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Karen Berns

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I have been working for 5 years as a tutor and helper writer for students. My passion is writing and I start to write when i was sixteen. I enjoy helping people and create useful and interesting podcast and articles. I want to share my experience with you.
And i want to give you som—É advices about self-motivation. So here we go:
Hardly anything is as inspiring for one's stamina as the stories of people who "made it". With one caveat: these people should stay human and on the carpet and also tell of their difficulties.
And not only because brilliant people of success quickly become unpopular and remind one only too much of their own mistakes and weaknesses. But also so that one can learn from these stories.
Believe in yourself
Actually, a truism, but if you do not dare to hold out, you will not stick. The conviction "I can not do that anyway" will have gotten too deep into your brain tracks. The more optimistic you judge your own strength, the sooner you will succeed in your project. Start here and look for positive examples, no matter how small. The knowledge of realizing what you set out to do will inspire your belief in yourself.
Allow yourself to grow
Creative people are difficult people. With their perfectionism and their high demands on themselves, they do not make it easy and spoil the joy of their actions and their art. Allow yourself to grow. Nobody comes as Mozart, not even Mozart himself. Enjoy your development, do not squint the perfect end result.
Proceed methodically
I know the methodology and the beloved creative chaos seem to be mutually exclusive. This need not be. Give the systematic approach a chance. It will make it easier for you to persevere. Make a plan, work toward goals, set priorities, and so on. The good, old self-management just.
Have a look
Again and again, pause and take stock. Make your interim results clear. What have you achieved so far? What have you done? Learn to appreciate your small (partial) achievements. Knowing how far you have come will make it easier for you to keep the rest.
Do more of what works
Always new niches, varieties, approaches to try out, has its charm, but also its price. You will always be the beginner who, in the face of all the difficulties that beginnings bring with them, can not stand it.
Do more of what you already know. That leaves you more routine on the ball. You can still play with new things on the side or change course every few years.

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