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Guest Judge: Georgina Hofmann, freelance CD, Strawberry Frog NY

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This week's guest judge is Georgina Hofmann, freelance creative director at Strawberry Frog, New York.

Winner: Big Save Furniture 'Prices That Make Sense'. This spot proves humor is still alive and well in advertising. Honestly, it's nice to laugh out loud at a spot again. A strong strategy lets this execution wander into irreverence and entertainment - making butter never seem so desirable, until it's not. read more
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MEO: When A Door Opens

  TV   PORTUGAL   Dec 6, 2023 is facing major social challenges. It is the fastest ageing country in the European Union, with 1.7m elderly people living or feeling alone. At the same time, rents have recently tripled, pricing young people out of the market. Unable to afford accommodation of their own, 95% of young Portuguese people live with their parents. Many are leaving Portugal entirely. This Christmas, MEO, Portugal's leading telecom and a purpose-driven company, is diverting most of its marketing budget to address this issue. Conceived and created by Dentsu Creative Portugal, Share Home (Partilha Casa) is a three-year national initiative, to bring together high school and university students looking for accommodation far from home, with older people who live alone


Wallbox: Get In Charge

  TV   FRANCE   Dec 6, 2023 Jalfen directed a visually off-beat comedy spot for Wallbox, a leading provider of electric vehicle charging and energy management solutions worldwide. The ad, via agency &Rosas, focuses on a woman who is blissfully impervious to a romantic dinner gone awry because with Wallbox, 'she's in charge.' Martin directed the spot, aptly titled 'Get in Charge,' through Madrid and Barcelona-based production company Roma.


OTR: The Coffee Campaign

  TV   AUSTRALIA   Dec 6, 2023 perfect cup of coffee hits different. It can make the skies bluer, the morning commute less painful and it'll have you ready to rule the day. At OTR, your barista-made coffee is ready when you arrive, just the way you like it, and every 5th cup is free. So it always gives you a spring in your step. This spot brings that feeling to life, with a story about just how powerful that perfect caffeine fix can be.


Balsam Hill: Tale Of A Tree

  TV   USA   Dec 6, 2023 holiday story about an artificial tree that looks so real, it starts to dream about becoming real.


Apollo: Accidental Call

  TV   INDIA   Dec 6, 2023 24/7 launch campaign


123asegrate: Someones Past

  PRINT   BOLIVIA   Dec 6, 2023 young people see AIDS as a problem very far from their reality, as if they were safe from contracting the disease.However, contracting HIV (human immunodeficiency virus), which can lead to AIDS, is in your daily life and in your relationships.The reality of youth, is that they have sex with people they consider trustworthy and let themselves go without any protection against sexually transmitted diseases


Respet: Soup

  OUTDOOR   NICARAGUA   Dec 6, 2023 launches a tasty pet food on the market. The soup of bones, those big bones that they have to taste, but now it is a success in the market for being the first to innovate in the big supermarkets with a product like this.


Bendigo Law Court: Feathers In The Wind

  AMBIENT   AUSTRALIA   Dec 6, 2023 was briefed to create a work that would be particularly appealing to children, and help alleviate the stress of a court visit. The large-scale interactive artwork in the Children's Court foyer gives kids, and other court attendees, a charming and fantastical digital world to escape the tedium and anxiety. Children dance with bird-people, fly kites, play with falling leaves, and discover secret spaces where curious native wildlife spring to life.


BMO: Business Carols

  INTERACTIVE   CANADA   Dec 6, 2023 holiday season, you won't have to go fa-la-la-la far to find continued evidence of BMO's commitment to supporting businesses owned and operated by members of underrepresented communities. As part of its annual "Wrap the Good" program, which provides support for this vital business sector during a key sales period, BMO has built an "album" featuring holiday-themed songs about eight underrepresented businesses.


Child Focus: Call Glenn

  INTERACTIVE   BELGIUM   Dec 6, 2023 and more young people are becoming victims of 'exposing.' This is when their naked images are spread online without their consent. Glenn was one such victim. When he was 15, he took a nude with his mobile phone and sent it in confidence, only to find it on the internet. Shortly afterwards, Glenn took his own life. On 18 November, the European Day for the Protection of Children against Sexual Exploitation and Abuse, Wunderman Thompson Benelux and Child Focus reactivated his phone to better protect other minors online. In 2022, Child Focus, the Belgian Center for Missing and Sexually Exploited Children, opened a total of 151 cases of transgressive sexting and exposing. This is when young people are pressured into sending or sharing sexually suggestive messages or images without consent.


KALÓ Authentic Greek Yoghurt: I Want Real

  TV   NEW ZEALAND   Dec 6, 2023're living in a world that's getting less real by the day. AI, social media, relationships, the food we eat. It's all a bit fake. But KALO is different. Unlike Greek-style yogurts, KALO is an authentic Greek yoghurt, made the real way. No additives, no preservatives. Just milk and Greek culture. So, we looked at it through the eyes of someone we can all relate to. Someone craving a little more realness - a sentient self-checkout machine at the supermarket, who's spent her life staring at it, just out of reach. Agency: DDB Aotearoa


Battlegrounds Mobile: Battlegrounds

  TV   INDIA   Dec 5, 2023't be default, wear your cred.


Olay: #STEMTheGap - AI-SHU

  TV   SINGAPORE   Dec 5, 2023 India has the highest female STEM graduates at 43%, only 14% end up staying in their field. The reason? A lack of female role models and inspiring mentors. Instead, they're bombarded by cultural and gender bias, stereotypes and tremendous family expectations. Hundreds of voices telling them that there's no place for them in STEM. So to #StemTheGap, Olay gathered the voices of top female scientists in India, drew from their real-life experiences and over 500 pages of collected data, and created AI-SHU. AI-SHU is a web-based virtual chat mentor that offers invaluable guidance to young Indian women pursuing STEM careers.


The Brain Cancer Centre: The Public Diagnosis

  TV   AUSTRALIA   Dec 5, 2023 agency The Royals has developed a new campaign for The Brain Cancer Centre to raise awareness to one of Australia's deadliest cancers. When you are diagnosed with brain cancer, chances are you are told you won't survive. This cancer is different. And this moment of brain cancer diagnosis - and the shattering wave of realisation it unleashes - is the centrepiece of a new campaign for The Brain Cancer Centre to raise awareness of this little known deadly disease. The campaign launches with 'Room of Tears', a short film that captures the moment Amy Stephenson's son Lachie was diagnosed with diffuse midline glioma. He was 19.


Air New Zealand: The Great Christmas Chase

  TV   NEW ZEALAND   Dec 4, 2023 New Zealand and Bastion Shine have created a Christmas campaign that shows the extreme lengths an Air New Zealander will go to save Christmas for an unsuspecting passenger.


Laut gegen Nazis e.V.: Rights Against The Right

  INTERACTIVE   GERMANY   Dec 4, 2023 idea: Outsmarting Nazis by securing their codes with trademark law, and revoking the rights of Nazi online shops to use them. Together with Laut gegen Nazis, we secured trademark rights for German and international Nazi codes at the European trademark office. As the new rightful owners of these trademarks, we can now bring Nazi shops to justice for the first time ever. By compelling them to remove and destroy the merch bearing these codes and claiming compensation for each item sold. More and more of these trademarks will be published to create PR buzz for our campaign. We introduced our smart idea to our audience with a film and a website, optimised for press and social media. It is designed to engage our audience and encourage them to take part through donations. Agency: Jung von Matt, Germany


Opera GX: Bury Boring

  INTERACTIVE   NORWAY   Dec 4, 2023! Quit being boring. Get the browser for gamers instead. Agency: Waste Creative, Norway.


Scitech Discovery Center: Human Potential

  OUTDOOR   AUSTRALIA   Dec 4, 2023 Human Potential exhibition was last in Perth back in 2016 and has been traveling around the world ever since. Scitech teamed up with Rare and Hearts & Science to celebrate its return and encourage a new generation to discover the amazing possibilities of human potential. From developing the initial branding through to high impact media channels and bespoke executions, the campaign combined technology and creativity to cut through the noise, including a hero 3D billboard at the new Canning Vale site.


SNCFConnect: Together Again

  TV   FRANCE   Dec 2, 2023

From Rosa, Paris a new spot for SNCF


Greenpanel: Earthquake

  TV   INDIA   Dec 2, 2023 ad serve as a compelling product demonstration, highlighting not only the robustness and durability of Greenpanel MDF but also the sense of security it instills. The commercial unfolds in the midst of an earthquake, portraying a world in chaos while a family remains unruffled by the havoc all credited to the steadfast reliability of their Greenpanel MDF furniture.


Samsonite: Samsonite Vs Piano

  TV   USA   Dec 2, 2023 your luggage fares under stress is the true test of its travel-worthiness. So to highlight the incredible performance of Samsonite suitcases, they were matched against a weapon-wielding wrecking crew, a crash derby stock car and a piano in full flight.


Cointreau: It's Cosmo Season

  TV   USA   Dec 2, 2023 Plaza stars in another Cointreau film, titled "It's Cosmo Season".


Toyota: Present From The Past

  TV   USA   Dec 2, 2023 spots from elsewhere: As the holiday season kicks off Toyota is celebrating the joy in creating holiday memories with family through a message about spreading love this season. "Present from the Past" via Saatchi & Saatchi Los Angeles


Environmental Leadership Canada: Scariest Bouquet

  TV   CANADA   Dec 2, 2023 recently, Antarctica was considered resistant1 to the effects of climate change. In a recent study published in Current Biology2 it has been revealed that two native species of flowering plants Antarctic Pearlwort and Antarctic Hair Grass are growing at scary and unprecedented rates, based on historical comparisons between 2006 and 2019.


DSG: Family Gear Priced To Win

  TV   USA   Dec 2, 2023 creative agency Where Eagles Dare is back with an energetic new campaign for DSG, the performance apparel and hardlines brand from Dick's Sporting Goods known for its quality, affordability, and inclusivity.


Rainforest Alliance: Pessimism Is Out

  TV   NETHERLANDS   Dec 2, 2023 all have that little voice saying, "one person alone can't possibly make a difference." But the fact is, there are millions of us ready to tackle the challenges we face with hope and optimism.


AFL: 8 Stories 1 Ending

  TV   AUSTRALIA   Dec 2, 2023's all about Australian football and why it's the most popular game in the country


Make My Money Matter: Oblivia Coalmine

  TV   UK   Dec 2, 2023 its latest work for Richard Curtis' Make My Money Matter Campaign, Lucky Generals helps turn Academy-Award winner Olivia Colman into 'Oblivia Coalmine', a latex-wearing, potty-mouthed CEO of a fossil fuel company financed by UK pension holders. In this slick star turn,


CNESST: Reality vs Fiction

  TV   FRANCE   Dec 2, 2023 teams up with Les Enfants' own Ivan Grbovic to deliver a slow paced, high impact film about workplace mental health. Centering around teams of sexual harassment, bullying and intimidation, Ivan stages everyday relatable situations all sprinkled with a defining nuance.


Transilien: We're All In The Same Train

  PRINT   FRANCE   Dec 2, 2023 make train travel more considerate. Print from Rosa, Paris


Kia: Don't Open X

  PRINT   COLOMBIA   Dec 2, 2023 cause or go through an accident, all it takes is a split second. That's why we decided to launch a campaign where we ask our drivers not to try opening an app while they're behind the wheel. We want their eyes on the road. It's a simple yet powerful idea created to promote and encourage responsible driving in Colombia.


Austistica: Break The Cycle

  PRINT   UK   Dec 2, 2023 than 6 in 10 people detained in mental health units are autistic. Many are misunderstood and do not receive proper care, causing them to experience more autistic meltdowns. Some won't get better. Others leave only to return.


Sankey : Wig

  PRINT   NICARAGUA   Dec 2, 2023 fans will blow you away


OTR: An Open Letter To The 20 Suspended Students

  INTERACTIVE   AUSTRALIA   Dec 2, 2023 happens when your brand gets wrapped up in a little bit of a local news scandal? Sit back? Wait for the waters to calm? Na that's boring.


Apple: The Lost Voice

  TV   NEW ZEALAND   Dec 1, 2023 in-house by Apple MARCOM and launched ahead of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities (December 3rd) this latest film promotes accessibility on Apple devices, focusing on a new feature introduced in iOS17 called Personal Voice. Titled 'The Lost Voice', the spot tells the tale of a young girl and her fantastical floppy-eared friend, as they search high and low for his missing voice, before revealing a uniquely personal moment between a father and a daughter. The film is narrated entirely by the father, Dr. Tristram Ingham, who is an associate professor of epidemiology and a disability advocate from Wellington, New Zealand. He has facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy (FSHD), which causes progressive muscle degeneration that can ultimately lead to an inability to speak. The Personal Voice technology he uses to narrate the ad enables Dr. Ingham to preserve and continue to use his own voice well into the future.


Gatorade: The Making Of Messi

  TV   ARGENTINA   Dec 1, 2023 having been honoured with football's most prestigious award for a record-breaking eighth time, Lionel Messi has posted a very special video and gift, via his Instagram, to thank the people who helped him get to where he is today; those at his first club, .A. Grandoli F.C. To celebrate his latest achievement the G.O.A.T. has joined forces with long term partner Gatorade to create an emotive short video, entitled 'Making of Messi', to reveal where it all started:


Roto Rooter: North Pole

  TV   USA   Nov 30, 2023 Santa's departure is delayed by a plumbing clog in his workshop, Santa Claus knows to call Roto-Rooter for help! Roto-Rooter's North Pole Branch dispatches an experienced plumber who arrives in time to take care of the clog and save Christmas. But Santa may have one more job for Roto-Rooter before he can set out on his journey


Tui: Happy Holidays

  TV   UK   Nov 30, 2023, the largest global travel and leisure company, has today launched its first Christmas campaign complete with Elves, Santa and sunshine. Created in partnership with Leo Burnett, the advert will first air during prime-time TV slots on ITV Breakfast during 'Good Morning Britain' at 06:55am (30-second edit) and 07:20am (60-second edit) as well as on Channel 4 later that evening,


Dacia Duster: For Us For Real People

  TV   USA   Nov 30, 2023 is launching the third generation of its iconic SUV, the Duster. Introduced in 2010, Duster has become the flagship of the DACIA brand over the years, democratising the SUV with more than 2.2 million registrations. Duster accompanies everyone, individuals, families, and professionals alike, in their outdoor activities and leisure. This launch is an opportunity for DACIA to take a more global approach to the brand, with a worldwide manifesto film created by Publicis Conseil and directed by Max Walkin (Wanda).


Great Cause: Misinformation Kills

  PRINT   MOROCCO   Nov 30, 2023 an era where information is both a currency and a battleground, the danger posed by misinformation stands as a silent but lethal weapon, capable of wreaking havoc on a scale comparable to traditional instruments of war.


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