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Seen and noted

Guest comments for featured spot "The Rings Trilogy"

 GUEST COMMENTS    September 27, 2006 13:20 (Edited: February 17, 2023 05:19)

A bit of background from the director, Sam Alessandri, Collective Energy:

The making of was done with cut out puppets an projected using a light and a flame source from the candles. It was shot on a very tight budget and our location was our production office.

The commercial is based on the product’s selling point that one candle burns for a duration of 9.5 hours. And as lack of access to electricity is still very much an issue in especially rural South Africa, the idea of telling a story using shadows by candlelight seemed particularly relevant. So using the light of just one candle you should be able to re-enact the entire Lord of the Rings Trilogy with shadow puppets – (the 3 movies in reality actually run for a total duration that’s just 6 minutes shy of 9.5 hours.)

Only 6 scenes from the complete trilogy were selected in sequence to represent the 3 movies back to back. The commercial further plays on the absolutely universal appeal of the L.O.T.R. story but in a deliberately anti-SFX style.

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It's been a HUGE week of creative output worldwide

 TV   UK    September 27, 2006 13:03 (Edited: February 17, 2023 05:19)

There's been soooo much great work coming in to bestads this week ... from everywhere! maybe we should make more room on the main page for these two:

Fight Club - from Stink & Cake Media, London.

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... and then there's this one from DDB Sydney. Children See. Children Do.

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New Yokohama work out of South africa

 TV   SOUTH AFRICA    September 27, 2006 12:56 (Edited: February 17, 2023 05:19)

From Production Company Terraplane & South African Agency "Volcano".

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New Kahlua work through Publicis London & HSI

 TV   UK    September 27, 2006 12:50 (Edited: February 17, 2023 05:19)

60sec Kahlua spot produced by Publicis London for North America + Australia, which began airing in the U.S on 24/9/2006.

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New Sony Bravia spots ... with options

 TV   USA    September 27, 2006 12:45 (Edited: February 17, 2023 05:19)

McKinney & Sony Bravia suggest you choose your own adventure.

One spot with four different endings (two for men, two for women).
A special component of the campaign allows TiVo and DVR users to actually choose which ending they want to watch.

For the ladies ....

Click here to view "Heart Specialist"

... and for the men ....

Click here to view "Whistle of Glory"

and for the website:

New Virgin Rail work from RKCR Y&R, London.

 TV   UK    September 27, 2006 12:36 (Edited: February 17, 2023 05:19)

Epic adventure on the great plains of ... Berwick-upon-Tweed?

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New Miller work from Mother London

 TV   UK    September 27, 2006 12:28 (Edited: February 17, 2023 05:19)

Peel away your problems the Miller/ Mother way

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New Yahoo! work from Soho Square and OgilvyOne Worldwide

 TV   USA    September 27, 2006 12:20 (Edited: February 17, 2023 05:19)

Bad things happen if you don't Yahoo!

The fully integrated campaign can be seen online, including an insider look at outtakes and user-created commercials, by searching for “Do You Yahoo!?” on Yahoo!. or click here:

Additionally, in celebration of the creative power of the Yahoo! community, two lucky users will see their own creations air on television. These commercials were selected from videos submitted online by film school students and Yahoo! users as part of this ongoing campaign.

Click here to view "Recall" ... one of the spots in the campaign.

New trailer for the London Film Festival from RKCR/Y&R

 TV   UK    September 27, 2006 12:13 (Edited: February 17, 2023 05:19)

Great film descends on London during the festival. Brought to life by putting a London "spin" on classic movie moments.

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New EA sports work from W+K Amsterdam

 TV   EUROPE    September 27, 2006 12:09 (Edited: February 17, 2023 05:19)

New intense EA sports spot from W+K Amsterdam ... with some strong sound as well.

Electronic Arts releases its latest sports game "FIFA 07" just as football fans are celebrating the start of the new season. 'The Football' demonstrates the game's all consuming passion, both on the green pitch and on the cyber pitch.

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guest comments for featured Nokia spot "Film Set NYC"

 GUEST COMMENTS    September 27, 2006 12:03 (Edited: February 17, 2023 05:19)

A few words from Greg Milbourne & Oliver Green, Lowe London, creatives on tthis week's featured Nokia spot.

Lowe London’s latest work for the (DVD-like quality video) Nokia N93 aims to get people shooting stories - not just their baby's first steps.

Gary Oldman was drafted to point out that the world is filled with opportunities to create worthwhile stories... as long as you have something worthwhile to shoot them on.

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Mother London keeping busy.

 TV   UK    September 27, 2006 11:55 (Edited: February 17, 2023 05:19)

Pot Noodle "Fuel Crisis" ... Mother London.

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some self promo work ...

 PEOPLE    September 27, 2006 11:51 (Edited: February 17, 2023 05:19)

We've had a few self promo things turn up at bestads. Lte's have a look:

1. Director DAVID JAGODA has set up his own shop.

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2. Ideas Woman Olivia Pierson

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3. "Blank"

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guest comments for featured spot "Labyrinth"

 GUEST COMMENTS    September 27, 2006 11:15 (Edited: February 17, 2023 05:19)

A couple of words from the creatives, Toby Moore & Selena McKenzie, Publicis Mojo Melbourne.

Melbourne is a complex grid of streets, secret laneways and hidden arcades. It’s only when tourists venture down them, that they’ll discover all that the city has to offer.

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Another from the new Slim Jim series from CP+B

 TV   USA    September 27, 2006 09:32 (Edited: February 17, 2023 05:19)

this one is "headlights" ... another of CP+B's new snapalope season campaign for Slim Jim.

and the website: Click here

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Guest comments for featured Moviefone spot "Terrence"

 GUEST COMMENTS    September 27, 2006 08:40 (Edited: February 17, 2023 05:19)

A few words from Ron Lim, Assoc CD, Attik, & art diector on featured spot "Terrence".

We had some great scripts, clients who wanted to do great work and an amazing director to work with. But the casting! I've never been so depressed in my life... I've never seen so many grown men cry.

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Guest comments for featured Greenpeace spot "Breathe"

 GUEST COMMENTS    September 27, 2006 08:34 (Edited: February 17, 2023 05:19)

A few words from Nick Worthington, CD Publicis Mojo New Zealand, & creative on the featured Greenpeace "Breathe" spot.

Most people think of the Amazon as the lungs of the planet, breathing in carbon dioxide and exhaling oxygen, in fact half the oxygen we breath comes from the world’s oceans. Very few people know this. So Rey Carlson from Revolver films spent months travelling from the bottom to the top of the globe documenting the rise and fall of the oceans for this Publicis Mojo NZ ad for Greenpeace.

It’s Greenpeace’s Year of the Oceans and they’ve pledged to sign up a million Ocean Defenders by Feb 07, so if you like the ad please sing up at

You’ll be one of a million people calling for action to protect our oceans and the people that depend on them, you and me included.

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 GUEST JUDGE /BEST AD OF THE WEEK    September 27, 2006 06:32 (Edited: February 17, 2023 05:19)

Jan Jacobs and Leo Premutico, Executive Creative Directors Saatchi & Saatchi New York, will be this week's guest judges. Jan & Leo will be choosing the "bestad of the week" from last week's featured TV & print /outdoor.


TV 'The Cougar' - GPY&R Melbourne

The idea of the unusual drinker with the made up title is not new, but what Steve Ayson does with it makes it very watchable indeed. Steve's off-beat humor may still be lost on many but won't be for long.

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PRINT 'Obsession' - DDB Paris

Very slim pickings in print, so the Nike 'Obsession' ad gets the nod. Not because the ad's good mind you, it's the elaborate agency comments that did it for us.

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More from ... the COUGAR

 TV   AUSTRALIA    September 20, 2006 14:23 (Edited: February 17, 2023 05:19)

Following on from our featured spot "the art of Invisible-ness":

the art of Mind Control:

Click here to view this spot

and the art of speediness:

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New VW Jetta work from CreativeOndemanD, and Logan.

 TV   USA    September 20, 2006 14:18 (Edited: February 17, 2023 05:19)

The 6 degrees of separation matter what you like, you'll
like the Jetta.

There a 2 spots in the new series:

Click here to view "Kung Fu"

and Click here to view "Timbales"

Mother London & Gorgeous.

 TV   UK    September 20, 2006 14:09 (Edited: February 17, 2023 05:19)

Alice In Boudoirland.

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Trailer Park Winner 2006

 WORTH A LOOK   USA    September 20, 2006 14:06 (Edited: February 17, 2023 05:19)

Tom Cruise ... the real story.

If you don't think the edit's important, think again.

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New work from Lowe Brindfors, Stockholm

 TV   EUROPE    September 20, 2006 13:45 (Edited: February 17, 2023 05:19)

Quality new Electrolux work from production company Atmosfar & Lowe Brindfors.

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Phones 4u - another in the series

 TV   UK    September 20, 2006 13:42 (Edited: February 17, 2023 05:19) Samsung D900.jpg


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New work for Phones 4u ... from WCRS London

 TV   UK    September 20, 2006 13:40 (Edited: February 17, 2023 05:19)

Phones 4u ..... Out there!

Wanted Films Director, Brian Baderman, & WCRS have recently completed the next installment Phones4U commercials. this first one is just your typical day at the beach.

Yan Elliott, Creative Director at WCRS:

“Good advertising is usually a simple message delivered in an entertaining way. It's the 'entertaining way' that is soon forgotten by some. Well remembered Phones 4 U”

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More of the new Phones 4 U series

 TV   UK    September 20, 2006 13:33 (Edited: February 17, 2023 05:19) Hand.jpg

Not your stereotypical phone company ad, that's for sure.

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Another of this year's Trailer Park winners

 WORTH A LOOK   USA    September 20, 2006 13:30 (Edited: February 17, 2023 05:19)

It's all in the edit:

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And from DM9JaymeSyfu - Philippines

 TV   ASIA    September 20, 2006 13:26 (Edited: February 17, 2023 05:19)

The La Mesa Watershed is the only source of drinking water for the entire Metro Manila. Recently, 59 hectares of the area was awarded to a few thousand claimants working for the water company. Allowing them to take up residence in the reservoir would lead to the contamination of drinking water for more than 12 million Filipinos.

Creative Commentary
There is not much concern for the safety of our drinking water. This series seeks to end the apathy and to get people to support the movement.

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McCann's Sydney & radical media ...

 TV   AUSTRALIA    September 20, 2006 13:23 (Edited: February 17, 2023 05:19)

Rugby ... it's in their blood.

Mastercard is the sponsor of the New Zealand rugby team- The All Blacks. This ad is a tribute to New Zealanders' love for the All Blacks. (It's literally in their blood).

Creative Commentary
The 'All Blacks' are so much a part of the New Zealand community that we see 'All Black' blood coursing through the veins of every New Zealander (including the legendary All Black- Colin Meads, who we see at the end of the ad).

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Channel 4 .... more of those great idents

 TV   UK    September 20, 2006 13:19 (Edited: February 17, 2023 05:19)

Channel 4 keep coming up with quality idents. Nice.

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Guest comments for featured spot "the art of invisible-ness"

 GUEST COMMENTS    September 20, 2006 11:16 (Edited: February 17, 2023 05:19)

A few words from Grant Rutherford & Ant Keogh, GPY&R Melbourne, creators of ... the Cougar:

Some words of warning: Barry The Cougar Dawson is the real deal. He’s been a Kung Fu expert since the age of five. If you see him on the streets of Sydney, don’t pick a fight . He will kick your arse. Steve Ayson had to shoot these ads from inside a safety cage. And that was just when he was shooting the smiling shot. See more on

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Guest comments for featured RAV4 viral "Pins"

 GUEST COMMENTS    September 20, 2006 11:10 (Edited: February 17, 2023 05:19)

A few words from Richard Denney, Creative Director, Saatchi & Saatchi London:

We wanted to push the boundries on the line RECREATION REDEFINED and obviously there's only so much you can get away with on terrestrial tv. So we decided to use the internet to bring our street games to life. The Director Owen Harris wanted to do all the stunts for real, to add impact, which he pulled off superbly.

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Guest comments for featured Sony PlayStation spot "Passport"

 GUEST COMMENTS    September 20, 2006 11:01 (Edited: February 17, 2023 05:19)

A bit of background from the director, Axel Laubscher:

The brief was along the lines of a story unfolding in reverse. We’ve all seen that before so the challenge was to bring something new to the table. So .... the actors were instructed and rehearsed to act backwards in front of the camera while the real world moves forwards. We hired dancers to do this - to get the best possible results. We even custom-built a bike especially for the reverse motion. Everything was done in camera, but to achieve the weird jerky look and the sense of speed, we dropped frames in the edit. All in all, a rather analogue effect.

Sept 22:We've just taken this one off line for a day or three. Small problem. Sorry. bestads.

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That sausage again!

 TV   UK    September 20, 2006 10:49 (Edited: February 17, 2023 05:19)

Lat week we featured this interesting spot here on the news page & now we've tracked down who did. So here it is again, complete with credits:

A commercial of a lovingly-shot Mattessons Smoked Pork Sausage demonstrates that there is so much you can do with it.

Creative Commentary
In research the largest consumers of this product told us they couldn't get enough of it. We decided to create an ad with delicious food appeal to satisfy their appetites. Any sniggers about the product's unique shape, it is purely in your own minds

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 GUEST JUDGE /BEST AD OF THE WEEK   NEW ZEALAND    September 20, 2006 10:38 (Edited: February 17, 2023 05:19)

Josh Lancaster - Brand Creative Director Ogilvy Auckland will be this week's guest judge. Josh will be choosing the "bestad of the week" from last week's featured TV & print /outdoor.

There's heaps of reasons why the brewery shouldn't have approved Flashbeer:
"Don't you reckon the lead guy could be percieved as a homo? Where is the drinking moment? And the party that follows? Do you really think this is something our drinker would do? And where are his 2 mates? (one of which must be of mild ethnic persuasion remember. But not too much, we don't want him looking criminal...) "

They can analyse it all they want - it's just fucking funny and that's why it works. Well done to you fellas. You've done a sterling job on Carlton and good on you for showing your client there is more than one way to move piss. Respect.

Click here to view this spot

Nothing really moved me this week print-wise, except for maybe the bus. It was okay as a one off, but it's not really your long term solution to shifting a lot of laundry powder is it? What happens after the first day and all the clothes are brown and dirty and smoggy? Still, it's a cool stunt and the pedestrians in the foreground liked it so there. Nice ad.

Click here to view this ad

News from Eight Partnership, Hong Kong.

 PEOPLE   ASIA    September 19, 2006 15:58 (Edited: February 17, 2023 05:19)

Eight Partnership takes on Patrick Tom, Executive Creative Director and Adeline Chu, Director of Client Services

Hong Kong, September 18, 2006

Eight Partnership recently beefed up its senior team with two strong additions, Patrick Tom as Executive Creative Director and Adeline Chu as Director of Client Services. Together, they bring with them decades of industry experience, unparalleled savvy and a fresh, positive and energetic outlook.

Patrick brings with him over 16 years of creative experience in the United States and Asia. Most recently, Patrick served as Creative Director partnered with ECD Shaun Branagan at Publicis Worldwide and Saatchi & Saatchi Hong Kong. Patrick has held senior creative posts at agencies Bozell Worldwide and FCB Worldwide in the U.S., before moving to Hong Kong and joining agencies such as FCB Worldwide and McCann-Erickson Worldwide. He has picked up awards from One Show, Media Spikes, New York Festivals and HK4A's. He has created and overseen groundbreaking creative work for a multitude of clients small and large, from the United Nations World Food Programme to the Animals Asia Foundation, Coca-Cola to Tempo tissues.

Prior to her appointment at Eight, Adeline accumulated over 16 years of marketing and advertising experience in Hong Kong and Canada. She has managed marketing for the Hong Kong Tourism Board and The Peninsula Hotel, where she set up the Marketing Services department, and has also worked with agencies Grey, BBDO and Euro RSCG.

Guest comments for featured XBOX spot "Porok"

 GUEST COMMENTS    September 13, 2006 12:26 (Edited: February 17, 2023 05:19)

A bit of background from the creatives, K.M. Ayappa & Mahendra Bhatula, MTV India.

Porok is a sport played in certain parts of rural India. It is weird and wonderful because one has to adopt the stance of a fighter cock and head butt the opponent out of the circle. So we took this sport and blew it out of proportion to denote the power of gaming. The spot starts off as a serious documentary to enhance the reality of the whole thing.

Our village was constructed bang in the middle of Bombay, because we love this great city of ours and besides, there was no budget to go out. So if you notice a parked car or an electric cable, don't tell anyone.

The spoken tongue in the spot is absolute gibberish. We mixed most of the Indian languages up to get people guessing as to what the language was. The last line actually means "Porok afternoon cock horn, eunuch inside big bangle insect".

Click here to view this spot

Guest comments for featured Budweiser spot "Unstoppable"

 GUEST COMMENTS    September 13, 2006 12:21 (Edited: February 17, 2023 05:19)

Guest comments from Dylan Harrison & Feargal Ballance, Creative Directors - Budweiser, DDB London:

The average day for a creative team involves getting into the mindset of a female driver, a pimply teenager or a mother of twelve preparing a Christmas dinner. So it’s a refreshing change to talk about the wonders of drinking beer. Let’s just say that we have some experience in the subject. And being guys, you know there are some joys common to all men: air guitar, match tricks, capes, helium jokes, stuff with big wheels... and the most important phone call of the week, when your mates call you for a beer. Everything else takes a back seat and nothing can stop you. It's time to answer the call.

We knew all those years drinking beer with our mates would one day come in handy.

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 GUEST JUDGE /BEST AD OF THE WEEK    September 13, 2006 12:14 (Edited: February 17, 2023 05:19)

ROSE SAUQUILLO, Associate Creative Director, Taxi Canada Inc, will be this week's guest judge. Rose will be choosing the "bestad of the week" from last week's featured TV & print /outdoor.


Although the good, bad, and the ugly promo was nicely done, the Axe spot stood out. A guy keeping fish alive in his sweaty pits is damn funny. This spot has everything stupidity, cheesy statues, empathy, product relevance, and the guy gets the girl.

Click here to view this spot billboard.jpgBEST AD OF THE WEEK - PRINT


A simple idea taken a lot further. Loved the track on the viral video and wanted to see even more footage of the thieves (is there a copy somewhere?). Really smart promo. Check it out if you missed it.

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A nice original approach from Draft FCB - New York

 TV   USA    September 13, 2006 11:56 (Edited: February 17, 2023 05:19)

Chelsea Pictures & Draft FCB combine in a series of new spots for the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign.

Click here to view this spot
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