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Probo: Probo Disco

 TV   INDIA    June 29, 2024 18:41 (Edited: June 30, 2024 04:41) commercials talk about the power of Yes and No when it comes to cricket and how there is freedom to choose or pick a side.


Pepsodent: Strange Rewards

 TV   BANGLADESH    June 29, 2024 18:39 is the story of a sweet Bangladeshi family and their darling kid – Rakib. Little Rakib is an overachiever in music, sports, academia and just at being a good kid in general. In this looney world, his achievements and good deeds are rewarded with his family gifting him with mechanical drills, usually used to make holes in harder surfaces.


Triple The Vote: Supercharge

 WEB FILM   UK    June 29, 2024 18:37 campaign launched today aims to boost voter turnout amongst young people at the election. Triple the Vote – launched by the Give An X Coalition – encourages young voters to mobilise three other voters.


Elton John Aids Foundation: Rocket Man Resale

 TV   UK    June 29, 2024 18:34 Pride Month, Elton John is bringing his legendary wardrobe to eBay to benefit the Elton John AIDS Foundation, giving collectors and fans a once-in-a-lifetime chance to own a piece of fashion history. 'Rocket Man Resale' will feature hundreds of items from Elton’s closet, including bespoke Gucci jackets, Versace robes, customized Prada loafers, as well as affordable items such as historic concert T-shirts and baseball caps. The auction begins on June 27th, and 100% of sales will benefit the Elton John AIDS Foundation.


Liquid Death Dust Not To Snort

 TV   USA    June 29, 2024 18:32 kids, Ozzy Osbourne knows best. Take it from a guy who knows a thing or two about bad decisions: Liquid Death’s more intensely flavored Death Dust hydration powder is much safer when you mix it with water and drink it.


Irish Refugee Council: Refugees Dont Need More Barriers

 TV   IRELAND    June 29, 2024 18:23 Irish Refugee Council, together with TBWA Ireland, have launched a powerful banner-led campaign advocating for refugees this World Refugee Day, in response to the barriers that surround Dublin’s Grand Canal. The message, which aims to foster empathy for refugees and tackle misinformation, was crafted out of the same tent materials that refugees are being forced to house themselves with, transforming the metal hoardings along the canal into a canvas, using just tents and tarps.


Altos Tequila: Mixologist

 TV   SWEDEN    June 29, 2024 18:19 Director Will Hooper directs an amusing and surreal new spot for Altos Tequila. Will’s knack for comedy, casting and performance shines through as we watch our mixologist Alan make the meanest margarita of mankind, showing appreciation for the real people who make us our drinks whilst poking some light hearted fun towards the classic celebrity endorsement. This global commercial was made with Forsman & Bodenfors.


Espolòn Tequila: To The Bone

 TV   CANADA    June 29, 2024 18:17 (Edited: June 30, 2024 04:17) Tequila announces “To the Bone,” the brand’s first ever global campaign, which has debuted in Australia this month following a celebration of the 25th anniversary of Espolon Tequila Blanco. From the original vision of Espolon’s founder Cirilo Oropeza, to the iconic label design, Espolon is driven by a rebellious spirit rooted in modern Mexico, which now serves as the foundation for “To the Bone.”


Kit Kat Netflix: Break Busting Crossover

 TV   INDIA    June 29, 2024 18:13 Films is excited to announce a new ad campaign with the two iconic brands KitKat and Netflix. This creatively scripted collaboration showcases KitKat's distinctive concept of "breaks" within the engaging world of Netflix. Director Sharat Katariya, celebrated for his humor and exceptional storytelling, seamlessly blended the world of KitKat and Netflix into an engaging experience for the viewers. Starring Bollywood sensation Ayushmann Khurrana, the film takes viewers on a delightful journey in the Netflix world.


Orange: Cybersecure

 TV   FRANCE    June 29, 2024 18:07 with this paradox, Orange, together with its agency Publicis Conseil, unveils a new campaign to raise public awareness and reinforce collective vigilance against the dangers of phishing as the threat intensifies. Forget text messages or e-mails full of spelling mistakes : the cybercrime and hacking sector has radically changed and has become professionalized. Hacker groups have structured themselves, particularly since the COVID-19 pandemic, and have evolved their activities by creating and marketing increasingly sophisticated cyber scam tools, accessible to all on messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, Telegram, and others.


Krungsri First Choice: What The Fast

 TV   THAILAND    June 29, 2024 17:58 campaign consists of three 15-second films about life scenarios that are typically difficult, drawn-out, and complex—like making up with a loved one, asking a father for permission to travel with a partner, and confronting a boss. When juxtaposed with the swift and straightforward service of Krungsri First Choice, these scenarios are resolved swiftly – in seconds – highlighting the brand’s core message of simplicity and speed, while resonating with people’s desire for a hassle-free life.
Agency: Leo Burnett Thailand.


The Irish Emigration Museum: The Love Story Before Love Story

 INTEGRATED   IRELAND    June 29, 2024 15:48 The Irish Emigration Museum uncovered the fact that Taylor Swift’s great-great-great-grandparents met on a boat while emigrating from Ireland to the USA in 1836. So we told their story to the world as ‘The Love Story Before Love Story’.


Albertson's: Perfecting The Art Of Fresh

 TV   USA    June 29, 2024 15:45 celebrate the art that takes the food from the farm to our plate, leading food and drug retailer Albertsons Companies announces a new campaign from lead creative agency, Anomaly, entitled, 'Perfecting the Art of Fresh.' The 360-degree campaign highlights the masterful care and attention that goes behind every fresh item in Albertsons Cos. stores including Safeway, Albertsons, Shaw’s, ACME, Jewel-Osco, Randalls and Vons.


Ikea Canada: Coming Home

 TV   CANADA    June 29, 2024 15:44 Canada’s latest creative campaign from Rethink spotlights the kitchens and the brand-new line of bathrooms. IKEA is launching the campaign with a new commercial titled ‘Coming Home’, which follows a young woman coming home after a night out. Set to the iconic tune of Creep by TLC, we see the hero quietly tiptoeing through her multi-generational home, so she doesn’t wake her grandma, who has fallen asleep in the living room.


Tobacco Free Florida: Behing The Screen

 TV   USA    June 29, 2024 15:37, the Miami-based creative shop best known for campaigns like Better with Pepsi and Coors Light Iceman to Canton, has launched new work for THE FACTS NOW, a division of Tobacco Free Florida that helps current smokers quit. “Behind The Screen” addresses misleading perceptions about vaping on social media, and how it can make teens think nicotine doesn’t physically, mentally, and emotionally impact their health. The further the spot goes on, the truth is revealed.


Parkinson Canada: Find Your Your Swagger

 TV   CANADA    June 29, 2024 15:36 launch video features Rob, a Toronto father and architect who lives with Parkinson’s, walking along a city street. His gait is a little funky, his arm swings wildly as he walks, and his sways attracts stares from passers by, but he wins over everyone he meets. Set to the Beck song, Beercan, the spot ends with the line “It’s not Parkinson’s. It’s Swagger.”


Bon Bon Bum: Cherry

 PRINT   COLOMBIA    June 29, 2024 15:30 (Edited: June 30, 2024 01:30) BBB CHERRY.png&width=200Bon Bon Bum is the best-selling lollipop on the planet; a product that with its iconic shape has brought flavor to millions of teenagers for more than 50 years. The challenge we faced as a creative team was to bring to life the most representative flavors of the brand, flavors that in turn mean a whole multiverse of sensations for those who put them in their mouth. This is how we decided to visually recreate what each flavor generates in the world of teenagers, and at the same time, make the analogy of the product circle with the world/planet of teenagers.


Surrau: Give Flavour To Beauty

 PRINT   ITALY    June 29, 2024 15:28 scents and taste of Surrau wine are reflected in the beauty of the territories of Sardinia, the homeland of its wines.


Three Sweden: Find Your Phone

 PRINT   SWEDEN    June 29, 2024 15:26 times are archipelago times in sweden. Even with waterresistance and find my phone functions, sometimes there're just not reachable. In those instances a phone insurance can go a long way!


Intenzo Coffee: The Other Way Around

 PRINT   NICARAGUA    June 29, 2024 15:22 life there are things that should not change. The beautiful hope of a son when his father comes home from work and at bedtime he reads a book to his daughter to put her to sleep is an unforgettable moment.


Everyday English Academy:Limited Work

 PRINT   NICARAGUA    June 29, 2024 15:19 people travel to the U.S. to seek a better future, but understanding the language is critical to getting more qualified work than not speaking it. That's why this ad manages in a satirical way to exemplify how limited a job can be if you don't speak English.


Frisa: UFO Burger

 PRINT   BRAZIL    June 29, 2024 15:17 (Edited: June 30, 2024 01:17) sells burgers in Brasil


Bimbo: Accident Prevention

 PRINT   COLOMBIA    June 29, 2024 15:06 it comes to internal communication, there isn't much time or space to convey your messages, no matter how important they are. That's why, in this accident prevention and communication campaign for BIMBO®, we created a series of prints that appeal to graphic simplicity and clear messaging, aiming to raise awareness about the importance of maintaining safety and reporting incidents that may occur daily


Mizani: Our Hair Is Our History

 PRINT   PUERTO RICO    June 29, 2024 15:05 campaign artfully transforms the legacy of Puerto Rico’s Afro-descendant community into a visual narrative that leaps off the page. Featuring striking duotone portraits of women adorned with historically accurate braids—once-secret maps to freedom—these images embody resilience and empowerment. Each intricately styled braid tells a story of paths to liberation, carrying a potent message: "Our hair is history; our hair is power."


Iki: No Entry

 PRINT   INDIA    June 29, 2024 15:03 poster campaign to promote the Iki Fresh Citronella Liquid Spray Room Freshener that can be an odour masker and a mosquito repellent.


Pepsi: Blue Card

 PRINT   COSTA RICA    June 29, 2024 15:01 you heard about the possible blue card in soccer, you might remember that FIFA is not very convinced according to its president in previous statements, although Pepsi is certainly convinced to make it a reality. During the Copa América, the brand created a fun campaign to give a wink to the red card or rather to its competition.


Blancox: An Absurdly Clean To The Touch Smell

 PRINT   COLOMBIA    June 29, 2024 14:55 (Edited: June 30, 2024 00:55)
From Columbia new print for Blancox detergent


Travel Value: SaintLaurent

 PRINT   NORWAY    June 29, 2024 14:47 (Edited: June 30, 2024 00:47) SHADES How could we bring attention to the large selection of sunglasses at Norway’s airports? Maybe without showing any sunglasses at all.


We Channel: Lio

 OUTDOOR    June 29, 2024 14:42 like Lionel and Cristiano. New outdoor from Ecuador


The Singleton: The Singleton Foldable Bar

 AMBIENT   THAILAND    June 29, 2024 14:37 SINGLETON FOLDABLE BARTHE SINGLETON, the renowned single malt whisky, bring THE SINGLETON FOLDABLE BAR to the Glamping Territory. This innovative service brings a luxurious bar experience to glamping enthusiasts, blending nature with comfort and sophistication. It's like moving a bar from a liquor store into the forest.


Guinness: Mark The Midyear

 OUTDOOR   AUSTRALIA    June 29, 2024 14:34 has unveiled a timely project to celebrate the winter solstice, marking the longest night of the year.
As we reach the midpoint of the year, the venue specific posters highlight the unique Guinness tradition of ‘Splitting the G,’ where drinkers align the head of their stout with the 'G' on the pint glass, found approximately halfway up. To commemorate this celestial occasion, patrons can toast the midpoint of the year with a free Guinness Draught. By signing up for The Guinness Brewery of Meteorology web app, they can enjoy their complimentary drink when the sun sets at their local pub.


Clayton Homes: A Simple Ask

 OUTDOOR   USA    June 29, 2024 13:51

These days, no one can afford to buy a home. This is a massive societal problem that eBuilt solves at the perfect moment. So rather than shying away from the affordability crisis, we face it head on and call out the absurdity of it all by showing the beautiful, imperfect moments of life, and posing the simple question, "is this too much to ask for?"


Helsingin Kaupunki: Dusk Grey

 OUTDOOR   FINLAND    June 29, 2024 13:49 of Helsinki wanted to raise awareness on air quality and the plan the city has in the works to improve it. Our creative solution was to turn a seemingly dry subject into an outdoor and social media campaign, utilising visual language usually associated with product advertising.


Adelaide Economic Development: See For Yourself

 OUTDOOR   AUSTRALIA    June 29, 2024 13:22 has a long-standing reputation for being bland, boring and sleepy. But this is far from the truth. So rather than hiding from these stereotypes, we decided to tackle them head on. With a provocative campaign designed to challenge these perceptions, we’re promoting Adelaide as a vibey destination for young people to eat, play, shop and party.


Mercury: Passwords On The Back

 OUTDOOR   UK    June 29, 2024 13:18 (Edited: June 29, 2024 23:18), one of New Zealand’s biggest energy companies, now does broadband. To let people know we offer internet, we had to let them know we KNOW internet. So we turned the biggest billboard in the heart of New Zealand’s biggest city, into the world’s biggest modem. Then let everyone give our internet a go.


The Melanoma Fund :Silhouettes

 OUTDOOR   UK    June 29, 2024 13:16 at the start of a massive summer of sports, Silhouettes features unprotected moles that have grown into melanomas. Their shapes mirror the outline of a footballer, swimmer, and a cyclist and are shown in areas of the body where melanoma is typically found.


Samsung: Impulse

 INTERACTIVE   SPAIN    June 29, 2024 13:11 is an idea that offers a solution to a problem that affects more than 100 million people in the world: speech disorders. An app that brings the proven rhythm therapy method from the specialists' clinic to the real world, allowing people to have an invisible speech therapist on their wrist. One that can also be used as a digital speech trainer, as well as offering ongoing personalized exercises to improve your speech problem.


Tater Tots: Protecting Pants

 INTERACTIVE   USA    June 29, 2024 13:09 2004, the world first met one of the 2000's most iconic characters, Napoleon Dynamite, known for his love of Tater Tots. Fans watched as Napoleon snuck Tater Tots into class, only to have the school bully, Randy, yell the unforgettable line, “GIMME SOME OF YOUR TOTS,” and kick Napoleon’s pocket – crushing the crispy and fluffy snack. Now, 20 years later, the Ore-Ida brand – the inventor of Tater Tots – comes to Napoleon’s rescue


Chilis: Big Smasher Burger Time

 INTERACTIVE   USA    June 29, 2024 13:07’s® Grill & Bar is introducing a refreshed version of the cult-classic BurgerTime© arcade game: Chili’s Big Smasher BurgerTime, giving fans the chance to tackle fast-food villains and win free burgers for LIFE. In the restaurant brand’s first video game, art imitates life as players are challenged to save humanity from the overpriced fast-food burger. Fans play as Joe ChiliHead, with the goal to build as many Big Smasher Burgers as they can while fending off fast-food villains and advancing through six levels for mouthwatering prizes.


Everyday English Academy:Condolences

 RADIO   NICARAGUA    June 29, 2024 13:03 a hard to get job using digital translators can fall apart at your first board meeting, this happens in many places where unfamiliarity with the language is not accepted. That's why our accelerated and intensive courses make these tragedies a thing of the past.

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