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Guest Judge: Cherie Davies, SVP, group CD, FCB Chicago

 GUEST JUDGE /BEST AD OF THE WEEK   WORLDWIDE    January 28, 2019 18:39 (Edited: January 29, 2019 05:39)
Winner: Walmart: Famous Cars. "I watched it more than once," said no one ever about a Walmart ad... until now. This was epic, but not too polished in order to appeal to the masses and everyday Walmart consumer. Grocery pickup service isn't anything new, but they managed to make some noise about it without the message getting lost in all the Hollywood. Using famous cars from iconic movies and launching the campaign during one of the most popular awards shows is pretty amazing, as was the budget to produce it.

Runner Up: AeroMexico: DNA Discounts. This is hilarious. I love the insight, the idea and the timing. In light of the government shutdown, this was a brilliant way to make some noise in a clever and satirical viral campaign. Great tagline, too.

Winner: Transavia: #VeryBadPic Mountain. We've all been there. A nice enough stranger agrees to take your photo, you stand awkwardly by yourself with your arms up in the classic 'Look at me, I'm on a mountain' pose. #blessed. Except, that nice enough stranger, while nice enough, could give a stuff about taking a good photo... well, a good photo of you. This made me reminisce on my own holiday photo fails. It's fun, intriguing and relatable. I like it.

Runner Up: McDonald's Summer. Iconic Australian summer feel. Simple, clever and engaging visual. I also liked the fact that a big brand like McDonald's could take their iconic logo and do something eminently interesting with it.

Winner: Spotify: PVNCHLNRS. It pays to know and understand your audience, and most importantly, respect how they engage with media. This was a smart, playful street marketing campaign that got their target talking. But most importantly, got them listening. Love the design, too.

Runner Up: M&C Saatchi: Spokesbabies. I dig this even though part of me doesn't want to. I probably would ooh and ahh at Ivory, son of Matt Stutchbury, Despatch Manager at M&C Saatchi Group. However, would I remember to print double sided for Adam? Could I say no to plastic lids for Max? Sorry all you damn cute babies, I think I would forget to do all these things. But now I feel like a bad person... so there you go, I guess it works.

Winner: Specsavers: The Error Ridden Ad. Fantastic insight. We all love to find what's wrong in films and we also like to win stuff. To get people to watch your ad multiple times, not even simply watch it but watch with intent, and then have them compete against each other and comment/interact with the brand online - pure genius.

Runner Up: Voice Of The Children: Bystander. It's pretty confronting to watch, and hopefully the message hits home for those who have found themselves in this position, making them think twice before they simply stand by and watch or share/like on social media anything that resembles this. Because if they're not part of the solution, they're part of the problem.[1].jpg
This week's guest judge is Cherie Davies, SVP, group creative director at FCB Chicago.

Cherie recently joined FCB Chicago as group creative director across the agency's Health & Wellness business. Before that, she was creative director of WPP health agencies Sudler & Hennessey and greyhealth group in Australia, where she helped lead her team to win at Clio Health, One Show, Creative Floor and The New York Festivals Global Awards.

Cherie has also been on the executive jury for The Creative Floor, The New York Festivals Global Awards and Cannes Lions Health & Wellness.

Cherie's passion for creative bravery and craft is what gets her up in the mornings... that, and coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.

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