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Guest Judge: Corinne Goode, CD, BBDO San Francisco

 GUEST JUDGE /BEST AD OF THE WEEK   WORLDWIDE    September 07, 2020 12:08 (Edited: September 07, 2020 22:08)
Winner: Apple iPhone 'Over sharing'. Have you ever been asked what your last mobile internet search was? I have, and on realizing what it was, I would have sooner chewed up my phone than reveal that history of horrors. Although I wished this spot had gone with some more realistic searches: "how do you make a living as an erotic foot model?" and "will owning a large parrot mean I'll be single forever?" our phones see our most vulnerable selves, and this spot did a wonderful job at reflecting that.

Runner-up: Porn Hub 'To The Workers Of America'. It's been a bleak year of cancellations, but thankfully humor has not been one of them. If this gives a chuckle to the essential workers who need it the most, then job well done. Generally, porn is not known for its high budget production values - so I'm quick to forgive the simple execution in this case.

Winner: Correio da Bahia Newspaper 'Mask Man'. Pre-COVID, goatees were the quickest way your face could signal questionable decision making abilities. Now the inability to wear a mask correctly has taken its place. A level up from a cyclist wearing an unfastened helmet, the neck mask not only disregards personal safety, but lets everyone in a six feet radius know you're not a team player. The visual absurdity of this print ad is perfect, and its message clear. I hope they don't mind me printing it on a t-shirt to wear on my morning walk.

Runner-up: NRMA Insurance 'First Saturday'. A life in both Australia and California has imbued in me a very particular kind of unease when a summer day soars into a pavement-melting temperature range, and the fires that go along with it. This print ad is a rallying cry that tells us natural disasters are not inevitable, but preventable. And let's face it: climate change is here to stay, and along with it, many of these front pages

Winner: Bumble 'Dating These Days'. These are the 'Love Connection' questions we've been waiting for. Race, religion and politics have replaced "What is your idea of a romantic evening?". Bravo to Bumble for amplifying important conversations and questions - the stuff we're really talking about in 2020 - over more predictable territory.

I deleted the app after the Bumble win and there were no runner-up Outdoor spots this week.

Winner: The Royal Australian Mint 'Donation Dollar'. Excuse the pun, but this idea is gold. There are now 25 million dollars circulating throughout Australia asking to be redistributed to those in need. What a tangible, immediate reminder to step up and help.

Runner Up: Campaign Zero '#NixThe6'. 2020 has thrown complacency out the window. With a resounding Why? This spot urges people to actively question why police injustice has been institutionalised in the US - to the distressing, brutal point - and with a direct call to action.
This week's guest judge is Corinne Goode, creative director at BBDO San Francisco.

Corinne has made a habit of working and residing exclusively in beautiful bay cities. Originally from Sydney, she worked at BMF on Lion and the Commonwealth Bank before jumping the ditch to DDB Auckland, New Zealand. It was here she won gold at One Show, AWARD and a Spikes Grand Prix for her efforts on Sky TV.

Her work has earned metal at international award shows including Cannes, D&AD, New York Festival, One Show and AWARD. Her most memorable achievements to date include creating Australia's most complained about ad of 2013 and winning New Zealand's most loved ad of 2015. Ying/yang.

Corinne was drawn to yet another famous bay in early 2017, where she joined the ranks of BBDO San Francisco as a creative director on Mattel, Wells Fargo and WhatsApp.

Corinne is also an amateur taxidermist, meaning her apartment feng shui and the contents of her freezer are a little more interesting than most.

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