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MPB: Change Gear

 TV   UK    September 19, 2021 09:24 (Edited: September 19, 2021 19:24) world's largest online platform for used photography and videography equipment, MPB, has launched its first brand campaign 'Change Gear', via London creative agency CPB, to support the company's mission to open up the world of visual storytelling by making it more accessible, affordable and sustainable. MPB earlier this year raised 58.4M to expand its online platform in a funding round that was led by Vitruvian Partners, investors with a track record of investing in circular companies including Vestiaire Collective.


RSPB: Legacy Time Flies

 TV   UK    September 17, 2021 09:15 has teamed up with third sector creative specialists Catsnake to develop a stunning watercolour style animated film that celebrates the work of the UK's largest nature conservation charity, the RSPB. The beautiful 60 second animation 'Time Flies', which features the voice of Academy Award-winning actor Jim Broadbent, will air from 6th September on TV and online to coincide with Remember a Charity Week (6th-12th Sept).


F1 2021: After The Apex Daniel Ricciardo

 TV   UK    September 17, 2021 09:13 up by Italian Grand Prix winner, Daniel Ricciardo, 'After the Apex' is a new content series for F1 2021. In the first of four films featuring the Australian racing driver, viewers get up close and personal with Daniel's need for, and love of danger. Detailing Daniel's thrill-seeking behaviour all the way back to his childhood, the film gives viewers insight into what makes Daniel Ricciardo so good at what he does but through a lens you have never seen before, an extreme, abstract, psychedelic world. 'After the Apex' aims to show viewers the 'person behind the athlete', whilst pulling some F1 enthusiasts into the world of gaming.


Clash Of Clans: Combat

 TV   UK    September 15, 2021 20:19 (Edited: September 16, 2021 06:19) gaming giant Supercell is marking Video Games Day (12th September) with a new social content push for Clash of Clans. The global campaign was developed in partnership with independent creative agency Waste. As part of its ongoing strategy to celebrate the gaming community and own key moments in the calendar, Supercell has worked with Waste to create "Clash Combat", a piece of social content to mark Video Games Day. The animated film pays homage to retro gaming and shows how far games have come in terms of design and art direction.


Sky Zero; The Day The Moon Came To Earth

 TV   UK    September 15, 2021 20:13 is inspiring audiences to make planet-saving choices as well as putting its own carbon emissions commitment to the fore in the first major campaign for its new Sky Zero brand, and its associated pledge to be net zero carbon by 2030. At the heart of the campaign is a 60-second animated film called 'The Day The Moon Came To Earth' which is inspired by the Overview Effect a term to describe the profound experience astronauts have when they see the earth from space for the first time.


Temptations: Tasty Human

 TV   UK    September 15, 2021 15:23 Halloween season, the TEMPTATIONS brand is sinking their claws into the age-old idea that if our feline friends were bigger, like their lion and tiger relatives, they might just try to sneak a bite of their owners. To satisfy the big cat inside every little kitty– and spare their owners from those carnivorous cravings, the TEMPTATIONS brand is introducing the new limited-edition TEMPTATIONS Tasty Human MixUps (Chicken, Liver and Beef Flavors) treats. Cat parents are encouraged to heed the warning: treat your pet with Tasty Human treats, before they treat themselves to you.


Halo: Season 1 Cinematic Intro

 TV   UK    September 15, 2021 15:13 Industries will be launching the next installment of the genre defying Halo franchise this December with Halo Infinite. Gamers will be once again jumping back into Master Chief's boots this time to fight The Banished and like any classic Halo game it will feature a rich bounty of multiplayer modes, with a new emphasis on storytelling.


Brook: StopCyberflasing

 PRINT   UK    September 15, 2021 14:52 (Edited: September 16, 2021 00:52), the sexual health and wellbeing charity for young people, is launching a hard-hitting new campaign by Grey London, pushing for unsolicited nudes to be made illegal. Eye-catching illustrations of people cyberflashing will feature in adverts online and on billboards across the country with the message 'It's illegal to flash someone irl so why not online?' However, the genitals themselves will be censored by a QR code, accompanied by the hashtag #STOPCYBERFLASHING.


Virgin Media : Here We are

 OUTDOOR   UK    September 15, 2021 14:39 (Edited: September 16, 2021 00:39) Media has painted cabinets gold across the UK to celebrate the achievements of ParalympicsGB at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games. Proud partners of ParalympicsGB, Virgin Media whipped up support in the UK with its #WeAreHere campaign which encouraged the nation to cheer on our incredible Paralympians as no fans, friends, family or loved ones could travel to Japan to watch the Games in person. ParalympicsGB racked up a staggering 124 medals, taking second place in the overall medals table and winning medals in more sports than any nation


Playstation: Play Has No Limits

 TV   UK    September 15, 2021 14:25 to the city where play is elevated to extraordinary new heights. Where every move is crucial and the game means everything. adam&eveDDB's new film for Sony Interactive Entertainment, the maker of PlayStation, takes the viewer on a journey through a city like none other. A world that is uniquely PlayStation and shows what can happen when play is taken to an unprecedented level.


Betfair: Because We're Betfair

 TV   UK    September 14, 2021 07:17 (Edited: September 14, 2021 17:17) and Betfair have launched a new integrated campaign celebrating the Brand's Daily Rewards proposition, enabling loyal customers to access an exclusive offer, any day of the week. The campaign is the second major sports campaign against the brand's new positioning, 'Because we’re Betfair'.


O2: Road Trip

 TV   UK    September 14, 2021 07:12 (Edited: September 14, 2021 17:12) has launched 'Road Trip,' the latest campaign in their 'Make Every Day Brighter' series designed to promote the new O2 'Plus Plans' package available to new and existing O2 customers. O2 worked with UK agency of record, VCCP London, to mastermind 'Road Trip,' an integrated campaign highlighting the new 'Plus Plans' offering. The new 'Road Trip' creative draws upon O2's heritage in live music, and taps into the welcome return of music festivals across the country,


Visa: The World's Most International Account

 TV   UK    September 14, 2021 07:08 (Edited: September 14, 2021 17:08) Papper directs this playful spot for Visa's new card, Wise, to promote what they've dubbed 'The World's Most International Account'. Using a combination of found footage and 2D animation, James transforms a nightmarish world of money management problems into one that is brighter and more reassuring. The real world is the backdrop and dramatises the dreamed image of the UK living opening up to a world of renewed curiosity and long-awaited freedom. James makes money management exciting, envisioning a world where you can swap currency charges for curries.


Hendrick's Gin: Bus Shelter

 OUTDOOR   UK    September 11, 2021 16:23's Gin injects the mundane with the peculiar through their unique approach to gin making. Through the lens of this unique and highly delectable gin, we’ve turned the daily commute upside-down by transforming bus shelters into portals to another world.


FedEx: Get There Next

 TV   UK    September 11, 2021 15:27 the latest work for FedEx directed by Bullion's Davis Silis, we follow the journey of one woman from small business owner to badass boss. With Redwood BBDO helming the creative, we empower our leading lady to take her next step. The spot was filmed in Lithuania, with an impressive custom set build that pushes the boundaries of the world beyond the frame. Bright and playful visuals provide the backdrop for a dreamlike aesthetic that flows effortlessly through each transition.


Ballantines: True Music

 TV   UK    September 11, 2021 15:20 (Edited: September 12, 2021 01:20) in three music lovers have experienced discrimination at a music event that's a third of everyone who goes to a nightclub, festival or gig, increasing to 64% of those with intersectional identities including gender, sexuality, race and ability being victims of discrimination according to 'Resetting the Dancefloor' a report from Ballantine's True Music. Now, Ballantine's, fans and industry insiders are calling for a cultural reset. After 18 months without live music we have the chance to make real positive change. M&C Saatchi Sport and Entertainment are calling on you to fight discrimination in music. All you have to do is share key stats from the Resetting the Dancefloor report and the short film on social platforms to spark conversation and encourage people to learn more about what we can all do to create equality in music and safe dance spaces for everyone.


Education Above All: Calling Attendance

 TV   UK    September 11, 2021 09:22 (Edited: September 11, 2021 19:22) fear that most schools in Afghanistan could be closed after the Taliban swept to power last month, Education Above All (EAA), a global foundation protecting the right of children and youth to quality education, is launching a new campaign to highlight the deliberate attacks on children’s education around the world. The campaign, created by global creative agency Across the Pond, is being launched on 9th September to coincide with the UN's annual International Day to Protect Education from Attack


Sloggi: Body Adapt

 TV   UK    September 10, 2021 08:44 is today launching sloggi's new Body Adapt bra. Following a refreshed brand strategy for sloggi, this campaign spotlights real women within their own creative practices.


Rude Health: Dairy Free Your Mind

 OUTDOOR   UK    September 08, 2021 15:05 (Edited: September 09, 2021 01:05) Health Take A Stand Against Bland BMB.jpeg&width=200Rude Health, the healthy food and drink brand, is launching its first multi-channel campaign to hero its range of dairy-free milks speaking to those who don't want to sacrifice taste just because they're making a healthy choice.


Toofoo Co: What Never Seen Toofoo Before

 TV   UK    September 08, 2021 14:51 Tofoo Co, Britain's largest and fastest-growing tofu brand, has launched a new TV campaign written and created by Who Wot Why and produced by Black Dog Films. The TV ad is a celebration of what we are, not what we’re not, and it launched in the UK on September 6th. The film features an artist posing in a variety of lavish outfits, presenting equally lavish dishes made with Tofoo.


Original Source: Feel The Force Of Nature

 TV   UK    September 07, 2021 14:34 (Edited: September 08, 2021 00:34) Source has launched a new brand platform and integrated TV campaign to celebrate the natural sensory hit that only Original Source can deliver. Original Source has been on the market for over twenty years, with its original hero 'mint' shower gel still being the most popular and most talked-about fragrance thanks to that tingling sensation it delivers 'downstairs’' To celebrate this milestone, Iris and Original Source have created a new brand platform, 'Force of Nature' that aims to remind the UK why Original Source is still so popular.


E.ON : Air Heroes

 TV & INTERACTIVE   UK    September 07, 2021 14:28 (Edited: September 08, 2021 00:28), one of the UK's largest electricity suppliers, has teamed up with fashion brand Scamp & Dude to create an innovative cape for children that helps to destroy air pollution. This superpowered cape, and the supporting 'Air Heroes' campaign, encourages parents to ditch the car and walk to school instead. It has been devised and created by Engine Creative. E.ON is committed to leading the energy transition, moving from fossil fuels to renewable electricity and low-carbon energy solutions, moving us closer to a carbon neutral future and cleaner air for everyone in the UK.


Whiskas: Music Video For Cats

 TV   UK    September 07, 2021 14:26 by Daniel Stankler, this music video for 'Purr More' is part of Whiskas’ campaign aimed to appeal directly to cats. The track, which is also the backing to a TVC, uses music that is scientifically proven by the Journal of Feline Medicine to reduce the stress levels of cats. Produced by Strange Beast with agency AMV BBDO, the video sees dreamlike and abstract 2D animation loops, animated by Dan Stankler, Matt Partridge and Alon Sivan.


MyTutor: You Never Stop Worrying

 TV   UK    September 04, 2021 06:23 today announced the launch of its latest campaign 'You Never Stop Worrying' featuring creative production by Joint and media planning and buying by Goodstuff. MyTutor is the UKs most trusted online tutoring platform, where parents and students can get live expert help in any subject, at any level, from hand-picked tutors. MyTutor has ambitions to be a parent’s first thought when deciding how to support their child’s education. The brief was to get parents of teenagers to sign up to MyTutor by showing them that MyTutor's 'near peer' online tuition engages their children and makes their confidence soar.


BarclayCard: Every Customer Matters

 TV   UK    September 03, 2021 16:19 has enlisted the help of another real business owner in their latest campaign. Wasel Ali, owner of Paradise restaurant is a man who, like Barclaycard, believes that 'Every Customer Matters'. Whether a customer is Helena Bonham Carter or a local, they all get the ‘Paradise’ treatment. The film has Wasel tell the true story of the time this theory was put to the test, when Helena Bonham Carter actually showed up and ordered a take-away.


Fox's : Skimming A Stone

 TV   UK    September 03, 2021 15:57 (Edited: September 04, 2021 01:57) has unwrapped its debut work for Valeo Confectionery with its 'Satisfyingly Long Lasting' campaign for Fox's sweets. Foxs wanted to modernise the brand in order to become more relevant and get their sweets out of the glove box, or your nan's purse, and into people's hands. Joint capitalised on the long-lasting nature of Fox's sweets, which can be enjoyed for six minutes on average, as the creative hook for the campaign with the wishful suggestion 'If only everything lasted as long as a Fox's sweet'.


ASDA: Jump Into Autumn

 TV   UK    September 03, 2021 09:00 has unveiled its first major advertising campaign since appointing Havas London as its creative agency earlier this year. 'Jump into Autumn', which launches on TV today, introduces the new brand platform Get the Asda Price Feeling with that feeling brought to life through a joyful, hyperbolic representation of its in-store experience.


Harlequin: Own The Room

 TV   UK    September 02, 2021 04:41 "Own The Room" is a confident call to action encouraging a new generation of budding interior designers and homeowners to express their true selves and make their homes as unique as they are.EveryFriday, the creative agency responsible for the campaign, identified that while this audience is very confident with their personal style and wardrobe, they often play it safe with their interior choices and need a nudge to uncover the same confidence in relation to their home designs.


Xero: Mountain

 TV   UK    September 01, 2021 19:05 (Edited: September 02, 2021 05:05), the global small business platform, is reminding small firms about keeping their business on track and how its products can help them to control and master their finances online, with the second instalment of its campaign featuring Flight of the Conchords' comedian Rhys Darby. The campaign, created by Engine Creative, breaks across TV, radio and OOH on 30th August.


Deliveroo: New World Of Groceries

 TV   UK    September 01, 2021 18:49 (Edited: September 02, 2021 04:49) new campaign from Deliveroo launches today to celebrate their on-demand grocery offering. In partnership with Co-op, Waitrose, Aldi, Morrisons, and Sainsbury's, the new 30 second hero advert created by Pablo, produced by Pulse Films and directed by Ninian Doff takes viewers on a journey through a wonderful world of groceries, where all their favourite supermarkets can be found in one place and be delivered to doors in as little as 20 minutes, thanks to Deliveroo and its teal-clad riders.


EDF: Busy Driving Nothing

 TV   UK    August 31, 2021 17:05 London has released this spot for EDF, called 'Busy Driving Nothing'.


GetYourGuide: Home Schooling Is Back

 TV   UK    August 28, 2021 16:33 (Edited: August 29, 2021 02:33) experiences platform, GetYourGuide, is reminding Brits that it's possible to discover the world again. The brand's new UK campaign uses pandemic-related phrases to celebrate the gradual travel recovery. The campaign is one of the first travel campaigns in the UK that taps into the post-lockdown sentiment.


Heineken: Three More Reasons To Cheer

 WEB FILM   UK    August 28, 2021 16:24 (Edited: August 29, 2021 02:24) hope, the cheers, the suspense, the celebration and having the very best of times before, during and after a sports event it's what fans want, now more than ever. That's why Heineken is announcing new partnerships to provide even more top performances for fans to cheer on with UEFA's Women's Champions League, UEFA Women's EURO 2022 and 2025, and W Series, the international single-seater motor racing championship for female drivers.


TikTok: Entertainment On TikTok

 TV   UK    August 27, 2021 08:45 (Edited: August 27, 2021 18:45) the stone age, to the For You Page, watch Ant & Dec take you on a journey of entertainment through the ages. Entertainment. Now on TikTok. Agency: Mother, London.


Avanti West Coast: Feel Good Travel

 TV   UK    August 27, 2021 08:42 Kuntz directs this new spot via adam&eveDDB London titled, 'Feel Good Travel', for Avanti West Coast starring a rollerblading turtle.


Danz: Game Changed

 TV   UK    August 25, 2021 15:04 (Edited: August 26, 2021 01:04), working with its global media and creative partner, dentsu international, has marked its arrival in the sports streaming service's home ground the UK & Ireland with an explosive new brand identity 'Game. Changed.', launching today. The campaign is also rolling out globally, with dedicated campaigns in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Japan and Canada. DAZN is the leading global sports streaming service, a ground-breaking live and on demand sports streaming platform


Sure: Watch Me Move

 TV   UK    August 25, 2021 14:47 (Edited: August 26, 2021 00:47), the UK's No1 deodorant brand, has unveiled its global Watch Me Move campaign with an impactful television advert and content hub, featuring people who have faced judgement for not meeting society's idealised version of a 'mover'. Coinciding with the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games, the Watch Me Move campaign is part of the brand's mission to challenge stereotypes and encourage greater inclusivity within the movement space. Debunking societal misconceptions, the emotive advert has been shot with a diverse group of eight content creators and athletes, whose unique stories are also featured on the Sure Watch Me Move hub. The inspirational video aims to celebrate those who defy society's ability standards, and empower those who face judgement


Cannaray: Join The CBD Revolution

 TV   UK    August 25, 2021 14:44're starting a CBD Revolution at Cannaray, with a mission to show the UK how simple and effective this plant compound can be. Helping us lead the charge is our brand ambassador, Claudia Winkleman, who's so excited about leading our revolution she insisted on the horse... and giant army.


Dr Martens: How To Break In

 TV   UK    August 25, 2021 14:08 Martens launches it latest campaign from FAMILIA, in conjunction with Breaks agency and directed by Henry Dean. It is a wide-eyed, wild guide for proud DMs owners across the globe, letting them know the best (and not-so-best) ways to break in their new boots. A commercial that lets DM wearers across the world know how to, and more importantly how NOT to, break in their brand spanking new pair of Docs.


Vanarama: Wrexham

 OUTDOOR   UK    August 25, 2021 10:52 Horses has launched this outdoor stunt for vehicle leasing company Vanarama. A week after much media speculation and causing a flurry of tweets (one from Ryan Reynolds himself) Vanarama claimed responsibility for the mysterious Hollywood style Wrexham sign that stands on the hills above Welsh town Wrexham.

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