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Judges: Graham Drew + Michael Knox, co-hosts, The Imposterous

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This week's guest judges are Graham Drew, CCO of Grey Malaysia and Singapore and Michael Knox, ECD at Think HQ Australia. Drew and Knox co-host The Imposterous podcast series - a deep dive into the insecurities and self-doubt driving the world's best creatives.

Winner: APPLE 'The Greatest'. Sure is! Landing ahead of this year's International Day of People with Disabilities, Apple's 'The Greatest' brilliantly showcases the heart of their design philosophy - that technology should be instinctive, for everyone.  read more
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Girls Who Code: The Diversity Of Girls

  TV   USA   Dec 8, 2022 Who Code Girls was designed to celebrate the diversity of the Girls Who Code community while teaching computer science fundamentals. The experience provides infinite code-able combinations, from hair texture to skin specificity to body size, and coders will be able to code their avatars with unique and underrepresented attributes. The learnings from the experience will be collected and shared with the intention of impacting the future of female characters in games.


Tim Hortons: KindNest

  TV   CANADA   Dec 8, 2022 Hortons is launching its holiday campaign today with a 60-second TV commercial and a children’s book called "A Nest in the North," with 100 percent of the proceeds from book sales being donated to the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR). The holiday campaign features a heartwarming story about having to leave home under difficult circumstances and seeking a new life in a foreign land. The whimsical campaign includes a Canadian Goose as the welcoming figure who takes in newcomers, even if they're from a different flock. To accompany the TV commercial entitled "KindNest,"


Cointreau: Changes Everything

  TV   FRANCE   Dec 8, 2022 is back in the news with its new agency TBWAParis and a game changer campaign. A new slogan that changes everything. Bartenders and mixology enthusiasts know the Cointreau secret well: thanks to its aromatic intensity, a single note of Cointreau liqueur enhances the other ingredients to create a perfectly balanced cocktail. It is this ability to balance, transform and elevate that Cointreau has decided to translate into its new international slogan: "Cointreau Changes Everything". A brand-new campaign to reveal the slogan internationally. To mark the rejuvenation and upgrade of its iconic bottle, the most important in 140 years, and to support this new slogan, Cointreau has released a new brand film directed by Brian Beletic.


NBA 2K23: The Shot Caller

  TV   UK   Dec 8, 2022 Interactive Entertainment, in collaboration with global basketball video game NBA 2K23, is transporting fans from a suburban driveway to the centre of a roaring NBA arena in their latest PlayStation 5 campaign, 'The Shot Caller'. Created with adam&eveNYC, 'The Shot Caller' gives viewers the chance to feel like they are in an electrifying, high-octane NBA game, simulating the immersive feeling of playing on the PS5 console. The 60-second film, which breaks on December 6th and was directed by Terence Neale and produced by Park Pictures, introduces viewers to Willie Martinez. While playing on his driveway, this basketball fan imagines he's in the last seconds of a real NBA game.


The Donkey Who Wanted To Be A Reindeer

  TV   UK   Dec 8, 2022 innovation agency Rehab has created the world's first Christmas advert solely leveraging AI tools end-to-end. The 129 second film, which tells the story of a donkey who wants to be a reindeer, was generated using a myriad of cutting-edge AI tools that produced everything from storylines and scripts to final visual assets and audio. Devised as part of Rehab's regular Hackweeks, which challenge its multidisciplinary team to experiment and innovate using the latest in emerging technology, the piece took just five days to complete from start to finish.


Black Dog Whisky: Pursuit Of Perfection

  TV   UK   Dec 8, 2022 Barulis' commercial for Black Dog Whisky is a trippy kaleidoscope combination of visual and live action, with a captivating performance from actress Keira Knightley at the centre of everything. Paul's direction is slick and sophisticated with great camera work that keeps Keira at the forefront of the piece as we go on a journey with her. In the words of Keira, life can sometimes feel like a never ending pursuit of perfection which is rare to find but when you do make sure to savor it.


Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare ll

  TV   MEXICO   Dec 8, 2022 historic day for Call of Duty and for Mexican regional music. Leading up to the launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II on October 28th, Call of Duty and Banda MS debuted a completely original song created exclusively for the franchise. More than a traditional 'corrido', the song is an anthem with cultural significance and a celebration for Call of Duty and Banda MS fans around the world. Call of Duty collaborated with Banda MS on the '141' corrido, turning the historical narrative of this musical style upside down. The song is accompanied by a music video and the idea for the "CORRIDO OF DUTY' campaign created by the Mexican independent agency Archer Troy


Nintendo EA Games: It Takes Two

  AMBIENT   SWEDEN   Dec 8, 2022 celebrate the launch of co-op adventure game 'It Takes Two' on Nintendo Switch, Electronic Arts (EA) and RSA Films director Toby Dye invited real couples to take part in a unique social experiment. According to a new survey conducted by OnePoll 50% of all couples worry about their relationship becoming boring. EA Games believe 'It Takes Two' can help. Designed as a bonding experience to bring couples closer through the shared experience of play, EA Games wanted to make a film that showed this happening for real. Could playing a video game help couples experiencing relationship 'boredom' to re-ignite their spark? To bring this to the screen, Toby first had to find real couples willing to be open and honest about their relationship issues on camera.


Heineken: The Office Cleaners

  TV   ITALY   Dec 8, 2022 and Le Pub launch the latest iteration of its #workresponsibly initiative, less than a year after 'The Closer'. In the new campaign, 'The Office Cleaners', the brand aims to help restore the work-life balance of workers by setting healthy boundaries at work so they can enjoy time with the ones who matter most. According to research by the ADP Research Institute, workers worldwide take an average of 9.2 hours of unpaid overtime per week. The results of this issue, whilst widely reported on, has not prevented many from continuing to work late every night. The issue is particularly prevalent in Argentina, where 81% of people report working too much, especially compared to before the pandemic .


Skyn Premium Condom: A World Of Softness

  TV   JAPAN   Dec 8, 2022 the launch of the Premium+ condom, the latest new product in the SKYN Premium product range, independent creative agency UltraSuperNew Tokyo has created 'A World of Softness', an online and social campaign aimed at couples. Aiming to position SKYN Premium+ differently to SKYN Premium, but still upholding the brand values of togetherness and love, the world leading condom brand wanted to move away from the real stories of SKYN Premium and head down a Premium+ world, far away from reality. 'A World of Softness' pays homage to the special bond between a couple when they are in love and their escape into a unique world together, a place that only they know which holds significance for them alone. World of Softness runs on SKYN digital and social channels and in digital OOH spots in Shibuya, Tokyo.


Montreal Children's Hospital: Two Little Brats For Life

  TV   CANADA   Dec 8, 2022 and developed by Cossette, "Two little brats for life" is part of the financing campaign launched in 2020 to support innovation in research and pediatric healthcare. This year, the ad campaign aims to raise awareness of the Children's and mark another stage of its evolution with a unique and touching message to attract donors. Cossette is supporting The Children's in its mission to raise $200 million by 2026, which is one of the most ambitious financing goals in the sector.


American Family Insurance: Dreamer Of the Year

  TV   USA   Dec 8, 2022 the first time, TIME magazine, in partnership with American Family Insurance, is presenting a "Dreamer of the Year" Award. The Award recognizes an individual who works tirelessly to protect, restore and champion dreams, while inspiring others to pursue their own. BlocPower Founder and CEO, Donnel Baird, is the first Dreamer of the Year. BlocPower is a Brooklyn-based climate-­technology company that retrofits buildings in low-income neighborhoods with solar panels, electric heat pumps, and other green tech to lower energy bills and reduce planet-warming emissions. BlocPower's goal, And Donnel's vision, is to provide "smarter, healthier, greener buildings for everybody."


Theraflu GoodFoundation: The Right To Rest & Recover

  WEB FILM   USA   Dec 8, 2022 many Americans, taking a sick day is a gamble between their own or their families' health and their financial, professional, and even food security. An unpaid leave is often, and in more ways than one, simply unafordable. The Right to Rest and Recover, produced by CASEY, is part of a campaign to help offset the lost wages these families sacrifice by taking unpaid time off from work to recover or care for loved ones. The short documentary was directed by Emmy Award winner Raquel Marvez and takes poetic look at the lives of three women as they navigate the phone calls, trials, and repercussions of a single sick day.


Jameson Irish Whiskey: The Drop

  TV   IRELAND   Dec 8, 2022 part of their major international brand campaign, 'Widen the Circle', Jameson Irish Whiskey announces the latest addition to the campaign, once again featuring Irish comedian Aisling Bea. Based on the idea that life is enriched by the magic of authentic human connections, the new spot showcases how every single smooth drop of Jameson is an invitation to 'Widen the Circle'. Created by TBWA Dublin and co-directed by Lance Accord and Pat Murphy, highly acclaimed directors and cinematographers, 'The Drop' is the epic story of a drop of Irish rainwater that makes its way through the distillery and which, through care and craft, becomes Jameson Irish Whiskey,


Publicis Groupe: Useful Wishes

  TV   FRANCE   Dec 8, 2022 the help of a special guest, Michael Douglas, Maurice Levy and Arthur Sadoun put the spotlight on HPV-related cancer. 2022 has been a stellar year for Publicis on every front. But rather than celebrate those achievements, the group is leveraging the impact of its annual Wishes film to drive awareness around the Human Papilloma Virus. Despite the fact that 80% of all adults will contract HPV at some point in their lives, for far too long cancers related to this virus have been hidden, shushed, stigmatized. They have therefore become a pervasive silent killer. This is a particularly personal theme for Publicis Groupe CEO Arthur Sadoun as he was diagnosed and treated for HPV-related cancer earlier this year.


Drei by Austrian: Drei Christmas

  TV   AUSTRIA   Dec 8, 2022 is coming closer. The festive season is celebrated by people in the most diverse ways...or not at all. When it comes to the end of the year, there are basically two types of people: those who listen to "Last Christmas" around the clock as early as October and enjoy the first Christmas gingerbread, or those who would give anything to simply skip the Christmas season in its entirety. Hutchison Drei brings both camps together with its pleasantly low rates and attractive Christmas offers.


Kia eRange: Manifesto

  TV   GERMANY   Dec 8, 2022 promote its range of electrified cars, Kia Motors is launching a pan-European campaign depicting a world where technology is keeping us stuck in one place. Together with celebrated film director Dante Ariola, cinematographer Kasper Tuxen, MJZ, Tony Petersen Films, and Innocean Berlin, the Korean car maker shines a light on the effects of today's technology


Jaeger LeCoultre: Made Of Makers

  TV   FRANCE   Dec 8, 2022 Swiss watch brand Jaeger-LeCoultre and global production company Residency Content in collaboration with their Paris based Partners, Players Paris, have revealed the first instalment of their Made of Makers series. A unique programme presenting exclusive new creative collaborations with a community of international artists, the first of the Made of Makers series is a trio of 60"films spotlighting Brooklyn-based, Barcelona native illustrator and typographer, Alex Trochut.


Samaritans: Spot Me

  TV   UK   Dec 8, 2022 the first time in three years, many of us are going to be able to visit our loved ones this Christmas, without Covid restrictions getting in the way. But sadly, that's not the case for everyone. Recent research shows almost four million Brits are classed as chronically lonely up from 2.6 million in 2020. To highlight the issue of loneliness this festive season, Wonderhood Studios is launching its annual Christmas film, this time reminding viewers that not everyone has someone and encouraging us all to look out for one another.


Stayfree: Daughters Film

  TV   INDIA   Dec 8, 2022 taboo and the hush-hush around the topic of periods has been prevalent in India, generation after generation. Naturally, young boys are kept away from it. But when do children learn that this topic is forbidden to talk about? And how? What makes them curb their curiosity? What kind of reactions from elders make them stop asking questions? No matter what the answers to these questions are, the outcome remains the same changing their perception about periods forever.


Flinders University: First For Putting You First

  PRINT   AUSTRALIA   Dec 8, 2022 Flinders University ranking first in South Australia for overall student experience, we sought to highlight our point of difference with a bold statement that makes you look twice.


Zafran: Too Much Sauce On Halloween

  PRINT   COLOMBIA   Dec 8, 2022 people enjoy eating tomato sauce so much that they overdo it and make it look like a massacre. That's why we wanted to highlight this fearful enjoyment with the Zafran brand on Halloween.


Vardy V Rooney: A Courtroom Drama

  OUTDOOR   UK   Dec 8, 2022 Trafford Flyover.jpg&width=200Channel 4 has today revealed its marketing campaign for the much anticipated #WagathaChristie inspired TV drama, Vardy v Rooney: A Courtroom Drama. Produced by Channel 4's multi-award winning in-house creative agency 4creative and planned by OMD UK, the campaign throws back to the iconic moment Coleen Rooney used social media to announce to the world who was leaking her stories. The campaign takes off today (5th December) with a sky-scraping stunt, seeing a plane make two flights across Manchester United's stadium (Old Trafford) and Everton's stadium (Goodison Park) as well as above Knutsford, Cheshire's 'Golden Triangle'an infamous WAG hotspot.


Waka Kotahi - NZ Transport Agency: Grant's Equation

  RADIO   WORLDWIDE   Dec 8, 2022 Kotahi (NZ Transport Agency) has created a radio extension of their 'Mixed? Don't Drive' campaign. The objective is to reduce the amount of people who believe their driving is unaffected after taking prescription medication with alcohol or other drugs. The radio spots bring to life the internal calculations people make before getting behind the wheel and show that things don't always add up once you add prescription drugs to the equation.


Koala: Koala - Bed Sofa Trade Marked

  PRINT   AUSTRALIA   Dec 7, 2022 announce the launch of their brand new innovation, the Bed Sofa (which is not to be confused with the Sofa Bed), leading furniture company Koala turned their Trade Mark Application into a print ad to raise awareness and generate PR coverage. The Bed Sofa, positioned as 80% bed, 80% sofa, elevates the sleep experience to new heights, ensuring your house guests achieve the ultimate nights sleep.


BOXT: Warmest Regards

  TV   UK   Dec 7, 2022 home systems installer BOXT has launched a new campaign featuring the voice of actor Brian Cox. During the 60 second spot, the ad addresses the ongoing cost of living crisis and offers a hopeful message to Britain. With an estimated 6.7 million households in the UK classified as fuel poor, the work focuses on the heat many people are currently facing to pay their bills and keep their homes warm.


Anglicare: Friend In Need

  RADIO   AUSTRALIA   Dec 7, 2022, moments of vulnerability online often attract unhelpful or anonymous scrutiny. This campaign takes real-life examples of keyboard warriors from Facebook, Instagram and Reddit and personifies it to promote the Friend in Need app. A reliable, trusted resource for people in need.


McCain Foods: DistractiFRY

  TV   CANADA   Dec 6, 2022 you ever been asked an uncomfortable question at a family gathering. Now that the holiday season is officially here, with it comes family gatherings that can be overwhelming. Certain topics from nosy but well-meaning relatives will inevitably arise. Talks of engagement rings and grandkids (or lack thereof), political conversations that nobody asked for, and debates about cryptocurrencies are just some of the divisive topics that can cause unnecessary tension at family gatherings.


YES: I'm The Future

  TV   POLAND   Dec 6, 2022, a 41-year-old Polish jewelry brand, presents its vision of a better future for all daughters. The publicity campaign draws on women's hopes and voices against the growing intolerance and stereotypes in Poland, where women pay a high price for populist government and law. YES is an independent jewelry company established by a woman. Its employees are mostly women, from top to bottom. The Polish mid-size brand used to follow the increasingly stereotypical canon of the sector's idealized perfect style. Until last year. In 2021, YES decided to no longer remain insensitive to real social problems. Unfortunately, for a few years, Poland has gone backwards in relation to women’s rights. The country is ranked 23rd in the EU in terms of gender equality. Recently, the President of Poland appointed a Council for Higher Education, Science, and Innovation, which includes eighteen men and not a single woman.
Agency: 180heartbeats + Jung von Matt


Patron Tequila: Our Hands

  TV   USA   Dec 6, 2022 Tequila, the world's number one super-premium tequila*, launches a new campaign, titled 'Our Hands', demonstrating the brand's pride for authentic tequila production. Using only three ingredients -agave, water and yeast and crafted in small batches to ensure consistency and quality, PATRON is one of the few brands that still makes tequila the hard way by hand, a painstaking process that's been used since the brand's inception.


Solace Women's Aid: Seven Years Of Christmas

  TV   UK   Dec 6, 2022 Esteem, the Mercury Prize-nominated singer songwriter, has brought to life a haunting take on the classic 'Twelve Days of Christmas' song to help UK charity Solace Women's Aid highlight the horrifying fact that it takes a woman on average seven years to leave an abusive relationship. The 'Seven Years of Christmas' rendition accompanies a short animation following the life of Maya, who goes from falling in love to being threatened by her partner over a seven-year period. The 90-second film will be shared online, via Solace's social channels and through partner accounts. Viewers are encouraged to share the campaign via the #7YearsofChristmas hashtag and donate to Solace to help the charity reach all survivors who need them to end abuse and violence.


Amputee Golfer

  TV   UK   Dec 6, 2022 Harry George Hall has created a short poetic documentary film with George Blackshaw the self titled 'Amputee Golfer'. George became an amputee as a child, following an accident with a lawn mower. His story, motivation and talent is beyond inspiring which gave Harry the idea to create the film, as he explains, "It's not just the way George has had to adapt his game physically that is eye-catching, it's his attitude, his determination and his genuine passion to show others that they can do the same.


Air Canada: Together For The Holidays

  TV   CANADA   Dec 6, 2022 Canada is celebrating the holiday season with a new, heartfelt short film to enchant Canadians with a message of togetherness. Launching today across Canada, Together for the Holidays stars a baby loon who gets separated from its family on their annual journey south for the winter. The baby loon finds its way back to its loved ones in an unexpected way that is sure to give Canadians a jolly surprise. The spot opens with the baby loon and its family soaring through the Canadian skies against as a strong gust of wind pushes the protagonist out of its parents'path. However, all is not lost.


The Last Jack O Lantern

  TV   UK   Dec 6, 2022 Grave's 'The Last Jackolantern' is a live action Christmas Fairy tale about a pumpkin that survives Halloween and lives on the streets of London with a homeless man. Together, they try to make it to Christmas. The film was written and directed by William Grave, with music provided by the award winning Americana artist Danni Nicholls, and was shot by twice BSC nominated cinematographer Jamie Touche. The animated end credits were created by the Bafta longlisted animator Gangadeep Kalirai. To be as authentic as possible in capturing the homeless experience, William cast Jeremy Triscott who was formerly homeless himself and had experienced first hand the horrors and brutality of living on the streets.


Hormel Black Label Bacon: Fight Before Christmas

  TV   USA   Dec 6, 2022 holiday season, Hormel Black Label Bacon is launching a holiday effort as part of their MAKE IT campaign showing the power of their bacon to bring families together around a common love. This effort positions the product as an irresistible peacemaker (or piecemaker) during moments of inevitable family holiday tensions. The holiday work is led by a TV spot that tells the story of a family holiday brunch gone wrong until the appearance of Hormel Black Label Bacon delivers a uniting moment of peace and warmth.


Rinascente: Believe In Wonder

  TV   ITALY   Dec 6, 2022 Christmas, every little moment feels magical, even the simplest. This magic that we feel inside, can actually become real. Can't believe it? Then let Rinascente bring you on a journey into a magical world. With the dreamy atmospheres of its new campaign and the elegant performances of living Christmas decorations, you will finally start to "Believe in Wonder".


Frisa Emojiburger: Love At First Bite

  PRINT   BRASIL   Dec 6, 2022 for Frisa Burger 140g.


Raising The Roof: Tent A Poncho

  OUTDOOR & INTERACTIVE   CANADA   Dec 6, 2022 the Roof and Courage Canada have launched this 'Streetswear by RTR' awareness campaign. The streetswear collection features clothing that doubles as aid for the homeless.


Reuters NEXT: What's Next? Fee Speech

  OUTDOOR   UK   Dec 6, 2022 today celebrates a new out-of-home and digital campaign, supporting Reuters global leadership forum Reuters NEXT which took place in New York on November 30th and December 1st.'What's Next?',created by the brand and customer experience agency, uses a series of thought-provoking questions and powerful images to ask the public and event attendees 'What's Next' on pressing issues such as global trade, inflation, leadership, and freedom of speech


Women In Games: Switch Voices

  AMBIENT   ARGENTINA   Dec 6, 2022 the world of online gaming, thousands of women face a major obstacle: they cannot compete with an open microphone. If the other players hear a female voice, it makes the game impossible for them to play. Women in gaming become victims of insults and belittling of all kinds even being excluded them from the game by opponents and teammates alike. This has a big impact on players who want to have fun, and especially on those who want to become professionals. Under these abusive conditions, their performance suffers and their chances of moving up the rankings become much more complicated.


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