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Nike: Create with Air Max

 INTERACTIVE   JAPAN    July 10, 2020 21:49 Japan presents "Create with Air Max," a 56-page zine created via AKQA Tokyo, Shanghai and New York that invited top fans to create their own Nike designs through a colouring in book and augmented reality which brought the designs to life.


SMV Portable Sanitiser Spray: Stay Alert Song

 TV   JAPAN    June 11, 2020 13:39 (Edited: June 11, 2020 23:39) state of emergency has been lifted in Japan but people still need to be careful. This is why Dentsu Tokyo has created an animated movie and a song about what to do when you see everyone for the first time in a long time. The campaign for SMV Japan, which sells mobile alcohol disinfection spray, stresses that when the self-restraint is over, and you can finally get out and see your loved ones, you still have to make sure you don't let your guard down and this then leads to a second or third wave. The "Be aware, Don’t be scared" message reminds us of some of the important things to keep in mind when we first go out - like trimming your nose hairs; wearing comfortable shoes; wearing pants; and of course to stop "passing air".


Asics: Run To Feel

 TV   JAPAN    June 10, 2020 20:38 the isolation of lockdown, the world has fallen in love with running, according to the findings of a new, ongoing research study by ASICS. More importantly, the research shows nearly three-quarters of runners around the world plan to stick with their new exercise routine.


Nike: You Can't Stop Us

 TV   JAPAN    June 03, 2020 21:53 & Kennedy, Tokyo, Japan has launched 'You Can't Stop Us' for Nike.


East Japan Railway Company., Ltd.: TRAINing

 INTERACTIVE   JAPAN    January 28, 2020 09:21 new app developed by McCann Health Japan is turning riding the train not just into a place of travel but into a place for growth. Created for client East Japan Railway in collaboration with Japanese fitness club JEXER, the smart app harnesses the power of geofencing technology in Tokyo-area trains to provide train riders voice-guided personalized 'TRAIN'ing programs for both physical and mental health.


LIFULL Table: Earth Cuisine "Bamboo Sweets"

 EXPERIENTAL   JAPAN    January 13, 2020 21:26 and help the earth discover new ingredients to protect the world - Earth Cuisine. In the second round of this project, LIFULL are featuring abandoned bamboo forests. Bamboo used to be an important material for Japanese people. However, the declining demand in recent years has created many abandoned forests which are developing into bamboo-related harms such as landslide damages. To solve this problem, LIFULL came up with a new idea to "eat" bamboo as an ingredient.


Shiseido: Beyond Time

 INTERACTIVE   JAPAN    December 12, 2019 16:53 latest collaboration between R/GA Tokyo and beauty innovators Shiseido fuses data, technology, art and brand purpose, creating a virtual time travel experience for visitors to the latter's Global Innovation Centre in Yokohama, Japan. Beyond Time is an immersive, interactive, deep-tech installation through which users can break the boundaries of time to experience ageing - instantaneously and non-linearly. Two people enter the installation from opposite sides and by looking through a digital mirror are able to see each other as they'd look years into the future, or the past.


Gatsby Perfect Skin Lotion: The Kawaii Tweak Hazard Song

 TV   JAPAN    September 30, 2019 21:27 have skin they want you to notice too. Applying filters to men who don't want that cutesy look can cause harm. Agency: Dentsu Inc Tokyo.


JMS Auto Parts: The Stop Line of Love campaign

 TV   JAPAN    September 29, 2019 20:07 Stop Line of Love campaign. A series of humorous 10 second tvcs for JMS Auto accessories. Agency: Hakuhodo Kettle Tokyo.


Yamaha: Dear Glenn

 EXPERIENTAL   JAPAN    September 12, 2019 17:16 brings Glenn Gould back to life as an AI.
The AI is able to play in the unique style of Glenn Gould as well as interact live with human musicians. Yamaha and Dentsu Tokyo first trained the AI by analyzing Gould's past recordings and then crafted by input from expert musicians who are true Gould enthusiasts.


AIG: How NOT to Drive in Japan

 WEB FILM   JAPAN    July 24, 2019 20:39 firm AIG has launched a large-scale campaign educating foreign travelers 'How NOT to drive in Japan' as the country readies itself for an unprecedented influx of overseas visitors for the upcoming 2019 Rugby World Cup and Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics. The project, created by TBWAHAKUHODO, aims to educate visitors in an engaging and memorable way, centered around an online film starring the world-famous New Zealand All Blacks.


Nissan: The Reborn Light

 INTERACTIVE   JAPAN    June 14, 2019 14:29’s been almost 10 years since the launch of Nissan LEAF, the world's first mass-produced electric vehicle. But now, as many of these early vehicles are reaching the end of their useful lives, Nissan wanted to showcase the longevity of one of the most important components - the battery - finding a way to re-use the growing number that were destined for the scrapheap. Nissan teamed up with TBWAHAKUHODO and 4R Energy Corporation to design, develop and install new streetlights that are powered by a combination of solar panels and used batteries from the Nissan LEAF. "The Reborn Light," launched in Namie-machi, Fukushima - an area still recovering from the 2011 earthquake and tsunami - providing a new type of outdoor lighting that operates completely off the main power grid, requiring no electric cables or outlets.


Japan Para Table Tennis Association: Para Ping Pong Table

 EXPERIENTAL   JAPAN    June 14, 2019 12:08 Japan, only 1% of the population watch Para sports. One reason these sports struggle to reach mainstream audiences is that people don't understand the challenges faced by individual athletes and therefore don't fully appreciate the immense skill involved to compete. With the aim of helping people visualize and comprehend the challenges of Paralympians, JPTTA produced special ping pong tables designed based on interviews and sketches from members of the national team, exhibiting how these athletes experience the sport. The campaign also serves as an intuitive communication tool to help graphically profile players based on their perspective of the table - better informing viewers about each athlete's unique challenges, and adding greater depth for new spectators.


DAIKI Dementia Care Home: Restaurant of Mistaken Orders

 EXPERIENTAL   JAPAN    June 14, 2019 11:54 (Edited: June 14, 2019 21:54) Restaurant of Mistaken Orders is a restaurant in which all the waiting staff have dementia - meaning there's a possibility that what you ordered, may not be what you get served. By putting customers in a frame of mind where a mistaken order can be accepted, or even appreciated, the restaurant provides a valuable lesson on how open-mindedness and acceptance can help us enjoy our differences.


SENKO: Kimono Wearing The Fire

 INTERACTIVE   JAPAN    June 14, 2019 11:44 Hanabi is a traditional hand-held Japanese firework. The flames evolve in ever-changing expressions of beauty through five different phases. The flames portray the fleeting life of a flower, from bud and blossom to petals withering away in the final throes of life. TBWAHAKUHODO photographed and used these flames to create beautifully crafted patterns for Takashimaya’s latest Yukata (traditional Japanese garment) collection.


WildAid/Tears of the African Elephant: Hankograph

 TV   JAPAN    April 22, 2019 17:29 Japan and non-profit organisation, Tears of the African Elephant, have teamed up with Grey Tokyo to launch an anti-ivory awareness drive, by creatively using Japanese stamp seals known as 'hankograph'. A part of Japanese culture, personal stamp seals, known as 'hanko' are used as official signatures on formal documents such as contracts and marriage registration. They can be made of ivory, wood, stone or titanium & carbon shaft. Unfortunately, eighty-percent of Japan's ivory consumption is utilised for hanko, as people choose it without fully understanding or having complete knowledge of the global elephant crisis. Grey Tokyo and Koji Yamamura, an academy award-nominated animation artist, created the campaign by meticulously using 500 wooden stamps and 2400 frames of refined craftsmanship to produce the two-minute film which creatively promotes the anti-ivory initiative to put an end to ivory trade and consumption in Japan.


WWF Japan: #Animal_Selfie

 INTERACTIVE   JAPAN    March 26, 2019 20:46 JAPAN wanted to propose a new solution that would allow people to think about and make donations toward environmental issues, easily in their everyday lives. The idea centered on selfies, which everyone has experienced and are popular via SNS all over the world.
Agency: ADK Creative One Japan/CHERRY


Prega News Pregnancy Detection Card: Your Second Home

 TV   JAPAN    March 06, 2019 19:23 News Pregnancy Detection Card, manufactured and marketed by Mankind Pharmaceuticals is the category leader. For years, it has been bringing 'good news' to the mom-to-be. Agency: ADK Fortune


BizReach: Shibuya Crossing Takeover

 WEB FILM   JAPAN    February 20, 2019 13:49 recently hijacked Tokyo's most iconic Shibuya Scramble Crossing with the French photographer, Sophie Calle's video art work, Voir la mer, which is about people from is about people from Istanbul whom had never seen the ocean arriving at the ocean and literally seeing it for the first time in their lives, even though living only 15 minutes away.


Pantene: The Hairy Tale

 WEB FILM   JAPAN    January 17, 2019 20:49 Tokyo and Pantene have created this lovely story about babychanco, a baby with unique hair. Despite looking different from other babies, babychanco is loved worldwide for her naturally thick hair. If everyone can learn to love their differences, this world may become a much nicer place. This tale is narrated by renowned television announcer, Sato Kondo, who gained respect and admiration for choosing to keep her natural grey hair color rather than dye it black.


Lifull: Earth Cusine

 AMBIENT   JAPAN    November 18, 2018 17:35 (Edited: November 19, 2018 04:35)
About two-thirds of Japan's land mass is covered by forests, making it one of the counties with large forested areas.Planted forests account for about 40% of forests and require a process called thinning, which is the removal of some trees to make room for the growth of others, primarily to grow trees suitable for industrial and architectural use. It has launched initiatives to advocate thinning, including the promotion of the Thinned Wood Symbol used on products prepared with thinned wood, and the production of woody biomass. LIFULL wishes to highlight the importance of thinned wood through Eatree Plates by creating a new purpose for thinned wood, which is to eat, to contribute to the conservation of Japanese forests.


The Transforming Orchestra : Orchestra With Technology

 EXPERIENTAL   JAPAN    November 14, 2018 20:52 challenge was to transform the 300-year-old Institution of the Orchestra with technology.
Our experience was to create and experience where musical and visual stimuli merge as one.
The orchestra is traditionally for aural enjoyment, but we made it a multi-sensory experience where the music can be "touched" and "seen", making use of the entire concert venue.
If Bach were alive, imagine what he would compose visually.


Shiseido: The Party Bus

 WEB FILM   JAPAN    October 18, 2018 20:59 (Edited: October 19, 2018 07:59) the party bus rolls through the night, hidden feelings are unmasked in this new Japanese web film from Shiseido that raises LGBTQ awareness.


Tag Heuer: Pressure Free Kick

 INTERACTIVE   JAPAN    October 17, 2018 12:25 creative agency,UltraSuperNew, launch 'Pressure Free Kick' for J.League sponsor TAG Heuer. It's a five-day long competition to win soccer tickets to J.League games, with an interactive game on Instagram. 'Pressure Free Kick' is an interactive playable manga game accessed exclusively via TAG’s Instagram account


Toys R Us Japan: We Are Toys R Us Kids

 TV   JAPAN    October 16, 2018 15:01 R Us even adds excitement to adults who were used to play at Toys R Us in their childhoods.


AUDI A7 Sportback: Run

 TV   JAPAN    October 04, 2018 21:53 + Kennedy, Tokyo has released this spot direct by Ian Pons Jewell for the AUDI A7 Sportback.


The Coleman Company: Light Up

 TV   JAPAN    August 17, 2018 09:04 all the families in Japan. Now is the time to light up human bonding by going camping. Coleman came up with new message “Light Up.” While we are living in a rich society filled with things, there are gaps in our heart that are not filled. In times like this, Coleman believe camping is necessary. Please feel the power of camping shining light on bonding through scenes where families and friends enjoying moments and feeling peaceful. Agency: Geometry Global Japan.


Madame Tussauds Tokyo: Peace Barber

 OUTDOOR   JAPAN    August 03, 2018 05:48 Tussauds Tokyo is a wax museum in Tokyo. This is a project movie for a special event held in Tokyo in July 2018. June 2018, the summit meeting that drew worldwide attention was held in Singapore. It was a giant step forward world peace. To maintain the hope for peace like never before, a special barber shop called "PEACE BARBER" was opened in Tokyo for a day. It was a special barber shop to present peace by giving a special haircut. A peace barber shop where you can take pictures with Donald Trump figure and wish for peace by posting them on social media. Agency: Frontage INC, Tokyo


Coleman Japan: Light Up

 TV   JAPAN    July 27, 2018 06:02 Japan Co., Ltd. (hereinafter Coleman) has released its new brand movie created by Geometry Global Japan. With the new slogan “Light Up”, it shows how camping brings people together. In Japan, Coleman is known as a leading innovator and manufacturer of outdoor products. It has helped people have fun and make memories by providing the gear integral to their outdoor experiences. The slogan of Coleman in 2018 is "Light Up" and with this new brand movie, the brand aims to foster meaningful connections between people, through camping.


Onitsuka Tiger: The Season in the Street

 TV   JAPAN    July 13, 2018 11:33 fashion brand Onitsuka Tiger have unveiled their Autumn Winter 2018 season movie for the Japanese market. In line with the slower, darker, cosier days of the colder months, the film focuses on slow-motion tracking shots, a washed out colour palette and models dressed in cosy vintage-look layers. The Echo Park, Los Angeles based singer/songwriter, real name Martin Roark, is a proponent of DIY bedroom acoustic gems, with a signature singing style which delivers lyrics in a lush whispered. "In Dreams"


Shiseido and Google: Braille Nails

 INTERACTIVE   JAPAN    June 06, 2018 19:22 Theia is an ongoing collaboration between Google and Shiseido to explore innovative ways technology and cosmetics can enhance the lives of the visually impaired. Braille Nails is the first of these explorations. Inspired by Japan’s fascination with nail art, Braille Nails combines the latest in material design and computer vision technologies to make this decorative art form more expressive and useful for the visually impaired. The Braille Nails kit consists of two parts - a set of ten distinctive nails and a companion camera-badge. The nails double as a marker, allowing the camera to track the user’s hands movements even in visually complex environments.


KFC: Fried Chicken Bath Bombs

 WEB FILM   JAPAN    May 09, 2018 18:33 Japan has teamed up with ADK to run a very unique Christmas campaign using Fried Chicken Bath Bombs, a disruptive gift that got the world talking about Kentucky Fried Chicken. Celebrating Christmas with fried chicken is a big part of Japanese culture where Christmas equals to KFC; dads come home with a bucket of fried chicken, moms order chicken in advance and family members get together to visit KFC to celebrate Christmas. There are long ques in front of KFC stores all around Japan. It all started more than 4 decades ago. Back in 1974, KFC first ran a Christmas campaign and promoted the Christmas feast with fried chicken. However, Christmas day is not a holiday in Japan. People on duty need to restlessly work in Santa Clause costumes on that day. They cannot sit at the dinner table with family and loved ones. So KFC decided to run a campaign to provide consolation to Santa Clauses working in the streets and the busy KFC employees.


Toys R Us: Kids Press Conference

 TV   JAPAN    May 01, 2018 11:30 R Us Japan is staying alive! Toys R Us - USA is liquidating all store locations and going out of business in US. Toys R Us Japan, however, continues its operation and has declared that Toys R Us supports kids’ dreams now and forever in Japan.


Dove: Real Beauty ID

 INTERACTIVE   JAPAN    April 03, 2018 20:36, via their agency ADK Tokyo, has released an experimental video "Real Beauty ID" in Japan for school girls to find their own beauty. Dove initially launched the Dove Self esteem project in 2004 to help teenagers become aware of their own beauty and enhance their self-esteem. The campaign is designed to help girls realize their own true beauty, by seeing themselves through the eyes of their friends. Dove captured their reactions as the girls listened to their friends describe them and used those photos to replace their student ID cards. The result was photos that showed their confidence and true beauty shining through. Through this campaign, Dove aims to support young people in all over Japan to build self esteem and body confidence.


Donate4Birds: Sustainable

 INTERACTIVE   JAPAN    March 13, 2018 12:35 (Edited: March 13, 2018 23:35) one species in seven of wild birds, a barometer of the preservation of our social environment, is in danger of extinction from human activities. The extinction of each wild bird species destroys part of the ecosystem, significantly impacting the social environment. For example, in India, the extinction of vultures triggered an outbreak of rabies. Created by Dentsu , Japan.


Honda: You Are The One

 TV   JAPAN    February 28, 2018 17:30 (Edited: March 01, 2018 04:30)"You Are The One" is a story of a family and their car. The main character is Emma, a girl living in San Francisco, USA, and her Civic that has been together with her since birth. It is a heartwarming story filled with the beauty within people's minds and the wonderful relationship between people and cars. Agency: Hakuhodo, Tokyo


Nike: Run It

 TV   JAPAN    February 01, 2018 23:12 + Kennedy, Tokyo has released this spot for Nike collaborating with Korean superstars Jay Park, Jessi and Woo Won-jae.


ANGFA: Washable Book

 PRINT   JAPAN    January 20, 2018 09:09 January 15, 'Hand Washing Day' in Japan, McCann Health announced that together with ANGFA they have developed the world's first* picture book, "Washable Book" that provides children an experience to enjoy a story by washing the hands of the character in the storybook with a germicidal soap, which prevents infectious diseases. Children will thereby learn that germicidal soap can dramatically change their future. In developing countries, 6,000 children die every day from infectious diseases. ANGFA, known for its preventive medicine products, believes the usage of germicidal soap can dramatically change the game.


ORALPEACE: Love Is Organic

 TV   JAPAN    December 15, 2017 11:19 Inc. has launched its first-ever brand movie "Love is Organic" to express love of family, which is the brand concept. The film, created by ADK Tokyo, defines love for family as something that grows naturally rather than something you have to work on, and was created under the theme of "Love is organic." The message, "Love is organic" is meant not only for one's own family, but also for the well-being and peace of families throughout the world. This movie uses toothbrushes, which are icons of daily life, to tell the story.


FlyStation: Love Flying? / Peace

 WEB FILM   JAPAN    December 12, 2017 13:25 is the first Indoor Skydiving Facility opened in Japan.
Frontage INC, Tokyo created a series of 3 movies under the theme of "Love Flying?"

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