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KFC: Gravy Candle

 AMBIENT   UK    January 22, 2019 10:59 (Edited: January 22, 2019 21:59) you know, you know – but put simply, KFC gravy is the fried chicken sidekick of the gods. Now KFC has gone one further and captured the essence of its famous golden gravy in an epic limited-edition run of scented candles. KFC gravy superfans can get their hands on one of 230 limited edition candles, which will be available on a first come, first served basis. The artisanal KFC Gravy Candle has been expertly infused with the soothing aromas of the nation's favourite gravy. For those looking to fully embrace the ultimate KFChill experience, KFC also offers a dedicated site to help gravy fanatics find their zen. Simply listen, breathe in and breathe out, as the soothing sound of simmering gravy melts away your stress.


Seiko Australia: Novak Djokovic VR Experience

 AMBIENT   AUSTRALIA    January 17, 2019 20:45 brand Seiko and media agency Initiative developed a virtual-reality activation in the lead up to the Australian Tennis Open featuring world tennis No. 1 men’s player Novak Djokovic. Seiko and Initiative built the virtual-reality experience to allow people a chance to return serve from Djokovic, who is also a global brand ambassador for Seiko. The person to return the most number of serves to a pre-set target was rewarded with a unique Novak Djokovic special edition watch and a $1,000 cash prize.


Street Grace: #StopTraffick

 AMBIENT   USA    January 15, 2019 22:05 than 3,600 children are sold into sex slavery every year in Georgia – enough to fill 72 school buses. To shine a light on this issue, BBDO Atlanta, Porter Novelli and nonprofit Street Grace wrapped 72 school buses in anti-human trafficking messaging and sent them through Atlanta, creating a mile-long moving billboard. The goal: change the conversation from 'traffic' to 'traffick'. The event, which literally stopped traffic in Atlanta, kicked off with a press conference including the Georgia governor-elect, attorney general, and a child sex trafficking survivor. The massiveness of the spectacle demonstrated this problem is too big to ignore. Speakers asked citizens to join them in the fight against sex trafficking, take an online pledge at and use the hashtag #StopTraffick.


Hiscox: Real World Cyber Attack

 AMBIENT   UK    January 15, 2019 21:59 of the public watched in astonishment recently as staff at a retailer of the iconic bike manufacturer Brompton arrived to find their store had been ‘hacked’. In its latest cyber initiative, global insurer Hiscox, a specialist in small business and cyber insurance, collaborated with Brompton Bicycle to stage a ‘real world’ hack – simulating the effects of a cyber attack by constructing a complete clone of their east-London store overnight, hiring look-a-like staff and even stocking the shelves with counterfeit merchandise. Agency: AMV BBDO, London


Postobon : Our Flavor Has No race

 AMBIENT   COLOMBIA    January 13, 2019 12:07 to colour in Postobon during National Race Day, Colombia


Pridefest: The Equality Bridge

 AMBIENT   AUSTRALIA    December 21, 2018 09:35 sex marriage being legalised was a historical landmark for Australia, but the ongoing marriage equality debate left much of the public divided. Leveraging Bankwest's brand platform of Bank Less and their major sponsorship of Pridefest in Perth WA, we created an emotional activation which broke barriers normally holding thousands of spectators back at the parade. The Equality Bridge encouraged strangers to cross from opposite sides of the road, then meet in the middle. As the cameras rolled and media paid attention, the message of 'Less Divide' was then spread to the wider Australian public.


Heineken: Drama in the Living Room

 AMBIENT   ISRAEL    December 05, 2018 21:18 is a sponsor of UEFA. Unfortunately, due to regulatory restrictions, we could not run the brand's SHARE THE DRAMA global campaign.
Instead, we launched an ambient titled "DRAMA IN THE LIVINGROOM" with one of the greatest Champions League players of all times – Ronaldinho.
The activation offered the fans a chance to host the football star in their own home for a game night.
We managed to hijack the conversation and reach a 23% growth in sales with zero ad spend. Agency: g. Conversation


Volkswagen: Unfail

 AMBIENT   AUSTRALIA    November 30, 2018 09:47 (Edited: November 30, 2018 20:47), 33 million people saw a heart-stopping viral video starring a runaway tyre... that turned out to be an ad for Volkswagen safety. See, the VW Polo is packed with safety technology. But that doesn't excite our younger audience. So we found a way into their social feeds by creating a fail video, with a twist: we removed the fail. We leaked it online with a careful media strategy – and it went viral. Dozens of international publications and 33 million views later, we revealed it was actually a cheeky ad – retargeting the same audience with more information. Agency: DDB Sydney


Testicular Cancer New Zealand: The Testimatic

 AMBIENT   NEW ZEALAND    November 27, 2018 22:52 and Testicular Cancer New Zealand have unveiled the 'Testimatic', the world's first Auto Ball Checker that is causing a stir across the globe. The device allows men to have their testicles checked for irregularities and lumps without the awkwardness of being face-to-face with a doctor.


McDonald's / Volkswagen: The e-Golf McDrive Edition

 AMBIENT   NETHERLANDS    November 26, 2018 21:20 and McDonald’s The Netherlands developed the Volkswagen e-Golf McDrive Edition, in cooperation with their agencies TBWANEBOKO and ACHTUNG! mcgarrybowen. McDonald’s has unveiled the world's one and only customized electric car which has been designed for the perfect McDrive experience. This fully electric Volkswagen e-Golf McDrive Edition is equipped with all the special features to deliver the ultimate McDrive experience.


Bauducco: Bauducco Panettone Thanksgiving at Times Square

 AMBIENT   USA    November 26, 2018 11:17 is a Holiday tradition, always present in moments when families get together. That’s why Samba Rock Marketing, Miami decided to get people closer to their loved ones this Thanksgiving, by surprising them at the heart of Times Square!


Unicef: Pack for the Future

 AMBIENT   AUSTRALIA    November 23, 2018 11:16 if a backpack could change the world? UNICEF, with the help of Republic of Everyone, has launched a campaign to raise awareness of the importance of education for kids, on this World Children’s Day, 20 November 2018. Around Australia, statues of children wear the blue UNICEF backpack with the message, #PackForTheFuture, to raise awareness of the need to equip every child, everywhere with the education they deserve.


Center Parcs: Rain Billboard

 AMBIENT   NETHERLANDS    November 20, 2018 16:52 Amsterdam and Center Parcs have created the 'Rain Billboard,' a billboard with a water-sensitive outer layer which only reveals itself when wet.


Centre Pompidou: #SouvenirsDeParis

 AMBIENT   FRANCE    November 20, 2018 16:51 makes a visitor attraction a "must-see" for tourists staying in Paris? Its beauty? Its stunning views? Its rich history? In other words: what does the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Sacré Coeur and the Notre-Dame Cathedral have in common? That's what the Centre Pompidou set out to find out. Although Parisians come in their thousands to visit or revisit the Centre, which is home to one of the largest modern and contemporary art collections in the world, international tourists seem mostly unaware of this gem. As a result, they are missing out on a collection that rivals the MoMA in New York, or even the Tate Modern in London. The solution? It was discovered that the most visited Parisian landmarks have a surprising little thing in common which makes them essential activities on any tourist's itinerary. The Centre Pompidou has therefore taken matters into its own hands to acquire this. Agency: Marcel, Paris


Lifull: Earth Cusine

 AMBIENT   JAPAN    November 18, 2018 18:35 (Edited: November 19, 2018 05:35)
About two-thirds of Japan's land mass is covered by forests, making it one of the counties with large forested areas.Planted forests account for about 40% of forests and require a process called thinning, which is the removal of some trees to make room for the growth of others, primarily to grow trees suitable for industrial and architectural use. It has launched initiatives to advocate thinning, including the promotion of the Thinned Wood Symbol used on products prepared with thinned wood, and the production of woody biomass. LIFULL wishes to highlight the importance of thinned wood through Eatree Plates by creating a new purpose for thinned wood, which is to eat, to contribute to the conservation of Japanese forests.


SAAQ: Bone vs Steel

 AMBIENT   CANADA    November 14, 2018 21:56 (Edited: November 15, 2018 08:56) cross the street anywhere, thinking there's no danger. So to raise awareness on this issue LG2, Quebec and SAAQ launched "Bone vs Steel."


Spirit Entertainment / HMV: John Bishop DVD

 AMBIENT   UK    November 14, 2018 21:55 Entertainment and HMV have launched a content push to promote the release of the new John Bishop DVD, Winging It – Live. The initiative was created in partnership with content and partnerships agency Jump, with media planning and buying by Target Media, both part of Havas Group Media. Working with Bishop himself, as well as key retail partner HMV, Jump chose not to deploy the campaign budget on a traditional TV spot – instead, developing a humorous 60-second film which aired as part of John Bishop’s appearance on the Jonathan Ross Show on Saturday night. The skit shows Bishop undercover and in disguise, attempting to sell his own DVDs to members of the public in HMV in Oxford Street.


FindAnyFilm: See What You Did

 AMBIENT   UK    November 08, 2018 14:26 cinema commercial commissioned by film education charity Into Film to inform teenagers about respecting intellectual property to help support the UK Film industry by promoting as the legal way to stream and download. Agency: The Smalls


KLM Royal Dutch Airlines: We Are An Airline

 AMBIENT   NETHERLANDS    November 07, 2018 18:07'We Are An Airline'. But did you know 46% of Germany doesn’t know what KLM is? Many people think that we are a bank, a restaurant or a radio station. So to explain to people we are an airline we became a bank, a restaurant and a radio station. Agency: DDB & Tribal worldwide, Amsterdam


Women's Foundation: A Scary Truth: The Wage Gap

 AMBIENT   USA    October 31, 2018 21:16 Halloween, Kansas City-based creative agency Barkley illustrates how unfair the gender pay gap is, using kids’ favourite currency: candy. As demonstrated at the end of every Halloween when trick-or-treaters examine and count their loot, children are the the leading experts in fairness.


Change The Ref: #GuacIsBack

 AMBIENT   USA    October 30, 2018 12:50 of October 25th, 2018, #GuacIsBack. A statue of teen Joaquin 'Guac' Oliver, one of the victims from the Marjory Stoneman Douglas school shooting earlier this year, will appear for the first time in New York City’s Times Square for his first mission: protesting 3D guns. With 3D printers, getting a gun can be as easy as downloading it. Using the same tool that prints these firearms, the statue is a life-sized printed replica of Joaquin holding a flower – a touching nod to the bouquet he was holding as he died which were a Valentine’s Day gift for his girlfriend. The statue will be wearing a pin, which can be scanned from any smartphone and leads to a site collecting petition signatures to demand regulation on 3D guns. The activation also encourages visitors to sign up to vote ahead of the November 6th midterm elections and fight to get rid of over 30 pieces of legislation against gun control. Agency: Alma, Miami


Samsung Quick Drive: Wear It Now

 AMBIENT   CROATIA    October 24, 2018 15:32 new clothes does not imply that it is ready to wear. However with Samsung Quick Drive that just might be possible. Samsung presented its new Quick Drive washing machine line in an innovative way. Instead of making promotions in its own brand shops, Samsung presented Quick Drive line in a premium Croatian multi brand fashion store - XYZ. For one day all XYZ customers could wash their old and newly bought fashion items right away and literally WEAR IT NOW! Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Croatia.


Popeyes: 12-Hr Drive Thru

 AMBIENT   USA    October 24, 2018 15:29 celebrate Popeyes 12-hour marinated chicken GSD&M Austin, TX has launched the '12-Hour Drive-Thru' from Fort Stockton, Texas, to New Orleans.

VIEW OUTDOOR Stop Killing Nature

 AMBIENT   RUSSIA    October 23, 2018 19:34 Gang, Russia has launched this 'Stop Killing Nature' campaign for


CaixaBank Family: Real Family Stories

 AMBIENT   SPAIN    October 23, 2018 19:33 Naya, Barcelona has created this stunt for CaixaBank Family following 'Real Family Stories' recorded by hidden cameras.


Stella Artois: On The Go

 AMBIENT   UK    October 23, 2018 19:29 The Glue Society has recently directed Mother London's latest project for Stella Artois, which aims to encourage the beer-drinking public to slow down, remove day-to-day distractions and make time to enjoy life's simple pleasures, by highlighting the absurdity of our 'on-the-go' lifestyles.


Children with Cancer UK: Ring The Bell

 AMBIENT   UK    October 18, 2018 21:34, two in ten children don’t survive cancer and never get to ring the end of treatment bell. Our #RingTheBell awareness-raising campaign is a specially created interactive installation to help raise awareness of childhood cancer and this devastating statistic. By investing in vital specialist research, Children with Cancer UK aims to save the life of every child with cancer and keep their family together.


Popeyes: Chicken Ice-Cream

 AMBIENT   FRANCE    October 18, 2018 21:33 chicken doesn't taste good and Popeyes wanted to prove it to french people. Which is why Hungry and Foolish, Paris introduced the 'Chicken Ice-Cream' to demonstrate how chicken just tastes better when it's fresh.


McDonald's: McDoors

 AMBIENT   ECUADOR    October 17, 2018 13:15 Ecuador there are no restaurants open 24 hours. McDonald's always innovating, launched the first restaurants open 24 hours a day. With a limited budget they asked us for a creative idea to promote this new service schedule.
Now that McDonald's serves 24 hours, with a very simple idea we proposed to remove the doors of our restaurants, because our restaurants are always open, we no longer need them.With the doors that we removed from our restaurants, we made a guerrilla campaign placing them in the streets near the restaurants to promote this new service.


Beck's: Soundpils

 AMBIENT   GERMANY    October 15, 2018 15:49 the end of the year, not only the iconic Beck's label will become even more legendary, but also the beer itself: the Special Edition Beck's Soundpils is brewed using hops that have been exposed to sound from consumers and will taste even more aromatic. Once again, the brand is focusing uncompromisingly on the consumer in this new activation, which was created by Serviceplan Campaign International. Beck's fans recently had the opportunity to design their own label with the "Green Label" campaign. Now the brand is taking things one step further: at the end of the year, as part of a special edition, not only will the label become more legendary, but the contents will too. These days, beer drinkers always want to discover new things. This is where Beck's comes in and gets even closer to its consumers.


The Alzheimer's Foundation of Thailand: Memo Oke

 AMBIENT   THAILAND    October 11, 2018 19:55 are currently 800,000 people who suffer from Alzheimer’s in Thailand and the number is still rising by 30,000 per year. Studies show that apart from entertaining, singing can also help boost memory among the elderly.
The Alzheimer Foundation of Thailand sees the importance of this and would like to enhance it to help patients of Alzheimer's. We have then created 'MEMO_o_ke" a karaoke song with some parts of the lyrics missing to help stimulate the elderly's memory and help slow down Alzheimer's.


BreezoMeter: Clean Air Bear

 AMBIENT   UK    October 09, 2018 20:35 London has teamed up with BreezoMeter’s air quality data experts to raise awareness around London’s “silent killer” – it’s toxic air - by placing a roadside memorial in the capital’s pollution blackspots to highlight the startling 9,400 premature deaths associated with this public health issue.


Burger King: Blank Whopper

 AMBIENT   BRASIL    October 04, 2018 22:09 King has launched this public awareness campaign against the blank ballot. ‘Blank Whopper’ is intended to show local voters what can happen if you waive your right to vote this presidential election. Agency: David, Sao Paulo.


Klarna: Forgot?

 AMBIENT   DENMARK    October 03, 2018 22:04, the Swedish payment provider, found an unorthodox way to help people who often forget to pay. By connecting digital billboards to stores’ alarm systems, shoplifters got unexpected real time push notifications, reminding them not to forget to pay. Since the launch of the new Klarna app the amount of late payments have dropped drastically. 68% fewer invoice reminders are sent to people using the app than to non-users. To highlight this to everyday shoppers, Klarna equipped digital billboards around Stockholm with confetti, flashing sirens and audio. So when someone forgot (or “forgot”) to pay, they got a sensational surprise – with the message “never miss a payment with Klarna’s app”.
Agency: NORD DDB, Copenhagen


ING Direct: Pay Your Wait

 AMBIENT   FRANCE    October 03, 2018 21:53 in France are ever more exasperated with waiting, especially when it comes to waiting on hold with customer service departments. But what’s even worse than waiting, is being charged to wait, something a lot of companies in France still do. At ING Direct, it’s the opposite. You’re never charged for waiting and agents take your call as quickly as possible. On average, clients only wait 47 seconds. In order to make a lasting impression and prove its efficiency in customer service, ING decided to take things a step further, with the help of its agency ROSAPARK. On September 28, for the first time, the bank will, in addition to not making clients wait, pay them for their wait time. As much as 60 cents a minute.


Renault: Illuminated Pedestrians

 AMBIENT   BRASIL    September 29, 2018 17:10 help 'Illuminated Pedestrians' on dark crossings Mark+ Brasil has installed mobile lanterns to alert drivers that they are crossing the road.


General Motors: Educator Discount

 AMBIENT   USA    September 28, 2018 08:42 support of the most comprehensive discount for educators on the purchase or lease of a new vehicle, MRM//McCann Detroit created a message for General Motors that focused on gratitude — rather than a discount on a vehicle. The result: A video that shows just how much educators mean to the students they teach every day. It was a natural fit — since the GM Educator Discount already acts as a “thank you” for all of their hard work and dedication, it made sense to continue that gratitude with a campaign that was both sincere and heartfelt. The team found five schools with grades ranging from first through twelfth and interviewed teachers under the guise of “creating a video about the teacher community.” Then, they secretly interviewed their students and asked them why they loved their teachers and what impact they made on them. Finally, the teachers were surprised on-camera with visits from their students and two words they seldom hear, “thank you.” There were tears. There were hugs. There was gratitude. And most importantly, it was genuine.


HSBC Bank: The World's Largest Welcome Mat

 AMBIENT   CANADA    September 22, 2018 22:12 welcome returning Canadians, newcomers, visitors & international students arriving at Toronto Pearson Airport, J. Walter Thompson, Toronto rolled out The World's Largest Welcome Mat for HSBC Bank Canada.


Denny's: Mobile Relief Diner

 AMBIENT   USA    September 22, 2018 22:10's and EP+Co have release this completely-customized Mobile Relief Diner, a 53-foot traveling kitchen which will visit areas impacted by natural disasters to serve free, freshly-cooked pancake breakfasts during a time of critical need.


Toyota Corolla: Love Letter

 AMBIENT   SOUTH AFRICA    September 22, 2018 22:04 Heritage Month, Toyota South Africa and its long-standing agency, FCB Joburg, have created a ‘beaded billboard’ with the help of KwaZulu-Natal community-based NGO Woza Moya to celebrate the love Toyota Corolla owners feel every time they drive their cars and celebrate the Corolla heritage. In the Zulu culture, love letters are traditionally crafted out of beadwork by Zulu women, each is a work of art and totally unique. This truly South African declaration of love seemed like a fitting way to celebrate South Africa’s most-loved car. The beaded billboard measures 12 metres by nine meters, weighing over one tonne, and comprises over 138,000 individual beads sewn together by 350 crafters from Woza Moya. Woza Moya is the economic empowerment project of the Hillcrest AIDS Centre Trust in KwaZulu-Natal, where Toyota SA has manufactured Corollas since 1975.

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