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Michael Spiccia

Director at Scoundrel

Michael Spiccia


At age 21 Michael became a senior designer at international design powerhouse The Attik - an opportunity that allowed him to work extensively in both Australia and the UK

Through this he was fortunate enough to meet and work with numerous film and music video directors while in London. Once exposed, he fell in love with film. Upon returning to Australia, his film career was ignited and he quickly became one of the most sought after music video directors in Australia, garnering international attention. He has crafted videos for many artists including Black Ryder, Jack Ladder, Jet, and Bob Evans to name a few. As a designer Michael continued to broaden his horizons, getting the opportunity to work with Baz Luhrmann and Catherine Martin on various projects.

Michael then turned his attention to directing television commercials for brands as the transition into advertising was quite natural for him. His aesthetic combined with his storytelling sensibilities allows him to create ads that are both instinctively and thematically engaging. Michael is adept at post-production techniques as well as traditional filmmaking.

His first foray into long format saw his short film Yardbird nominated for In Competition at the prestigious 65th Cannes Film Festival 2012. Deservedly it also won the Sydney Film Festival’s Dendy Award for Best Live Action in the Short Film.

A deep believer in the power of film, Michael strives to give every story, whether it be short of long form, its own voice and excellence.

International Representation:

Arts & Sciences
435 Hudson Street
New York, NY 10014
T: 212-334-1993

Mal Ward
Managing Director / Partner
M: 323-810-2000

Marc Marrie
Managing Partner / Executive Producer
M: 818.632.5636

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