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Habito One Mortgage: Don’t Get Stung

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Habito, the award winning mortgage broker, lender and home buying company, today unveils its latest 'Hell or Habito' TV ad which brings to life, in typically dramatised fashion, the hell of interest rate uncertainty. The 30-second animation, titled 'Don’t get stung', is the seventh instalment of the inimitably gory and garish Hell or Habito creative campaign. This is the brand's first ad for Habito One - Habito’s new range of fixed-for-life mortgages, which guarantee mortgage payments for the full lifetime of the mortgage, meaning that if and when interest rates go up as alluded to by the Chancellor in his Spring budget - your monthly payments won’t. The ad opens with an unsuspecting homeowner, tending peacefully to her cottage garden to the sound of birdsong and the benign hum of flying insects. A newspaper lands before her on the garden path bearing the headline ‘% interest rates rise’ and ‘homeowners could get stung’ in bold, red font. Suddenly, the sky darkens and the gentle hum builds to an ear-splitting buzz as wasps flood out of a hive in the tree above, angrily dive bombing at her with percentage rate stingers ready to strike. The garden has now turned into a hellish scene where huge thorns, man-eating plants and skull rocks form the backdrop of a vicious and violent wasp attack. Our protagonist tries to run but is stung all over her body, face and hands, resulting in large oozing welts erupting from her skin and covering our screens in yellow puss. As she makes for the safety of her home, a giant stinger pierces her heart, while above her the swarm grows and fills the sky. A voice says: “Don’t get stung by rising interest rates, with Habito One your payments are fixed for the life of the mortgage” just as the protagonist takes out her phone and clicks the Habito One button. A protective force-field forms around her home and zaps the wasps away. We return to the serenity we first saw at the start, with the homeowner in full control of her home and her mortgage. Agency: Uncommon Creative Studio.
Credits Other credits

Character design: Serge Seidlitz

Animation Intern: Simran Singh

Sound design: Wave Studios

Sound designer: Dugal Macdiarmid

Post production: Time Based Arts

Music supervisor: Theodore

Media agency: Goodstuff

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