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Asahi Super Dry: Discovery is Calling

 TV   UK    August 10, 2020 21:03 London has released this spot for Asahi Super Dry.


Adidas: ZX Range

 TV   HONG KONG    August 07, 2020 19:11 brought Builders Club onboard for the latest campaign for Adidas Originals ZX, which includes a 45 second spot exploring Adidas' latest ZX range through a masterful fusion of 3D and hand animation, simulations, and CG. In order to convey the surreal, but 'oddly satisfying' feeling of the spot, Builders Club created the ZXience lab, a scientific space for experimental testing, where the new range - thе ZXneakers - is built and inspected. Jackson Yee, a triple threat star from China, together with two very prominent South Korean musicians, So!YoON! and DPR Live ('Dream Perfect Regime'), were selected to star in the commercial.


Gojek: The Flow

 TV   SINGAPORE    August 07, 2020 19:08, Southeast Asia’s leading on-demand multi-service platform has unveiled its first international marketing campaign. Created via Forsman & Bodenfors, Singapore the campaign is built around Gojek's ability to remove everyday frictions from people's lives, bringing more 'flow' - more days when everything just works.


KBank: BLACKPINK is Back

 TV   THAILAND    August 07, 2020 19:02 and GREYnJ United Thailand have launched a new film, again featuring Korean girl group BLACKPINK, encouraging Gen Z to combat the socioeconomic tension they may be experiencing using KBank's new online platform which has been especially launched for them. Gen Z, the younger siblings of millennials, account for one-third of the Thai population and are known to be passionate about changing the world for the better.


Arizona Coyotes: Howl Yeah

 TV   USA    August 07, 2020 18:59 desert is an unlikely home for a hockey team, yet the NHL's Arizona Coyotes have a passionate following. To energise and expand the pack, the Coyotes tapped 9thWonder for a rebrand that debuted this week as the team returned to the Stanley Cup Playoffs for the first time in eight years. 'Howl Yeah,' the new rallying cry and logo, leans on the insight that sports are tribal and unify a diverse community of fans. 'Howl Yeah' accompanies photos of determined-looking players on billboards throughout Arizona's major cities, while TV spots, banner ads, radio spots and online video ads stoke fans.


Public Health England: Better Health

 TV   UK    August 07, 2020 18:51 (Edited: August 08, 2020 04:51) Health England has launched a new brand and campaign, 'Better Health' - its biggest campaign since the launch of Change4Life in 2008. The through-the-line campaign has been developed at pace to tackle the nation's obesity crisis and reduce people's risk of becoming seriously ill from diseases, including Covid-19. A new TV ad and PR film are among a suite of assets designed to target the campaign audience, including South Asian, Black African and Caribbean communities. The 'Better Health' campaign is a cross-agency collaboration between M&C Saatchi, Wavemaker, freuds, Multicultural Marketing Consultancy, 23red, Manning Gottlieb, Flipside and a coalition of major brands.


McDonald's: Welcome Back To The 90s

 TV   UK    August 07, 2020 18:32 the month of August as part of the Government's Eat Out To Help Out programme, McDonald's will be rolling the clock back on prices to give customers across the nation an opportunity to enjoy their iconic products at a price they haven't seen in years. To celebrate its return to the '90s, Leo Burnett helped McDonald's roll back the clock on its advertising, with a social film that premiered on Twitter, using authentic '90s footage set against one of the biggest hit of that decade - 'I Want You Back' by NSYNC.


AAMI: Claiming Victory

 TV   AUSTRALIA    August 07, 2020 18:16 are two kinds of people in this world – talkers and texters.
Either way, AAMI Insurance has you covered *whipcrack*
Agency: Ogilvy, Melbourne


United Nations: Life Below Water: The Arrival of a New Species

 TV   USA    August 06, 2020 19:00 that in just a few decades we could have plastic waste swimming in every corner of our planet, decimating entire fish species and ecosystems along the way, YouTube, Google, Tribeca Enterprises, the United Nations and Goodby Silverstein & Partners (GS&P) are launching a campaign for one of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. Titled 'Life Below Water: The Arrival of a New Species', the underwater short film is narrated by the one and only Morgan Freeman and has all the elements of a well-crafted, modern-day nature documentary, while it provides a sneak peek into the future of our oceans in a world where plastic pollution continues to increase at its current rate.


Extra Gum: Real Friend Request

 TV   USA    August 06, 2020 18:58 the smallest gestures can be the most refreshing. Give Extra, get extra with Extra Gum.
Agency: Energy BBDO, Chicago.


Irish Lady Products: Censoring Tampons, Censors Women

 TV   IRELAND    August 06, 2020 18:55 response to Advertising Standards Authority of Ireland’s recent decision to pull Tampax's 'Tampons & Tea' advert from Irish television, TBWADublin has created its own brand of 'Irish Lady Products', in light of the complaints made by members of the public. The original Tampax ad from Saatchi and Saatchi New York, which features a talk show host giving instructions on the correct way to insert a tampon, received 84 complaints. As a result, the ASAI pulled the advert on the grounds it had caused 'widespread offence'. TBWADublin's response advert for 'Irish Lady Products' features a parody tampon pack with warnings that the product may cause 'pearl clutching and disapproving glances'.


Barclaycard Alerts: A Homemade Film

 TV   UK    August 06, 2020 18:52 has seen filmmakers and actors get to grips with the challenges of shooting creative content in their own homes. It's a situation that has been talked about in length and in great detail within the advertising industry - and Droga5 London has mined it for comedy gold for their summer Barclaycard campaign. The online campaign stars the actor Stephen Graham, best known for hefty dramatic roles in Boardwalk Empire, This Is England, Snatch and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. This time, he’s indulging his silly side as he attempts to make his own home-made movies.


GNV / ENPA: 4-Legged Heroes

 TV   ITALY    August 06, 2020 18:49 has released this '4-Legged Heroes' spot for GNV and ENPA telling the horrifying stories of our pets after being stuck in quarantine with us. They need a holiday


NCS: Life After Lockdown

 TV   UK    August 05, 2020 12:50 and Karmarama, part of Accenture Interactive, have partnered with poet and director Caleb Femi to launch 'Life After Lockdown', a visual manifesto and statement of intent that reveals how 'Generation Lockdown' see their future post Covid-19. Crowdsourcing opinions from NCS's network of British teenagers through online and social, the spoken word piece highlights what really matters to this generation now, following research that revealed that more than two thirds (75%) of young people feel their voice is not heard in society, despite their futures being impacted the most.


All In Illinois: It Only Works If You Wear It

 TV   UK    August 05, 2020 12:48 JB Pritzker launched a new $5 million awareness campaign today to encourage Illinois residents to wear a face covering every time they're in public - because it only works if you wear it. Following the data-driven approach that has guided Illinois’ coronavirus response, the campaign uses local information to advertise on broadcast and cable television, radio, billboards and social media to the communities with the greatest risk from covid-19.


Strongbow: Refreshing the Nation

 TV   UK    August 05, 2020 12:46, the number one cider brand in the UK, has unveiled its first ever multimillion-pound master brand campaign, 'Refreshing the Nation'. Hitting the air on 3rd August, the 30 second film pays homage to the Great British summer showcasing there is a Strongbow for everyone, whatever the weather, come rain or shine, throughout the British summer and beyond.
Agency: Otherway, London


AICP Show 2021: A New World Awaits

 TV   CANADA    August 05, 2020 12:30 Studio has launched a 100% Unreal Engine created film made for the international commercial production association, AICP. It was meant to be the titles for the 2020 AICP Show: The Art & Technique of the Commercial, but hit pause when the world turned upside down. On the heels of this year's virtual show (for which Tendril did create a simple graphic title treatment), Tendril decided with AICP to revisit what it was making with fresh eyes. Tendril share this film as a point of inspiration and education.


Onlia: Socially Distance Sand Circles

 TV   CANADA    August 05, 2020 12:28, safety advocate and provider of digital home and auto insurance is working to raise public awareness of the continued need for safety, particularly at Ontario beaches. Developed in partnership with DDB Canada Toronto, the mass display of sand-circles and sculptures was created at Ashbridge's Bay beach in Toronto ahead of the August long weekend. The one-day installation was created to act as a visual reminder for beach-goers to follow proper safety precautions and social distancing measures.


Thai Health Promotion Foundation: School

 TV   THAILAND    August 05, 2020 12:25 smokers are aware that smoking harms the people around them so they often step away from people when they smoke. Alpha 245 Thailand has released this film for Thai Health Promotion Foundation to raise awareness, that the distance they thought was safe, wasn't far enough because smoke travels further than they think. Because of that the film sets out to protect non-smoker by educating smokers that even if you already step away from people your smoke can still harm those in your community and if you don't want to harm anyone the best solution is to "stop smoking for good."


BIMBO: Dish vs. Sandwich

 TV   ARGENTINA    August 05, 2020 12:15 wants all children to be well nourished and for this to happen they must eat all their food. However, vegetables are not the favorite food of the little ones. In order to resolve this tension and demonstrate that everything is richer between two breads, we did an experiment in which we served two dishes to the children, in the first presentation a healthy dish and in the second a sandwich with the same ingredients from the previous dish . The conclusion of the experiment was that children prefer sandwich.
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Argentina


Optus: The Amazing Race

 TV   NEW ZEALAND    August 05, 2020 07:21 (Edited: August 05, 2020 17:21) have been using 'yes' for almost 30 years, making it one of Australia's most recognisable brandmarks, 'It starts with yes' brings new meaning to it by exploring what saying 'yes' can lead to. Agency: Special Group NZ


Wrangler: Follow Your Path

 TV   USA    August 04, 2020 21:08 Moore and Anne-Sophie Christiaens' 'Follow Your Path' project captures the essence of being free, encouraging you to saddle up and live life your way. Enjoy the ride. Have a good time. Don't worry what people think, or what they tell you to do. Just do you. Follow your path. The brand's ethos is to make Western culture more accessible, championing the adventurous optimism of the cowboy spirit. Shot in Cape Town, the pair also collaborated with FAMILIA photographer, Adriaan Louw, whose stills run alongside the film.


Nike / Shelflife: Weird

 TV   SOUTH AFRICA    August 04, 2020 21:07 Sidelsky directed this spot titled 'Weird' for Nike and Shelflife.


DUO: Greek Summer

 TV   GREECE    August 03, 2020 19:17 summer stay safe with DUO and enjoy the Greek Summer in every way.
Agency: 4 Wise Monkeys, Greece.


Z by HP: Grow Beyond

 TV   USA    August 03, 2020 19:14 (Edited: August 04, 2020 05:14) have launched a beautiful new global campaign from the teams at Giant Spoon, Framestore and Framestore Pictures called 'Power Your Breakthrough' to showcase the new Z by HP tools that enable professional creatives to go beyond, particularly at a time when many continue to work remotely and hone their craft. Directed by Anthony Gibbs and Chris Eckardt of Framestore Pictures, the two hero spots share an immersive insight into the creative process where artists constantly strive to evolve and grow in their fields. The campaign mirrors this transformation and shows that when equipped with the ultra high-powered Z by HP line, artists can take giant leaps as opposed to small steps.


Proximus: Think Possible

 TV   BELGIUM    August 03, 2020 19:12 telecommunications company Proximus has released a new spot produced by Czar and directed by Marit Weerheijm. Made with Famous Grey, the spot follows a boy dancing around his house within a family that is relatable yet unique. The ad starts off with a Billy Eliot look-a-like putting his headphones on, and he starts the closely-thought-out choreography throughout his home.


Vodafone Australia: You Rule

 TV   AUSTRALIA    August 03, 2020 19:08 and VMLY&R Sydney have today announced a transformation of the Vodafone brand identity, reflecting Vodafone's ongoing commitment to empower Australian consumers and ensure that customers are at the heart of everything it does. 'You Rule' is the bold new visual brand identity that clearly lets Vodafone's customers know that they are in control of their plans and services.


Castro Fashion: Not A Safari Campaign

 TV   ISRAEL    August 03, 2020 07:48 is the leading fast fashion brand in Israel, popular country wide.
As a local brand it is historically known for its breakthrough campaigns with iconic ads and videos. This year, in order to launch our "Safari" line that was inspired by African culture and safari themes, we created NOT A SAFARI CAMPAIGN.


KPG: Reconciliation Under The Roof

 TV   INDIA    August 02, 2020 13:56 (Edited: August 02, 2020 23:56) the way from a near divorce to a possible reconciliation derived by the roof


Chicken Licken: Lock Down Entertainers

 TV   SOUTH AFRICA    August 02, 2020 13:41 the pandemic remains the headline act on the world stage, the scenes that unfold around us seem inescapable. But times like these have a habit of revealing each nation’s true character in the way it copes with a crisis. In South Africa, it’s shone a light on the spiritedness of our people and on their resilience and tenacity. And of course, it's raised the curtain on a brand-new season of our famous sense of humour with social media baring the nation’s soul through posts and videos by everyday South Africans, keeping us entertained through lockdown.


Nike: You Can't Stop Us

 TV   USA    July 31, 2020 16:38 (Edited: August 01, 2020 02:38) has released 'You Can't Stop Us', the third film in its campaign of the same name, which debuts to coincide with the NBA's return. Narrated by Megan Rapinoe, the spot celebrates sport as a source of inspiration. Its action shares a dynamic split screen series detailing 36 pairings of athletes and relating the kinetic movement of one sport to another. Created by Wieden Kennedy Portland, Pulse Films director Oscar Hudson brings his trademark technical talents to bear on the 90-second film, deftly weaving archive footage into something new and unique.


Marie Keating Foundation: Don't Cook Yourself

 TV   IRELAND    July 31, 2020 16:35, part of Accenture Interactive, launches a new campaign for skin cancer prevention for The Marie Keating Foundation. With summer comes the dusting off of everyone's barbecues - ready to be fired up again. And this summer that's truer than ever, as more people are cooking at home and spending more time in the garden. Everyone loves getting out the grill under the sun, but the question very quickly becomes "what's cooking - the BBQ or the person using it?".


MiraLAX: Crankypated

 TV   USA    July 31, 2020 16:31 brand defies conventions by leaning into the feelings of irritability and frustration that arise from occasional constipation, helping consumers see gut health in a whole new light. Through an innovative set of vocabulary calling out how constipation can lead to a bad mood, the new bold and empowering campaign, created by Energy BBDO, Chicago, talks about an embarrassing topic in a refreshingly playful and relatable way.


BOOMER: Boom Macha De

 TV   INDIA    July 31, 2020 12:01 (Edited: July 31, 2020 22:01) three TVCs capture the wacky and humorous essence of the brand, bringing to life the tag line, BOOM MACHA DE, through comical hyperboles. With a common theme of exaggerated humor, which is stretched' like a bubblegum, each film is playful and funny and promises to make the viewers smile with the over-the-top reactions.


Irish National Lottery: 30 Lottery Millionaires

 TV   IRELAND    July 31, 2020 10:45 (Edited: July 31, 2020 20:45) Irish National Lottery has launched its latest '30 Lottery Millionaires' campaign created by Core. Set to Elvis Presley's classic track 'If I Can Dream', the spot shows a below-par golfer pulling off a wonder shot hole in one, telling punters that dreams can come true


VIZIO P-Series TV: Unleash The Beast

 TV   USA    July 31, 2020 10:41 in close collaboration with the team at creative agency PARTNER, Tendril pulled out all the stops to craft this adrenaline-pumping product film showcasing the latest in VIZIO P-series TV PARTNER design and technology. The mandate was to portray a beast of a machine, bursting with pure power and confidence. VIZIO TV's are a synergy of power, technology, and beautiful design. Tendril’s creative development process was focused on designing a series of eye-popping, high-energy technological abstractions representing key product features. Tendril intercut these abstractions with a sleek and minimal set, designed to compliment and showcase the TV and the incredible image quality that VIZIO is known for.


Thai Health Promotion Foundation: Replacing Alcohol Bottle

 TV   THAILAND    July 31, 2020 07:27 (Edited: July 31, 2020 17:27) Burnett Bangkok in partnership with the Thai Health Promotion Foundation encourage people to stop wasting their time drinking and get to work for a better life instead. During these hard times, while many people are hustling doing extra jobs and putting in more work to strive for a better life.


Devondale: Graze Free

 TV   AUSTRALIA    July 29, 2020 19:55 believe great milk comes from cows that 'Graze Free.'
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Melbourne.


Samuel Adams: The Nomah List

 TV   USA    July 29, 2020 19:51 (Edited: July 30, 2020 05:51)'s a lot of new rules in baseball this season. So, Samuel Adams invited two Boston legends to give a rundown of the biggest changes in this spot via Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco.


Adidas Swimwear: My Body, My Swim

 TV   GERMANY    July 29, 2020 19:43 an extremely fast award to shoot turnaround time, Cineburo quickly scouted locations and obtained shooting permits for the multiple location shoot including underwater scenes to match the director's storyboard. As experts in the region, Cineburo took Somesuch to picturesque pools, beaches and secret spots to shoot real people in their favourite environments.
Agency: Ludwig

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