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The Outside Project: Coming Out Kit

 AMBIENT   UK    July 19, 2018 09:27 there was a kit for someone who is about to ‘come out’, what would you put in it? London Pride visitors were unanimous in suggesting confetti, glitter and bottles of champagne. But those weren’t the contents of the rainbow-strewn drawstring bag they were holding. Instead of the celebratory items they expected, they found things needed for surviving on the street: a sleeping bag, a woolly hat, warm socks. 1 in 4 homeless people in the UK identify as LGBTIQ+. That’s the shocking statistic behind the Coming Out Kit created by AMV BBDO. You can’t buy the kit, of course: it shouldn’t even have to exist. Its sole purpose is to highlight an issue that isn’t on most people’s radar.


Mentos Wi Fi

 AMBIENT   CHINA    July 13, 2018 11:51 China has developed a new piece of work for Mentos that leverages the brands tradition of creating social experiments to bring strangers together in real life. Titled 'Mentos WiFi' this latest piece explores how people would react when encouraged to make a connection with a stranger. The campaign edited in different formats will be used in social media campaigns across multiple markets in Asia including Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam and Singapore.


Volvo: The New Family Model

 AMBIENT   UK    July 09, 2018 19:56 mark the launch of the new V60, the contemporary iteration of its premium mid-sized estate car, Volvo Car UK is celebrating the rich diversity of the modern family with new 'family parking' signage designs. The trial, conducted in partnership with Westfield London in Shepherds Bush where the new icons can be seen, aligns with the theme of Volvo’s TV advertising programme for the V60 – 'The New Family Model', which launches on the 9th of July. Over the years, the definition of family has evolved, hence the icons profile different examples of family within society, including same-sex couples, single parents and nuclear families.
Agency: Grey London


Fruit Of The Loom: So Light You Won't Notice

 AMBIENT   USA    July 05, 2018 17:36 Porter + Bogusky USA has teamed up with Fruit Of The Loom to conduct this experiment, to see if people will notice it's new everlight underwear. Underwear that's so light it goes completely unnoticed. Which is why we stashed it all over New York along with stacks of cash with clear instructions on how to get it, to see who would notice.


TV Max Channel: Historical Jersey

 AMBIENT   PANAMA    July 04, 2018 16:29 (Edited: July 05, 2018 02:29)'s most important monuments met the sunrise sporting the national soccer team jersey.Russia 2018 is a soccer world cup that holds great meaning to Panama, since it's the first time in history that we take part in such a prestigious event. Therefore, it was expected that on the day of Panama's debut, every Panamanian would leave their homes dressed with the national soccer team jersey, no matter where we were headed.


Dublin Bus: Proud

 AMBIENT   IRELAND    July 04, 2018 16:26 weekend, public service provider Dublin Bus wanted to add an extra level of 'proud' to their continued support for Pride Festival Dublin. Working with creative agency ROTHCO (part of Accenture Interactive) they decided to fill their buses with the proudest people Dads. Following research, ROTHCO and director Jamie Delaney unveiled the fact that many Dublin dads wanted to support pride but didn’t feel it was their place to be at the festival.


Intermarche: The Taste Of Colors

 AMBIENT   FRANCE    July 04, 2018 16:24 with the taste of apple, minty lemon, vanilla with a blackberry flavor - surprising, isn’t it? These kooky combinations are the at the center of agency Romance's new campaign for grocery chain Intermarché. The spot was created for the launch of "l'Essentiel" (Essential) a new range of natural products with no colours, preservatives or additives. "The Taste of Colors," a 60-second film highlights the deceptive influence colours have on our perception of taste


Ministry of Environment - Jordan: The Unsinkable Truth

 AMBIENT   JORDAN    June 27, 2018 20:23 of plastic waste bottles were collected from the local community, to create a temporary floating installation that read “One Dead Sea Is Enough”. Covering over 600 square meters of the Dead Sea’s surface, the installation remained afloat for a few days, after which all the plastic waste was retrieved, processed and sent to recycling. Agency: Y&R, Amman


Museo de Historia: Deforested Bones

 AMBIENT   COLOMBIA    June 25, 2018 10:27 in Colombia is out of control. Between 2015 and 2016, it has incresed by 44%.What colombians ignore is that when a tree is cut, an habitat is lost and then animal species are endangered. Deforested Bones transforms remains of trees into an exhibition that invites to preserve life. We visited the most deforested areas of the country to pick up tree branches and pieces of real deforested wood. Building a team of artists and biologists, we worked together to transform these materials into life-size sculptures that represent the main threatened species.


UNICEF: Hiding Furniture

 AMBIENT   USA    June 25, 2018 10:22 (Edited: June 25, 2018 20:22) line of furniture specifically designed to help kids hide from abuse.


Greenpeace: Polluted Soap

 AMBIENT   HONG KONG    June 10, 2018 10:26 the day before Hong Kong's Legislative Assembly meet to discuss environment issues, Greenpeace via Grey Hong Kong sent each member of the Assembly a block of soap. Polluted Soap.The soap was infused with the essence of pollution found in Hong Kong beaches and waterways and asked Assembly members to stop washing their hands of the problem.The 'Polluted Soap' was designed by Taiwanese artist, Hung Yi-chen. Representing different beaches and the pollution found on those beaches, the soap will feature in selected retailers over the summer.


National Gallery Of Prague: Touching Masterpiece

 AMBIENT   CZECH REPUBLIC    June 10, 2018 10:23 experience agency Geometry Prague and NeuroDigital, in collaboration with the Leontinka Foundation, has made art more accessible to the blind with an immersive VR experience using VR haptic glove technology.Three of the world's most iconic sculptural masterpieces


Tata Pravesh: Doorway To Green

 AMBIENT   INDIA    June 10, 2018 06:47 decline is real. Our planet is headed towards destruction, through the choices we make every day. The real bad news however is that we are indifferent to this fact and oblivious to our mistakes. We don't even have time to think or realise that the impact we make on the planet with our irresponsible choices is making it the toughest place for our future generations to survive. So, we decided to prove this fact and sensitise all with an eye-opening social experiment. Two groups of people that represent two generations were invited to participate.


Volvo: Living Seawall

 AMBIENT   AUSTRALIA    June 10, 2018 06:45 car brand, Volvo Car Australia (VCA) has launched its latest innovative sustainability project, Living Seawall, created in collaboration with whiteGREY, Sydney Institute of Marine Sciences (SIMs), and Reef Design Lab.
VCA joined the United Nations' World Environment Day initiative, this year's theme is beating plastic pollution.


Tele2: Rain WiFi Project

 AMBIENT   RUSSIA    June 10, 2018 06:43 mobile operator Tele2 challenged its agency, Geometry Russia, with a problem heavy mobile internet users did not perceive Tele2 as a suitable provider. Tele2 introduced the Rain Wi-Fi project the world's first rain-powered 4G-router that turns restrictive weather conditions into free Internet for people who get caught in a rain.


Habitat For Humanity: The Dissolving Poster

 AMBIENT   BRASIL    June 07, 2018 08:30 Sao Paulo and Habitat for Humanity have launched "The Dissolving Poster," a poster which dissolves and transforms rain water into a trap for mosquito's.


Whiskas: The Curious Cat Book

 AMBIENT   BRASIL    June 06, 2018 19:48 (Edited: June 07, 2018 05:48) has released the first book made to read with your cat. Based on the true story of a kitty who escaped from his carrier on a flight to London, stowed away on the plane and was only found 52 days and 960,000 km later, the equivalent of 24 trips around the world. The incident inspired the Curious Cat Book, which tells the story of the most curious cat in the world,


Monash University : Sip Safe

 AMBIENT   AUSTRALIA    June 05, 2018 09:49 University has launched Sip Safe, a wristband that detects drugs by placing a drop of your drink onto the band itself. Designed for widespread use across festivals, events, bars, nightclubs and other venues where patrons are already accustomed to using wristbands, Sip Safe is equal parts utility, education and deterrent for would-be drink spiders.


Pharma Client: The 50 That Didn’t Come

 AMBIENT   COSTA RICA    May 31, 2018 20:48 unusual activation to promote lung cancer awareness, taking advantage of a very special moment for a whole country. Agency: Jotabequ Grey, San Jose


Fondation Emergence: The Pride Shield

 AMBIENT   CANADA    May 29, 2018 19:27 (Edited: May 30, 2018 05:27) the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia, Rethink Montreal created "The Pride Shield." This 193-layer LGBT flag is a powerful symbol proving that if we all stand together against violence, we can stop it once and for all. Agency: Rethink Canada


NYC Second Chance Rescue: Adopt Protection

 AMBIENT   USA    May 29, 2018 19:13 protect your home so well, you might not need any other form of protection. Studies prove that even the little puppies, deter burglars better than guns because of their barking. Dogs are a loving alternative to an existing problem in America. Each year, in the United States, millions of shelter dogs are waiting to get adopted and more than 600,000 are euthanized. To promote dog adoption, we gave America a loving solution to a problem that worries them: home security. Agency: Y&R - Red Fuse Communications


Globo News: Prisma Posters

 AMBIENT   BRASIL    May 24, 2018 21:36 promote PRISMA GloboNews and Geometry Global, Brasil invited young Brazilian designers to interpret the event's main topics like, New Politics /New Citizens, Smart Cities and Social Entrepreneurship using only typography. The result was a diversity of posters that represented the discussions in surprising ways.


Dacia: The Auction

 AMBIENT   ITALY    May 22, 2018 19:03 day millions of people sell all kinds of items to fund their personal projects. Football items are among the most auctioned, unfortunately they don't always get the amount of money a person might be hoping for. As a main sponsor of Udinese Calcio, Dacia collected 11 old jerseys from fans online and raised their value on the pitch, by getting the players to wear fans' jersey and during the match these shirts were auctioned online. The proceeds of "The Auction" helped the 11 owners of the shirts to fund the projects they were working on. Agency: Publicis Italy.


Premier League Primary Stars Programme: Best Lesson Ever

 AMBIENT   UK    May 22, 2018 19:02 'Best Lesson Ever' campaign has been directed by Jo Tanner via advertising agency Y&R London. The latest installment stars Stoke City's Peter Crouch taking on the role of a PE teacher and performing the robot in a surprise lesson which the children will never forget. The advert is the latest release in the star-studded 'Best Lesson Ever' campaign, and has been designed to drive deeper levels of engagement and advocacy among parents and teachers for Premier League Primary Stars. Other videos feature the likes of Wayne Rooney and Rafa Benitez, teaching similarly unique Maths and English lessons. Premier League Primary Stars provides teaching resources, to be used at home or in the classroom, which use football to inspire primary school children in Maths, English, PE, and PSHE. Since launching, the educational programme has already engaged 15,000 schools in its first year, exceeding the original target of reaching 10,000 schools in three years.


Kit Kat: Delayed Flight Break Machine

 AMBIENT   BRASIL    May 22, 2018 19:00 Walter Thompson Brazil has created the "Delayed Flight Break Machine," a Kit Kat vending machine connected to the airport data system at Sao Paulo airport. After you've scanned your ticket the machine will only reward you if your flight has been delayed.


Sky Airline: Low Cost Zone

 AMBIENT   CHILE    May 21, 2018 19:06 the first time, Santiago in Chile became the most wanted destination for Argentinians to travel to, overtaking Miami and Rio de Janeiro. The main reason why is "Shopping Tourism," the prices in Chile are so much cheaper. Which is why Grey Chile turned the Chilian embassy in Buenos Aires into the 'Low Cost Zone' for Sky Airline.


SiooX: The World's Most Boring Billboard

 AMBIENT   SWEDEN    May 19, 2018 15:39 Wood Protection gives outdoor wood surfaces a beautiful, natural silver-grey hue and keeps them protected for twelve years. It’s also 100% environmentally friendly - which is revolutionary. But twelve years' worth of protection is almost too good to be true. Our mission was to prove it is for real. So we created a billboard made from real Sioo:x-treated boards and booked a triple-sided billboard for twelve years in Malmo, Sweden. Agency: Stendahls


Huawei: The Human Billboard

 AMBIENT   ITALY    May 17, 2018 18:49 (Edited: May 18, 2018 04:49) years ago Maurizio Cattelan rented out his space at the Biennale for a brand's billboard. 25 years later BBDO Italy has launched "The Human Billboard," media planning on Maurizio Catalan's forehead with the logo of the new Huawei P20 Pro during Catalan's first public speech in his life.


Rak'N'Roll: Good Beer

 AMBIENT   POLAND    May 17, 2018 18:46 that helps get thru cancerEver since its beginnings, the Rak'n'Roll charity foundation has been working towards the improvement of the quality of life of cancer patients. However, collecting money for charity is hard and occasional. That's is why the Rak'n'Roll decreased its income by 20% in 2017. Grey Poland together with local brewery made a new beer brand and turned it into a self-sufficient donation engine.


Dairy Queen: Blizzard Store

 AMBIENT   PANAMA    May 16, 2018 20:43 Dairy Queen launched the Blizzards they've claimed to be the creamiest ice cream. To prove it, Dairy Queen created a ritual in-store: serving Blizzards upside down promising a spill-free experience or the customer doesn't pay! Three decades later, this marketing trick became predictable. Even though the Blizzard has introduced new flavors and mixes, the brand needed an original experience that reconnected with its core value: creaminess. The Idea: If every Blizzard must be served upside down, then why not build a entire store upside down. P4 Ogilvy & Mather constructed a Dairy Queen stand completely upside down. The structure was built from the ceiling down (rather than from the ground up). A professional acrobat was hired to be suspended from the ceiling and posed as a Dairy Queen employee handing out Blizzards. We positioned the stand in one of the main local malls on a day with high foot-traffic.


Sao Paulo City Hall: Being Visible To Invisibles

 AMBIENT   BRASIL    May 16, 2018 20:40 streets of Sao Paulo, Brazil are populated by some 20,000 homeless people. Many of them have pets, and most homeless shelters don't accept pets, which is why Sao Paulo's City Hall is now reaching out to these people with street art to tell them about shelters that now accept pets. Agency: nova/sb


Mercedes Benz: Fire marks

 AMBIENT   BRASIL    May 14, 2018 21:14 (Edited: May 15, 2018 07:14) Marks: Mercedes-Benz Brazil campaign reveals social stories behind burned buses. From January 2010 until today, more than 1,000 vehicles were set on fire in the country and the numbers keep growing. In order to raise awareness of the population, Mercedes-Benz Brazil started the "Fire Marks" movement, created by Moma agency.


Repeal The Eighth : The Weight

 AMBIENT   IRELAND    May 14, 2018 20:59 iconic "Aspiration" sculpture on Dublin's Treasury Building was given new meaning through a projection in support of the Repeal The 8th movement. The statue of a woman climbing had a ball-and-chain with the number 8 creating an insurmountable burden. A national referendum on May 25th will determine if the country will repeal the 8th Amendment to the Constitution, keeping women from their reproductive freedom and basic human rights.


The Tree Of hope

 AMBIENT   PORTUGAL    May 14, 2018 20:57 2017 Portugal was devastador by the largest fire surge in the history. More than 100 deaths.To prevent this tragedy from happening again the President of Portugal challenged the Portugueses: "Do not let this tragedy be forgotten."
And we made the Tree of Hope.A burnt tree from the fire turned upside down, in the shape of a root, gave birth to a small pine tree that symbolises the hope for a greener country.All the trees were collected from Arganil, Pedrogao Grande, Oliveira do Hospital and Leiria (places devastated by the fires).


Campaign to End Loneliness: Be More Us

 AMBIENT   UK    May 10, 2018 19:07 from the Campaign to End Loneliness (CTEL) reveals more than half of UK adults (54%) feel it has been a long time since they made a new friend. With loneliness and isolation on the rise, BMB and the Campaign to End Loneliness have joined forces to resolve the problem - using the power of six year-olds. Everyone knows that that it's easy to make friends and strike up conversations when you're a kid - so CTEL is taking children as their inspiration. CTEL and BMB sent out children accompanied by adults into a cafe where typically solitary and un-sociable people tend to keep themselves to themselves.


Gillette: Baby Face

 AMBIENT   ISRAEL    May 09, 2018 11:37 fashion was bad for Gillette and for babies, whose only language of communication is touch.Research proved that soft warm contact is essential for development. We convinced dads to sacrifice their beards by launching the first-ever skin to surface haptics campaign. Haptic technology uses electrostatic forces to manipulate the friction between finger and screen.Our tablets featured in maternity wards, birth classes and baby-fairs enabling expecting parents to contrast the scratch of a beard stubble vs. a clean-shaven face, just as a baby would.


National Fire Service Of Poland : Vent Inspection

 AMBIENT   POLAND    May 09, 2018 11:35 monoxide detectors for many people are expensive. That is why we created a solution affordable for everyone. Thanks to Pepco, Lewiatan and Złote Tarasy we turned millions of leaflets into “vent inspection ads”. Precisely 28 850 000 ads.


The Exerciser Reviver

 AMBIENT   AUSTRALIA    May 08, 2018 06:59 Exerciser Reviver campaign took the age-old cup of coffee head-on and found a more innovative way to keep drivers alert on the roads. The ambient outdoor campaign involved substituting coffee stops for bespoke mobile workout stations showing drivers that three minutes of intense exercise is twice as effective at boosting energy levels to avoid nodding off. Drivers throughout Perth metro and regional areas were encouraged to pull over and experience a fully interactive mobile workout station that indicated on-screen when their energy levels were full to begin driving again.


GoDaddy: Ideas On The Subway

 AMBIENT   CANADA    May 08, 2018 06:40't leave your idea on the subway is the message from Juniper ParkTBWA for GoDaddy


Access Israel: People Not Symbols

 AMBIENT   ISRAEL    May 05, 2018 16:43 the "International Day of Persons with Disabilities", Access Israel the NPO whose mission it is to promote accessibility for people with disabilities in Israel, replaced all disabled parking spot signs with the pictures of real people. Desperate for stricter enforcement of their rights, "Access Israel" decided to raise public awareness for the issue and to put a face on people with disabilities. To do that we photographed disabled people including members of parliament,

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