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Make My Money Matter: Oblivia Coalmine

 TV   UK    December 02, 2023 13:24 its latest work for Richard Curtis' Make My Money Matter Campaign, Lucky Generals helps turn Academy-Award winner Olivia Colman into 'Oblivia Coalmine', a latex-wearing, potty-mouthed CEO of a fossil fuel company financed by UK pension holders. In this slick star turn,


Austistica: Break The Cycle

 PRINT   UK    December 02, 2023 13:07 than 6 in 10 people detained in mental health units are autistic. Many are misunderstood and do not receive proper care, causing them to experience more autistic meltdowns. Some won't get better. Others leave only to return.


Tui: Happy Holidays

 TV   UK    December 01, 2023 07:49, the largest global travel and leisure company, has today launched its first Christmas campaign complete with Elves, Santa and sunshine. Created in partnership with Leo Burnett, the advert will first air during prime-time TV slots on ITV Breakfast during 'Good Morning Britain' at 06:55am (30-second edit) and 07:20am (60-second edit) as well as on Channel 4 later that evening,


Guinness: Mother Macs

 OUTDOOR   UK    November 29, 2023 19:29 (Edited: November 30, 2023 06:29) celebrate 50 years of The Vintner's Federation of Ireland, Guinness created miniature versions of pubs from across ireland and turned them into scrumptios cakes that appeared in OOH and Press


Crown Estate: Christmas Pigeons

 OUTDOOR   UK    November 29, 2023 19:28 Crown Estate has unveiled a multichannel animated Christmas campaign, introducing the 'Christmas pigeons' to highlight its London West End destinations as the most enjoyable places to spend this festive season.


Burger King: Hijacking Christmas

 TV & OUTDOOR   UK    November 29, 2023 19:09 (Edited: November 30, 2023 06:09) King UK aims to cut through the busiest time of year by subverting two of the biggest festive traditions, in its latest campaign 'Hijacking Christmas' from BBH. Leaving the magical moments to other brands, Burger King's 'hijack' takes on two of the biggest icons of the season: Santa Claus and the Christmas #1.


Royal Mail: In Good Hands

 TV   UK    November 29, 2023 17:09 (Edited: November 30, 2023 04:09) Mail has unveiled the first major new campaign featuring the end line 'In Good Hands'. It celebrates the hardworking people we know and love who deliver our parcels the posties and the role that the company's new innovations play in their hands. Developed by AMV BBDO, the campaign launches at one of Royal Mail's busiest times of the year, with around double the number of parcels and stamped letters sent over the festive period compared to usual.


Gordon's Gin: Many Evenings In

 TV   UK    November 29, 2023 17:07 (Edited: November 30, 2023 04:07)'s, the world's best-selling international gin, is today announcing a brand evolution that casts a new direction for its creative expression with refreshed design principles and positioning that reinvigorates the brand for a modern audience. First created in 1769, Gordon's mastered the classic London Dry Gin and set the standard for all other gins to follow


TUI: Chief Good List Officer

 INTERACTIVE   UK    November 24, 2023 11:25 (Edited: November 24, 2023 22:25) new national study has revealed November is where the festive magic truly begins for little ones, with more than a third (35%) of children aged between three- and 11-years old taking time to carefully craft and submit their Christmas wish list. This also explains why over half of parents (55%) notice a switch in their behaviour in October, as kids across the nation set out to impress. The research, conducted by TUI, revealed the heart-warming and often comical lengths children will go to, to firmly qualify for the jolly man's 'good list' and achieve their Christmas dreams;


Gala Bingo: All The Calls

 OUTDOOR   UK    November 24, 2023 08:33 (Edited: November 24, 2023 19:33) Bingo has created the ultimate challenge for bingo fans by cryptically hiding all 90 bingo calls into their latest campaign: "All The Calls", helping inject joy and drive community into the much-loved game. To help punters complete the challenge, Gala Bingo has been putting out clues on their social channels, and now have unveiled a larger-than-life OOH bus stop shelter that has received a major makeover in Manchester Picadilly Square


Royal Navy: A Celebration Of Duty

 TV   UK    November 23, 2023 08:09 creative agency Hijinks Collective has worked with the Royal Navy to create 'A Celebration of Duty' a new campaign to honour Royal Navy personnel and veterans who, through their sense of duty, give back to their local community every single day.


Rockshore : The Most Refreshing Time For A Beer

 TV   UK    November 23, 2023 08:04, the Diageo-owned Irish lager and cider brand, has today unveiled its new Christmas campaign, "The most refreshing time for a beer:. The multichannel push, which stars Ronan Keating, was developed in partnership with M&C Saatchi London. To build on the success of this summer's brand campaign launch, Rockshore tasked M&C Saatchi London with creating a fame-driving piece of work offering a 'Refreshingly Irish" take on the festive season


Purpose Distruptors: The Good Advert

 TV   UK    November 23, 2023 07:59 (Edited: November 23, 2023 18:59) reformer Purpose Disruptors is launching a provocative TV spot subverting the purpose of advertising in the latest iteration of its 'Reclaiming the Commercial Break' campaign as part of its Good Life 2030 project, developed in partnership with Iris, the global creative network. The 30-second film features comedian and writer Simon Amstell playing the part of 'the advert' with his trademark wit and irreverence. The ad begins with a glitching test card followed by a blacked-out screen. Filling the blank void we hear the conscience of 'the ad' reflect awkwardly on how adverts usually encourage people to spend more


Greater Anglia: The Wonder Of Christmas

 TV   UK    November 22, 2023 05:48 Anglia, the train operating company covering London and East Anglia, has today launched a festive 30" spot titled 'The Wonder of Christmas'. Created by independent creative agency Atomic London, the ad is inspired by the whimsical adventures of 'Alice in Wonderland,'


Keep Britain Tidy: You're Not A Litterer

 TV   UK    November 22, 2023 05:42 (Edited: November 22, 2023 16:42) independent environmental charity, Keep Britain Tidy, has launched an integrated brand campaign titled You’re not a litterer, in partnership with VCCP London and Cowry Consulting, one of the world’s leading Behavioural Science consultancies, created to stop people dropping cigarette butts, which accounts for 66% of all litter in England. Directed by Andy McLeod through Rattling Stick, the TV ad features a judgemental duck who casts judgement on smoker's behaviour without shaming the individual, allowing them to see the error of their ways.


Tesco: Become More Christmas

 TV   UK    November 21, 2023 22:06 (Edited: November 22, 2023 09:06) has launched its 2023 Christmas ad, which is packed full of festive joy as it helps the nation 'Become More Christmas', in a hilarious and heart-warming spot from BBH London. Featuring a family that's getting into the Christmas spirit ahead of the big day, some more enthusiastically than others, the Tesco Christmas ad is here to help get the nation into the festive spirit. The campaign taps into the insight that for many people, Christmas is about so much more than the big day. While there will always be the 'Big Christmas Shop', the need for festive goods and festivities in general starts a lot earlier than the 25th December


Duracell: Bunny Saves Christmas

 TV   UK    November 21, 2023 21:57 (Edited: November 22, 2023 08:57) Duracell Bunny saves Santa from a Christmas blackout in the battery brand's first festive campaign in five years.
When it comes to planning a magical family Christmas, the slightest thing can bring the whole event crashing down. As every parent knows, it's easy to forget an overlooked essential the batteries for those new toys under the tree.


Uber: Elevator

 TV   UK    November 21, 2023 21:54 Reserve allows you to book rides up to 90 days in advance, with extra wait time. For launch, we wanted to show that whilst life might not go to plan, your Uber Reserve certainly will.


Pandora: Art Of Loves

 OUTDOOR   UK    November 21, 2023 18:28 (Edited: November 22, 2023 05:28) of Loves1.png&width=200This November, Pandora welcomed consumers to an immersive new pop up experience in central London. Situated on the South Bank, near Tower Bridge, Pandora has worked with creative agency, Backlash, on a unique activation which has been inspired by Pandora's holiday campaign, Loves Unboxed. The "Art of Loves' pop-up, opens to the public from Thursday 9th Sunday 19th November, and was designed to look like a huge Pandora jewellery box


Simon Brodkin: Supermarkets At Christmas

 TV   UK    November 19, 2023 08:44, Simon Brodkin has dropped this funny parody Christmas ad on social media.


Samsung: Micro Miracles

 TV   UK    November 17, 2023 07:26 Electronics together with BMB and Cheil Worldwide are celebrating semiconductors, the nanoscopic, unsung heroes of technological progress, with a new film that features specially built models so small they could only be captured using a scanning electron microscope.


KFC: We're Sticking With Chicken

 TV   UK    November 17, 2023 06:55 Fried Turkey? KFT?! You didn't really think KFC were going to do it, did you? We're KFC for heaven's sake. And in case you didn't know, the C stands for chicken. And so, despite the numerous suggestions and requests for Kentucky Fried Turkey, KFC are sticking with chicken. After all, its been making the world's best fried chicken for more than 70 years


Intuit Quickbooks: For The Hero Behind The Heroes

 TV   UK    November 16, 2023 19:56 professionals are often overlooked or underappreciated. Intuit QuickBooks and FCB London want to change that with their new campaign, 'For the Hero behind the Heroes', and bring the UK's number crunchers into the spotlight. 'For the Hero behind the Heroes' shows warrior Queen Boudica talking to her accountant about sharpening her acquisitions strategy


Myprotein: Join The Movement

 TV   UK    November 16, 2023 19:52 (Edited: November 17, 2023 06:52) their first collaboration, The Banquet, a new boutique production company, joined forces with the world's leading sports nutrition brand Myprotein, to embark on a cinematic adventure like no other. Tasked with promoting an online cyber hunt for discount codes during the upcoming Black Friday event, The Banquet, led by director Ian Roderick Gray, brought to life a world where influencers transform into giants


JD: The Bag For Life

 TV   UK    November 16, 2023 19:30, the leading retailer for youth fashion and sportswear brands, announces the launch of its new brand platform, 'Forever Forward' with a seasonal campaign titled 'The Bag for Life'. The highly anticipated multichannel campaign from Uncommon will span across TV, VOD, Cinema, Retail, OOH, DOOH, Murals, Social and Online in the UK, Australia, Canada, South East Asia and Europe.


My Love Is Black Love

 TV   UK    November 14, 2023 17:00 (Edited: November 15, 2023 04:00) week, women-first dating app Bumble, launched its latest campaign amplifying the experiences of Black British women and calling out unhelpful preconceptions they may face in dating while teasing a way forward. The campaign produced by Out Since Tuesday builds on Bumble's 'My Love is Black Love' platform which was born from the insight that more than half of Black people in the UK (53%) do not see themselves represented in images of love in mainstream online spaces.



 OUTDOOR   UK    November 14, 2023 16:38 (Edited: November 15, 2023 03:38) Trains OOH 1.jpg&width=200In this campaign, the worlds of Uber and trains collide, to announce the launch of trains on the app. We we twist well-known language and iconography synonymous of everyone's Uber experience to the world of trains. Outdoor and station takeover play with Uber's language and iconography too, further strengthening the new connection between Uber and trains.We also used live train data to redesign the departures board in Waterloo (the UK's busiest station) based on the familiar journey UI from the Uber app.


eHarmony: Who Gets You

 TV   UK    November 14, 2023 16:34, the dating platform that has helped over two million people find real love, revealed a new ad campaign illustrating how it's often the least romantic moments that make us feel closest to someone. It’s the cringingly vulnerable and refreshingly goofy moments that can make us feel the most loved and understood when you're with someone who really gets you. These are the moments when a partner shows just how well they know us, by anticipating our unique and quirky needs without our having to say a word. eharmony collaborated with Party Land, an award-winning comedy agency known for its irreverent, convention-breaking work, to develop the campaign.


Peta: Tessa

 TV   UK    November 14, 2023 16:28 (Edited: November 15, 2023 03:28) UK's entry to the Christmas advert season features Absolutely Fabulous and Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget star Jane Horrocks as the voice of Tessa, a jolly young turkey who sings and marvels at many of today's Christmas customs, like The Elf on the Shelf. But the spot, created in collaboration with House 337, takes a dark turn when Tessa finds herself seized and sent to an abattoir the fate that awaits most turkeys in real life where she questions how killing sensitive animals for the Christmas table can have a place in today's world. The spot ends with a simple appeal to kill the tradition, not the turkey, and a call for viewers to try a vegan meal instead.


Wayfair: Bland Sucks

 TV   UK    November 14, 2023 16:05's time to escape boredom and beige living! Go your own Wayfair and discover a world of colour, inspiration and options at


SellaV: The Tennis Date

 TV   UK    November 13, 2023 16:07 (Edited: November 14, 2023 03:07) Charlet Duboc stars and narrates this 'The Tennis Date' spot for SellaV.


Marshalls: Holiday Hustle

 TV   UK    November 11, 2023 16:23, the US leading off-price retailer, announced today the launch of its blockbuster holiday television and radio commercials. As the holidays are filled with cheer, they also inevitably evoke a bit of stress for shoppers searching for crave-worthy gifts for everyone on their lists. This larger-than-life spot squarely positions the brands' buyers as gifting heroes, committed to hustling for the deals, so Marshalls consumers can gift the good stuff this season.


Morrisons: Nothing Gonna Stop Us Now

 TV   UK    November 11, 2023 16:13"Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now" in Morrisons 2023 Christmas campaign via Leo Burnett UK.


The Original London Company Mrs Doubtfire

 TV   UK    November 11, 2023 16:02 (Edited: November 12, 2023 03:02) dedicated TV ad for the hit West End comedy musical Mrs. Doubtfire is hitting screens this week in what is a media first for the industry. This is the first time a scripted Christmas advert has been made to promote a theatre show in the UK and is released in the same period that the big festive campaigns from supermarkets and major retailers hit the airwaves.


John Lewis: Snapper

 TV   UK    November 10, 2023 12:03 (Edited: November 10, 2023 23:03) Lewis has launched its highly-anticipated Christmas campaign, which celebrates the joy of old and new festive traditions. The campaign has been created in partnership with Saatchi & Saatchi London, which won the account back in May after 14 years with adam&eveDDB London. The campaign captures a new spirit of Christmas and is inspired by the enduring and changing ways the nation now celebrates.


Boots: Thank You Santa

 TV   UK    November 09, 2023 17:44 releases its 2023 festive marketing campaign, titled 'Thank you, Santa.' The campaign is centred around a festive film that reminds viewers that there is a present for everyone at Boots.


Sainsbury's : The Big Fella's Christmas

 TV   UK    November 09, 2023 17:42's is kicking off the countdown to Christmas with its highly-anticipated Christmas advert airing for the first time today. Set in a Sainsbury's store as customers are busy shopping for their big day essentials, a curious girl steps up to the in-store tannoy to ask the all-important question:


Heathrow Airport: Love

 TV   UK    November 09, 2023 17:30 has launched its festive campaign for 2023 bearing the seasonal message that the most special festive memories are those made with loved ones and often when departing or arriving at the UK's largest airport. The three films were shot on location in Terminal 5, which remained open during filming.


M&S Food: The Mittens

 TV   UK    November 09, 2023 17:15 (Edited: November 10, 2023 04:15) Food announces its much loved Christmas advertising campaign is back and bigger than ever! Following the winning formula of last year's festive Fairy exploration, named by Kantar as one of the most powerful and differentiated of all retailers, the Fairy, voiced by British icon Dawn French, returns to TV screens across the country today and is joined by two new sidekicks.


Uber: Trains

 TV   UK    November 09, 2023 16:00 you know you can book not only cars on the Uber app, but trains too?In this new campaign the worlds of Uber and trains collide, as we make use of well-known behaviours and language synonymous of everyone's Uber experience to deliver comedic, witty TV spots adding an Uber twist to the world of trains.
Agency: Mother London

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