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Guest Judge: Helen King, creative director, adidas, Amsterdam

 GUEST JUDGE /BEST AD OF THE WEEK   WORLDWIDE    July 24, 2023 09:44 (Edited: July 24, 2023 19:44)
Winner: Nando's 'Fiery times. Fired up Flavour.' I changed my mind about the Best TV about 6 times. There are some cute submissions this week. Nothing mind blowing, but a surprising number of giggles. Overall, I couldn't help wondering "why are they so long - surely no one is running these ads on TV?" And maybe that's why I found myself enjoying this Nando's ad about chilling out more and more. In a world that is one fiery disaster after another this ad is the therapy, we all need. It's time to calm down and enjoy the fired-up nonsense.

Runner-up: CP Foods 'Go For Launch'. Thailand. There's something about your comedy style that just tickles my fancy. The dead pan delivery. The high-context communication style - I have no idea what's happening for most of the ad - but I know it will all make sense eventually. And it does. There's a lovely amount of destruction. And there's SPACE! The ad itself is pretty decent - but when I think about the business problem behind the idea of showing the quality of domestic chicken in Thailand by becoming a supplier to the International Space Station, I have to applaud you for reaching for the stars.

Winner: Blind Low Vision NZ 'The Hi-Vis Herald for Low Vision Kiwis'. In a world where most of us are complaining about information overload, it's nice to be reminded that some of us would love more information - if only it was accessible to them. The execution for this low vision print ad is eye-catching whether or not you can read the regular version of the newspaper. It's refreshing to see a purpose-based ad that demonstrates the problem and solution so simply and is so strongly connected to the client.

Runner-up: Plaza Claro 'Plaza Claro Pet friendly shopping mall'. If I was flicking through a magazine, I’d stop and look at this ad. That's basically the point of print ads, right? It's simple. It works for the target demography. And it only contains what you need to know - strangely rare to see in ads. Well done for not overdoing it.

Winner: Mayor of London 'HaveAWord'. Well, this is a great campaign. Have a Word has done what every public interest campaign hopes (but often fails) to do - which is ignite a vitally important conversation that leads to behaviour change. It gives tangible actions that anyone can try. It puts the onus on every single one of us to act, without shaming us into inaction. And it led to legislation change. Well done to all involved.

Runner-up: SAAQ 'Safety Coasters'. Who hasn't had an idea about beer coasters when working on Anti-drink Driving campaigns? Doesn't mean they're not a great way to reach drinkers. Do I think the majority of the coasters are more likely to be hoarded by bar staff to get free bus rides? Yes. But I also think that people in pubs will pick up these coasters and carry them around for a little while. And even if they never redeem the bus ride - they'll have spent more time thinking about drink driving than they normally do.

Winner: Health and Wellbeing Queensland 'Welcome to Podsquad'. Interactive is a hard category. It's hard to sell-in, it's hard to make, it's hard to keep the idea on track, and it's super hard to create a concise video that explains what you really did. And it's even harder when you're doing it for a government client. So, hats off to the Podsquad. I hope the app does everything it promises to do - I know I still remember the more playful government health messages from when I was growing up in Australia.

Runner-up: Cris-Sal 'Salty Gamer'. The streamer kids are calling themselves and each other salty when they flame-out in Latin America. So, they made a branded salt emoji. And the kids used it in quantities that would make a heart doctor faint. It's a no-brainer. If you had a salt client in Ecuador and didn't pitch this - you should probably be fired. But including the clip of the female streamer being tricked into saying something sexual denigrating means you don't win this week. Salty not salty.
This week's Bestads judge is Helen King, creative director at adidas global digital, Amsterdam.

Like many Australians, Helen has a lot of opinions. Some of them are about what makes good work and what makes great work. She's picked up these opinions from making work that makes people cry, makes people laugh, changes behaviour, sells products with no USP, feels like a James Bond movie, involves SciFi technology, simplifies complex information, or just needs a fresh perspective. And some of that work has been recognised at D&AD, Effies, LIA, One Show, Spikes, Clio, AWARD Awards, British Arrows and Cannes Lions.

Helen also has opinions about underrepresented voices and what it's like to move from regional, to national and global work environments.

Luckily, she works in an industry where she doesn't have to keep her opinions to herself.

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