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Guest Judge: Justine Armour, CCO/Partner, FIG, New York

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  GUEST JUDGE /BEST AD OF THE WEEK   Asia   Apr 15, 2024
upload/Justine Armour.jpg
This week's guest judge is Justine Armour, chief creative officer and partner at FIG, New York.

Winner: Bring 'Sabotage'. This sweet short film for Norwegian courier company Bring asks and delightfully answers the question: what's the downside of having your packages reliably and consistently delivered? read more
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Sea Shepherd France: A Phishing Story

  INTERACTIVE   FRANCE   Apr 15, 2024 to overfishing, 90% of the stocks of large predatory fish, such as sharks, tuna and swordfish, are already gone. But in the recently released game Dave The Diver, the stock of fish in the ocean seems to be limitless for players.


Everyday English Academy: If You Already Learned To Sing

  INTERACTIVE   NICARAGUA   Apr 15, 2024 English is easier than it seems, the difference between the pronunciation and how it sounds makes the method of matching and understanding the messages a success in a very short time.


Easy Toys: The Clitoris Conquest

  WEB FILM   SPAIN   Apr 16, 2024 Orgasm Gap is a reality. Because while less than 30% of women reach climax during mixed-sex sexual activity, over 90% of men typically do. But even though that may seem like an unconquerable divide, it's one that most partners can bridge with the right knowledge and a little bit of teamwork.


Air Force: Where Your Potential Lives

  TV   AUSTRALIA   Apr 15, 2024 many young Australians, a career in Air Force can seem out of reach. They don’t believe they can do the things that people in Air Force do. This campaign aims to break down this misconception by inviting every young Australian to ‘look up’ and experience the world that exists above the clouds. Because up there? That’s where potential lives. It’s a place where you’ll learn and grow on the job. A place of infinite possibilities.


Grab: No Sweat Summer

  TV   PHILIPPINES   Apr 15, 2024’s summer in the Philippines again. Temperatures are hitting new highs and doing simple, everyday tasks can make one sweat buckets as shown in this latest Grab spot via GIGIL. That’s what happened in Grab’s most-recent summer ad. The film takes us through the day of a lovable character as he goes about his daily tasks. From commuting, working at his office, and cooking a meal at home—he was always accompanied by waterfall-level sweat. Using this exaggeration, Grab was able to promote its services like the air-conditioned GrabCar and ordering cold drinks from GrabFood (no need to step out to the scorching heat of the sun). When the heat is unforgiving, Grab is here to make sure you can have a No Sweat Summer.


DHL Express: Yesterdelivery

  TV   UNITED ARAB EMIRATES   Apr 12, 2024 need it by yesterday? Not a problem for DHL.


Ariel: Is Your Home Team As Strong As Your Dream Team

  TV   INDIA   Apr 12, 2024 India has launched Ariel’s latest #ShareTheload campaign, this time raising the question, “Is your HomeTeam as strong as your Dream Team?” The new film aims to spotlight and fuel conversations about the mental load on women, and husbands becoming trusted allies in household responsibilities and urge couples to work together, as HomeTeams #ShareTheload.


Ronald McDonald House: Chairs

  TV   PERU   Apr 12, 2024 spot uses a musical chairs game to talk about something that is not a game. 40 children arrive to the capital to continue their medical treatment, but statistically only one of them finds a place to stay. Ronald McDonald House Charities Peru wants you to know these facts so that you can help them give more children a home.


Breast Cancer Foundation NZ: Maybe It's A Sign

  TV & OUTDOOR   NEW ZEALAND   Apr 12, 2024 Once they’re on your mind, you begin to see them everywhere – or at least throughout Aotearoa, thanks to a visual Breast Cancer Foundation NZ (BCFNZ) mammogram reminder campaign, developed by Ogilvy NZ.
Live now, the ‘Maybe it’s a sign’ campaign aims to create an always on mammogram reminder, deploying images of breast-like objects throughout the country and on a hero social film with a simple call to action; maybe it’s time to book a mammogram.


Det Gode Testament:The Wristwatch

  TV   NORWAY   Apr 12, 2024 boy stands alone in a sparsely lit living room. He looks at an old wristwatch. We hear his grandfather read from his will, talking about how he wanted his grandson to inherit this watch. Because it reminded him of the great moments they got to spend together, and how the boy always wanted him to time him.


Deutsche Telekom: No Fiber No Football

  TV   GERMANY   Apr 11, 2024 spot thrives on contrasts. For example Cheering people watching the tournament together on screens in public squares and pubs - thanks to Telekom's fibre optic supply to the venues. In contrast, there are deserted squares and pubs: a scenario that underlines the message "No fiber. No football".


Hinge: Designed To Be Deleted

  TV   USA   Apr 11, 2024 unveils its 5th global 'Designed To Be Deleted' ad campaign, taking the platform somewhere brand new - the afterlife. The campaign encourages daters to go on dates and find love in person, cheekily bringing dark humour and deeper storytelling


Nissan Canada: Teenagers

  RADIO   CANADA   Apr 11, 2024 Canada presents 2 new radio spots


Superloop: Auswedish

  RADIO   AUSTRALIA   Apr 11, 2024’s an exciting time when your small business can finally afford to make a radio ad… Except when you lock in VO artists that aren’t quite what they seem. Luckily you can always change your business internet to Superloop with no lock in contracts. So, while you might not be able to refresh your marketing choices, you can always refresh your business internet.


Relax Spa Salon: Like New

  PRINT   NICARAGUA   Apr 11, 2024 Spanish franchise chain Relaxa has a special treatment for each of the symptoms you feel, not just physical, but also working on your self-esteem, leaving the woman how she wants to look and feel, like new and very beautiful. That is why this communication was created that appeals to this objective clearly.


Heinz Ketchup: Waiting

  PRINT   ARGENTINA   Apr 11, 2024 don’t really think about the time we lend to things we love. Hours? Days? Weeks? Who’s counting? Well, Heinz is. Because alongside VML, the brand is now divulging just how much time people spend with it.


Save The Children: Families

  PRINT   MEXICO   Apr 12, 2024 part of the month of the child, this graphic campaign shows how criminal groups treat children and teenagers in Mexico, enlist them and shape them to become hitmen or criminals. Girls, boys, and teenagers should have the right to a safe environment at home, in school, and within their communities. Unfortunately, in Mexico, this right is often violated, especially among those living in poverty. Organised crime recruits thousands of them.


Monti Trentini: Cheeeeeeeese

  PRINT   ITALY   Apr 11, 2024 cheese from Italy


Los Cebiches de la Rumiahui:Resurrection

  PRINT   ECUADOR   Apr 11, 2024 Ecuador, Easter is generally a date where people take the opportunity to party and drink alcoholic beverages, which causes them to feel the hangover death afterwards, and the most effective cure for that hangover is Ecuadorian ceviche, a seafood-based soup that will revive anyone.That's why we decided to use a Renaissance style that is generally used to show the resurrection of Christ but this time showing contemporary situations.


RFC: The National Sport Of Kazakhstan

  DIRECT MARKETING   KAZAKHSTAN   Apr 11, 2024 has been engulfed by a wave of domestic violence. Most men in our country actually don't care about the problem of domestic violence and prefer don’t speak about it. But the thing they really care and love to talk about is ultimate fighting sports! So, we moved Domestic Violence from the Kitchen to the Professional MMA-Ring…


Ford Ecuador: Be Ford

  PRINT   ECUADOR   Apr 11, 2024 has taken a leap into the future with its latest advertising campaign, where innovation becomes art. By merging images generated by artificial intelligence with high-precision photographic retouching, the brand has created a visual spectacle that redefines the standards of automotive advertising.Each image is a masterpiece, capturing Ford's aspirational essence with impressive clarity.


Res Pet:Bad Work Better Food

  PRINT   NICARAGUA   Apr 11, 2024 pet not only demonstrates fidelity in the best moments of its life, but also in the worst, those demanding moments where they become exhausted, which is why RES PET launched these prints in specialized magazines. So that pet owners are also aware of feeding them, it must be under the same conditions with a 100% natural healthy food.


Four'N Twenty: Travel Insurance

  PRINT   AUSTRALIA   Apr 11, 2024 weekend, all AFL Football matches were played in Adelaide... mostly at the Adelaide Oval venue, where footy's famous Four'n Twenty pies are NOT available.
With16 teams from 4 different States visiting, this placed a critical importance on Adelaide's network of convenience stores, where interstate footy fans could thankfully get hold of a Four'n Twenty "Traveller" variety.


Alba Del Bosque: Model House

  OUTDOOR   ECUADOR   Apr 11, 2024 del Bosque was in need of a captivating and creative campaign to announce the launch of its new Show Houses and draw the attention of potential clients.Through a realistic graphic representation, we showcase scenarios imbued with security and reflective of the aspirations homeowners seek to experience, all while demonstrating our forward-thinking vision.


Marmite: Smugglers

  AMBIENT   UK   Apr 12, 2024 has called on loyal fans in the UK to spread the love in its new cross-border campaign created by adam&eveDDB London and New York. The Unilever brand is going to extreme lengths to get jars of the sticky breakfast spread into the US for desperate British expats hankering for their Marmite fix. Surveys regularly show that Marmite is one of the most missed products by expats, and right now, over 700,000 Brits living in the US have little or no access to Marmite.


World Literacy Foundation : The Literacy Pen

  INTERACTIVE   USA   Apr 11, 2024 a groundbreaking response to this crisis, the World Literacy Foundation (WLF) has partnered with Media.Monks, to introduce a revolutionary educational tool: The Literacy Pen, an innovative device empowers illiterate individuals to initiate writing and reading instantly, marking a significant leap forward in literacy advancement efforts worldwide.


Engen Quick Shop: What You Cant Get At 3am

  RADIO   SOUTH AFRICA   Apr 12, 2024 wanted to highlight just how convenient their Quickshop & Co stores being open 24 hours a day is. So we created a series of radio spots that juxtaposed some of the things you can’t get at odd hours of the night with all the fresh, quality products you can get at any Engen Quickshop & Co, at any time. Because we're open 24/7.


Goal: The Sounds

  RADIO   IRELAND   Apr 11, 2024 violence and disease to dehydration and starvation, the people of Gaza are facing catastrophic conditions - even the ones who haven't been born yet. This is a pro-bono radio ad for Goal, a humanitarian organisation who are working with local partners to send aid and assistance to Gaza's most vulnerable people.


L'Oreal Paris: Worth It Resume

  TV   FRANCE   Apr 11, 2024’Oreal Paris and McCann Paris have announced the launch of the 'Worth It Resume' campaign which invites women to share stories of the setbacks they have experienced throughout their lives, highlighting how failures are a critical component of successful careers. Born from the insight that 81% of women feel more pressure not to fail than men (according to KPMG),


White Claw: Grab Life By The Claw

  TV   UK   Apr 11, 2024 creators of White Claw are doing something about that. For years, the brand has disrupted tired drinking routines with a better tasting, better feeling way to connect over drinks. Now, the creator of the number one hard seltzer in the United States is doubling down on the social phenomenon it sparked for a wave of adults who crave genuine, real-world connections.


St John WA: Anyone Can Save A Life

  TV   AUSTRALIA   Apr 11, 2024 John WA and the Road Safety Commission (RSC) are reminding drivers that Anyone Can Save a Life, in a powerful new first-responders campaign via 303 MullenLowe.
Based on a real-life crash and first aid scenario, it shows the critical first four minutes after a crash, and an extraordinary moment in which a young driver saves an unconscious motorist’s life by using just the tips of her fingers, and the knowledge of first aid.


Brightwater: 3381 Hours Of Shopping

  TV & PRINT   AUSTRALIA   Apr 12, 2024 80, the average Australian will have spent over 8-years doing chores around the home. So, let's break down the stigma and make it okay to semi-retire from housework.
Let aged care provider Brightwater get the next one.


Selleys: Land Lord Tears

  TV   AUSTRALIA   Apr 12, 2024 Aussie landlords using negligible stains as a reason to keep thousands of dollars, bond theft is a thing.
We stole it back. Which made them sad.


WA Police Union: We Cop Enough

  TV   AUSTRALIA   Apr 10, 2024 ‘Cop Enough’ campaign is a reminder that WA Police are subject to a work-life that most of us would be horrified to experience ourselves, and that the State Government’s complacency regarding pay and conditions is a slap in the face to people who already take enough hits in the line of duty.


McDonalds: Pre Nug Agreement

  TV & PRINT   UK   Apr 11, 2024’s UK and creative partners Leo Burnett UK are inviting besties to make their commitment to share McNuggets official with a formal contract as part of their latest work, ‘The Pre-Nug Agreement’.


Bring: Sabotage

  TV   NORWAY   Apr 10, 2024 market leading courier company Bring wants to grow in Sweden with a new campaign signed by creative agency POL and production company B-Reel Films.


RIMOWA: Never Still

  TV   CHINA   Apr 10, 2024 partners with Mother Shanghai to debut Jay Chou in the fourth iteration of RIMOWA’s ‘Never Still’ campaign. A film-led campaign, where multi-talented musician Jay Chou finds inspiration and transforms the rhythms he discovers into an improvised performance that moves the world around him.


Heineken: The First Ahhh

  TV   ITALY   Apr 10, 2024 are few sensations in life that you can always rely on to provide gratification. The cold side of the pillow. The sun on your face. The first sip of a cold beer.


Bank Of New Zealand: Lets Find A way

  TV   NEW ZEALAND   Apr 10, 2024 the latest iteration of its ‘Let’s find a way’ platform, BNZ tackles one-size-fits-all advice. The campaign imagines a world where everyone follows the words of a fictitious financial influencer, and stops buying coffee.The campaign sees the same story cleverly told through the eyes of two different characters


Cancer UK: The Melanoma Law

  TV   UK   Apr 10, 2024 years ago, the Government introduced the Sunbeds Regulation Act and banned their use by under-18s. However, sunbeds still kill approximately 100 people each year and recent TikTok search data shows this number is likely to rise with many Brits unaware of the life- threatening danger they pose.


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