To solve this problem, LIFULL came up with a new idea to "eat" bamboo as an ingredient.


Göteborg Film Festival: The Gynecological Cinema Chair

 EXPERIENTAL   SWEDEN    January 10, 2020 21:24 (Edited: January 11, 2020 08:24) you have what it takes to put yourself in a woman's position? Sweden's Goteborg Film Festival is known for its outlandish promo campaigns-last year, it invited viewers to watch horror movies while encased in a tomb. This year, it's basing its marketing on another outrageous scenario-it's asking men to undergo a gyno exam. In a campaign by agency Stendahls, director Anna Odell made a film in which she asked several prominent Swedish men to "put themselves in a woman's position" by sitting in a gynecological chair and undergoing a woman's checkup (for real, apparently). They included hockey player Borje Salming and former president of Interpol Bjorn Eriksson.


ASB Bank: ASB Sustainaball

 EXPERIENTAL   NEW ZEALAND    January 08, 2020 07:22 a sustainable spin on one of the most iconic Kiwi summer props, and to celebrate its sponsorship of the ASB classic, ASB in conjunction with WiTH Collective linked by Isobar New Zealand have created 'Sustainaball' - a biodegradable tennis ball that can plant a New Zealand native tree. While a normal tennis ball can take several hundred years to break down, the ASB Sustainaball has been designed to break down in less than ten years. Whether you play tennis or not, as a Kiwi, the tennis ball will probably play a part in your summer. And if you're anything like most others, you've undoubtedly lost one, or two dozen, over the fence or - heaven forbid - deep in your Nan's agapanthus.


La Liga: 42 Passions

 EXPERIENTAL   SPAIN    December 04, 2019 19:27 order to launch their new musical identity, LaLiga synchronised the hearts of football fans' while they sang it. All the participants were fans of different and most importantly, rival football clubs. The outcome, rivalries can be put aside, the love for football is the same and unites everybody. The experiment was inspired by a scientific study carried out by the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, which linked the synchronisation of heartbeat rates of different people due to the emotions felt during singing the same song.
Agency: McCann, Madrid


Samsung Galaxy Tab S6: Anti-Bullying Skin

 EXPERIENTAL   BRAZIL    November 13, 2019 17:25 in Brazil has just launched a new initiative in partnership with Fortnite to fight a new kind of cyberbullying, where kids without skins (a graphic asset that changes the appearance of characters in video-games without interfering in players abilities or impact) are treated poorly by other gamers because they don't have the means to acquire such skins. The players without skins even have a "nickname": The Defaults. So, we used the new skin launched globally by Samsung and Fortnite to help fight this toxic behaviour.
Agency: Cheil, Brazil


Fotografiska: Entrance Socks

 EXPERIENTAL   SWEDEN    November 12, 2019 16:40 (Edited: November 13, 2019 03:40) Sweden, one of the most popular gifts for Father's Day is socks. With that in mind, how could Fotografiska (The Swedish Museum of Photography) get more people to think of a visit to the museum as the perfect gift for dad? The solution was to launch entrance socks. Socks that keep dad's feet warm, but also gave him free entrance to Fotografiska on Father's Day (and the remaining of the year).
Agency: ORD&BILD


Footlocker and Adidas Originals: UNheard

 EXPERIENTAL   NETHERLANDS    November 07, 2019 20:59 up-and-coming European hip-hop artists collaborated on a set of new tracks launched on Monday, 4 November as part of UNheard; a campaign by Foot Locker and adidas Originals, via Hooton, to relaunch the iconic CHILE 20 tracksuit collection and promote cross-cultural understanding through music. Each artist - representing the UK, Netherlands, Germany, France and Italy - has contributed an original track and translated and re-interpreted another into their own language and style. The lyrical switch ups and interviews with each artist are available now on YouTube with Dark Pyrex (Milan), Ahzumjot (Berlin), Dinos (Paris) Yung Nnelg (Amsterdam) and Greentea Peng (London).


Vanish Multi Power: Vanishing Stories

 EXPERIENTAL   BRAZIL    October 31, 2019 20:02 Sao Paulo creates a washable book for Vanish that will change the stories at each wash. Imagine the pages of a book made with commonly-used fabrics that, just like clothes, can be washed and used over and over again. This is the new initiative of the Vanish bleach brand, created by BETC Sao Paulo: a campaign that encourages people to read, with the book "Vanishing Stories", conceived to hold stories written by hand that will be erased after a wash. Since the book is made blank after being washed, the idea is to stimulate the imagination of little readers by creating new narratives and by promoting more family moments.


Leffe: The National Debate

 EXPERIENTAL   BELGIUM    October 29, 2019 19:55 2011, Belgium broke the world record for the longest period without a government. On May 26 2019, Belgium voted again. The result produced an even more fragmented political landscape between the political leaders from the North and South of the country. As a Belgian beer brand, Leffe wanted to give a strong signal - introducing 'Nationaal Debat National.' 100 days after the elections and in a total political status quo, Leffe did what had never been done before. They created the longest terrace ever, placing 1000 tables along the 400 km language border, and invited 1000 Flemish and 1000 French speakers to reach 1000 compromises on 10 political questions put together by Professor and political scientist Dave Sinardet. The results - 95% of the participants reached a compromise on all 10 questions in on average only 17 minutes. Agency: BBDO Brussels.


SBVV: Say it With a Book Speeddating

 EXPERIENTAL   SWITZERLAND    October 24, 2019 19:43 Suisse AG has created 'Say it With a Book Speeddating' for SBVV.


Göteborg Film Festival: 50/50 Vision

 EXPERIENTAL   SWEDEN    October 18, 2019 19:40 Film Festival to Challenge One-Eyed Film Industry by Launching 50/50 Vision and Promising Gender Parity in 2020 In Hollywood, 96% of film directors are men. In Europe 81% of films are directed by men. Only 20% of films shown in Swedish cinemas so far this year have female directors. We think this leads to an imbalance that makes the film industry more one-eyed than it needs to be. A film industry with more gender equality would lead to more interesting films with more perspectives and much higher definition.
Agency: Stendahls


Samsung: Art Portals

 EXPERIENTAL   ROMANIA    October 07, 2019 21:01 Romania, The Long Night of Museums can seem really long because of endless lines, crowds and fatigue. How could Samsung, the supporter of #DoWhatYouCant, improve this experience? We created a new standard for art enthusiasts: Samsung Art Portals. We took over various galleries across town and set up connecting portals. Characters from paintings came to life and held Galaxy S10 phones that connected the galleries, allowing visitors to see the exhibits through each other's eyes.
Agency: Cheil, Romania


Puma: Run My Way

 EXPERIENTAL   CHINA    October 03, 2019 12:36 an exemplary example and stamp of approval from Spikes Asia, of how technology enhances creativity, Puma's Interactive Shanghai experience 'Run My Way' bagged Silver in the Overall Aesthetic Design category at the revered Spikes Asia, celebrating PUMA's latest running campaign for the new Hybrid Astro, inviting consumers to test new shoes whilst running through a PUMA-inspired mythical world in the form of the customized PUMA avatar. The footwear giant teamed up with creative production partner MediaMonks to develop an interactive running experience cementing MediaMonks' marketplace reputation in digital craft.


Samsung Australia: Samsung Electric Playground

 EXPERIENTAL   AUSTRALIA    September 25, 2019 20:06 wanted to make some noise about the new pro-grade camera on the new Galaxy S10, a next generation smartphone that boasts a full kit of lenses in your pocket. 5 to be specific. They also wanted to showcase two built-in features that would aid in better photos: The new Instagram Mode (built in without having to launch the app) and PowerShare (where you can charge your device with another device on the go) so your phone can last the night. Cheil, Australia, created a variety of activations suited to the cameras features where visitors could unleash their inner child and bring the illuminated playground to life through the lens of the Galaxy S10.


Land Rover Defender: Introducing the New Defender

 EXPERIENTAL   UK    September 17, 2019 13:45 (Edited: September 17, 2019 23:45) Defender needs to be experienced to be truly understood. Therefore, Land Rover has engaged global experience agency and long-term partner, Imagination, to create an integrated launch to emotionally connect all consumers with the iconic product. Land Rover and Imagination's multifaceted experience campaign comprises of a global launch film and dramatic product reveal at Frankfurt Motor Show, as well as a cutting-edge VR experience and an AR app enabling customers to visualise the interior and exterior of the new Defender.


Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Test Your Breakpoint

 EXPERIENTAL   CANADA    September 14, 2019 11:13 support the Ghost Recon Breakpoint release, Ubisoft Canada launched the "Test Your Breakpoint" social media stunt in order to stir up excitement for the game among a niche target audience while celebrating the passion of Canadian players. Lg2, Montreal.

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