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Guest Judge: Justine Armour, CCO/Partner, FIG, New York

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  GUEST JUDGE /BEST AD OF THE WEEK   Asia   Apr 15, 2024
upload/Justine Armour.jpg
This week's guest judge is Justine Armour, chief creative officer and partner at FIG, New York.

Winner: Bring 'Sabotage'. This sweet short film for Norwegian courier company Bring asks and delightfully answers the question: what's the downside of having your packages reliably and consistently delivered? read more
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Card: Rajamouli Vs Warner

  TV   INDIA   Apr 19, 2024, the Oscar winning director of RRR seeks a discount on match tickets from Australian cricketer David Warner.
Warner agrees, but needs a big favour- to star in a Rajamouli flick.


Tencent Parental Guardian Platform: Wheelcheer

  TV   CHINA   Apr 19, 2024 are millions of children with disabilities in China who are unable to play sports on their own initiative, resulting in physical and psychological distress. At present, there is a lack of attention and support from all sectors of society. "Wheelcheer" focuses on the physical and mental health of children with disabilities and promotes the concept of equality in sports. No matter how tall or short, fat or thin, standing or sitting, every child can be an athlete and enjoy the fun and benefits of sports. At the same time, the project hopes to arouse more social attention and support for children with disabilities, promote social inclusion and equality, and strive to build a more harmonious and inclusive social environment. The "Wheelcheer" adopts the upper body sensing technology to realize the interaction between the body and the screen with the help of the camera capturing the user's movement trajectory. This innovative design allows people to not only have fun in the game, but also complete the exercise, demonstrating the foresight of combining technology and health. At the same time, as a gamified exercise tool, "Wheelcheer" is not limited to specific disabled people, but is open to all users, breaking the traditional special care for disabled children and realizing the equality of exercise. Through the medium of scientific and technological games, it will attract a wider group of users from the perspective of promoting fairness in sports, and create a low-cost but meaningful sports experience for everyone.


Duolingo: K Ads Heist

  WEB FILM   COLOMBIA   Apr 19, 2024 fans would do anything to collect every piece of media that features their idols, especially the large ones, like billboards, mupis, and posters. So, we want to help them take these ads home with instructions that teach them how to do it. The catch? It's in Korean. So if they want to use it, they need to learn the language with Duolingo.


Lucozade: Bring The Energy

  TV   UK   Apr 18, 2024 and adam&eveDDB are launching a major new campaign and brand platform bringing together Lucozade’s iconic Energy and Sport drinks for the first time in the brand’s 97-year-history.


SOS: Childrens Villages Workwear For Kids

  TV   SWEDEN   Apr 18, 2024 Children’s Villages expose the harsh realities of child labour in the brickmaking, mining, and tobacco industries with a thought-provoking workwear collection designed specifically for children. Behind the campaign is the advertising agency NORD DDB.


Essentia Hydroboost: H.O.R.S.E. on A Horse

  TV   USA   Apr 18, 2024 social campaign launch features six-time NBA all-star Jimmy Butler, as he saddles up to show what supercharged hydration can do in a super-epic game of “H.O.R.S.E. on a Horse.” Often lauded for his ‘side quests’ during the regular NBA season, images of Jimmy cruising Miami streets on horseback were seeded online as yet another iconic act from the NBA star, before the content of Jimmy’s ‘H.O.R.S.E on a Horse’ showdown was revealed.


Heineken: Boring Phone

  TV   NETHERLANDS   Apr 18, 2024 a world where smartphones are becoming too interesting, Heineken x Bodega will unveil ‘The Boring Phone', a limited edition of 5,000 dumbphones surrounded by a 360° campaign that aims to return to the essence of simplicity while encouraging a more rewarding social life.


Bolist: No Help

  TV   SWEDEN   Apr 18, 2024 Swedish hardware store Bolist loves helping people with their building projects, and therefore wanted to encourage people to ask for help. The solution was a commercial that showed what can happen if you don't ask for help, even though you should


Toms of Maine: Smell Good Good

  TV   USA   Apr 18, 2024’s of Maine, has launched a new campaign, which takes on the notion that while natural deodorants may be good for the planet, they may not be so good for your BO. Under the Tagline, 'Smell Good, Good'


Power Canada: Your Future

  TV   CANADA   Apr 19, 2024 reach a new generation of 18 job seekers, NPower Canada has launched a new campaign under the platform 'CTRL your future,' tapping into the power of their alumni success stories, led by Brand Transformation agency Humanity.


PUB: Save Water Big Ways Small Ways OK

  TV   SINGAPORE   Apr 18, 2024, Singapore’s National Water Agency and VML Singapore have launched a new campaign to encourage Singaporeans to conserve more water.


KFC: Songkran Bucket 2024

  TV   THAILAND   Apr 19, 2024 streets are alive with music, laughter and a bucket full of the Colonel’s best. It’s the vibrant spirit of Thailand’s beloved Songkran Festival, and KFC is wasting no time in serving up the joy of home. As a special tribute to the essence of home, KFC Thailand has launched its Songkran Bucket 2024 with VML Thailand. The bucket is a crispy fried, delectable journey to Thailand’s cultural heart.


NutriPlus by Britannia: Score Your Health

  WEB FILM   INDIA   Apr 18, 2024 collective want to be healthy has never been higher and actually understanding how healthy one is has never been more confusing. The NutriPlus app from NutriChoice Britannia Industries Limited aims to remove that confusion. So while the mirror on the wall might lie, this app will always give the true picture of your health journey.


McDonalds: The Original Mouthful

  TV   AUSTRALIA   Apr 18, 2024 2 of TheOriginalMouthful™ encourages fans' participation with a revival of the classic Big Mac® chant promotion. Travel through the 70s, 80s and 90s and see if you can beat the clock to win.


UPS: Two Dreams

  TV   USA   Apr 18, 2024 campaign, brought to life by The Martin Agency, spotlights a small business that uniquely impacts a whole community of golfers. The film, titled 'Two Dreams,' draws from the idea that small businesses are started by someone with a dream, and that dream empowers others to fulfil their own.


MyLifeMySay: You Already Vote So Vote

  TV   UK   Apr 18, 2024 research found young people are at least 68% more likely to vote in reality TV shows than in elections, MyLifeMySay and Ogilvy UK recruited a roster of influencers from the likes of Big Brother, Love Island and Britain’s Got Talent to encourage young people to register.


Interbev: Eat Like Your Avatar

  TV   FRANCE   Apr 18, 2024, a French interprofession that promote flexitarianism with its campaign “Love meat, eat it better”, have launched the “Eat like your avatar” operation in collaboration with French gamer Valouzz.


DirecTV: Bird Ballparks

  TV   USA   Apr 18, 2024 partners with legendary pitcher, Randy Johnson, in an all-new extension of their 'For The Birds' campaign, 'Bird Ballparks.' These stadium sanctuaries, built atop DIRECTV satellite dishes, finally give birds a safe place to watch baseball.


Great British Racing: No Favourites Here

  PRINT   UK   Apr 19, 2024 No Favourites Here x BMB.jpg&width=200London creative agency BMB has delivered the first phase of work for British horse racing clients Great British Racing (GBR), the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) and racing’s Horse Welfare Board (HWB), to help improve engagement and public trust around equine welfare and safety within the sport.


Everyday English Academy: Organiztion Chart

  PRINT   NICARAGUA   Apr 18, 2024 the US, the Latino workforce is taking high preference in positions that start from the bottom but end up ascending in an incredible way, if for that moment English is not part of your native language, then it will limit your future. Because English will be in the domniara company, for this reason we created a graphic communication to express in an ironic way how far you can go, with your knowledge.


Everyday English Academy: Titanic

  PRINT   NICARAGUA   Apr 19, 2024 BA.png&width=200Even the greatest creations have them in operation and the services for those who manage to create a historic success, "El Ttanicc" was one of them, but the immense ship lacked a great detail, the training of its employees since they were trained to speak languages , the mother language at that time, but added to the fact that the mechanical failures were not only a disaster, due to not mastering the English language


Corsair: Chrono

  PRINT   FRANCE   Apr 18, 2024's campagin for Corsair's new fully reclinable business class seats features the perceived duration of selected Corsair flights, proving that once asleep, tme just flies by


Delete Institute: Executive

  PRINT   BRAZIL   Apr 18, 2024 Delete Institute is a Psychiatry institute at UFRJ (IPUB). They are a team of professionals in the areas of health, technology, communication and education. Since 2008, they have been carrying out research on the impact of technology on health and providing guidance on the conscious use of screens and digital addiction.


McDonalds: The OriginalMouthful

  OUTDOOR   AUSTRALIA   Apr 18, 2024 Big Mac wasn’t as culturally BIG as it used to be. But there was a whole generation of people who could still list out every, single, ingredient thanks to an old 1974 jingle. So, 50 years later we brought it back. But, for a whole new generation. And once we taught them the chant, we turned the mistakes they made on social media into a series of OOH celebrating their fumbles.


Endometriosis Australia : Girl

  RADIO   AUSTRALIA   Apr 18, 2024'd be surprised how common Endometriosis is, and that there is no real cure. The result is an extremely painful condition that affects girls of all ages, for the rest of their life. We needed to educate listeners using emotion, and we did so with a young female voiceover, and a strong story.


a2 Milk: Only a2 Will Do

  TV   AUSTRALIA   Apr 17, 2024 the first campaign within the framework of the innovative new brand platform, a2 Milk® proudly introduces 'Tough Tummies'. This integrated campaign celebrates a2 Milk’s natural absence of the A1 protein found in most conventional milk.


Dorival: Sleeping Beauty

  TV   UK   Apr 17, 2024 creative agency MullenLowe today launches a new content platform, Princesses on Periods, for Bayer Consumer Health Brand, Dorival, in Central America. In these tales, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella aren’t stuck in castles talking to animals; they’re going to school, having fun with their friends, gaming on Twitch, sharing makeup tips and playlists… just living their best lives – and also, getting their periods.


Corkys Trade Painters: Taskher Trade Places

  TV   UK   Apr 17, 2024‘Trade Places’ features a photo series of LGBTQIA+, London based decorating collective Corky’s Painters, who share their experiences of being tradeswomen in a male dominated industry - all the while being transformed into their male counterparts through drag.


Aquafresh: Perfect Teeth Are Healthy Teeth

  TV   UK   Apr 17, 2024 British creative Rankin photographed primary school children proudly showing their healthy teeth for the campaign which can be seen across OOH and social. The campaign also sought to explore and prototype concept toothbrushes — “The Newfanglers Brushes” — where we are exploring unique brushes with names like Fangtastic and Gap Getter.


CeraVe: Facial Moisturizing

  TV   USA   Apr 17, 2024 in love with wearing SPF every day! CeraVe AM Facial Moisturizing Lotion is Developed with Dermatologists and 3 Essential Ceramides to help restore your skin's natural barrier.​ It may just be love at first lather with The One Under The Sun!


Salvation Army: The Salvation Hanger

  TV   BRASIL   Apr 17, 2024 city of Sao Paulo is considered one of the largest commercial centers in Latin America. It was in this shopping city that the Salvation Army chose to kick off its new ‘Salvation Hanger’ action. The initiative invites Sheraton Hotel guests to hang items of clothing on hangers as a donation to those who need it most. Signed by WMcCann,


Frontline19: Sicker Than The Patients

  TV & PRINT   UK   Apr 17, 2024‘Sicker than the Patients’ is a new integrated campaign created by adamandeveDDB’s Richard Gayton & Darren Beresford for the charity Frontline19, highlighting the extent of the mental health crisis gripping the NHS. With over half of NHS workers suffering from poor mental health and with one in four NHS staff having considered suicide, the new campaign underlines how, in many cases, NHS staff are sicker than the patients they are treating.


Scott Bath: The Unraveling

  TV   USA   Apr 17, 2024 has experienced the bathroom woes of running out of toilet paper or not having enough toilet paper to complete the job. In a new, digital short entitled The Unraveling, Scott Bath brings this very relatable and common bathroom situation to the forefront.


Equinix: Bring Your Dreams

  TV   USA   Apr 17, 2024 hero 30-second spot, “Bring Your Dreams,” tells the story of Lisa, whose fintech startup idea stemmed from a universal desire among her peers to invest in companies aligned with their values. The spot begins on the day her company hit a billion users worldwide and transitions back to when she was hoping to turn her company’s data into growth. It illustrates Lisa bringing her dream to Equinix, which provided the expertise, partners, and infrastructure to make it a reality. Another 30-second spot features Matt, a key player at a mid-level startup at the forefront of healthcare AI.


Plenty: Vow To Clean

  TV   UK   Apr 17, 2024 the latest instalment of Plenty “Love is Messy” platform by AMV BBDO, the campaign “Vow To Clean” got real engaged couples who were willing to make the ultimate commitment and include a vow to clean in their wedding vows.


Dove: 10 vs 10

  PRINT & INTERACTIVE   UK   Apr 17, 2024[10:52 AM] Josh Aitken Girls as young as 10 are being exposed to harmful social media content, pressuring them to adopt unnecessary anti-ageing skincare regimes. Dove sparked a global conversation by asking one simple question: When did 10 stop looking like 10?  The provocative press campaign compares real 10-year-olds side by side. An older image of a carefree ten-year-old, unencumbered by the pressures of social-media, is contrasted by an image of a current ten-year-old, and their adult skincare routine. A QR code links to free online resources developed to help parents and caregivers start conversations that protect #TheFaceOf10.


Kennys; Happy Easter

  PRINT   AUSTRALIA   Apr 17, 2024’s wanted to get in on the Easter action, so we created a message to help them stay top of mind over the long weekend.



  PRINT   AUSTRALIA   Apr 17, 2024 is a strange rule in AFL Football called "Sufficient Intent".
When a ball is kicked out of play, the umpire decides whether it was intentionally kicked out, or not.
The crowd tries to help the umpire decide with shouts of "DELIBERATE !!!"In the grandstand, of course, what is quite "deliberate" is your intention when purchasing a Four'N Twenty King Size Sausage Roll.... you are not merely hungry, but famished and you intend to do something about it!


Volvo: Eco Friendly

  PRINT   PERU   Apr 17, 2024 years before certain terms related to sustainability were used and became trendy, Volvo was already taking real actions to reduce its impact on the environment.
Words like "sustainability", "corporate responsibility", "eco-friendly" were already part of the brand's culture in practice. So during Volvo's 97th anniversary celebrations around the world, we decided to showcase these milestones through a graphic campaign, showing that we were already taking action long before words.


Heineken: LaundroMatch

  AMBIENT   SINGAPORE   Apr 17, 2024 and LePub APAC are turning 24-hour laundromats into all-night sports bars so that Korea’s most dedicated football fans now have a place to watch the UEFA Champions League. The idea was inspired by the realization that Asia is home to some of the world’s most hardcore football fans


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