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Guest Judge: Nick Hulley, joint-CCO, AMV BBDO, London

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  GUEST JUDGE /BEST AD OF THE WEEK   Asia   May 20, 2024
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This week's guest judge is Nick Hulley, joint-chief creative officer at AMV BBDO, London.

Look out for Nick's review of this week's best ads, which will be posted here around midnight Monday, London time. read more
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Netflix: The Latino Suitor

  TV   MEXICO   May 18, 2024 is one of the most popular series on Netflix, with millions of fans worldwide. After two seasons, its new season will premiere on May 16th, where we will finally see the romantic resolution between Penelope Featherington and Colin Bridgerton, who broke her heart in the previous season.


Quaker Oats: A Bowl For Nutrition

  WEB FILM   INDIA   May 18, 2024 film opens with a thin & frail 5 year old boy, who is very excited about the prospect of traveling for his mother's ‘Dohale Jevan’ (baby shower ceremony). For reasons unknown, he hides a stainless steel bowl in the luggage before leaving. During the course of the journey, it becomes evident that the boy is physically weak, since he is unable to lift a single bag and gets tired easily.


Mountain Dew: Play The Dew

  RADIO   PHILIPPINES   May 18, 2024, Guerrero have created these radio spots for PepsiCo, Philippines.


On The Menu: Blame It On The Menu

  PRINT   AUSTRALIA   May 17, 2024 The Menu might just be the biggest brand you’ve never heard of. Recently acquired by Patties Food Group - the packaging, the brand, and the advertising were all over the place. And growth had slowed.


Dialogo Diverso: 9-12

  PRINT   ECUADOR   May 17, 2024 Ecuador, over one million emergency calls to 911 went unanswered in time over the past year, with an average emergency response time of 12 minutes, double the time recommended by the WHO. The campaign "9-12'" exposed this issue through a powerful combination of media.


Archeion: QR code

  PRINT   ITALY   May 17, 2024 new multi-subject Ad for Archeion, the Italian company dedicated to the digital-security.


Nacional Seguros: Uterus

  PRINT   BOLIVIA   May 17, 2024 people are reactive when it comes to taking care of their health. We only worry when something happens to us.Many people are unaware of the importance of disease prevention through a medical checkup, since diseases such as cancer, when detected early, have a solution.


Suzuki: Boyfriend & Girlfriend

  PRINT   ECUADOR   May 17, 2024 ads always reflects stock families in perfect situations. To sell the great space that the new Suzuki XL7 has, we use the differences between family members that ads doesn't always show


Samsung: Bill Free Billboard

  OUTDOOR   THAILAND   May 17, 2024 response to Thailand's soaring electricity bills and mass migration from homes to malls due to excessive air conditioning costs, Samsung WindFree™ air conditioner launched the BILLFREE BILLBOARD campaign. This innovative outdoor initiative, located in the heart of where Thais sought refuge—the mall—this was no ordinary billboard. Equipped with an anemometer, it measured real-time wind speeds, engaging consumers in a unique interaction.


On The Menu: Blame It On The Menu

  OUTDOOR   AUSTRALIA   May 17, 2024 The Menu might just be the biggest brand you’ve never heard of. Recently acquired by Patties Food Group - the packaging, the brand, and the advertising were all over the place. And growth had slowed.


Bargain Box: A Kiwi Favourite

  OUTDOOR   NEW ZEALAND   May 17, 2024 you drive around New Zealand, you’ll find all kinds of oversized statues that represent the region. Especially giant fruit and veg in towns famous for their fresh produce.
So when Bargain Box, a proudly NZ owned and operated meal kit provider, wanted to highlight just how important local ingredients are to them, we created a giant Bargain Box to sit next to one the nation’s most iconic statues in Ohakune – the carrot capital of NZ.


Bolivar Baby & Kids: Sound Names

  INTERACTIVE   PERU   May 17, 2024 Names consists in giving babies the opportunity to choose their own names. Taking advantage of the fact that fetuses have developed a sense of hearing by week 29, we turned multiple names into melodies using a music production software tool called piano roll, which gives each letter a specific musical note.


Fashion Revolution Germany: The 1 Houtr Shirt

  INTEGRATED   GERMANY   May 17, 2024 would a fair price be if we valued everyone's time the same?
11 years ago, on April 24th, the Rana Plaza textile factory in Bangladesh collapsed. Over 1,000 textile workers lost their lives. Many thought this would be a turning point in the fashion industry, and that people would change the way they consume. But there are more cheap clothing outlets than ever.


Pizza Hut: Pete Zahattrollvertising

  INTERACTIVE   ECUADOR   May 17, 2024 Hut surprised the digital marketing world with a bold strategy: it created a fake profile named Pete Zahat, sounding similar to "Pizza Hut," to request shoutouts from popular streamers. Developed in collaboration with the independent agency BBA, this cunning tactic sparked a wave of organic publicity as streamers and their followers engaged without realizing the connection to Pizza Hut. In a world where trolling streamers is commonplace, Pizza Hut's move stood out for its ingenuity, proving that innovation remains key to standing out in a saturated market.


Rebel Sport : It All Starts Here

  TV   NEW ZEALAND   May 17, 2024 New Zealand’s leading retailer for sporting goods, Rebel has seen a lot of firsts. From first soccer balls to first rugby boots, first netball bibs to first basketball hoops - Rebel has been at the beginning of young Kiwis’ sporting journeys for 28 years, sparking their big ambitions and firing up their love for the game.


iSelect: Myth Of Susan

  TV   AUSTRALIA   May 17, 2024 insurance and finances by yourself is a daunting task. And who has the time to sift through all those different options and providers to find the best deal? Well, iSelect does. To relaunch iSelect to Australia, we created a new creative brand platform, ‘Save More’. A dedicated promise to all Australians, to help them save them effort, money and endless time through iSelect's comprehensive comparison and switching services.


Ambiensa: Double Goal

  TV   ECUADOR   May 17, 2024 is a construction company that always seeks to create promotions so that people can buy their own house, on this occasion, they offered double the down payment.
In this way, the need arose to communicate "what it feels like" to pay a fee and make it worth double, just as if Diego Maradona had scored a double goal in the historic match against England in the World Cup Mexico '86.


Binge: Wake

  TV   AUSTRALIA   May 17, 2024 days being up to date with the latest shows is social currency, meaning if you don’t have BINGE (home of the world’s most talked about shows) you’re kinda screwed. ‘WAKE’ is the second installment in a series of cautionary tales brought to you by BINGE. In this spot we reprise the role of MIKE as the loveable fall guy - this time during a tense wake scene.


Tank 500: Hiker

  OUTDOOR   AUSTRALIA   May 17, 2024 GWM continues to expand its range of purpose built vehicles, 2024 sees GWM launch their next off-road 4x4 offering in the all-new Tank 500 Hybrid. Launching into a competitive 4x4 segment that has been dominated by mainstay nameplates like the Toyota Prado & Nissan Patrol, The Hallway where tasked with launching this new product with a campaign that would both capture our target audiences attention, whilst at the same establishing the Tank 500 as the newest and most exciting product within the 4x4 category.


Everyday English Academy: Waste Time

  TV   NICARAGUA   May 16, 2024 passes and with it, opportunities. Every second counts when it comes to knowing how to speak English, not only because of the doors that open, but also those that close when you don't know it. Everyday English Academy's totally fast classes with unique techniques are ideal so that English is not a problem in your life, since in a short time the doors to the United States open like magic.


iPhone 15: Finding Your Friends

  WEB FILM   USA   May 16, 2024 your friends with Precision Finding on iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro.


Systema: Advance Toothpaste

  TV   MALAYSIA   May 16, 2024 has teamed up with Havas Malaysia to raise awareness on gum health amongst Malaysians, coinciding with Gum Health Day on May 12th. Comprising a digital film, website quiz, and roadshow, the multifaceted campaign is designed to urge the audience to prioritize gum care alongside their oral hygiene routine. Instead of simply imparting information on gum care, Havas Malaysia took an attention-grabbing approach to tackle the gravity of gum recession in their film.


Jo Malone London: London At Play

  TV   NEW ZEALAND   May 16, 2024 Malone’s latest spot ‘London at Play’ is full of heavy hitters, the film features one of Hollywood's favourite leading men, Tom Hardy and is directed by Sweetshop's BAFTA and Academy Award winner Edward Berger.
Shot over two nights in London, the piece celebrates the city and all the colourful characters that go along with it, as Tom Hardy takes the audience on a walk through the beautiful melting pot that is uniquely London.


Evian: Mountain Of Youth

  TV   FRANCE   May 16, 2024 over a decade of celebrated and multi-awarded campaigns with the ‘famous’ evian babies, BETC Paris and evian write together a new chapter in the history of the brand and invite us all to discover ‘The Mountain of Youth’. This new global brand platform will take us on a fun, whimsical journey into the heart of the Alps, where the source of evian water begins.


American Family Insurance:Neighborhood

  TV   USA   May 16, 2024 year, American Family Insurance debuted a new creative campaign to bring its long-running “Insure Carefully. Dream Fearlessly” platform to life. “Life’s Better” presented a new twist on the brand’s timeless positioning, centered around the idea that when you feel totally protected, you’re free to enjoy the dreams you’ve worked so hard to achieve.


Contact Energy: Good Plans

  TV   NEW ZEALAND   May 16, 2024's a shared living situation here in Aotearoa, New Zealand. But with flatmates ranging from people to animals, trees and rocks, it isn’t always going to be smooth sailing. Which is the case seen here, in a classic showdown. A stand-off in a kitchen between a flatmate who wants to turn on a dishwater whenever they feel like it, and another flatmate who wants to wait until 9 when it’s off-peak and benefits all. Flippers are drawn, a duel is had, and the electricity bill, along with this place we call home, emerge the winners.


Milkrun: Situation Room

  TV   NEW ZEALAND   May 16, 2024 perfecting their speedy grocery delivery app in Australia, MILKRUN has expanded to Aotearoa. They’re ready to fill the fridges and pantries of Kiwis craving hassle-free shopping. The commercial, crafted by Eyes and Ears, aims to charm. It features The Busy Family, showing how a simple grocery run can be a logistical headache—unless you’re using MILKRUN, that is.


Gippsland Dairy: Long Goodbye

  TV   AUSTRALIA   May 16, 2024 life, slow is bad. Like being stuck in a long goodbye, waiting for an inkjet printer or disembarking a plane. Argh. Slow bad. However, in yogurt, slow is good. Gippsland Dairy is thickened over days, not hours, making it richer and creamier, it's... Slow Good.


Best&Less: The Biggest Fan

  TV   AUSTRALIA   May 16, 2024 fans love nothing more than getting one over their rivals, on and off the field. Our new campaign for Best&Less' official range of supporter gear shows every footy fan has the chance to be 'The Biggest Fan' this season.


KFC: The Social Fast Food Petition

  PRINT   THAILAND   May 16, 2024 Crispy chicken skin has long been a cherished component of Thai snacking culture, looking further in social listening data,  consumers have requested this specific from KFC. We designed a product based off our consumer's demand; however, we saw an opportunity in utilizing the social world for creating viral conversation across the entire nationwide. 


Relaxa Salon: Coincidences Of Life

  PRINT   NICARAGUA   May 16, 2024 times women think about having a change of look, but they postpone this activity due to other priorities. In the following advertisement with a comical and saccharine resource we tell women that they should not wait for such a risky event, such as a coincidence with a criminal to change their look.


Four'N Twenty: Lower The Eyes

  PRINT   AUSTRALIA   May 16, 2024 AFL Football, "lowering the eyes" refers to a judicious attempt at moving the ball forward accurately, by adjusting your line of sight to a team mate in a nearer proximity. For football fans, of course, it simply means diverting your gaze from the on-field action and concentrating on the delicious Four'n Twenty pie in your hand.


Corona: Sunset O'Clock

  PRINT AND OUTDOOR   COLOMBIA   May 15, 2024 O'clock" turns every hour on its bottle into an chance to win trips to paradise and enjoy the sunsets with Corona
Enjoy sunsets with a Corona, and a twist. Corona is excited to launch an innovative promotion, Sunset O’Clock. The key to this promotion lies in the palm of your hand, quite literally, on every Corona bottle worldwide. Each bottle proudly displays the exact time of its production, transforming a free of cost asset into the catalyst for an exciting reward system, turning every Corona bottle into a medium that gives people a compelling reason to enjoy sunsets


Windfarmed: Transforming Lunchtimes & Landscapes

  OUTDOOR   UK   May 15, 2024, the UK’s leading regenerative food and farming company, has kicked off its first major advertising campaign to celebrate the launch of its ‘life-changing’ bread range, now available nationwide at Waitrose. The breads are the first fully regenerative farmed loaves in UK supermarkets, made from wheat grown in 100% regenerative fields.


Menulog: More Beef

  OUTDOOR   AUSTRALIA   May 15, 2024's recent Drake diss track has delivered a beef we haven't seen for a while in the rap game. This opened up an opportunity for Menulog, a brand rooted in hip-hop and music culture, to reactively insert themselves into the feud. We set the record straight, Drake and Kendrick might be having beef but Menulog can deliver it to your door.
The outdoor campaign is now live across oOh!’s premium assets in Sydney and Brisbane and QMS’s signature Flinders Street site in Melbourne.


Dineamic: Simple

  INTEGRATED   AUSTRALIA   May 16, 2024 campaign that’s made honest, in the spirit of Dineamic’s honest ready-made meals. Every ad is a reality check that serves up the honest truth about how hard eating and cooking well can be, and reminds people there’s simpler and tastier solution waiting in the freezer.


Kuaishou: Live Again

  INTERACTIVE   CHINA   May 16, 2024 Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, with an elevation of 4500m, is known as the Death Zone by 30 million truckers in China.With an annual mortality rate of 5%, truck drivers primarily succumb to altitude sickness and hypoxia. Many of them used to live stream on Kuaishou platform. After their demise, the accounts are memorialized. Xiao Hui, an influencer with 1.6 million followers, is one of these truckers.


McDonalds: Ride The Arches

  INTERACTIVE   PHILIPPINES   May 15, 2024’s Philippines has launched ‘Ride the Arches’, a pedal-powered movement that turns McDonald’s restaurants into cycling refueling stations. The movement began after McDonald’s noticed that more and more of its 700+ stores in the Philippines were becoming the stopover of choice for cyclists, and began to invest in Bike & Dine infrastructure in 2021 – a McDonald’s Philippines innovation.


Oreo: The Art Of Play

  INTERACTIVE   CHINA   May 15, 2024 a nation known for over-work, over-studying and pressure to achieve, Oreo is bringing back China’s 5,000-year-old culture of play with a platform called ‘Art of ‘Play’. To remind people of China’s rich playful heritage, Oreo teamed up with Leo Burnett Shanghai to create ‘Art of Play’ – an ongoing platform that brings playfulness back into the collective consciousness.


Banco del Pacifico: Gamer Loan

  INTERACTIVE   ECUADOR   May 15, 2024 out of 10 young Ecuadorians can’t get a loan because they can’t meet the banks' collateral requirements. However, they have something valuable that they continuously invest in: their video game accounts.
That’s why, Banco del Pacífico made a groundbreaking move by updating its lending policy to accept gaming accounts as loan collateral, becoming the first bank to validate these non-traditional assets.


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