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Galychyna: "Wherever you may be": a touching story of the Carpathian yogurt, which sees heroic Ukrainians through its own lid

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You might wonder, after eating yogurt, then what? Bickerstaff.836 found the answer to this question and filmed an advertisement for the Carpathian yogurt "Galychyna" using its own pot, turning it into a camera obscura (also known as a pinhole camera).

For those who are unfamiliar, a camera obscura is the prototype of the world's first camera. Ancient hipsters used it for observation and the creation of realistic drawings when artists needed to transfer complex proportions, perspectives, and shadows from the real world onto a canvas. Modern cameras and photography also operate based on the principles of a camera obscura. We would be more than happy to explain them here, but why do that when you can read all about it on the "Halychyna" website?

In the past, a camera obscura was made from a box or a crate (once, they even used whole rooms, surprisingly), and now — it's made from a Carpathian yogurt pot. Well, times change.

In just a year, these yogurts have seen all of Ukraine, inspiring the team to
design a campaign to let all of Ukraine see what Galychyna's yogurt lid has seen.
This is how another fresh-as-Carpathian-yogurt campaign was born.

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