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Guest Judge: Susan Credle, chair, FCB + creative advisor, IPG

 GUEST JUDGE /BEST AD OF THE WEEK   WORLDWIDE    April 29, 2024 15:29 (Edited: April 30, 2024 01:29)
Winner: Plenty 'Vow to Clean'. My husband and I see a couple's therapist. Over the years we have been learning about acts of service as a language of love. "Vow to Clean" resonates with me. As ridiculous as the marriage vows in this piece sound at first, after 34 years of marriage, I can attest this is an authentic language of love. The film does a beautiful job of capturing the love between these couples with what could have been overplayed comedy. (I might be a bit biased, here, because my husband is washing dishes as I type, and I am thinking I love that guy.)

Runner up: Stop VEO 'The Legacy'. This large hand that was bequeathed from fathers to sons is a beautiful metaphor for intergenerational trauma, trauma that can leave a chemical mark on a person's genes, which can then be passed down to future generations. The deft handling of the violence made me believe that the large hand, "this hand that I'm ashamed of and afraid," could, with help, write a different story for his child.

Winner: Dirt Is Good 'Guess Who Won - Tennis'. Awhile back, I was judging some work with Nic Taylor of Lego. We awarded some traditional print the big prize. She said let's call this kind of work proper print, and let's do more of it. Craft & Confidence. Ale Burset captures a story in a single moment. Persil takes on a category leader's voice by letting the brand's mark do the branding. That's Swoosh confidence right there. And I like that a laundry detergent is embracing it.

Runner up: I didn't really see a clear runner up. A bit better art direction and some distillation of copy might have pushed one or two of these executions into the runner up position. However, when I was looking at the film best ads of the week, I must say the Snickers print that was part of the AI campaign stood out for me. Not sure what the BestAdsOnTV rules are for jumping around in the categories...

Winner: Heineken 'Pub Museums'. The White Horse Tavern, NYC, opened in 1880. When I moved to NYC in 1985, it was one of the first pubs my friends and I frequented. We talked about the legends who had come there to discuss radical ideas. Dylan Thomas, James Baldwin, Jane Jacobs, Jack Kerouac. When I saw this idea, my heart and head said YES! These are places that need to be preserved, cared for, revered. I hope this idea travels around the world. History doesn't always have to be preciously preserved in a museum; it can be experienced over a pint.

Runner up: Coca-Cola 'Recycle Me'. Full disclosure, I love Amul 'Floating Stories', but as chair of FCB, I am recusing myself from reviewing that piece (sorry, team)! Happy to say this was a tougher one for me as I thought several pieces were very nice. But I must give it to Coca-Cola. Distillation of communication in our business is so important. And often, it feels like a lost art in Art & Commerce. This billboard doesn't just elegantly ask me to recycle a Coca-Cola can, it makes me feel something inexplicable about the brand.

Winner: Billboard Brazil 'Rock DNA'. Shout, Sister, Shout. Tell the whole world what it's all about. Sister Rosetta Tharpe has been called the Godmother of rock and roll. And this idea is out to prove it. In a world that is demanding Herstory to be told and in an industry that has been slow to tell it, this is good for the brand.

Runner up: Amigo for Kids 'The M ss ng Rev ew'. When technology starts telling you what is allowed and not allowed based on how it reads posts, we, humans, must apply ingenuity to the situation. The beginning of this idea is beautiful. When people are searching for destination reviews, why not bring a message about people who are missing in that area. You're searching; we're searching. Only the posts were being flagged and removed. By adding a local background to the missing people photos, Amigo for Kids was able to continue posting. 64 children have been found since the postings began. Credle_FCB_Portrait_HS copy.jpg
This week's guest judge is Susan Credle, chair at FCB Global and creative advisor of IPG, based out of New York.

Susan Credle is a creative powerhouse on a quest to lift people up and infuse the industry with diversity. As the first female chairperson of The One Club for Creativity, Susan champions rising creative talent and advocates for industry inclusion.

Prior to joining FCB, Susan spent twenty-plus years at BBDO and was previously CCO of Leo Burnett USA. Upon arriving at FCB in 2016, she reignited the network by pushing for better work. At Cannes Lions 2020/2021, FCB had its strongest performance and was named Global Network of the Year. Susan was also appointed president of the Titanium Jury at the 2020/2021 Festival.

Honors include a spot-on Advertising Age's "100 Most Influential Women" list and Business Insider's "Most Creative Women in Advertising" list. Credle was also a Matrix Awards honoree and was inducted into the AAF's Hall of Achievement.

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