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Seen and noted

Guest comments for the featured Nintendo spot "Marbles"

 GUEST COMMENTS   AUSTRALIA    August 30, 2006 10:35 (Edited: February 17, 2023 04:19)

A few words from Brendan Greaney and David Ponce de Leon, Leo Burnett Melbourne, creatives on the featured Nintendo spot "Marbles":

Like it or not, we’re all slowly losing our marbles. And while this game doesn’t promise to reverse the process, it can at least slow it down. So we thought we’d show what happens to the thousands of marbles that get lost around the world every day.
The shoot was a nightmare. The Catseyes demanded their own trailer and the Agates refused to appear on screen with the Milkies. On the night before the shoot, the Tom Bowler went on a bender with a bunch of Peawees and kept the crew waiting three hours the next morning.
A final note: Getting a marble to stop rolling on cue is a lot harder than you think.

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New work from Burkitt DDB, UK.

 TV   UK    August 30, 2006 10:29 (Edited: February 17, 2023 04:19)

You may recognise this exact situation:

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Here's another in the series:
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More of the Apple mac series

 TV   USA    August 30, 2006 10:25 (Edited: February 17, 2023 04:19)

Here's another of the new series of MAC v PC spots from TBWA/Chiat/Day - Los Angeles:

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New from CP+B ... & coke zero

 TV   USA    August 30, 2006 10:19 (Edited: February 17, 2023 04:19)

One of quite a large series of new coke zero spots. "Lawyer".

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Straight 8

 WORTH A LOOK   CANADA    August 30, 2006 10:15 (Edited: February 17, 2023 04:19)

Straight 8 is a filmmaking event that is based upon a simple principle: one super 8mm cartridge, no editing.

The amount of planning in this is mind boggling!

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New from O&M London & Knucklehead

 TV   UK    August 30, 2006 10:12 (Edited: February 17, 2023 04:19)

You wont want to leave your van:

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Here's the other TV spot in the new Nike air campaign from W+K,

 TV   EUROPE    August 30, 2006 10:04 (Edited: February 17, 2023 04:19) Sec.jpg

Nike "endure" from W+K Amsterdam & Park Pictures' Joaquin Baca-Asay.

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New from Team One Advertising & Moxie pictures.

 TV    August 30, 2006 09:57 (Edited: February 17, 2023 04:19)

In time for the US open ....

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Levis ... BBH New York

 TV   USA    August 30, 2006 09:52 (Edited: February 17, 2023 04:19)

From a few weeks back, but well worth a look!

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Another of the Arnet spots

 TV   SOUTH AMERICA    August 30, 2006 09:49 (Edited: February 17, 2023 04:19)

Here's another in the series from Buenos Aires agency Santos, for Arnet. This one ... "Numa Numa".

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Guest comments for the featured Nike spot "Defy"

 GUEST COMMENTS    August 30, 2006 09:39 (Edited: February 17, 2023 04:19) Sec.jpg

A few words from Paulo Martins and Oliver Frank, Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam, creatives on featured spot "Defy":

The film is a silent anthem to the ultimate in athletic performance, the moment of being airborne. It is all about getting your feet up in the air, laughing Newton in the face, while turning his world upside down, making the sky your ground.

The ad itself does a 360, turning twice while drawing an arch from take-off to landing. We wanted to create a feeling of "air", a weird weightlessness that forces you to look at athletic movement in a new way. Turning the camera, adding some confusion with images that stretch your sense of direction got us there in the end, paired with the performances of Olympic gold medallists, an NBA All Star team player and one of Spain's best skateboarders.

The film was shot by Joaquin Baca-Asay, a DP turned director who already did outstanding photography for Mark Romanek, Lance Acord and others. After winning a Gold Lion with the Sony Bravia ad as a DP – a fact that we actually had to remind him of – this is his first major work as a commercial director. Seems as if there is more to come.

Some nerd fact: The scenes were shot with a photosonic camera that whirrs like a vacuum cleaner up to 425 frames per second. Just the rollout must drive every producer nearly to tears.

Human of New York contributed the music, translating the concept of decceleration into a hypnotic tune, relying on sparse instrumentation and ambient aerial sounds.

No animals were harmed during the making of this film, but for our CD who busted his feet after winning a spontaneous, all-crew 100m dash in the Olympic stadium of Barcelona. Too bad we couldn't use his footage since he was running barefoot.

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 GUEST JUDGE /BEST AD OF THE WEEK    August 30, 2006 05:26 (Edited: February 17, 2023 04:19)

Toby Talbot, Creative Director Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand, will be this week's guest judge. Toby will be choosing the "bestad of the week" from last week's featured TV & print /outdoor.


“Stuff of Legends”

Some funny TV ads this week. I love the sheer campness of Hoff Central. Fredrik Bond’s direction of the Hummer spot is pretty faultless too. But for me, Crispin’s ‘Stuff of Legends’ comes out tops. Yes, I know it’s yet another ‘mockumentary’ style ad, but a Nascar driver trying to eat a whole chicken off a pole is bloody funny.

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Bavaria Beer ‘Squid’

Not in the same league as the TV ads this week. As posters, I like the impact of the Aussie animals wrapped up for winter for Castlemaine, but that kind of thing has been done a lot for Extra Cold beers. So I’m going to go for the KesselsKramer ‘Giant Squid’ ad for Bavaria beer. The use of consecutive right hand pages isn’t exactly fresh, but the ‘50’s illustration style is. I also like any ads that take the piss out of macho beer culture.

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Should we be featuring interactive work?

 LATEST ONLINE    August 23, 2006 11:15 (Edited: February 17, 2023 04:19)

Done any good interactive work lately? Should we be featuring interactive?

Send us info, links, URLs etc & we'll put the very best of it right here on the news page.

Guest comments for the featured spot "Superhero"

 GUEST COMMENTS    August 23, 2006 11:06 (Edited: February 17, 2023 04:19)

A few words from the agency:

A donation appeal for child abuse is an incredibly difficult subject for an agency and a client.

How do you best tell the story?

Do you tell the absolute truth and shock people? It’s a powerful direction, but people seem to be almost immune to this now.

Do you make them laugh, use humour or fantasy, and really “like” your charity, then in turn, make them want to donate?

But then again, this isn’t a subject we felt comfortable treating lightly. It’s way too delicate.

So, we found ourselves somewhere in the middle.

Reality and fantasy.

What we set out to show was a terrifying situation. A situation that an abused child may regularly find themselves in, but we wanted to give it a very different twist.

We gave the child the power to stop the abuse.

A five year old with the super power to stop an adult entering his room at night.

It’s an impossible scenario.

But from that impossibility comes the power.

What if this could happen? What if you could help a child to have power like this?

We explain to the viewer that they can help, by donating. It’s an awesome message.

Add to that an incredible track, which we were honoured to have approved by Universal Music, The Cash Family Estate, producer Rick Rubin, and Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails – and we think this spot is thought provoking, powerful, and something we’re very proud of.

If we can help raise awareness and money, to protect and council these children, we have succeeded.

We hope you think so too.

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guest comments for the featured spot "Astrabatics"

 GUEST COMMENTS    August 23, 2006 11:00 (Edited: February 17, 2023 04:19)

Some background from the agency:

It was a highly technical and unique production which involved a shoot on location in Spain and an extraordinary amount of computer animation developed by Glassworks in London.

The music soundtrack is Bobby Darin’s ‘Don’t Rain On My Parade’ which provides energy and a real sense of style and fun – both of which are central to the future direction of the Opel and Vauxhall brands.

Primarily, the ad is targeted at 30-50 year olds across Europe who want to recapture that sense of excitement and enjoyment from driving. But on a broader level, it should invite anyone who sees it to begin to think differently about Opel & Vauxhall.

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Guest comments for the featured spot "Hoff Central"

 GUEST COMMENTS    August 23, 2006 10:57 (Edited: February 17, 2023 04:19)

Some background from Georgina Hofmann, Karmarama London, art director on "Hoff Central":

When we were given this brief, we thought who better to front a campaign for an internet company, than The Hoff?
Although we did have a moment of apprehension, right before he walked on to the set. We realised that it could go
one of two ways- he could completely love the shrine of Hofferobilia that the Partizan Art Dept. had created- the
Hoffee machine, the midget lookalikes, the 10ft high framed pictures of himself... Or he could hate it and be on the
next plane back to L.A.
Luckily he was a really good sport- the spots wouldn’t be half as funny if he didn’t have the ability to laugh at himself.

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Here's the TV spot that goes with our featured print work

 TV   SOUTH AFRICA    August 23, 2006 10:43 (Edited: February 17, 2023 04:19)

Over on the "latest print ads" page we're featuring a work from South African agency Black River Football Club, for First for Women. So ... here's the TV from the campaign:

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VH1's new aids PSA through Post Millenium.

 TV   USA    August 23, 2006 09:54 (Edited: February 17, 2023 04:19)

New Aids work.
A new 30-second PSA, cut by Benjamin Williams, at Post Millennium and directed by Melissa Bolton, features sports commentator and television personality John Salley and a live elephant (named Susie). The spot adapts the old adage of the elephant in the room to:  “There’s an elephant in the room and its name is AIDS.”  
VH1 unveiled its newest PSA in its media partnership with The Global Fund to fight Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria at the International Aids Conference in Toronto on Monday, August 14..
VH1 is committed to the Global Fund and its efforts to fight the global AIDS pandemic -- creating powerful spots to communicate the need for awareness and prevention in revolutionary ways.

Creative Commentary

QUOTE - Melissa Bolton, VH1:
VH1 is a cool, pop culture-savvy network with a unique way of speaking to our cool, pop culture-savvy audience. When they sit down to watch, they feel like they're hanging out with friends. That means they like what we have to say and they listen to what we have to say -- 'cause they know we think just like them.

Quote- Benjamin Williams, Post Millennium:
It was obvious from the beginning that the elephant was a brilliant (some say cranky) improviser. It really just came down to finding his genius and building around it.

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Grey London's impressive new work for Flash

 TV   UK    August 23, 2006 09:11 (Edited: February 17, 2023 04:19)

Impressive stuff from Grey London ... & all for a cleaning product.

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New Netflorist work through FCB South Africa

 TV   SOUTH AFRICA    August 23, 2006 09:08 (Edited: February 17, 2023 04:19) Cavemen.jpg

New from the Ministry of Illusion & FCB South Africa:

a caveman wants sex and uses his brain to get it, sorta.

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Green energy ... new work from TCP / Red Cell, Melbourne, Austra

 TV   AUSTRALIA    August 23, 2006 09:01 (Edited: February 17, 2023 04:19)

New work from Collider Film & TCP / Red Cell, Melbourne.

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More nice work from the BBC & Red Bee Media

 TV   UK    August 23, 2006 08:56 (Edited: February 17, 2023 04:19)

More nice work from the BBC & Red Bee Media:

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 GUEST JUDGE /BEST AD OF THE WEEK   USA    August 23, 2006 08:41 (Edited: February 17, 2023 04:19)

Mark Bernath, Senior Partner, Group Creative Director Ogilvy & Mather, New York, will be this week's guest judge. Mark will be choosing the "bestad of the week" from last week's featured TV & print /outdoor.


"Dream Team"
A simple idea about complexity executed perfectly. The airplane returning solidified it for me. Small budget, huge result. That being said, a close second to Vice City without the vice in Coke's Videogame.

Click here to view "Dream Team"

"Everyday Heroes"

I wanted to like the Virgin Money work but the idea of Blingola was better than the ad it spawned. There appeared to be multiple spec ads but only one acknowledged it. In the end, I'll have to go with Mr. Kitchenhand. Is it real? I don't know. Does he help stop crime or does he commit it? I don't know that either. But he makes me laugh.

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 GUEST JUDGE /BEST AD OF THE WEEK    August 16, 2006 13:42 (Edited: February 17, 2023 04:19)

Scott Linnen, VP / Creative Director, CP+B, will be this week's guest judge. Scott will be choosing the "bestad of the week" from last week's featured TV & print /outdoor.
bestads of the week - TV


Yes, the whole “launch” thing is a pun, but who doesn’t like a good pun now and then, or for that matter, seeing a bunch of panic-stricken Cold War Ruskies scrambling around at Defcon 1? The red handprints on their foreheads is classic.

Click here to view "Red Army"
bestad of the week - PRINT / OUTDOOR


Mother’s “Giving back the power of the Penny” work for Virgin Mobile texting makes me glad to be alive. It’s a smart idea, big and genuine as Honest Abe himself. It gives me a freebie mask so I can go around masquerading as a dead president, and it motivates me to want to rally behind the whole save-the-Penny cause. That, and text 1000 of my closest friends to tell them about the sweet Virgin offer.

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Guest comments for the featured spot "Cardheads".

 GUEST COMMENTS    August 16, 2006 13:31 (Edited: February 17, 2023 04:19) AGENCY_UK.jpg

A few words from Alexander Cha'ban, Duval Guillaume Brussels, ... art director on featured spot "Cardheads".

The spot was shot by young upcomming talent Keith Schofield. Keith was a video clip director and had never done commercials. That is why we asked him to direct our script. He's a very agile editor and proves to be a walking music encyclopedia. We shot the commercial in Keiths home town, L.A. We found our perfect surroundings in the Valley.  I like the Gondryesque technique we used to attach the cards to the heads. It was a big handicap for the actors because they couldn't see where they were walking. We even used some forced-perspectives because of that. We shot for 2 days, the crew & the cast were great. After that we returned to Belgium to do the editing, color-grading & post production.

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Guest comments for the featured spot "Don't Hold Back".

 GUEST COMMENTS    August 16, 2006 13:24 (Edited: February 17, 2023 04:19) Final.jpg

Some background from Lisa Fedyszyn and Jonathan McMahon, Cummins & Partners, Melbourne Australia, creatives on the featured spot "Don't Hold back".

Sure some people complain about the trains making them run late, but I bet they never had to wait 8 months.

Filmed and completed in December last year, this spot has seen all those involved eagerly awaiting its release for quite a while now. With a brave client wanting to deliver a strong message to its commuters, and huge efforts from director Mark Molloy, producer Wilf Sweetland and DOP Greig Fraser, we would have to say that this job was an absolute pleasure to work on.

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Guest comments for the featured Young Guns spot.

 GUEST COMMENTS    August 16, 2006 13:20 (Edited: February 17, 2023 04:19)

A few words from Matty Burton, Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand, one of the creatives (& co-director) on the Young Guns spot:

The Young Guns call for entries brief was always going to be a good one. We had the pleasure of working with the guys from Young Guns quite closely who gave us lots of freedom. The idea we came up with was “Worth the pain”. In the end we created quite a lot of work for them, print, posters, ambient, direct mail, the website and of course these instructional videos aimed at helping young creatives cure most of the advertising health ailments they seem to constantly adopt.

This was a massive shoot that included eighteen shooting days over four continents with a total crew of sixty seven people which is evident in the high production values of the spots. (This was not a one day shoot in a studio as many people think.) We would like to thank the six man animation team for the stunning visual effects (James) and the four person animal wrangling unit who provided much needed security and assistance with the wild beasts (hampsters) that we had on set.

For a look at the print:
Click here

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view the other spots at these addresses:

To check out the site:

Guest comments for featured Guinness spot "Best Mates"

 GUEST COMMENTS    August 16, 2006 13:12 (Edited: February 17, 2023 04:19)

Some background from Jonathon Cullen, Irish International BBDO, art director on the Guinness spot "best mates".

The idea is about enduring friendship between two mates against
insurmountable odds, that friendship can survive anything - even someone never buying a round. It came about, unsurprisingly with a friend (who shall remain anonymous) forgetting their wallet for the umpteenth time.

The ad was written over two years ago, and then shelved when March of the Penguins came out, finally emerging to be shot in May.

The Ad was shot in two distinct parts. First, plates were shot in
Illulisaat Greenland to make up the Antartic landscape, then the shoot moved to a Penguin Sanctuary in Mar Del Plata, Argentina. There a real life penguin bar was built to scale, where carefully trained Penguins were filmed. Flipper movements, killer whales and deserted ships were all created in CGI by the Mill, London.

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BBH London, Therapy Films & Mentos ....

 TV   UK    August 16, 2006 12:47 (Edited: February 17, 2023 04:19)

Great stuff from BBH.

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From JWT Atlanta & James Gartner ...

 TV   USA    August 16, 2006 12:43 (Edited: February 17, 2023 04:19)

Stylish stuff for the National Flood Insurance Program (USA):

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DDB New Zealand's new work for the Playboy Channel.

 TV   NEW ZEALAND    August 16, 2006 08:59 (Edited: February 17, 2023 04:19)

Why would you want to watch anything else when you can watch Playboy Channel.

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Here's the Cinema spot to go along with the featured Vespa print

 TV   CANADA    August 16, 2006 08:52 (Edited: February 17, 2023 04:19)

New Vespa Cinema spot from Dentsu Toronto. You can view the print on the "latest print ads" page. {up there on the menu bar under "latest ads"}.

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This .... is how it really happened.

 TV   EUROPE    August 16, 2006 08:47 (Edited: February 17, 2023 04:19)

Norwegian agency B_T_S United's new work for Nettavisen.

From the agency ....
How President Bush first got the message about the planes on 9/11. Nettavisen: the fastest newsprovider on the Internet

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So what's happening in Vietnam?

 UNDER EXPOSED   ASIA    August 16, 2006 08:43 (Edited: February 17, 2023 04:19) Megastar 45s.jpg

Ogilvy Vietnam's new work for Megastar Cineplex:

Opening of the cineplex in Vietnam

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They're a funny people ... those New Zealanders.

 TV   NEW ZEALAND    August 16, 2006 08:32 (Edited: February 17, 2023 04:19)

Launch ad for, New Zealand's biggest internet shopping site.

Creative Commentary
We got a bunch of money from Ferrit to make an ad to say what Ferrit was. I used my money to buy some new pants and an ipod.

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The new Sony Lo Def spot from McKinney

 TV   USA    August 16, 2006 08:29 (Edited: February 17, 2023 04:19)

The new Sony Lo Def spot from McKinney ... following on from the one that we featured a little while back.

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... and for the previous spot Click here

Mother London & Partizan's new feelgood Summer Coke.

 TV   UK    August 16, 2006 08:16 (Edited: February 17, 2023 04:19)

Mother London's new work for Coke.

To launch new product innovations specifically designed to celebrate summer.

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Inside the head of John Brocklehurst, MD Mob Films, UK

 INSIDE THEIR HEADS   UK    August 16, 2006 07:06 (Edited: February 17, 2023 04:19)

Inside the head of John Brocklehurst, Managing Director of the Mob Film Company, UK. The Mob have worked on commercials such as Coca Cola, Playstation, Mercedes, BT, Smirnoff, Cadburys and British Airways.

bestads: the best scripts always come with the worst budgets .... True / false

John Brocklehurst: False.

You can get some great scripts with great budgets. However, you have certain brands such as Sony Playstation who realise that most young directors dream of doing one of these spots to put on their reel, and as prod co producer who has shot two of these ads then i know that the client and agency take advantage of this.

bestads: the smaller the idea, the bigger the effort .... True / false

John Brocklehurst: True.

I think that when a director and creatives have a very simple idea, they tend to want the best of everything to compensate for this fact. It makes them feel that they are being clever.

bestads: TV adverts are just like feature films, but more so .... True/ false

John Brocklehurst: False.

Absolute rubbish. An ad is selling a product or a brand, thats all it should do. Films help you escape everyday life and take you to another place in your head where you dont think about work, bills etc. Well a good film does anyway.

bestads: budgets are set in concrete, until the client comes up with an idea ..... True / false

John Brocklehurst: False.

A good agency and a good client will realise that a script is continually developing and sometimes there is a need for extra funds. I find that as long as you are honest and upfront with them, this is never a problem.

bestads: having a roster of directors is like having a large family ... True / false

John Brocklehurst: In the Mob Film Company this is absolutely true.

You all have to get on and when you are looking for new directors the first thing you think about after seeing the reel and meeting them is will they get on with the other guys. This is absolutely vital.

bestads: having a prodn co that does TV, Film & advertising is like having a wife & 2 lovers (I’m not sure which is which). They mustn’t know about each other. .... True / false

John Brocklehurst: False.

Always be proud of your work!

bestads: the future of production is: scripts written & shot by the punters, edited & post produced on a laptop, the sound guy does the track in his bedroom, the client’s wife is the research, & it gets sent out as a viral. .... True / false

John Brocklehurst: False.

Definitely need to have punter feedback and loose these ridiculous arty farty ads that nobody understands. i love ads that make me laugh and dont take themselves too seriously. For example, Sheila's Wheels, the one with the aussie bloke on the stage. Fucking brilliant, anybody you ask they know the tune, and the product and it makes them smile. Ads need to be produced to a very high standard, if a punter is watching 30 secs of tv then it need to look good. HD or film all the way. The great things about virals is you dont have to follow the ridiculous rules of the BACC, so therefore they tend to be much more creative and a bit risque. If they are any good then they will reach a lot more people in a lot more places for free! Keepy Uppy.jpg

Click here to view recent MOB FILMS spot "Keepy Uppy".

(By the way folks, none of this is paid for "advertorial" ... we're just interested in what key people in the industry think. bestads)

Guest Comments for featured spot "Kung Fu"

 GUEST COMMENTS    August 10, 2006 06:31 (Edited: February 17, 2023 04:19)

A few words from Adam Miranda, BBDO Malaysia, on The Making of Olympus “Kung Fu”

Here are a few reasons why the making of “Kung Fu” was exciting. Instead, of mocking up a life-size waterfall, we took a long drive out of town to find one. Instead of building a fake temple, we shot in a real (almost ancient) one. Instead of using a real Kung Fu master, we chose an actor who looked like one. Grab a movie from the 70’s starring the late Kwan Tak Heng and you may see a resemblance.

Click here to view this spot

Guest comments for featured spot "Red Army"

 GUEST COMMENTS    August 09, 2006 14:17 (Edited: February 17, 2023 04:19)

A bit of background for "Red Army" from Arie Kovant, AKA Advertising, New York:

Since the Puma “Superstructure” is a lifestyle product
not tied to any athlete or bound by any sport, the agency’s
first instinct was comedy.

Taking a page out of history by going back to the race
for space in the 60’s , the concept employs treated authentic
NASA footage, and a slew of vintage eastern European
artifacts gathered around Prague.

Click here to view it on the main page.
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