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Guest Judge: Adam Bodfish, ECD, McCann Birmingham, UK

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This week's guest judge is Adam Bodfish, executive creative director at McCann Birmingham, UK.

Winner: Amazon Prime Video 'An unlikely friendship'. I've had many unlikely friendships in the past. Never with a hyena, mind. I imagine it's somewhat petrifying. However, this made me smile. And given the year we've all had, and the fact this ad is all about 'celebrating the power of a smile', I'd say that's a job well done. read more
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Fussy: A home for Douglas

  TV   UK   Dec 3, 2021 the film, we meet Douglas the Christmas tree, who, despite large doe eyes and an excess of Christmas charisma is slightly shabby so continues to be overlooked in his bid to become the domestic Christmas centrepiece he so wishes to be.


Arcos: Clara

  TV   SPAIN   Dec 3, 2021, a Spanish company dedicated to the manufacture of cutlery, has launched "Clara", a short film that pays tribute to all those anonymous chefs who have a passion for cooking: the chef in the taverns, the small bars, the cook in the neighborhood. In short, to all those chefs who, after two difficult years, have known how to reinvent themselves and be reborn. "Clara" is an animated short that tells the story of Clara: a cook passionate about her work, who faces the closure of the restaurant where she works, and with it, the end of her dreams.
Agency: El Ruso de Rocky


Allianz Ireland: The World's Strongest Women

  TV   IRELAND   Dec 3, 2021 in four women in Ireland who have been in a relationship have experienced domestic abuse. To help raise awareness of this issue, Allianz Ireland has launched a campaign as part of a new three year partnership with Women's Aid, a national charity dedicated to making women safe from domestic abuse. Nothing will ever match the courage and resilience of women living with domestic abuse, and the journey they've been on. Walking on eggshells every day, trying to keep themselves and their children safe. In reality, they're jaw-droppingly brave. They're resilient, resourceful and powerful. In fact, they are 'The World's Strongest Women'. Created by In the Company of Huskies for Allianz Ireland, this powerful campaign 'The World's Strongest Women' launches with a film that focuses on four women who showcase real strength in the face of domestic abuse.


Rebel Sport: Get Christmas Fit

  TV   NEW ZEALAND   Dec 3, 2021 St have created this spot for Briscoes Group


PicWic Toys: No one can Resist the Temptation to Play...

  TV   FRANCE   Dec 3, 2021 is of course the most expected time of the year for a toy retailer such as PicWicToys. And because its 45 stores are not just stores like any other, but actual playgrounds, Steve decided to make this differentiating asset the centre of its Christmas campaign. The PicWicToys store is turned into the set of a frenetic chase... on 12-Watts racing cars! A TVC that takes inspiration from blockbusters and makes us dive into a vor-tex of pure childhood fun.


Standard Chartered: Carbon Transition

  TV   SINGAPORE   Dec 3, 2021 film tells the story of how Carbon infiltrates every aspect of our daily lives. And how Standard Chartered is partnering with their clients to transition to clean energy where it matters most.
Agency: TBWASingapore


Young People’s Theatre: Star In AR

  INTERACTIVE   CANADA   Dec 3, 2021 COVID-19 pandemic has had significant impact on the performing arts in this country. Canada's largest professional theatre for young audiences, Young People's Theatre (YPT), has partnered with Zulu Alpha Kilo and Meta to launch an innovative campaign using augmented reality (AR) technology to celebrate the positive impact theatre has on young people. The "Star in AR" campaign allows Canadians to use an interactive augmented reality experience with the children in their lives to showcase the invaluable lessons that children learn through theatre experiences.


Emirates NBD: The Emirates Constellation

  INTERACTIVE   UNITED ARAB EMIRATES   Dec 3, 2021 the past decade, the United Arab Emirates has progressed at an exponential pace. Recently, with the Expo 2020 in Dubai, tourism campaigns, and evolving societal and political policies, all eyes of media worldwide have been on the UAE. So, on UAE's iconic 50th National Day, FP7 McCann and Dubai Astronomy Group have teamed up with Emirates NBD, a leading UAE-based banking group in the MENAT region, to celebrate the country, its vision, its people and its future with an idea that raises its nation brand among the stars.


BMO: Wrap The Good

  INTERACTIVE   CANADA   Dec 3, 2021's woman-owned businesses have been deeply affected by the pandemic's economic impact, with more than one-third likely to report a decline in revenue of 30% or more. As part of its longstanding commitment to helping Canada's women business owners, BMO has launched a new holiday-themed initiative called "Wrap the Good." The centrepiece of the program from FCB Canada is custom recyclable wrapping paper that doubles as ad space for women small business owners.


UAE National Day | Year of the Fiftieth: #YouAE begins with you.

  WEB FILM   UNITED ARAB EMIRATES   Dec 2, 2021 National Day 2021 - Year of the Fiftieth. This year is a celebration of 50 years, for the next 50. While UAE is many magnificent stories, what makes it a pure wonder is its people. Close to 10 million people across 200 nationalities reside in UAE, who work hard each day to make UAE a celebration for the world. This is an ode to them from Whyletz.


Britain Get Talking: It’s Been A Year

  WEB FILM   UK   Dec 2, 2021 short film taps into the mood of the nation this festive period with a light-hearted, funny and honest look at the trials and tribulations of the past couple of years as told by a selection of the broadcaster's much loved talent. The timely story, shot by Motherland's BAFTA award-winning director Simon Hynd, demonstrates the importance of listening to our loved ones this Christmas. ITV and STV's ground breaking mental health initiative, Britain Get Talking, returns to our screens with a festive, star-studded Christmas film reminding us of the importance of listening to loved ones this Christmas.
Agency: Uncommon, London


American Express: Perfect Present

  TV   UK   Dec 2, 2021 again this December, American Express UK will launch its Shop Small campaign to encourage people to support small, independent businesses in the run up to the festive season and beyond. At its heart is a 60' film, launching on 1st December. Created by dentsuMB UK, 'Perfect Present' shows how independent local shops are the perfect places to find a gift for that person in your life who is always difficult to buy for. Directed by Smuggler's Bjorn Ruhmann, the uplifting spot is set to a reworking of Erasure's classic 80s pop song, 'A Little Respect'.


The Salvation Army: Keep It Going

  TV   USA   Dec 2, 2021 Lucky has helped bring to life The Salvation Army's new giving campaign PSA, 'Keep It Going'. The film, via agency LERMA/ and directed by Jeff Bednarz, is a holiday tribute to the families The Salvation Army serves. It features real people who face critical choices and still continue to move forward. The film is an authentic, compassionate look at the challenges many face and highlights that when you give, hope marches on.


Tooletries: Back Scrubber

  WEB FILM   AUSTRALIA   Dec 2, 2021 man's back is a lot like a remote jungle rainforest - untamed, inhospitable, possibly harbouring unidentified carnivorous fungi...
But, with Tooletries' new silicone back scrubber and its extended handle, men could finally tackle this long-forgotten territory. Presenting the product as an unexpected and ridiculous extension of their own appendage, we encouraged gents to scrub where no man had scrubbed before.
Agency: Showpony


Jeep: Rewild Yourself

  WEB FILM   UNITED ARAB EMIRATES   Dec 2, 2021's a universal truth that as we grow up, we lose that sense of childlike wonder for the world around us. Life begins to feel smaller, more confined and at times overbearing; you long for that sense of freedom. Told through the story of a young man who is confronted by life's obligations, this is a film that reminds you what it feels like to be truly free. A feeling that you can experience when you get behind the wheel of the new 470 horsepower Wrangler Rubicon 392.
Agency: Science & Sunshine, Dubai


TOUS: Made of Tous

  TV   SPAIN   Dec 2, 2021, the Spanish jewelry and accessories brand, leader in the affordable luxury sector, launches its first co-created campaign, "Made of TOUS". The campaign is made up of three different spots, created by three artists who have reinterpreted the essence of the hundred-year-old brand. It will be presented worldwide today, December 1st, and will appear in audiovisual, digital and written media in countries in which TOUS is present. The "Made of TOUS" campaign is a clear move towards creativity and has been developed by LOLA Mullenlowe Barcelona.


Dan Murphy's: Dan Murphy's : The Holidays Handled

  TV   AUSTRALIA   Dec 2, 2021 Aussies have had a tough year for a number of reasons, not to mention being isolated from friends and family. This Holiday season, Australia's most loved liquor retailer, Dan Murphy's, is taking care of the drink deliveries and deliberations so you can get on with enjoying what really matters in a new campaign. Dan Murphy's has The Holidays Handled.
Agency: Thinkerbell


Skyn Condoms: The Inexcusable Excuses Condom Collection

  PRINT   FRANCE   Dec 2, 2021 is still around. Yet many experts warn of the dangerous negligence in wearing condoms. Unfortunately, it is men who are usually the most resistant. With a trend which, although denounced on social networks, is still struggling to be heard: men still find excuses to try to negotiate unprotected sex. So for World Aids Day (December 1) SKYN decided to raise awareness of condom use by tackling these lame excuses from guys. Accompanied by its agency Sid Lee Paris, the famous condom brand is launching a special collection for the day called: "The Inexcusable Excuses condom collection".


Abolition of Slavery Day : The New Era Of Slavery

  PRINT   EGYPT   Dec 2, 2021 celebrate the abolition of slavery, yet we suffer from the new era of slavery!
- Kids belong to the school, not factories.
- On average, the EEOC receives 12,500 sexual harassment charges every year, with the record number of 13,055 charges filed in 2018.
- According to Health and Safety Executive, 344,000 workers had experienced at least one incident of violence at work.
Agency: Big Teddy


Netflix / Lupin: The Art of Stealing

  AMBIENT   POLAND   Dec 2, 2021, part of Group One, Serviceplan Group's House of Communication in Poland, created 'The Art of Stealing' a unique campaign to promote the Netflix hit series Lupin'. The campaign centred around Poland's most valuable painting: Leonardo da Vinci's 'Lady with an Ermine' (thought to be a portrait of Cecilia Gallerani painted by the Italian Renaissance Master around 1490), which was stolen and later recovered in 2016 by the Polish National Museum for over EUR 100 million.
Agency: Gong, Warsaw


Guinness Storehouse: Together At Last

  OUTDOOR & PRINT   IRELAND   Dec 2, 2021 better way to celebrate the reopening of the extended Gravity Bar than sharing a couple of pints! Outdoor, Press, Digital Display and Social Campaign for the Guinness Storehouse.
Agency: In the Company of Huskies


Canada Safety Council: Windscreen

  OUTDOOR   CANADA   Dec 2, 2021 campaign for National Safe Driving Week marries the cell phone screen with the car's windscreen to make a point about distracted driving. Our client, Insurance Brokers Association of Canada, partners with Canada Safety Council every year on this important social awareness initiative.
Agency: Agency59


NRMA Insurance: You've Got This

  TV   AUSTRALIA   Dec 1, 2021 a boat down the ramp can be a daunting experience. NRMA Insurance want to instill confidence amongst Aussie boaters. With a little bit of preparation and the added security of NRMA Insurance, boat owners can rest assured knowing that they’re covered. The message: You've got this.


KFC France: The Fox

  TV   FRANCE   Dec 1, 2021 KFC France, the chicken quality is a central subject from the chicken selection to its cooking, including its breading by hand in the restaurants, nothing is left to chance, for the greatest pleasure of the consumers... of all kinds or all hairs. It's with those fox images trying to enter in a KFC probably attract by the smell of tasty chicken that the brand launch its new campaign 'quality'


Woodstock: Woody And Cola

  TV   AUSTRALIA   Dec 1, 2021’s favourite oak-matured bourbon whisky, Woodstock Bourbon, has released its new 'Woody & Cola' campaign, highlighting that some things just go better together. Set to the well-known 'Escape' (The Pina Colada Song), the campaign introduces characters 'Woody' and 'Cola', who are completely different, yet completely complimentary at the same time The new integrated campaign, created by TBWAMelbourne, launches across TV, social and radio.


Meijer: Someday

  TV   USA   Dec 1, 2021 ad agency The Distillery Project (TDP) has created a holiday brand campaign for retailer Meijer. Along with a minute-long spot, TDP shot 30 and 06-second versions. The broadcast TV, streaming video, and social campaign will run throughout the Midwest from November 26 to December 25. TDP has been Meijer’s AOR for eight years. The earnest and reflective spot highlights the value of family and the lasting memories we create together while reevaluating what the holidays mean and what's truly important in 2021.


Halo Infinite: Carry On

  TV   USA   Dec 1, 2021 Infinite is the latest installment of the blockbuster Halo franchise and is a sci-fi action/adventure game developed by 343 Studios for the Xbox Series X|S,, Xbox One, and PC. The game is considered a 'spiritual reboot' and signals the return of the iconic hero the Master Chief. Recently, the heroes we love to watch in pop culture seem a lot like us: they’re brooding anti-heroes mired down by self-doubt and personal demons. But in a time where we love to bring heroes down to our level, the Master Chief remains an ideal. He’s the hero we all wish we could become.


Juventus: DontSitAndWatch

  OUTDOOR   ITALY   Dec 1, 2021 has partnered with We Are Social, Milan to address the fact that 1 in 3 women are subjected to violence worldwide during their lifetime. This frightening number was there for all to see on November 27, during #JuveAtalanta, through coloured orange seats as apart of the #DontSitAndWatch campaign.


Corona : Corona Island

  INTERACTIVE   USA   Dec 1, 2021, a paradise in the middle of the Caribbean: Corona Island, a place where you check in with your inner peace and your only concern is to wait for the next sunset.


Visit Sweden: Discover Originals

  TV   SWEDEN   Dec 1, 2021, Ektorp, Voxnan, Hemsjo, Kallax … These are all wonderful places in Sweden. Yet, most people associate these names with waste bins, sofas, bath towels, block candles and shelf systems. And it’s all because of a blue and yellow giant. A lot of IKEA's products are named after places in Sweden. That's a nice detail for a Swedish company, but it has caused a great deal of misunderstanding. Today, millions of people think that Bolmen is just a toilet brush. And if you search for Jarvfjallet, all you’ll find are pictures of gaming chairs. It’s time the world know that these names belong to wonderful places in Sweden. Places just waiting to be explored. Agency: Forsman & Bodenfors Sweden.


The Famous Grouse : A Flight Through Flame

  TV   UK   Dec 1, 2021 Famous Grouse has launched a new campaign 'A Flight Through Fame'. This is an online film which explores to heritage of one of Scotland's number on whiskies. We fly back through the ages and explore the Perthshire landscape, the brand's founder's first shop, and also meet the cheeky little grouse that The Famous Grouse is known and loved for. Written by the Leith Agency and brought to life by director Bethan Seller and producer Lucy Ball of Edinburgh-based, award-winning production company Greenroom Films.


TX Whiskey: The Briskurkey

  TV   USA   Dec 1, 2021 Thanksgiving TX Whiskey, with the help of Tombras, set out to make the most Texan holiday possible. The brand searched the state to find TX Whiskey-infused and inspired recipes from Texan chefs and influencers, resulting in a handful of quintessentially Texan recipes that can be found on the TX Website. The main attraction, however, was something that’s never been done before, and the most Texan a turkey could get:


Smashburgers: Limitless Bayless

  TV   USA   Dec 1, 2021 months of collaboration, Smashburger is rolling out a spicy new menu item: the Chorizo Cheeseburger by Chef Rick Bayless. The introduction is being supported by new digital and point-of-sale ads under the "Smashed It" campaign umbrella that break the week of Nov. 29. The work was created by Smashburger's agency of record Partners + Napier. The spot opens with tantalizing shots of the Chorizo Cheeseburger being held by the celebrated chef himself.


Zulu Alpha Kilo: Office Farewell

  TV   CANADA   Dec 1, 2021 we all rushed out of our offices in March of 2020, no one could have imagined how long it would be or how much the world would change during that time. Nearly two years later, the majority of the staff at Zulu Alpha Kilo are all still working from home. Last month the agency handed in the keys to its old office. Days before the lease on its office of 13 years expired, Zulu founder and CCO Zak Mroueh had an idea on how to pay tribute to his agency's long-time home with a poignant goodbye.


Geico: Angry Bird Problem

  TV   USA   Dec 1, 2021 latest spot by GEICO will have you thinking of safeguarding your window. Your planters on the patio. And anything else that might not be bolted down. Why? Everybody's favorite flightless flock has found its way back to your screens. That's right, Angry Birds, the mobile game characters developed by Rovio Entertainment are out of your hands and coming in hot for GEICO's latest bundling campaign.


Manor: The Perfect Gift

  TV   FRANCE   Dec 1, 2021 4 years of collaboration, the Swiss department store Manor partners once again with BETC for the most strategic period of the year for retailers: Christmas. Everyone wants to celebrate this festivity in an even more beautiful and magical way with their loved ones. But sometimes it can be more difficult than it looks!


Louis X111: Scarcity

  TV   USA   Dec 1, 2021 XIII is launching N°XIII. A very limited edition of only 200 decanters, as a tribute to 'artisanat of art' craft of art and the times it takes to achieve greatness. The cognac brand LOUIS XIII is launching a global campaign for a unique new product, built around the idea of scarcity. The legendary French luxury company has decided to produce and sell only two hundred decanters a year worldwide. The decanters will be distributed in select venues around the world where only one decanter can be consumed per night.


Crime Stoppers: We Need Tips

  TV & PRINT   CANADA   Dec 1, 2021 2020, the Lower Mainland has been in a bloody gang war. Gun violence is up. Not just in isolated communities, but everywhere. When you give Crime Stoppers an anonymous tip, you protect both yourself and the ones you love. Without tips, British Columbians might have to resort to other kinds of protection like bullet proof vests. This campaign imagines a possible future where elevated protection is just a regular part of life. So much so, people are almost indifferent to it.


Ttriazavirin:Care Is The Best Medicine

  TV   RUSSIA   Dec 1, 2021 Cold and Flu Medicine. The brand’s primary mission is to help people take care of their loved ones. And in this campaign, we showed that the best medicine everyone actually needs is care from your relatives. After 2020 people really need to get a bit of kindness and support.


ROLADIN: Umbrellas

  TV   ISRAEL   Nov 30, 2021 launch the 2021 Sufganiyot Collection with a new "Umbrellas" collection campaign.
Agency: New Tel Aviv


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